Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Drone takes out race chopper during Baja 500 2018, A new sport is born! Calls go out from Mexican drone operators to invite international competitors to come to Mexico during the 'Death Races' to compete in "Chopper Out" drone competitions.


UPDATED! October 2, 2018

Mexican KILLER DRONES Announces!

Baja 1000 "Chopper Out" Competition 
For November Baja 1000 event

Jorge Visagne, President of the newly formed association devoted to "Killer drones" events said in Ensenada over the weekend, "We intend to take out any and all choppers we can hit during the Baja 1000 with our competition drones. Points for taking a chopper out during the competition can be up to 100!"  

"The team with the most points wins!"  

"Taking out gringo choppers is the goal of the sport, taking out choppers means to strike and ensure the chopper crashes or comes down to the ground".

Stay tuned to BajaRacingNews.com for more updates on this new sport.

Original Reporting:
Mexican drone sports supporters call for International "Chopper Out" competitions during the "Death Races"

UPDATE! June 20, 2018 
Racer comments on the chopper team, 'Casey Currie': "You are correct on the story. The car I was navigating in started one position behind them. They were officially entered in the race as far as I know. But they were complete pricks! (Casey Currie) I didn't get into the car until BFG 1 located at the turn to Mike's road. Our car had a steering cooler leak so it was down for a few minutes while that was patched, so the car in question pulled away. But, before the break down they would not let us pass. The chopper would swoop down and actually block our car and stir up dust on purpose."

The drone operator commented online, "the reason Curries team helo was chosen to take down, was because everyone (racers) know the Currie family are a bunch of dicks".

Online Response: 
"as far as US races, the permit typically lays out the flight requirements and we meet with every pilot before the race. BITD races, unless otherwise dictated by permit is 500 above any designated spectator or Pit areas or areas where volunteers have their camps set up. and not limited on AGL other than that. They are warned however if they create dust for anyone as we have comms with all of them now as well. Some races the AGL limits are dictated by other factors. Laughlin for instance requires below 1000 for all areas on the NV side as a result of approach paths for the airport. On occasion when military training is going on, they have made it a 500 foot ceiling. Two years ago we had a permit in which the BLM mandated above 500 and the military demanded below 500. that was a fun meeting to try and work through."

Original Story: From the video account: "During the Baja 500 while chasing from a helicopter a fellow race team was struck by drone. The helicopters tail rotor started to fail and with quick reactions the pilot was able to safely maneuver the helicopter to the ground without any injuries. Being that the helicopter couldn't fly now we had winch it on to a what normally is a car trailer."

On a social media post, the drone operator claimed the action is part of a new association of drone owners in Mexico, who are now offering prizes to "take out" gringo helicopters during the off-road racing events called SCORE.

Gary Newsome, Publisher 
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