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KING OF BAJA Baja Racing News LIVE! Goes Global

Baja Racing News LIVE! Since 1986 our reporters have broken the biggest, baddest reporting in the English speaking Baja California, Mexico world.

From the polluting maquilas making race products in Tijuana, causing birth defects in new-born children to full coverage of the Death Races.

Now our reporting reach goes global! The United States, for the first time, our offices in Ensenada, Baja Mexico will send reporting into the swamp US Bureau of Land Management.

Las Vegas, Barstow and Sacramento is hearing from the racing community. The District of Columbia has already answered questions!

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE!

UPDATE! Friday, October 18

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019
LIVE! Event begins Nov. 18!

Publishers Note:

The organizer of this event (Roger Normans SCORE) and the governments of Baja California (State) and Ensenada (City-County) are incapable of following international law, securing safe conditions for its people (because it cuts into Rogers PROFITS
nor telling the truth.

We are huge fans of desert racing.

So, you'll find our reporting a mix of a celebration of the sport and confrontational journalism.

Some updates across our platform, include Crazy Baja News, Roger PORKING race results and the Drunk and Stupid race support stories.

During our coverage of this particular racing event, we'll spotlight how badly Roger Norman and the desperate local authorities will allow insane, unsafe but so very entertaining  -

Gary Newsome


From October 18:
Who's Gonna Die?
Mark Luhtalla? Kurt Caselli?
The American child at the Baja 500?
A Monster Energy Promo-Girl?

No, they're already Dead!!!

Who's Gonna Die at this
SCORE Baja Event???

From October 6:
Race Teams Rumors!

Casey Mears Denies Nascar coming to Mexico!

"The problem is we can't get the type of insurance needed to bring millions of dollars worth of racing equipment to Mexico".

Dan McMillin invited to race with Ryan Arcierro after his ride burns to the ground after the last event! Insider Interview LOADING>>>

 LIVE! BAJA 1000 2019 BEGINS November 18

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Safari Club Presenting Sponsor KING of BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE! ONLINE

**MONSTER Mike's GARAGE KING of BAJA 1000 ONLINE PARTY Presented By Safari Club!


Thursday, November 21, 8PM-MidNight LIVE!
From Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico**

*2019 Marked a new era for the Safari Club, Join Us! Here's your chance to combine a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience with exclusive Team & Incentive building, high-level networking, deal making & powerful connections that only occur outside the ‘normal’ business settings.*

Safari Club Celebrates 53 YEARS as Presenting Sponsor of KING of BAJA 1000 2019

Safari Club 1966 Destructs Baja Mexico
Everyone wanted a road trip. We knew all the road houses from Hollywood to Ensenada and out East to Needles. We decided, “Well,  there is this funky and small bar and restaurant called Concheria at Lecerito or Cerito beach,” someone mentioned.
“Lecerito, Cerito Beach … where the hell is that?”
Oh about 20-30 miles south of our usual hangout, Tijuana's Long Bar. Great spot, local joint, nice bar, nice beach, good street tacos, burritos, and chili rellenos.  Sounds good?
Another Safari Club! Call the band, lets A-GO-GO!
Sure, made a deal with the owners, gave them a ton of pesos to buy 15 kegs and said we would be down this weekend with some nice and mellow friends. Oh yes, we told them we would supply the paper cups and bring a rock and roll band.
Hummm … sounds like a bitchen time …
Max Meda Mexico - notice the wooden kegs
The first thing one must do to start any Baja Convention is to pop the kegs – Eber (RIP) knocks out the plug while Mike Wilson supervises and Buddy Lundy gives the two finger salute.  Check out the wooden spigots and kegs.
So you spread the word …  pass out a pickup truck of fliers with directions that you made off the copy machine when the teacher was not looking. And didn’t give a shit if the cops heard, in fact they  were breathing easier that weekend, knowing a Convention was going to held out of country!
Then you packed every vehicle you could find with every 'bitchen' person for a road trip down south. We were but a mere small fraction of our brothers and sisters, Mac Meda.
The results; one huge, insane, blowout beer-drinking Convention that included pushing cars over, falling down drunks and bottle rocket and firecracker wars that finally ended up with the Federales coming (slang Gringo term for the Mexican Federal Police)  that wanted everyone OUT of the fricking country …
… which is was not a good thing to do, considering there was 200 plus Gringos and a few of them.
So, things started getting out of hand,  the next thing that happened, the walls started to be ripped down, a car got turned over, and they lit the place on fire …
Just boys and girls having a bit of fun….
The start of another Baja Safari Pre-Run, around 1966

Safari Club at the Long Bar, Tijuana

Breaking beer bottles! We went through so much beer back in those days! By the time we starting saluting each other, we were lit. clinking turned into breaking. Glass on the floor and beer all over, get the mops!

