Thursday, November 03, 2016

Qualifying for the KING of BAJA 1000 2016

BAJA 1000 Qualifying at Las Vegas- The competition for First off the line at Ensenada!
Some reviews of Tuesday, November 1 Qualifying proceedings: 

Chris Wilson: "I find it interesting that after 20+ years of Trophy Truck evolution, what some would say is the latest and greatest 4wd Trophy Truck (the #4) is bracketed on either side by old trucks, one over 2 decades old and the other over a decade old. (Which BTW, both happen to be Robby Gordon designs)I guess the driver still matters in this sport! Hot Shoes rule." 

Pete Sohren : "I was at BOTH meetings and I always stand close and pay attention.......the parade lap was when we arrived at the stadium and only a SLOW drive around lap (as most had no helmets or suits on).....then we were to "suit up" in the pit area and line up to do ONE practice lap....after we did that , GUESS who did his practice lap last and did TWO????? so at the second drivers meeting BEFORE the actual qualifying, I WAS THERE, when SEVERAL TOP TT drivers explained there DISPLEASURE with all following the rules EXCEPT for ONE......jose(?) the head guy at score running the event told EVERYONE present that the situation would be HANDLED!!!! I did not comment during this as I am in ttspec, but I did ask jose to personally let me know what was done, he said ok...but obviously I wont get any explanation...or will anyone else im sure...that part of the qualifying sucked...if this is done again with this type of track I will spend a weekend at a lucas regional short course event to have a setup for this qualifying was 3 laps on a PURELY shortcourse track....PURELY....the super experienced SHORT course drivers have a huge advantage over the desert it???? kyle Leduc, ricky Johnson, rob mac ect would be up front if you put them in any of the decent trucks....btw, TOP marks to the McMillin boys, especially danny boy." 

Robby Hendrickson:  "It sounded like they had really low gearing in the number #3. I also saw video of Leduc practicing with it at Lake Elsinore a day or two before qualifying. Stuff like that makes it much easier to put it on the pole. Im sure people will be stepping up their game in a big way next year. Look to see all kinds of trucks running around short course tracks leading up to the event. Surprised more did not do it this year to be honest." 

Dan McMillin: "Kyle winning wasn't a surprise and neither was Rick Johnson/Matneys Rig  getting 2nd, they're pretty good at that short course stuff. Ryan, Brett, Luke and myself watched Cole and Kyle do their runs from outside our trucks during staging and I think it set the bar high for us, as the results reflect. The times were SO damn close, watching Robby Gordon was just amazing. Loved the retro-look in honor of "Baja Bob" Gordon."

Eric from Las Vegas: "The Score folks need to get the program started on time. Qualifying started a half hour late and then there was another long delay between classes. Watching The water truck and Roger Norman turn laps bored the crap out of me. I couldn't stay til the end. 3 plus hours for simple qualifying was ridiculous. Hope it's done better next year."

Trophy Trucks and Class 1 Rigs Parade out to Las Vegas Speedway NOW

BJ BlowJob Baldwin in todays parade to the Speedway

Qualifying Action from Last Year

The racers are sick of the fake Baja 1000 'qualifying' at SEMA! The stupid dog and pony show that wastes valuable course work and race prep time. The amateur timing, leaving no illusions that any team that shows in Vegas, has money and time to burn! Not mentioning those teams are also burning up their chances to compete and win in Baja.  

Here's the lead-up to last years coverage! 

CLICK HERE 2014 Las Vegas Baja 1000 Qualifying Coverage!


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