Friday, December 29, 2006

Trigger Gumm rode the Baja 1000 2006

Spectacular crash didn't stop motorcyclist.

Trigger Gumm, of San Clemente, is trying again for a world record.

SAN CLEMENTE – Moments after Trigger Gumm's spectacular motorcycle crash that shattered vertebrae and caused a concussion during his world-record setting attempt last summer, he stood up and walked away. He was taken to a local Miami, Oklahoma hospital, where doctors wanted to perform surgery immediately on his back.
"I was thinking, 'Dude, I am in Miami, Oklahoma, not Newport Beach," the San Clemente resident said. "There's no way they are going to operate on me."
So Gumm removed the IV's from his arm, turned to his mom, Judy, who was at his bedside, and said let's get out of here. Judy booked a first-class flight and the pair booked it back to Orange County.
Home, Gumm wasn't in the clear. He was referred to a back specialist since he still had five fractures in his vertebrae and his ribs had detached from his spine.
"The doctor told me I was fortunate to leave when I did," Gumm said. "He said there was no way I needed to have surgery."
But Gumm did need rest. Lots of it. He was fitted for a body cast, one that he wore for a day then "hucked it."
"It was super uncomfortable," he said. "I just laid on my bed. I was flat on my back for a month and a half. It seemed like forever. I was on such gnarly narcotics. But pain is good. If you feel pain, you are still in the game."
And Gumm is still in the game. Recovered, he's ready to return to Oklahoma for another shot at setting the world record for the longest motorcycle jump. He was attempting 315 feet when he wiped out. He issued a press release in early December announcing he will return June 16.
"I'm going back to Miami," Gumm said. "I'm gonna smash it. I told everybody I coming back out. I was taught as a kid that you get back on the horse that threw you. I do what I say. That's my word."
Word spread on Gumm's crash fast. It quickly became the number one viewed video on for a day. Fans sent him papers from Australia and the Czech Republic. But before Gumm returns to Oklahoma, he has another jump lined up.
"The big one is now in March," he said. "I signed a deal with a company to jump the Grand Canyon."
To be exact, a 250-foot gap with a 2,000-foot drop. Gumm received a call from a promoter gauging his interest. It was a short conversation.
"Of course," Gumm said. "That's what I want to do. I'm a daredevil. I've always wanted a picture of something like that."
Ironically, Gumm is afraid of heights.
"What did I get myself into?" Gumm asked.
He's been practicing jumping gaps at the dirt lot next to Saddleback Church. Gumm's meticulous when it comes to doing his homework.
"I can't take anymore crashes," he said. "My poor wife, Erin."
Risks, on the other hand, he'll keep taking. Besides the Grand Canyon and Oklahoma jumps, Gumm is in the midst of working out the details for a jump in Lake Placid, N.Y. He would be jumping off the ski jump used in the 1980 Winter Olympics.
"If skiers are going 400 feet," Gumm said, "why not on a bike?"
The possibility has Gumm excited. He said it would be his "crown jewel," if not the Grand Canyon jump.
"There's things I haven't got to accomplish yet," he said.
Gumm hasn't been back to the doctors since receiving his body cast. He's said he feels normal again.
"There's no better doctor than yourself," he said. "Your body tells you so."
Three months after his crash, Gumm was on his bike again. He was a judge on the reality show "Camp Crusty." He filmed two seasons.
"Things were so out of control," Gumm said. "Halfway through they stopped it."
The producers eventually started it again. Next, Gumm did a promotional ride for Etnies and Harley Davidson on Fuel TV for two weeks before leaving the tour.
Gumm also rode in the Baja 1000 in November. He rode a 330-mile stretch. He had the Desert Assassins motorcycle team in the top five when he handed the bike off at Mile 771. However, the next driver got a flat and quit, unbeknown to Gumm.
"I was at the finish line waiting for the bike the whole night," he said.
Needless to say, Gumm was disappointed the bike didn't make it to the finish line. He had hit up all his sponsors and they had thrown $25,000 into the bike. Gumm personally wrote apology letters to his sponsors Service Honda, Lost Energy Drink, Kush Cash, Alpine Star, FMF, Hammer Head, Hoven goggles, Troy helmets and Nichols Racing to name a few.
Gumm already has his sights set on the San Felipe 250 in March. And ultimately, Gumm would like to win the 1000.
He'll have to wait until next year. By then, who knows, he might have completed three more of his goals by jumping the Grand Canyon, setting a world record and launching of a ski ramp.
"To any little kids out there," Gumm said, "keep after your goals. Try, work hard at it and you can succeed."