Coffee cans played a major role in a road trip to Tijuana, Mexico. When Folgers came out with their one gallon cans, it set a new trend in date night to the Long Bar.
It took a pretty savvy and opened minded girl to head to TJ and bar hop with her boyfriend.  Most only went there one time because it was just plain disgusting. Men’s toilets were bad enough, but the restrooms for girls had zero privacy and had no attendant who would sell them bun wad, or splash on cheap perfumed so you wouldn’t walk out smelling like the burrito some girl just puked into the toilet next to yours.
One of the biggest drawbacks was waiting at the border to cross back into the U.S.  At 2-3am on a Saturday night the wait could be as long as several hours. Many a car over heated, so it was common to see steam bellowing out from under the hoods. Or guys and girls pushing cars to save on gas or trying to prevent the over heating.
The Long Bar Entry off of Revolation
The Long Bar Entry on Avenida Revolucion, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
However, the need to pee after consuming many gallons of green beer was the problem, especially when it was date night. A guy trip it was okay, all they did was stick Mr. Wiggle in some container, let loose, then roll down the window and empty the container while waiting in line.  No problema.
It was pretty funny looking down the long lines and every once in a while an arm would stick out, and shake the last drop out and the constant splash when tires rolled over puddles of pee or in some cases chunky puddles of an even mixture of  regurgitated, stale beer, tequila,  street tacos and burritos.
Back in the original Safari Club days, the cars were not these tinny, compact pieces of shit, where ones knees would be cramped up into ones chest sitting in the back seat. They had plenty of room, and lots of it. One of my '57 Chevy Sedans had a back seat like a concert hall.

So when the gallon coffee can came out, girls had a nice porta potty. for their adventure down south. They literally could place the can on the floor board, some chick would make sure none of the guys would watch and she’d let loose.  When done, they were a bit more casual and secret about dumping their pee.  The can also provided a wide opening to puke in. It was not lady like to just stick the head out the window, as the guys did.
Usually they waited until the car was going about ½ mile an hour, open the door and slowly pour it out, thinking that no one would notice.  That way, they were sure not to step in it, if the car started to overheat and their services were required to help that 1964 4-door Ford sedan that your parents thought you were going to the Clairemont Bowling Alley.
However, there were always those that would hold it until their faces turned blue, and looked like they were going to explode. As soon as they passed immigration/customs, the first stop was a  Denny’s like 24/hr diner called, Sambos, just  100 yards away. Sambos had a sign, “Restrooms for Customers Only,” and made a ton of money on selling ten cent coffee and/or a soda pop to go.
This is what women had to deal with went they went on date night to TJ
This is what women had to deal with went they went on date night to TJ
Unfortunately some just could not hold it, and you were riding home with a pee smell in your car. The smell you could handle, it was explaining to your parents of how it got there became the problem.
Those who knew the routine (ex  girl scouts, so they were prepared) would slip in a roll of bun wad in their purse and lots of perfume.
Even to this day, bar hopping in TJ on date night was the answer to  the age-old question, Why is it that  pairs of girls always go to the restroom together?
Answer is simple, One to guard the door, the other to do her thing.
When three girls went, you just knew the restrooms were bad, one guarded the door, the other helped the one straddle the toilet as the other did her thing – a girl thing and tradition that continues to this day. 
(Courtesy our pals at the Destruction Company)

We always take our surf boards when prerunning. It's not a Baja Safari without 'em!

What started in La Jolla at my folks house, ended up in Hollywood and Cabo San Lucas as the Safari Club. Fun is our middle name, Since 1966!
Back in the early 1960s, everyone in California knew there was something different about the La Jolla’s WindanSea crowd and surfers like Curren, Mike Diffenderfer (RIP) Tiny Brain Thomas, Billy Graham, and Butch Van Artsdalen (RIP).” Pat Curren and Mike Diffenderfer were known to hang at the the PumpHouse and Birds Rock’s.
When some of the Mac Meda stayed on the beach bombed, the 'Club' went off-road. For more Baja, deeper, longer lasting. Much more satisfiying! We continued making more friends, way before F-Book.

