Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"KING OF CABO" Trophy CABO 500 2005

Baja Racing News.com has confirmed from the Hacienda Beach Cantina CABO 500, that the May 1 traditional Mexican off-road race, the "CABO 500", will run!

The race, a traditional local Mexican desert off-road race, sponsored and promoted by the CABO 500 organization since 2004, is sanctioned again this year by the Federación Interamericana de Touring y Automóvil Clubes.

The CABO 500 has mucho appeal, everyone in desert off-road racing wants to win that race and be crowned, the King of Cabo!

The Hacienda Beach Cantina - CABO 500 2005 is an International Invitational. Racing teams that received an invitation will be treated to a world class series of events.