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sacks took Class 5 - Baja 1000 2006

Sacks wins first place in his class in Baja 1000

It was the middle of the night and headlights glared off dust and fog on a southbound dirt road in the Baja peninsula. His team was in third place when Canyon Lake resident Chuck Sacks got behind the wheel of a Class 5 VW Baja Bug over 370 miles north of La Paz, Mexico, and headed for the finish line of the 2006 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.
He was among over 431 entries from 38 U.S. States and 11 countries competing in 27 Pro and six Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs in what is known among off-road racing enthusiasts as the “big daddy” of races. And he wanted to win!
For more than two hours Chuck and his navigator drove through the pitch blackness, sometimes so blinded by fog and dust they relied entirely on their GPS system to guide the way. They experienced minor mechanical problems that were quickly repaired by chase crew mechanics; and along the way they passed up the No. 2 and No. 1 cars.
Dawn broke over the dusty Baja desert and 60 miles from the finish line they knew they were in first place. Word quickly reached Chuck’s wife, Debra, who was at home in Canyon Lake, spreading the news to all their friends by e-mail. After traveling over the top of La Paz Mini Summit, Chuck ended his bone-jarring drive at the finish line on the outskirts of La Paz, where the locals gathered for a giant all-day fiesta.
His team finished first in its class, and even more significantly to Chuck, 29th of all the 4-wheel entries. In a race where only 54 percent (234 vehicles) were able to reach the end of the grueling 1,047.8 miles course, it was a major accomplishment.
The next day, SCORE held an awards ceremony on the beach in La Paz, where Chuck, the other two drivers, Chris Bowman of Upland and Jerry Longo of LaVerne, along with their navigators and chase crewmembers were feted for their No. 1 finish. The top finishers in every class, as well as the top finisher overall also received awards.
Five months earlier, Chuck’s story was a little different. While competing in the Baja 500 in June in his personal car, a SCORE Lite Class 12, his car blew an engine and he was unable to finish. It put him out of the SCORE series points competition so he wasn’t planning to participate in the Baja 1000.
Earlier this fall, however, Chris Bowman invited him to drive for his team and Chuck jumped at the opportunity. This was his fourth time to compete in the Baja 1000. Based on his occupation as the owner of California Skier (the Mastercraft dealership located on Collier Ave. in Lake Elsinore), it would seem more likely to find Chuck competing in water ski tournaments – and he used to.
But for the past six years he has been racing off-road after hooking up with Brent and Brian Parkhouse of Long Beach. And desert dust, rather than lake water, now runs through his veins.
A week before the race was held on November 15 to 18, Chuck, his navigator, and a chase team traveled to the Baja peninsula as “pre-runners” for the final one third of the course. They carefully mapped the terrain on their GPS, taking special note of features that would affect their course. In the 100-mile stretch, they mapped 77 places where they would cross running water, standing water and washouts – the result of a storm that washed across Baja a few days earlier. According to Chuck, pre-running was a crucial but fun aspect of participating in the race.
A SCORE website points out that in the 39-year history of the Baja 1000, this was the 32nd time the race started in Ensenada and the 17th time it has finished in La Paz. It has started three times in Mexicali, twice in Tijuana, and once each in Santo Tomas and Ojos Negro. It finished in Cabo San Lucas in 2000. Mexicans love the race and close down the town wherever it ends for a giant fiesta. It’s a fitting finish for the off-road warriors.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Off road racers Baja Mexicanos challenge SCORE

Where is the JUSTICE for the Baja Mexicano Trophy Truck Pilots and Teams?