The club became known with the "L.A. crowds, pagans, drawing down the moon". Jim Morrison of the Doors, told us how he dug taking our blue bus to Mexico. "What a psychedelic country", he said. The Day of Dead became a major fascination. Jim's short time in San Diego county, in Coronado, exposed the youngster to a whole new world, outside his fathers US Navy community.   

The group, the Safari Club, morphed in so many directions with all of our friends, it confused many of our early paying customers! We all ended up on the dunes at Glamis, the American Sahara and Bahia San Lucas, at Baja Sur, Mexico. 

For a time, south of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico we became co-creators with the 'Life's A Beach' crew, exploring everything Baja Norte-Baja North.
Rakestraw and Curren had similar trends, both were regulars at local watering holes near La Jolla and many times shared temporary living quarters in a San Diego jail, so much so – Rakestraw used to write Curren little messages on the jail walls.
The Mac Meda crowd started the  phrase “Surf Nazis,” where they would dress up like Nazis  and ride down the storm drain on their Flexy Flyers that started at the top of  Bon Air Street.  What a bitchen thrill that was!!!
Mel Brooks style Nazi parties wound up bursting into local restaurants, having Nazi parties in the bunkers up on Mt. Soledad and they even became guests at the Jewish fraternities at U.S.C.
One time the La Jolla, California elite got scared, thinking there was some new Aryan group that was infiltrating their community. They called the three lettered suits.
Jack was then working in the Post Office when his supervisor came up and said, “Uh, Mac…the suits are here to talk to you.”  So he sat in a car with two suits, G-Men. He then told them they were just having a good time on their flexy-fliers,  screaming down a dark drain pipe and shooting out at WindanSea.
The suits started laughing and said something like, “It does sound like a good time.”
“The most rebellious group of people I ever met,” said legendary big wave surfer  Fred Van Dyke.  “They were like wild animals!

*2019 Marked a new era for the Safari Club, Join Us! Here's your chance to combine a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience with exclusive Team & Incentive building, high-level networking, deal making & powerful connections that only occur outside the ‘normal’ business settings.*
Join The Safari Club; GET WILD ON BAJA !

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Pistol Pete Sohren Murdered at Mint 400 2019

Pistol Pete Sohren's Death Story and Memory was Murdered at the Mint 400 2019 

Let's talk about Polaris RZR and Matt Martelli and how they murdered Pete Sohren at the Mint 400.

A discussion was raging online about how and why Pete Sohren died. A series of posts during the event was describing the answers racers and off-roaders alike, wanted. 

One message spoke directly to the vehicle he was driving and the drunk driver that struck Pistol Petes Polaris RZR. The message was for the off-road community, how and why Pete Sohren died. 

Reasons to wear proper safety gear when using the Polaris products. It was deleted by Matt Martelli of Mad Media:

This screen grab is part of the Pistol Pete Sohren discussion on safety. Matt Martelli banned the discussion and deleted ANY mention of Pete Sohren, including his planned memorial.

The banned discussion included specific safety details regarding Polaris RZR recalls and covered-up knowledge regarding use of safety belts, helmets and head/neck restraints.

How many people have been injured and killed as a results of deleted information about the Polaris RZR? Hundreds? Thousands?

No helmet, no neck support and drunk driving (the driver in the other rzr). Why did this media pimp, not want this discussed?

Safety and Off Road promotion don't get along when money is more important than life. 

Mad Media has BLOOD ON ITS HANDS. How many people have died, because the Martelli Midgets REFUSE to be honest about their culpability in the MURDER of Petes memory.

So why did Matt Martelli NOT want the public to know the TRUTH?



Gary Newsome 
Writer, Researcher and Editor

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mike Pearlman accused of defrauding investor of at least $50,000 US!

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!
By Gary Newsome, Publisher

UPDATED! October 10, 2019

We'll cover this weekends Mexican 500,
however, no names and forgettable vehicles are involved in this money grab by Pearlman.

2013 attempt at the same event.

2013 Mexican 500 falls flat on its face, no 500 is attempted again until this year, 2019.

However, there is one thing worth reporting...

