Friday, May 03, 2019

Mike Pearlman accused of defrauding investor of at least $50,000 US!

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!
By Gary Newsome, Publisher

An original investor in the reformation of the NORRA organization and the Mexican 1000, claims Michael Pearlman has defrauded over $50,000 US!

The investor, whose family was part of the original NORRA, back in the sixties, claims the idea of the reformation and all of the original seed money to bring the organization back to life was generated by the investor.

The idea of reforming NORRA came to the investor at the funeral of the orginal founding family member of NORRA. The investor, approached Pearlman with the idea, they both agreed to take on the challenge of reformation.

Money was the issue. "As it always is, with Pearlman", claims the investor. "Mike is the worst businessman I've ever met", he continued.

"I generated over the amount needed to bring the organization back to life, because Pearlman was fidgeting with jukeboxes and could't produce any seed money for the effort".

"It's time Pearlman PAYS-UP!"  

Details about the original reformation and the Eliseo Family member of Ensenada, Eliseo Garcia, Sr.!

Sr. Eliseo Garcia Sr. and the investor have determined at least $50,000 U.S. have been defrauded by Michael Pearlman. The investor has additionally asserted an amount of $75K US was defrauded by Pearlman, however this amount has not been confirmed by Sr. Garcia.

Sr. Garcia is an important witness in this activity because he was a founding member of the original racing organization. The other two founding members, Michaels father and Don Francisco.

In a financial move at the time of the reformation, a deal was made between the investor, who is a family member of founding icon, Don Francisco and Sr. Garcia. has confirmed the paperwork confirming the finances in question in this reporting. We sincerely thank, Sr. Eliseo Garcia, Sr. for his time, honesty and his allowance to access his detailed personal papers.


Some Bogus Details Need Historical Review

"Oldest off-road race in the world".
From the 2019 promotional online video. 
Actually, really funny! We'll tear a rhino hole
in this crass, commercial bullshit.

The oldest "off-road"race in the world, is not the Mexican 1000. It may be, in the mind of anyone who has no memory beyond 1966!   

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"NORRA Mexican 1000 is mine".
Mike Pearlman at the 2019 racers meeting.
Now we know why he defrauded the $50k+!


Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Baja Border Tour, First of its kind, behind the legendary fabled narratives

Baja Border Tour/Study

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The authoritative view of the Baja Border.
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