The Evidence:

The Baja Mexicanos positions:

"I have one doubts very great and I believe that here those that are running and have participated in some event of Score International can help me, not if it is reason for disqualification in a race, if a competitor escapes to another one in a highway section, for example in the exit of the Tule until the entrance to Fat Stones, like when it is put in risk to vehicles of civilians when escaping in double sense and near a curve. If it is thus also it has to do that it is making in fact SCORE and Sal Fish next to Rally Track with the famous black small boxes, since in happened Low the 1000 Robby Gordon I exceed to "May" Flowers in that section, there is video and it soon leaves all that in the one Cactus Films, like Rum Whitton did the same, when seeing that these two pilots did it, the Mexican does the same, who would be also the same error that the others, but I say, clearing that it is Robby, if it is disqualification, I also believe that Score passage by high that and for Whitton. Or they are many that are done the Mexicans to him and the more in the class it reigns of the Off-Road to the Mexicans, in this case one is possible to be decided Juan Carlos Ibarra in Loss 500 2004 when it was disqualified to exceed in highway its rivals, something that the pilot recognized, but who almost the majority did, including the champion Alan Pflueger of that joust, where the rules of Score are then, or rather they are for totally favoring to the Americans and the Mexicans, clearing to Gustavo Vildósola, that is the one that has the more prestige and money and that if it is taken into account by the gueros, no thus the others to those who pilots like Rob MacCachren, Ed and Tim Herbst, Robby Gordon, Josh Baldwin, to mention some cases have turned around them the face or they have left them with the hand in the air, continues existing racism in the Baja races and the bad thing are that it is also being seen on the part of SCORE, consists that to me, to the Mexicans do not give the same treatment them in the Trophys. Perhaps because they are not owners of casinos, because they do not have good American accent or because they know that in spite of not having resources in units such, pits and helicopteros, exist or several roosters that are not scared to them and that has humiliated them in more than an occasion, it would enchant me to know if it is or no, reason for a disqualification, like to see the fans who think of which I have seen, I am not inventing it and many Baja Mexicano runners of other classes will not let to me lie."

Another view: "I think that senor Mix said it very clear... you must do a protest (in writing) at the end of the race 1-hour before the results are published Not-officials. the protest is made in writing and Director appears to the "Race" before the "Competition Review Board" (CRB) so that he is examined and takes desicion FINAL. Please they review "OFF ROAD RACING RULES AND REGULATIONS" of SCORE. to be but exact THEY READ rule GP1 COMPLETELY so that they take off of doubts... of another way does not come anything. so stop being "nationalistic" of that Mexican and the gringos bla bla bla. they must present/display tests (photos, video, nera box, eyewitnesses) so that the protest is been worth. and but the important thing competition must be present "review board" if anybody penalized sera this is not everything a process and hueva occurs them then then is its problem and better they do not say to anything alcabo of a month despues of the race. if to tigrillo Ibarra they penalized it it was because they alquien I protest it and but surely it was that the senor Ibarra I do not review and did not go to meeting CRB to defend... or if were? somebody of the Ibarra equipment I review the results not-officials and occurred account that tapeworm one protests? they went to defend itself to the CRB? by I complete I want to request to them that before commening out these without foundations they have the book in hand (is worth as $5) and are become attached to the correct process so that they can speak and think objectively and with foundations and not with its emotions. if some of you wants the book yet I I please I buy in "race ready" of insolent Vista. also it can speak to SCORE and request it. Alive Mexico * is."

Mas: "Hermes negative, not these totally informed". This was said to me by an official of SCORE (nonmemory its name) when to my in the personnel they penalized to me with 10 the 60 minutes to happen to me of mph in the highway. ahiiii the vaaaa: first: the "black boxes" only review (in detail) the competitors who estan instead of obtaining a prize in their class. that I mean with this, since if terminastes in I complete place of your class the truth is lost of time to see your data... you do not have anything to gain compa! Second: if there is a protest in writing against a competitor and the black box it can verify it then is used. in this case it was possible to be itilizar to verify that vehiculo rolled to but of 60mph. adicionalmete the senor Ibarra admitio and by I complete habia fisicas tests (video, pesonas, photos). I return to repeat... leave its emotions them to a side. as they say Pinc... s gringos."


SCORE is in trouble when the local racers are calling their guests, Pinche Gringos! You wonder why the locals put traps on the race course?