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

BAJA 1000 2019 PreRun NOW! 619-251-6005

Pre-Running The BAJA 1000 2019 NOW! Call or Text 619-251-6005 How Bad Do You Want It?

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Who's NEXT? Cameron Steele and Friends

David Kier (kook) and Frank DeAngelo (genocide partner)

Spain called it "colonization to convert souls". In actuality, it was death and destruction for the benefit of the rich of Europe. 

Genocide is a well known story of
Baja California, Mexico.

Friday, October 04, 2019

CABO 1000 2020 Announces the LOVE RALLY! Can you find love rallying in Baja Mexico? Here is the love adventure you've been looking for!

The CABO 1000 2020 Team establishes a new rally course in Baja Safari Comondu!

Never before, has Baja South seen a more exciting OverLand Baja Safari Experience, CABO 1000 2020... 

The CABO 1000 2020 Team visits Scorpion Bay, just one Destino-Destination on the Love Rally course for next year!
Today we begin to track the CABO 1000 Course back from the Finish line to the San Diego Start Line! 

Updated! October 4, 2019
OFF-ROAD LIVE! will give up the GHOST next Monday at 7 PM or CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Original Post 7-9-18

Thursday, October 03, 2019

BAD NEWS Race Fans! Roger Norman and SCORE PORKS the race telemetry and race data, as his Baja racing events occur! FAKE RACE RESULTS IN MEXICO


BAD NEWS Race Fans! Roger Norman and SCORE-International PORKS the race telemetry and race data, as his Baja racing events occur!

SCORE racers already know they have NO say in the race results process of SCORE International.

Take it, or leave it.

You already know there is NO transparency in the process Roger names his 'race winners'. You know there is NO 'review process' in his race-circus results.

Now, what really happens during his events in Mexico, as Roger PORKS the process and the race information produced, while YOU risk your life, racing in Baja Mexico, in SCORE events!

"Wow, look, Andy McMillin is in the Sea of Cortez!!!"
You'll loose your lunch, when you find out

The INSIDER STORY that took fifteen years to expose! 

Former tracking company owners, racers and a private investigator who actually worked for Roger Norman in Reno, under the HDRA (defunct racing operation owned by Norman) and worked for Steve Myers of IRC, International Racing Consultants.

Monday, September 30, 2019

SCG BOOT EXCLUSIVE! Baja Racing News Breaking Glickenhaus, Armada Engineering, H1 Media Design, Ted Johnson, Street Lagal PreRunner Baja Boot Public Releases

UPDATED! September 30, 2019

Interior CG original (top)
Actual interior (bottom)

UPDATE September 14:

"Over 50 years I've driven a lot of things. I've never driven something like this. On the road it floats over potholes and bumps. On the Highway it loafs along at 65 MPH at 2800 RPM. The steering is race quick but driveable on the road. We'll also offer a longer rack for those who want one. The power is Huge and amazing. All runs cool, Engine/Gearbox/diff's. Transfer case needs sound deadening which we'll do. Minor tweaks and a lot of testing ahead. When we're done it will be IMHO the greatest road legal Baja 1000/Paris Dakar capable vehicle in the world. It's a modern Rambo Lambo."

SCG Baja Boot Tests in the Desert>>>

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Terribles Cup III Las Vegas Explodes!

UPDATED! September 28, 2019 

 Original Post: July 23, 2007

Friday, September 27, 2019

Do YOU have a story for Baja Racing News? CONTACT US!

main article image
Contact Baja Racing News with your story. 
Lives are at risk!

Josear Carrasco, son of businessman Armando Carrasco, seriously injured at this past weekends RECORD San Quintin racing event

September 26, 2019

Congratulations Carrasco Family!



RaceN'Fest San Felipe Baja Mexico

Josear Carrasco, seriously injured during past weekends RECORD San Quintin racing event

RaceN'Fest Helping Josear Carrasco Race To Recovery October 24-27 San Felipe Baja California

September 16, 2019


RACEN’FEST Will Benefit Injured San Diego Race Off-road race and music festival set for Oct 24-27 San Felipe Baja Mexico.

For nearly  four  decades TOO  MUCH  FUN PROMOTIONS  has become  a familiar name  to motorcyclists,  bicyclists,  off-roaders and adventurer seekers. The firm’s founder Armando  Carrasco has  a  well-earned reputation as the go-to guy in Baja for the best events, the best experiences and the best Baja Mexico has to offer. 

