Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1908-2018 110 Years of Desert Racing Celebration

                                   Desert Racing Celebration 2018 Origins 1908
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Modern desert racing, in North America, constantly traces its roots to the 60's. The era identified as 'off road racing'

However, around the globe, automotive racing history points out events and people who started far beyond North America's myopic view.

The Grand Prizes of Europe often pin the beginning of vehicle, car and truck competitions as the dawn of motorsports.

Desert Racing in North America began with "The Desert Classic" series of competitive events in 1908. 'One-Hundred and Ten Years Ago', an era of heralded motorsports was enjoyed by the masses. 

Bigger than baseball, bigger than every entertainment noted at the time. On the cover of newspapers throughout the West, desert racing truly began on the streets and into the desert wastes from Los Angeles, California. 

Los Angeles- LA- The biggest, baddest wild-west boom town in history.

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Gary Newsome Reporting 

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