Gary Newsome Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Robby Gordon turns Monster Deal


As reported on Baja Racing News First,

Monster Energy Joins Forces with Robby Gordon Off-Road In World-Wide Motorsports Marketing Program. (Dec. 27, 2006) Monster Energy and Robby Gordon Off-Road have entered into an agreement that will team Monster Energy with Gordon’s world-wide off-road racing efforts including the famed Dakar Rally and the team’s SCORE International Trophy Truck program.

Robby Gordon Racing, his offroad team, has turned into a Monster! (Note in photo, GREEN 'M' next to Hummer')

Blasting the Baja 1000, threatening the International DAKAR, and now Robby has ditched Red Bull and gone Monster! Monster Energy Drink is preparing to announce that Gordon Motorsports now has Monster Energy Drink as a major sponsor.

Gordons H3, has been seen around town sporting its new Black and metallic Green colors, preparing for the announcement, prior to the start of the DAKAR rally-race.

Then, we find out the team has received Rolex Team watches. OK guys, now you've done it - JINXED! Honestly, if its not CAMEL GRASS its watches! Gordons DAKAR is JINXED!

Gary Newsome

New Greer Bros Trophy Truck to debut at Parker

It's a DODGE!

"Yes its the new Greer Bros Racing TT being built by Porter Race Cars."

"Its debut was suppose to be the Laughlin Desert Challenge, but its now looking more like the Parker 400." Thanks Mike!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CABO 500 Announces February 17

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-Today, it was announced that, "the International Desert Offroad Race and the SPEED Mex Race Support Services will be February 17, 2007. "We'll run the La Paz to Cabo course on February 17. We will start taking applications and prepare teams for the race, scheduled later in the year." Applications for the race support services are free and available now at the Official website at Entry fees will run $200 and will be accepted at contingency on February 16."

"The race course this year will not include La Paz, the entire course will be in the Los Cabos municipality. Race services and the nightlife and the hospitality events surrounding the race, will be much improved over last year. La Paz just isn't as fun as Cabo! We have signed Mexico's best Rock band for the special "Winners Fiesta" in Cabo after the race", said a spokesman for SPEED Mex in San Diego. He continued, "the course will be announced soon, before the turn of the year".

Friday, December 15, 2006

LIVE!!! 40th BAJA 1000 2007 TJ TO CABO!!!


Early 2007 Baja 1000 Map Out, Thanks to the sage of SCORE, TONY T!

Hot Press Release

Historic adventure from Tijuana-Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas To honor the 40th Annual

Nov. 10-16, 2007
Historic adventure from Tijuana-Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas
To honor the 40th Anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000
Festivities for the celebration to include spectacular events
In addition to 1,200-plus mile granddaddy of all desert races