October 24-27 he and his Too Much Fun Promotions event team will stage what may be the  most  important event  of  his  career: VIP  RACE  N’FEST, a GP-style race, lifestyle  and  music festival near  the  Sea  of  Cortez  a ton of Mexico’s most beautiful places, San Felipe Baja Mexico. Proceeds from the event will benefit Armando’s son Josear Carrasco @Josear721X, a PRO  MOTO  IRONMAN Off-Road Champion, who suffered  extensive  injuries  in  a recent  motorcycle  vs  car  accident.  

Since  being  transferred  to a hospital  near  his home  in  San  Diego, the  29-year-old  has  responded  well  to  treatmentand  doctors remain confident for his recovery. “VIP RACE N’FEST is very special to me and  my family;  more than any other,” Said Armando.“Creating and producing events is what I do and raising funds now for my Josear’s recovery and rehabilitation is what I have to do!” VIP Race  N’Fest takes  place October  24-27  in San  Felipe,  Baja  California  Mexico.

The  event  is  inspired by France’s famous Le  Touquet beach  race and Argentina’s Enduro  del  Verano.  Motorcycle,  ATVand  UTV competitors  will  enjoy a  challenging 2-hour+1 lapformat on an all-sand 12.7-mile loop circuit. Mass start by class and a mandatory pit stop are sure to make VIP Race N’ Fest beyond exciting. An  EXPO/Vendors  Row to be  held  throughout  the  weekend highlighted  by two nights  Friday  and  Saturday  music  concert in  a  natural  concert  bowl  setting.  

Join  us at the start of a new era of Racing... VIP RACE N’ FEST! for race signups, lodging, camping and RV info.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

KOH Dave Cole's JEEP Gladiator Baja Race FAIL! San Felipe 250 Disaster Documented

Baja Racing News
UPDATED! September 26, 2019

"Dave Cole's Jeep Gladiator Fail Continues>>>

The Savvy Offroad DNF failures have been explained by the factory. Jeep has issued a recall on the Gladiator pickup and a STOP SELL ORDER!

*At issue are certain trucks that may have a rear driveshaft assembled without grease in the monoblock joint portion of the shaft*

The suspect population was determined by reviewing the supplier’s driveshaft production records from the beginning of production of this driveshaft to identify which driveshafts may have been assembled without grease.

A joint without grease may overheat and seize, possibly causing the driveshaft to fracture, resulting in a sudden loss of drive power. If the driveshaft completely separates from the vehicle it may become a road hazard and, as one would expect, either of these scenarios can increase the risk of a crash.

Thanks to the nature of this problem, a stop sale order has been issued for any affected Gladiators loitering on dealer lots. A total of 3427 trucks are affected, built between the middle of December 2018 and the end of June this year.

FCA US will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driveshaft, free of charge. 

The recall is expected to begin October 18, 2019. Owners may contact FCA US customer service at 1-800-853-1403. FCA US number for this recall is V95 and the NHTSA campaign number is 19V636000." 

Biker Sherlock Former Championship Off Road Racing Team Leader Dead Suicide

UPDATED! September 26, 2019* CONFIRMS
CABO 1000 Love Rally, will be showing
the "Love" to 'Biker' in 2020 event...

Details Next>>>

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

McMillin Racing Losses, Hobby? Business? OTHER Dan McMillins Trophy Truck Burns To The Ground #23

McMillin Racing LOSSES Hobby? Business? OTHER Dan McMillin's Trophy Truck Burned Down in a Baja RaceThis is the HOTTEST topic in the 'racing community'. Why? Because most of the people involved in desert racing, they are Mom and Pop operations, not a multi-million dollar, multi-tenacled California real estate corporation. I'll be exposing the truth of the matter.

For decades,, worked with Radio-Bob Hynes, the radio leader of McMillin Racing. Just one thing, among hundreds of info-nuggets Bob intimated at the time, is that Corky was rolling over in his grave, since Scott McMillin purchased his personal home, in Coronado California.

Bob and Corky were very austere Americans. MORE>>> 

Gary Newsome, Publisher
 Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!

BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE! FUCKIN' RACING! 25 YEARS OF KICKN' ASS Baja Racing News Ensenada Baja California Mexico

BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE! 
RaceCourse Release, Saturday, September 28, LIVE!