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Thursday, April 19, 2018


                      ONLINE SCHEDULE 2018

**LIVE! RaceWeek, Every Day Through Thursday, April 26.**


**Saturday, April 21 From Ensenada, BC Mexico, Contingency and Technical Inspection Coverage; High Noon 12PM**

**Friday, April 20 From Ensenada, BC Mexico, Contingency and Technical Inspection Coverage; High Noon 12PM**


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At San Felipe: N 31 1.826.
W 114 51.668

At CoCo's Corner: N 29 31.024.
W 114 17.460

At San Ignacio: N 27 17.915.
W 112 54.264

At Loreto: N 26 1.370.
W 111 21.884

At La Paz: On the Traditional Finish Line
At the Grand Malecon Downtown
On the Sea Of Cortez!

At Cabo San Lucas: 
On the CABO 1000 Finish Line!

The CABO 1000 2018, Not a chase, A Race!

A short narrative of the racing/rally we are leading this year. 

The rally we are "leading" this year is the NORRA Mexican 1000.

Last year (2017) was celebrated by its sanction (NORRA) as the 50th Mexican 1000. The "rally" didn't run 50 times, it was just 50 years since the first NORRA Mexican 1000 (the original 1000 race in Baja) that most called "the Baja 1000" even back then. NORRA founded the original 1000 mile or kilomteter motorsports event and ran it from 1967 to 1972. 

NORRA also founded the 'Baja 500' in 1968 and ran it to 1973.  The modern, Mike Pearlman operated sanction (NORRA) attempted a modern "Mexican 500" in 2013, but it failed.

NORRA was removed from running races in Baja Califronia, Mexico, after their disaster, in June 1973 Baja 500. The Mexican organization called Baja Sports Committee (BSC) thought they could do better and keep more money in Mexico ("for the children" they touted). BSC created the Baja 1000 (Baja Mil), ran it in the November 1973 time slot, and the racers who qualified for payback money who arrived in La Paz only got a set of Samsonite luggage! The funds vanished... Viva Mexico! BSC did have a 1974 Baja 500, but almost nobody showed up! NORRA had countered with a Parker Dam 500 race in Arizona. 

Baja Norte businesses were frantic and with the governor helping solve this terrible loss, Mickey Thompson with his new SCORE organization was asked to take over Baja racing. SCORE was going to be just for Short Course races. In July 1974, the first Score race (called The Baja Internacional) raced some 400 miles out from Ensenada and back and was a huge success. Mickey felt there wasn't sufficient time to properly organize a 1000 that year, so 1974 was the only year there has not been a '1000' since 1967. It had nothing to do with any fuel crisis as modern writers have said. 

The first Score 1000 was a loop starting and ending in Ensenada in 1975. In 1979, with permits secured, Score ran its first race into Baja Sur, returning the Ensenada to La Paz tradition, but avoiding as much of the new paved highway as possible. Until Score could have legal use of the name Baja 500 (owned by NORRA), the shorter June race was officially called 'Baja Internacional', but it was usually known as the 500, anyway. The third Score Baja race was originally the Mexicali 250 before becoming the San Felipe 250. It actually began as the Hotel Lucerna 250 before Score entered the scene.

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