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BAD NEWS Race Fans! Roger Norman and SCORE PORKS the race telemetry and race data, as his Baja racing events occur! FAKE RACE RESULTS IN MEXICO


BAD NEWS Race Fans! Roger Norman and SCORE-International PORKS the race telemetry and race data, as his Baja racing events occur!

SCORE racers already know they have NO say in the race results process of SCORE International.

Take it, or leave it.

You already know there is NO transparency in the process Roger names his 'race winners'. You know there is NO 'review process' in his race-circus results.

Now, what really happens during his events in Mexico, as Roger PORKS the process and the race information produced, while YOU risk your life, racing in Baja Mexico, in SCORE events!

"Wow, look, Andy McMillin is in the Sea of Cortez!!!"
You'll loose your lunch, when you find out

The INSIDER STORY that took fifteen years to expose! 

Former tracking company owners, racers and a private investigator who actually worked for Roger Norman in Reno, under the HDRA (defunct racing operation owned by Norman) and worked for Steve Myers of IRC, International Racing Consultants.

Roger Norman (right) intently going over 'the data' in the 2007 Baja 1000 and 'Wide Open data'
Todd Clement (left) previous co-owner of Wide Open (another company purchased by Roger)

SCORE-International PORKS the race telemetry and race data, as his Baja racing events occur!

Since he bought SCORE, he's been 'in control' of those little dots on his laptop screen. He never would have purchased SCORE from Sal Fish, if he couldn't completely control those little dots.

The dots, for the uninitiated, are the electronic representations of the racers/vehicles in the race telemetry and race event displays produced by the 'tracking services' used by SCORE International.

Where is Roger during the race events and what is he doing? Most commonly, he is on a laptop PORKING the race data, as the race is happening.

PORKING is following and CHANGING the data and the race information being produced by the tracking services, as the event is transpiring.

As SCORE Baja races proceed, penalties, displayed racing positions and class rankings are being accumulated, manipulated and changed, by Roger.

That's the reason some 'dots', the displayed racing positions of team vehicles during the event, are screwy. The people who have access and control of the data are PORKING the data.

Steve Myers, formerly owner of IRC, explained to during negotiations to purchase his company were happening with Roger Norman. "Roger wasn't as concerned about the sale price of the company as much as he was interested in his ability to manipulate the race data, during the race".

During his negotiations with a recent, belly-up race tracking company, Rogers main interest was how he can control the data.

Thus, controlling the results of the 'event competition'.

The hardware, the software and every little update during the race itself.

Yes Roger, was in the room. 

He didn't buy, he was data mining.

An insider, formerly with the Kurt Caselli team, was in the employ of Norman in Reno and then was hired as a private investigator for the tracking company.  The former owner of the race tracking company told us all about the private investigator and his results.

Later in our reporting on the race data process, after Roger had decided to change the race tracking services companies, several times, the actual private investigator reported to us on the details of his experiences with Norman Motorsports and many of his explosive findings.

Over many years, the private investigator kept up with the subject, Roger Norman, even following him during race events. And reporting his findings to

Why? Because "Kurt Caselli was his friend and he has direct, unquestioned evidence that Norman, if not for his medications, would be considered a public nuisance".

One of the explosive assertions the investigator informed us on was just how insidious the manipulation of the race results in SCORE events is. Not only are the results corrupt, but actual race radio relay communications of many teams are being disrupted.

The investigator told us about communications antenna, controlled by Roger himself, placed in the region where Kurt Caselli was killed, that interfered in the search for the doomed racer, in the minutes his life was in the balance.

The investigator determined the 'sticks' disrupted many teams 'comm' systems in the area.

Today, the 'sticks' are commonly known to be used for SCORE operations communications during race events. Previously, they were used for only his teams comm system.

The investigator was clear on the tracking services manipulation, "Roger does not allow a review process or any other oversight which destroys any transparency in his race events, because he (Roger Norman) is the strangest control freak, the investigator has ever followed".    

The investigator continued, "when I was working for Roger in Reno, he displayed very disturbing traits while I was supervised by Roger himself"

"We were laying out the racing tracks and constructing a race event, with earth moving equipment, when I witnessed serious mental deviations, which required him to take medications".

The investigator went into great detail on his determinations on Rogers mental illness, but because he's not a doctor, he didn't want to go on the record with his conclusions.   

More with the private investigator, NEXT>>>

Roger Norman has had a singular focus since the start of his investments in racing, on the data.

His net worth, his real estate, his Crystal Bay Casino and control of Reno, Nevada. After these subjects, the data. Rogers interests are easy to follow. His accounts with Google focuses on the data.  The numbers.

The subjects of the data are secondary. 

Let's put our reporting in context... was THE SOURCE
that gave Sal Fish his first WORKING
Sat Phone! Incredible and true.
In 1998

We also broke the story in 2008 at the Baja 1000
that VW and the racing Touareg team
REFUSED to hand over the IRC tracking device, back to SCORE and IRC, after the race.

By 2018, we have fully reported on the international lawbreaking and deaths associated with
SCORE Baja racing.

What lawbreaking?
It is a violation of international law to hold competitive racing events on OPEN PUBLIC ROADS.

Race Telemetry-the process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument, documenting a racing competition. HERE FOR THE 
Roger's Blame Game
When Roger Norman
was hammering SCORE
for EXACTLY what he now does to the racers by the company he OWNS!



Gary Newsome, Publisher

Take a look at this 'Anonymous' comment! 
Sure, then why hasn't SCORE said whats going on,
because they know the truth and can't go public.

Thanks, 'Anonymous'.

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Unknown said...

this story is completely false. I have been involved with the scoring of the the races since 2009. Roger isn't even involved in either the review or auditing of the tracking data recorders and track files. The data has two independent sources and the results cannot be manipulated. I have also witnessed how the race director, Jose, deals with issues in a fair manner. So go look elsewhere for something to criticize.