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Monday, August 21, 2017


Perry McNeil Announces Six-Door Trophy Truck!

Ensenada looks at the Baja racing community and examines the honest costs and benefits of holding events in their municipality. Could this be the beginning of a true accounting of the gringo private company (SCORE)? Is a NEW Mexican owner ready to take over after the 50th BAJA 1000 this November? Stay Tuned!!!

""To remove from the city (Ensenada) the starting point of the races of Score International, to raise the taxes by corridor and by stand, as well as to tax other concepts and to prevent that Proturismo firm agreements with the foreign company, will be analyzed by the Cabildo of Ensenada. The councilman Cristian Vázquez González, informed that, in addition to the presentation of proposals before the plenary, these topics will also be analyzed in a forum to be held on 27 October. 

[Readers Note: Ensenada is the largest municipality in the Republic of Mexico]

The mayor noted that the agreement with Score International should not be signed by Proturismo (State Tourism), because this paramunicipal compromises the administration in a general way; Next year, it could be the City Council who signed this agreement." It is against any logic, because a paramunicipal (State Tourism Department, for Baja California) should not compromise the centralized body (Ensenada County/City)," he reiterated. 

Specifically he referred to dependencies involved as the Public Security addresses; Commerce, Spirits and Public Shows; Works and Public Services, among others. He acknowledged that in the last edition of the Baja 500 there was some progress, because, for the first time and 10 years ago, the red numbers were reduced to just over 20 thousand pesos. He explained that according to Proturismo, they went out of budget (for road grading), since payments were made from past administrations.

Road Grading Manhours

The councilman observed that only for the (grading) of roads are destined about 20 employees for a period of more than two weeks, that is, they are material and human resources that take away the city. 

It must be calculated how much it costs in man hours and to levy a tax for the service of Works and Public Services, as well as the one of public security, abounded. However, he said, it is also necessary to recognize that in recent editions the organizers of the event hired 200 private security elements and the municipality commissioned only 100 of the 300 that worked in other editions, but "this is a subject that must also Rethink". Cristian Vázquez, indicated that they will look for that the cost of the stands is higher. "Do not measure with the same rod to a Score event or Proturismo, with the same that is measured to the artisans," he said. He specified that the current charge, according to the Income Law, is 508 pesos, when Proturismo and Score sell them in thousands of pesos. He also said that an increase of 2.5 to 10 percent will be proposed for the payment made by each registered rider (to Score). 

Possible change of the race start location

Vázquez González mentioned that, a recurring theme, is the discussion about the starting point of the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 races. "Ensenada is not the same as the 60's and is not based on being more visitable than habitable," he said. The regidor explained that, for the exit, there have been points such as Ojos Negros and the final area of ​​Calle Ruiz, among others.

While the historic Riviera Casino is an emblematic image, he said, we can also see the advantage that has to start the races in another area. 

The mayor acknowledged that there have been "threats" from the promoters, to take the race to other municipalities or states. "Where they will find another place where they give their house, with miles to the south, the landscapes of Ensenada. What we put is a lot, and what they win is also a lot ... They win with their brand, Ensenada must win by What is yours," he said.""

September 21-24, 2017 Replaces Rosarito Event!

"Tijuana-Desert Challenge", held the same weekend as BITD Silver State (First Announced HERE on our show) and MORE Lucerne 300 (OFF-ROAD LIVE! Local USA Race Event) Tijuana Contingency Downtown Avenida Revolution; San Ysidro crossing closes September 23 at 3AM until Noon September 25; The final part of the construction and expansion of the official vehicle and pedestrian crossing into Tijuana from the USA.

CLICKY Throughout the entire BAJA 1000 pre-run time frame, the Tijuana gates into Mexico will be a joke. For two months thereafter, from September 25th through November 25th the San Ysidro crossing into Mexico will have ONLY 3 lanes in operation. CLICKY

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"Back in the days when I worked at National Speed Sport News, Chris Economaki told me that in the 1940s and ‘50s, it was a given that there would be at least one fatality every week at a racetrack somewhere in America. It’s mind-boggling to think that drivers regularly getting killed was the norm".

Now at SCORE-International, one person dies at EVERY race event!*
(*Current average [racer & spectator deaths] under current SCORE-International owner, Roger Norman)


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