Friday, October 04, 2019

CABO 1000 2020 Announces the LOVE RALLY! Can you find love rallying in Baja Mexico? Here is the love adventure you've been looking for!

The CABO 1000 2020 Team establishes a new rally course in Baja Safari Comondu!

Never before, has Baja South seen a more exciting OverLand Baja Safari Experience, CABO 1000 2020... 

The CABO 1000 2020 Team visits Scorpion Bay, just one Destino-Destination on the Love Rally course for next year!
Today we begin to track the CABO 1000 Course back from the Finish line to the San Diego Start Line! 

Updated! October 4, 2019
OFF-ROAD LIVE! will give up the GHOST next Monday at 7 PM or CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Original Post 7-9-18

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