Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Emergency News Bulletin! Racers Should Prepare For New Mexico Rules & Attitudes López Obrador, Wins Mexico Presidency

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Emergency News Bulletin! Racers Should Prepare For New Mexico Rules & Attitudes López Obrador, Wins Mexico Presidency

UPDATED! July 16, 2018

Bad News for Roger Norman and SCORE-International

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, AKA AMLO, President-Elect, the Republic of Mexico, announced the "General Guidelines for Combating Corruption and the Application of a Republican Austerity Policy", several of which he mentioned repeatedly during the electoral campaign. There are 50 points [Total] that group his campaign promises and also specify the commitments that your government will make, relating for example to general, electoral and anti-corruption prosecutors. In this matter he said that there will be "absolute autonomy", that they will not receive "orders" from the Presidency, they will have impartiality and they will avoid impunity, "regardless of who they are".

"49. In commercial or financial relations with international companies, preference will be given to those in countries whose governments are characterized by their honesty and bribery or corruption will be consitently punished.

50. Contracts signed with national or foreign companies that have been granted through influence or corruption and that cause damage to the Treasury will be reviewed, in case of anomalies that affect the national interest they will be addressed with the Congress and National and International Courts, always driven by legal means, we will not act arbitrarily, nor will there be confiscation or expropriation of property." 

This is VERY BAD news for Roger, SCORE and Gringo racing in Mexico!

Original Bulletin: July 3, 2018

American Donald J. Trump [now known as T-Rump here on BajaRacingNews.com], is part of the reason this well-known leftist [AMLO] was elected by a huge landslide. Major changes of federal policies are now expected across the Baja peninsula. Racers and race teams will be impacted, it's just a matter of time.

"Veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been elected president of Mexico, winning the largest landslide in his country's recent history in a remarkable routing of what he terms “the mafia of power”".

Gary Newsome

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What are the consequences that SCORE will suffer? No more bribes? So, why not do business on top of the table? Stop supporting corruption.