TIJUANA, Mexico—Starting the launch of a nearly year-long anniversary celebration, plans for next year’s 40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race were unveiled today during a media conference at the Caliente Racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico. With major festivities planned in Tijuana and Ensenada along with a 1,200-plus mile race to the tip of the Baja California peninsula in Cabo San Lucas, the 2007 granddaddy of all desert races will be held Nov. 10-16.
In making the announcement, Sal Fish, SCORE CEO and President, praised the efforts of government and tourism officials in both states of Baja California and Baja California Sur, saying, “We would not be here today if it were not for the coordinated efforts and cooperation of both of these Mexican states and its counties. This anniversary celebration is a monumental undertaking and it will be the most memorable in the long and storied history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in large part due to the dedicated efforts of the people of the Baja Peninsula.”
Starting with special festivities in the heart of Tijuana on Saturday, Nov. 10, and a unique parade of vehicles, and all of the colorful traditional pre-race pageantry will once again be held in Ensenada on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 11, and all day Monday, Nov. 12).
The green flag will drop in Ensenada on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 13 and the last checkered flag will drop in Cabo San Lucas during the early morning of Friday, Nov. 16. In between Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas, the 1,200-plus mile course will traverse much of the ruggedly majestic Baja California peninsula.
Nearly 500 sturdy adventurers, from over 40 U.S. States and 20 countries, are expected to compete 28 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Among the festivities planned for Saturday (Nov. 10) in Tijuana are: a special SCORE Baja Leap competition at the Tijuana River bed. At the Tijuana City Hall Plaza a SCORE Baja Pit Crew Challenge will be held, followed by a Xtreme MX Acrobatics show. Concluding Saturday’s pre-race celebration will be a memorable SCORE Baja 1000 40th Anniversary Welcome party on Revolution Avenue.
On Sunday (Nov. 11) Tijuana pre-race celebration will culminate with a historic parade of SCORE entries from Tijuana’s Bull Ring (where the legend began in 1967) through the main streets of Tijuana down the Toll Road to Ensenada, starting at 11 a.m. and arriving at 2 p.m.
Once in Ensenada, all of the popular and traditional pre-race activities will be held. On Sunday, Nov. 11, the arrival fiesta of the race entries will be held at the Ventana al Mar from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. with autograph sessions, photo opportunities, a vendor village and live music.
Also on Sunday, racer registration will be held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the San Nicolas Hotel.
Monday’s pre-race activities (Nov. 12) in Ensenada will continue with racer registration at the San Nicolas (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and the colorful SCORE manufacturer’s midway, contingency and tech inspection of all race vehicles from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. adjacent to the San Nicolas. The pre-race driver/rider briefing will be held at 7 p.m. in the Cathedral Room of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center.
The magnificent start of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 will once again be on Blvd. Costero starting with motorcycles and ATVs at 6:30 a.m. followed by the cars and trucks at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13. The start will once again include the extremely popular and spectator-friendly run up the Ensenada Wash.
While exact details of the race route are still being finalized, SCORE officials said it will be similar to the 2006 SCORE Baja 1000 before heading over to Todos Santos and then to an amazing three-day long finish line SCORE Survivor’s Celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.


In its first 39 years, the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 has started 32 times in Ensenada, three times in Mexicali (1972, 1993, 1994), twice in Tijuana (1967, 1995) once in Santo Tomas (1998) and once in Ojos Negros (1999). The legendary race has finished in Ensenada 18 times, in La Paz 17 times, in Mexicali two times (1993, 1994), once in Ojos Negros (1999) and once in Cabo San Lucas (2000).


The famous and not-so-famous have tried their hand at conquering the Baja and they have come from all walks of life. Mark Thatcher, son of Great Britian’s then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher, raced in the 1982 SCORE Baja 1000. Celebrities James Garner, Ted Nugent and the late Steve McQueen all battled the Baja in the early 1970s and many racers from other forms of motorsports crossed over to try their skills.
Among the drivers from other arenas who have tested the Baja were Indy Car racers Rick and Roger Mears, Parnelli Jones, Danny Ongias, Danny Sullivan, Jimmy Vasser, Buddy Rice, Sebastien Bourdais, Oriol Servia, Roberto Guerrero, Michel Jourdain Jr., Johnny Unser and Mike and Robbie Groff, NASCAR’s Robby Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Boris Said and Brendan Gaughan, SCCA legend Elliot Forbes-Robinson, World Rally Champion’s Armin Schwarz, world motorcycle champions Malcolm Smith and Larry Roeseler, Motocross legends Ricky Johnson, Travis Pastrana and Jimmie Johnson (now a NASCAR champion), drag racers Don Prudhomme and Larry Minor and legendary SCORE founder and motorsports innovator Mickey Thompson. Academy Award winning actor, racer and race team owner Paul Newman raced in the 2004 event. Jesse James, of ‘Monster Garage’ fame, and Hollywood film and TV star Patrick Dempsey have both raced this classic in both 2005 and 2006.
Next year’s race will commemorate the achievements of legendary desert racers like Rod Hall, Ron Bishop, Johnny Johnson, and Larry Roeseler. Hall, with a record 18 class wins (including one overall win in 1972), and Bishop are the only two racers who have competed in 39 SCORE Baja 1000 races. Hall will be a favorite in the Stock Mini class while Bishop, is once again be back where he always has--racing every year on a Motorcycle. Johnson, now retired, had 15 class wins, amazingly in eight different classes. Roeseler, has won 15 times in this race, including 12 overall wins (10 on a motorcycle). Roeseler will share driving duties again this year with seven-time SCORE Class 1 season point champion Troy Herbst. Roeseler and Herbst are the three-time defending Class 1 race winners in this race.

