Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rod Hall, just another racer douchebag. The EXCLUSIVE ORMHOF story

The ORMHOF Rod Hall Story

Which ORMHOF storyline will we talk about first?

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His wasting seven years of the life of off-road motorsports? Or, the 2018 ORMHOF film presentation that used stolen clips merely to put putrid Rod Hall alongside real legends like James Garner and Steve McQueen?

The most shameful is the story of Rod Hall crapping on the off-road racing and industry for over seven years when he was 'running' the ormhof, in Reno, Nevada.

***However, the most recent Rod Hall embarrassment was just last year.

In 2018, Rod Hall had a company putting together a 'video' about 'his life'. He knew he didn't have much time left.

*Under cover of darkness, one of the last to enter the restaurant, Hall scooters himself to get a freebie...This reporter actually witnessed the scooter bound Hall roll into getting a free meal during the Vegas 'Primm Fraud' at a "Legends" dinner. What a load of crap!

You know who isn't a 'legend', when they roll in for a free meal. All those fake legends for those 'legend' events! Everyone else who was paying for the food, as the fake legends sitting around waiting for their free crap.*

We'll insert a photo of the fake freeloaders soon, here>>>

*On with the story. So, during the 2018 ormhof induction, they run this 'Rod Hall Tribute' video.

Right in front of God and everyone, are clips owned by another company, not being paid for, stolen, aired at the ormhof, by the Hall family, the video company working for Rod Hall and of course, Rod Hall himself, being shown in the stolen clips of Steve McQueen!

Stolen, because they did not have authorization to aire the clips because THEY DID NOT PAY THE RELEVANT FEES TO DO SO, KNOWING THEY HAD AN OBLIGATION TO PAY THE DISPLAY FEES.

Merely to try to make Rod Hall look important, or relevant.

Rod Hall and his family, are neither important nor relevant. Rod Hall was a cheap, beggin' douche.

***Seven years of doing nothing for the ormhof, Next>>> 

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