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DEATH CULT The Insider Story of Racers Who Kill Racers Baja Racing News EXLCUSIVE

DEATH CULT The Insider Story               Racers Who Kill Racers

By: Gary Newsome, Publisher

Ed Herbst. Ed Herbst has killed at least two people.
He fled back across the border to the USA, to evade the law.

He killed two Baja locals in this years San Felipe 250. He then ran from the scene of the accident and didn't go to a police station, as required by law.

Why should common tourists follow the law when the racing community flaunts abuse of the law? 

Cody Parkhouse. Cody Parkhouse killed Mark Luhtalla in the 2016 Baja 1000, now he's returned to racing during the recent Vegas To Reno event, with no problems. 

Parkhouse ran into Marks rig and the crash destroyed your typical American family, the Luhtallas'.

We could assert the SCORE International organization killed Mark, but the Luhtalas and the Parkhouse families have not made their case, proving their points. [UPDATE! the Luhtalas have filed their lawsuit, September 2018]

Yes, they have spewed on social media about how they feel about the events in question.

Parkhouse claims SCORE-International put together an UNSAFE race course.

The Luhtalas claim SCORE is selling a sham racer insurance policy, operating a flim-flam 'medical response operation' and assert Roger Norman is an outright fraud.

Holly Buck-Luhtala- ""I have sooooo much to say about this subject. Firstly, the most correct statement is that "no one thinks it will be them"....I lost my husband during last year’s Baja 1000; he too felt the same way. The night before the race at Contingency I asked him "What if something happens to you?" His exact words were "I'd have to be an idiot and drive off a cliff or slam into a boulder; I'm not a dumb ass." 

NEVER in a million years did WE or ANYONE out there anticipate a head on collision in the middle of the night.It was 4 am, freezing cold, the accident happened in a main pit area with so many people around. Thankfully his navigator and crew were there for immediate assistance, he never would have survived if they were there to attend to his major injuries. OTHER THAN HIS CREW and 2 medics (one was only first aid trained) he would have died.IT TOOK OVER 6 HOURS for medical attention & pain meds. He was missing most of his left leg and lost a tremendous amount of blood…..his entire left side of his body was crushed, left hand shattered, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, collar bone, pelvis, 4 bones in his back and 2 in his neck. He was in and out of consciousness but remembered absolutely everything the entire time from impact through his death of a massive heart attack in front of me three days later.

Mark was Ironman for sure, with all that he endured…. The three ladies he has left behind, not so much….. This past year has been a NIGHTMARE with so much heart ache that I am shocked I am still here, don’t think I would be if it weren’t for our 2 girls, Janie now 13 & Eva now 

3.WHAT WENT WRONG – I think it’s so important for everyone to know what went wrong so they can prepare for the worst and know what we went through…..-FIRST AID KITS are great but Mark needed advanced lifesaving tools – his crew made makeshift tourniquets to keep him from bleeding out. EVERY TEAM should be required to have a neck support system, back brace and tourniquets. When the Mexican Ambulance finally showed up hours later they had NO SUPPLIES….-NO ONE EVER CALLED TO INFORM ME MY HUSBAND WAS INJURED….. I found out live on the Live Weatherman Feed. I was listed as Emergency Contact…. Still pissed about that…..-THE WAIT TO CLEAR CUSTOMS – When I finally made it to the Airforce Base his helicopter was just landing (it was 8:40 am impact was around 4 am)……..they sat on the ground giving him his first pain meds since impact and spent almost an hour on the ground before moving him into a Jet to head to the states. 

They couldn’t find his paperwork (driver’s license, passport) or his blood type. His suit and shoes were bio-hazarded out due to blood saturation and no one knew his blood type.-ORGAN DONATION – This is something younger people don’t talk about. Immediately upon Marks death my phone started to blow up asking for his organs, blood & tissue to be donate. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING ANYONE should have to be forced to decide while their loved one is being wheeled down the hall still in their sight….. The personal questions that come along with donation are barbaric and horrific (have you had same sex partners, have either of you ever had AIDS, have you recently traveled outside the country, have you been in contact with ZIKA, etc.)….. Even worse, I was sent a permit from the State of California to remove my husband’s eyes for donation 4 days after his death. NOW imagine what goes through your mind then…-BURIAL vs. CREMATION – EVERYONE Racing needs to have their affairs in order prior to racing (Life Insurance, Will, Trusts, Successorships, and Trustees)…. Mark died owning 3 businesses all of which I knew NOTHING about. I sell Real Estate like a rock star but HAVE/HAD NO IDEA about running an Aviation Company, Motorsports Company or Landscape Company. Found out pretty quickly. 