SCORE announced, as Baja Racing News called in November, the 40th Baja 1000 Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. The 2007 SCORE Baja 1000 November 12-17, 2007. This is Monday-Saturday instead of the schedule dates of Wednesday-Saturday. The 2007 BAJA 1000 starts in the Tijuana City Bull Ring, Dog & Pony Show to Ensenada. Restart next day and head down to Cabo for finish. Unreal! Start in Tijuana, just like the old days!

Also spec. fuel for the series next year.

SCORE WAS PAID $XXX,XXX, Six Figures for 2007 Finish in CABO. It's in the Bank. Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE

by: Jason Huell

The Governor of Baja South said today the 40th edition of the Baja 1000 will run from Tijuana to Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas in November 2007!!! ""It announced that with the participation of industralists of the tourist branch and municipal authorities it was obtained that the next race leaves from the city of Tijuana and finishes now in international the tourist port of the Cabos.""

UPDATE! Tuesday morning from Ensenada, RacerStar Cameron Steele confimed the TJ-CABO route for 2007 and added that the mileage will be "around 1380 Miles".

UPDATE! Wednesday morning from Ensenada, racers were not surprised by the reports. A "Baja 4000" rumor has been around since summer, relating similar storyline. Then, late in the Summer, Sal Fish, SCORE President, admitted the rumors probably started with him, sending out trial balloons regarding the 40th running of the Baja 1000 in 2007.

Tijuana is the surprise. Currently, Tijuana is up to its eyeballs in massive gangland killings. Do they need PR? What are the Tijuana city fathers doing while the killings are continuing right now? They are in Havana-Cuba establishing Sister City relations. Many Mexicans are not happy with FOX being friendly to the United States. From the news story, "Fox has been criticized by some Mexicans for appearing to align more closely with the United States than with Cuba."

So, the Baja 1000 in 2007 will start in TJ...put your orders in for 'armored' pre-runners! Downtown Tijuana, the biggest CF in Sports!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Desert Assasins Cam Steele's Clown Posse

By: Gary Newsome

December 9, 2008


January 7, 2008

The Primm 1600 New Year race truth comes out.

Story confirmed by Glamis Gurlie herself! Jamie Fagan, "Volunteer" SNORE Contingency Director. Instead of the "the buggy dorks" (Pro1600), like Cam Steele said would run the event, the truth comes out. The DA did run the show.

On a recent radio show Jamie Fagan said:
"Me, Cam Steele and Brian Burgess are running the event"

Not only did Jamie Fagan promote this race and participate in running the race, she handled all the entry money. From the website:
"You can also mail them (entry monies) to Jamie Fagan @ 4812 Fiesta Lake Street, Las Vegas, NV. 89130 Please make checks payable to Jamie Fagan."
Where did the money go Jamie Fagan?

Jamie handled scoring and results too, Jamie Fagan said:

""Just to set the record straight, the timing program worked flawlessly for all three heats... Yes, there was a very brief power outage during the first heat - absolutely no data was lost... while the electrical situation was being resolved (which only took a couple of minutes), there were still two people hand timing with the same times counted, so those lap times were manually entered after compared between the two time takers... The issues with the first heat are not timing program related."" Later, Jamie tossed Brians Mom, who was helping with hand scoring, under the bus, blaming her for the results scam.

David Hendrickson said:

