Monday, August 12, 2019

Josear Carrasco, son of businessman Armando Carrasco, seriously injured at this past weekends RECORD San Quintin racing event

Josear Carrasco, seriously injured during past weekends RECORD San Quintin racing event

Thursday, August 15:
A message from Josear:

"Josear has been transported to a trauma hospital in San Diego. It is a miracle that I am here and we are very grateful, but last night we discovered that Josear has many more fractures / fractures than we previously thought, many of them in very crucial areas. 

Jose will have skin graphics for burns, found multiple fractures in the lower part of your skull, upper part of the spine and fractures in the back. They also discovered that his hip is broken and will require surgery, as well as a fractured jaw that will require doctors to close it after the operation. He has undergone femur, shin and arm surgery and they are working to place his collarbone and shoulder in place. Josear will have to undergo many surgeries in the next few days and stay in the ICU for a while. Again, you have no idea how much all your kindness means to Josear and the Carrasco family and friends. 

While he may not understand how the person who hit him and left him there could be so ruthless, for that evil person, there have been hundreds of incredible people who helped us in any way possible. The amount of love we have received from everyone is overwhelming and truly amazing. Unfortunately, Josear cannot see any visitors at this time other than the immediate family, but we will continue to update when I can see the visitors."

Original Story Dated August 12, 2019:

Josear Carrasco was seriously injured over the weekend at the RECORD San Quintin racing event. He was on course, when a private vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, struck him head on. Josear suffered being struck head-on, with the vehicle driving over him and leaving him in the road with his bike in flames.

The vehicle and driver that struck and injured Josear, is at this moment, at-large.

If you have any information about this horrible incident, please report to the authorities!

Armando Carrasco, Josears father, stated: "Thank you all for being on the lookout ... Josear had a head-on accident against a car on the motorcycle today, he is delicate but in recovery, already controlled internal effusion (lost 1 mt of intestine) fracture of femur, tibia, forearm and clavicle . The motorcycle was on but the burns are not risky. Already stabilized and thanks to the prompt response of RECORD weatherman staff and our chase (Rigo, Alex and John are Angels!)." 

Josear Carrasco is currently in intensive care, in hospital, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. 


Armando Carrasco confirmed today, Too Much Fun Productions will be holding a Special Event at San Felipe in October to benefit the Carrasco Family in their time of need.

Please stay tuned here on for updated information supporting the Baja off-road community and Josear Carrasco!

Our prayers go to Josear and his family and friends. 

A Go Fund Me has been set up:

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