Thursday, December 29, 2005

CABO 500 Official Map Here NOW!

Exclusively here at Baja Racing News, is the
CABO 500 - Race The Two Seas - 2006
Race Course Map. Baja Desert Off Road Racing
will never be the same!
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Wow! What a great course! Sections of this race will never be seen
by a SCORE race.Like the section along the Sea Of Cortez, no American Offroad race has ever run that route. Like the section below Los Inocentes, on the Pacific Ocean, incredible speed, dunes, beaches, much like that of the Rally-Raids of Africa! This may be the only time many racers get to run that section and they will never forget it, when they run it...SPECTACULAR! The last fourth of the course was the old Baja 2000 course, SCORE ran after BEGGING to run the race to Cabo in 2000. Looking forward to covering this one!
Special Thanks to the CABO 500 - Race The Two Seas - 2006 Team.