"everybody knows it except for a select few who dont want to know it. I see by reading some things about the race that some can't admit they made mistakes. Saying you got 19th place is like me saying I bought Buffalo Bills, complete BS. It was obvious to the majority that you (Dan Martin) dominated that race after Boyer and Adam P. fell back. So everybody knows, Dan Martin finished first on the road, over 3 minutes before the second car came across the line, and almost 8 minutes before the car they say won the first heat. The results are bogus.
Except for a few teams that just pick their car up and go to the races, never really working on it, the majority work harder than ANY promotor to get their car to a race any day. That's why it is so important for things to be right, Nimrod. Dan drove a stellar race, countless people will back that up, but you flung mud all over him, and me. You can sit back and talk about people complaining, when for weeks we work on our cars everyday and night neglecting our familys, putting in way more time than any promotor anywhere. Maybe someday you will prep a car with friends and see how aggravating it is when honest mistakes are made and it directly effects you. When endless weeks are put into a race prep were it seems it never ends when you want to go to dinner, maybe a movie but you still have to adjust the valves, maybe put the cv's together and of course the race car wins and you skip those things to make sure its right, you bet I will complain when I think there is somthing wrong. And My wife, me the pit next to me and dozens of other people can read a watch. The results show the mistake, and I forgive mistakes. Do you truelly believe that the 2nd and 3rd race took 20+ minutes longer to finish than the first race when the 2nd and 3rd race was within mila-seconds of each other? We pay hard earned money to race these events that you are wary of all the bashing, we payed for that right. No matter how you choose to look at it. What I wrote is the truth, give or take a couple of seconds, I have been doing this almost all my life and again we know how to read a watch and a stop watch! --Dave Hendrickson"

Shampa's Pistol Pete Sohren chimed in about the scam results:

"Dan Martin kicked ass the first race and still got beat by 21 would be better to just admit your mistakes and the racers would feel better then being fed a total crock!"

Baja Racing breaks another EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes Story.

It's Started! West Coast Off Road Race pukes
LAST UPDATED Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baja Racing News has received no denials regarding this EDITORIAL. Another inside Baja Racing News source breaks news. Do you have a Baja Racing story to tell? Do you have inside information about off-road racing? Private & Confidential. Send it to

C'mon 1600's race at Primm at years end. No need going to that bad MDR Dash race.MDR gets boned in the process. Last years Dash and all the trash talking after the race, from the spoiled 1600 whiners who got BEAT, now are being proded to take their money and racing to Primm. And, reportedly, with Cam Steele getting a cut of the take. A piece of the hotel, bar and gaming proceeds.The Scaronis are also saying 'No Mas Dash'. They dont need a cut of the take, they have all those friendly guest workers cutting lettuce.Well, we told you so. West coast off road racing will never be the same. As long as there are rooms to be filled in PRIMM Nevada and a cut of the take to be made, every offroad race event COULD take place in Primm.And the Pied Piper of the lobotomized off road community, Cam Steele has started the freefall. Heres the proof.

Here's 'PABS', the DA Cameron Steele's, thread starter " New Years 1600 race at Primm!", posted by (Cameron Steele) on the 'non-profit website':

""Hey *** familia(?) the buggy dorks are working with the Herbst and all involved at Primm to bring ya a real whiz bang of an event.More to come but this much I know.....multiple races with multiple drivers and way more fun than you can handle. The Tree Bar will never be the same.V Town boys will be head over heals and a team format could see Rob Mac and the Freedoggers taking on Poptart and Cheater who will be up against the Boyers and then Phankutch and Ashcraft and that other McMillin guy and the Champ Gaddis against Geer and Folts with some Sammy and LJ getting crazy! The real Cheater Steven Eugino and bad *** Gumz clash again on the infield? Who will reign supreme? Maybe a Bekki Wik sighting will be made and by the way the Herbsts have some 1600 cars too! Oh man there goes the neighborhood!..............Hendrickson out of self imposed retirement G Wallace in the house. Even Kash and Hardesty are claiming an appearance.Let's hear it boys and girls ya ready to tango?I know RDCers won't believe it but Robby Gordon has 1600 history! Had to throw in some RG to really get this thread going......wait....hold on.....what if RG and Rob Mac went head to head................arghhhhhhhhhhhh my head is going to blow!Spread the word, like last year it will be a roll call of people throwing into the pot, looking for sponsors and we will pile on the love of those that support the best in 1600!This would be a perfect spot for the Tavo Protruck vs. Pinkie battle!For more info PM Glamis Gurlie she did it all and we all owe her! Or you can call Cheaters cell phone""

November 22, 2007

Desert Assasins 2007 Baja 1000 Report

Desert Assasins 2007 Baja 1000 Report

The 40th annual Baja 1000 was close to a dream race for the #16 Trophy Truck driven by Cameron Steele and Darren Hardesty. At the first major pit of the race, mile 206, the team was firmly in the lead group of Trophy Trucks and unofficially in the top five on time. The same was true at race mile 1170 along the Pacific Ocean with about 100 miles left to finish their quest.
“A combination of nearly 1200 race miles, having to dive straight through the silt at mile 1125 and having to avoid getting stuck by flogging her a little hard dashed our dream run” said driver Cameron Steele “we had a line around the silt at race mile 1175 and it was blocked by locals cars, I took another line I knew and had to get hard on the accelerator and over taxed the motor” continued Steele.