No Will, nothing in place, crazy widow/mom now planning on everything from his businesses to my business, to the house, bills, counselors, repairs, vehicles, registrations, licenses needed, etc. THERE’S BEEN NO TIME TO MORN MY SUGNIFICANT LOSS…..-FAST AID vs GO-FUND ME– Fast Aid was great, they helped Marks mom, sister & I arrange for our airplane rides home & took care of our hotel expenses. Fast Aid HAS a CAP of $5,000 per incident. To this day have never seen an accounting of what was donated, who donated, etc. 

["FAST-AID IS A SCAM", Roger Norman, SCORE]

I wanted to personally thank each member of the racing community that donated to help us ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH. GO FUND ME has NO CAP and the family gets all donated monies except 6%. A WIDOWS ADVICE – If you are going to have the Time of your Life, take care of your business just in case. Kick up some dust and have a blast out there, if Mark were here he sure as hell would be joining you!THE FUTURE – I AM WORKING ON SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT TO HELP KEEP ALL RACERS SAFE. I promise to do my part in honoring the greatest man I’ve ever known. Just after the 1st of the year I will be rolling out Luhtech Safety Technology – more to come……If I can help just ONE of you stay safe, then I’ve done my part.I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK ALL MEMBERS OF MARK’S RACE CREW – Luhtech Motorsports. I love each of you guys & gals. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the racing community for your love & support. VIVA LA BAJA ~"" Mama Bear 

[Luhtech Safety Technology...Air]

  Neither family has yet to file legal claims.
[UPDATED! Luhtala filed their suit in September 2018] 

FACT: Racer Cody Parkhouse drove into Mark Luhtala, resulting in his death. He KILLED the racer Mark Luhtala.
Racer Killer Cody Parkhouse

This event is not uncommon in Baja racing. The DEATH RACES!

What happens next makes these people part of the DEATH CULT. 

Communications go underground and the perp' races again, with a big fat smile on their face. When asked in public, 'what happened?', the response is predictable, "it was a racing incident".

The Big Fat Smile hides the fact that the perp' has gotten' away with homicide.

SCORE attempts to walk away from the carnage, with nothing mentioned in public. Not even a memorial statement to and about the victim and their family.

Only until recently, these events are reported to the local press and often, national and international reporting agencies issue their often 'copied' reports. 

The "survivors" walk away with damage and a horrific story. Not uncommon, when you've been in the business for more than ten years, you'll come across these event stories, ALL THE TIME. Their are hundreds of such stories.

With DEATH CULT members, who have killed racers, fans and others, with the shit-eating grin on their mugs.

Inside they are thinking to themselves, "'hell-yea' I'm going to race again, scot-free". How do we know, racers who have killed other racers have said so much to their friends, families and social media. 

Brett Sloppy. Sloppy is the piece of shit that killed eight people. For real. He races all the time, under an alias and the owners of the racing organizations know this is being done.

Racing organizations allow these members of the Death Cult to race again, thus making them, part of the Death Cult. 

John Borba. Pathetic, ignorant slut promotes that he allows Brett Sloppy to race. 

This dumbass said in public, "Sloppy has never been convicted of anything". The truth, Sloppy killed eight people and never paid any price for these acts. 

Walker Evans crashing into Ivan Stewart, ultimately Walker rolls into the guy taking this very shot and kills him!
Walker Evans

Walker Evans. He killed the ESPN photojournalist at the SCORE event that Sal Fish continued, despite the demand by ESPN to stop the race, after the incident.

ESPN pulled out of covering desert racing as a result of this slaying and resultant sanction boner.

No one talks about this incident, even after during the last NORRA event (2018), Walker rolled over the head of a racer! [We'll re-post the vid of the event/yes someone captured it] Thankfully, the racer was wearing a rated helmet, otherwise there would be another dead racer!

The SCORE race death pic above, looked for the image online today, surprised, couldn't find it! How soon we forget. 

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