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Who's NEXT? Cameron Steele and Friends

David Kier (kook) and Frank DeAngelo (genocide partner)

Spain called it "colonization to convert souls". In actuality, it was death and destruction for the benefit of the rich of Europe. 

Genocide is a well known story of
Baja California, Mexico.
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The Cameron Steele, David Kier, Frank DeAngelo activities in Baja Mexico are a continuation of the sins of european-spanish in the americas.

Now its the french-european continuing the genocide by the corporation MICHELIN/BFGoodrich supporting illegal activities and pushing the behaviors by modern media platforms.

David Kier and Frank DeAngelo of Jackson Motorsports are acting in the process of trampling the communities of the ranch and indigenous people of Baja California, Mexico, with their drunken travel and death races.

Harry W. Crosby, over many years, has identified David Kiers writings and viewpoints as "less than a child level intelligence travel writer". "David Kier and his misguided book about 'old missions' isn't worth my time".

Over the many years of interviews, Crosby went further during lunch conversations with friends under a friendly tree at a local La Jolla coffee shop. 
"David Kier glosses over the destruction of Baja California", "indigenous slavery and the deaths of human beings associated with the Spanish pacification of Mexico. By doing so, he promotes the continued destruction of the people of Baja".

Harry said recently, "the travel promotion of David Kier and anyone supporting him, are guilty of the continued genocide of the people of Mexico".

Real experts in the field of history and science, related to Baja California, for years have identified David Kiers writings and viewpoints as  
"those of a simpletons experience".  
As stated by Norman C. Roberts before his passing. 

Roberts, also said "the widespread destruction of the Baja California landscape can be attributed to the uncontrolled racing community and its monied supporters"

Roberts knew of the direct violations of law, uncontrolled racing in Baja Mexico caused including the untold damage to human lives and property.

Tim Sanchez, a respected travel writer of Baja Mexico has had a long war with David Kier and his supporters of the european tire brand MICHELIN/BFGoodrich. "I don't support the drunken tours being promoted by Cameron Steele and Kook David Kier". Tim continued, "Frank DeAngelo has a long history of widespread death and destruction of the Baja Mexico frontier, how many deaths has his promotional dollars from the french corporations supporting these genocide activities produced, hundreds?"

Tim has widely circulated anti "kook David Kier" stickers throughout the peninsula, making the locals and authorities alike, aware of the retardism David and Frank are promoting.

BajaRacingNews.com reporters have long maintained interviews and talking sessions with a wide variety of Baja Mexico sources.

Work continues with Baja California and Baja Sur state officials and federal stake holders who agree with the historians and scientists that widespread promotion of the works of genocide and genocide promotion are not to be tolerated.

The late Norman C. Roberts his book and La Jollan Harry W. Crosby, his books, Baja Mexico explorations, studies, and writings establish them as the foremost authorities on Baja California's colorful past and colorful landscapes. 

In the late 1960s, Harry W. Crosby rode over 600 miles on muleback, to the remotest areas of Baja California, to obtain photographs for a book celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of Spanish Alta California. Since completing that first work, he has logged over a thousand miles in the saddle over harsh and barren terrain to interview the Baja Peninsula's isolated ranchers and discover its amazing prehistoric art and cave paintings. 

His other books include, The King's Highway in Baja California, the story of El Camino Real; Last of the Californios, his studies of Hispanic settlers and their descendants; and Antigua California, the now standard history of Spanish California's first 70 years. Harry Crosby lives in La Jolla, California with his wife.

Dick Van Bree, an internet service provider once commented on Fred Metcalfs old Baja Message Board, that "David Kier is neither knowledgeable nor authoritative". Metcalfs Baja 'message board', was paid for by the state of california, while he worked for the UC system. How about a taxpayer 'clawback' on all those taxpayer dollars!

Doug Means, who operates the hate filled Baja Nomad Message Board, includes David Kier, has said publicly, "David Kier is our favorite target for the "kook haters". Doug continued, "We get so many hits because his writings and viewpoints are so stupid"

Don't take the nomad group very seriously, the internet wastes of Doug Means, for many years has allowed child pornography, criminal threats and levels of hate so vile, the Mexican government refutes its publication and holds open arrest warrants for many on the board, including Means.

The official mission association of history has rejected every request by David Kier to either talk to their group or have any of his writings recognized.

Categorically refused any recognition by historians and established science, David Kier and anyone who is associated with his "kook" Baja California perspectives, are outcasts.

Lets look at the taxes and fees paid into the communities they are trampling. Can't. They drunkenly trample fragile communities and avoid at all costs, paying the rightful taxes and fees to the locals. They are genocidal, outcasts.

We can't even count the total number of Baja Californios who have been run over and killed by these course slugs over the years of "racing in Baja".

They even kill their own. Ask Cameron Steele about his pal "Ox". And many others, their own friends, dead in Mexico.

The rich of southern California USA and european corporations crushing the desperate poor of Mexico. Genocide.

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