After nearly six hours of repair to get the truck back in the race the team would take their brand new Geiser Bros. truck with trial run Yokohama Tires to the finish line. “Everyone has worked so hard for this 1296 miles of Baja and we were able to deliver a top ten finish” said Steele. “I can’t believe how perfect this truck is to drive” said first time Trophy Truck driver Darren Hardesty “I was able to drive it with confidence like my class ten car and I think there are many wins in this trucks future” continued Hardesty.

“Steve Allen deserves a kiss for the power plant he builds, the Caddy was rockin’ like Dokken all day and any issues were driver induced”. Next up the #16 heads to the Geiser Bros shop to get ready for 2008, the Desert Assassins will release their schedule soon but the main focus will once again be the 2008 desert series and the Baja 1000.

Coming up for Cameron
Primm Nevada Dec 8th to host the 2007 desert series Off Roadsman awards where he has been nominated in the category he won in 2006, desert series Person of the year.
Cameron will be a commentator for two ESPN special events this New Years Eve in Las Vegas Nevada, a car back flip by Rhys Millen and a world record distance jump by Robbie Madison live on ESPN at midnight EST and PST respectively. In a dress?


UPDATED December 13, 2006
By: Gary Newsome

First lets talk about that scam party at the Bay of reams. In the press release it was noted as "Comp food and drink", "buses from La Paz". Bull Shit! No transportation. Food and drinks for Cabo prices! If you missed this party, like I did, you didn't miss anything. I talked to several people who did attend. Out of the handful of people who humped their way over to the overpriced, under represented "party" that SCam Steele pimped, you got jipped. Yea, maybe his 'friends' got the goods from the press release, if you were a racer who survived the Baja 1000 you got squat at the Bay of the Dead. From the pics and renderings I've seen and the prices for getting land at SCam Steals pimp job, I'd rather not!
Cameron Steele winning the 2006 SCORE Person of the year is a testament to the fact you only have to do one thing to get the honor. Dress in drag, dis fellow racers, flaunt breaking the rules and fail to finish races. The recipe to succeed in SCORE.

The Cabo Wabo Tequila sponsorship. Drink it, don't promote. Don't show when scheduled, oops, forgot to bring the product to events, oops where is the rep...? Back in Tijuana? Who knows who cares.

And you wonder why the sport is considered a rank, bare-ass joke to motorsports?

Just look at the Desert Assasins, Cam Steele and his Clown Posse of offroad racing.

Just kiss it for SCORE and you're the Person of the year!

November 18, 2006

Desert Assasins Run BFG Projects on TT

Yes, its been confirmed, Cam Steele did run BFG Projects on the DA TT.Not only was it obvious to onlookers at the start line in Ensenada, you can see them online, now, at the site that has Cam leaving the start line on video. The BFG tread pattern is glaring.

The Team Spills the beans on the BFG-Yokie blowout:

"That is a personal issue between the vehicle owners (cam & clyde) and the two tire manufactures .... no need to drum up this kind of drama on this big "stage" ... maybe some other time, you'll get your question answered", said a DA source online."They haven't felt comfortable enough with the 35's & 37's of yokie and have not severed ties with bfg .... nothing against yokie, they have been absolutly awesome supporters "all year" of the da .... and yes, heidi and vano have been wearing the yokie shoe on the 7 as well as pinkie and cheater on the buggies", he continued.Another DA source, put some flesh on the DA bones story, "As of right now, the 1601 car is stuck in a silt bed.. not to mention the motor is in poor shape. I rode with trevor the first 355 miles. I was honestly impressed. I have ridden with drivers like Jamie Campbell and Cameron who are both loaded with talent and Trevor blew me out of the water.. we were first into Ojos and held third up until right befor Diablo Dry Lake when a tree stepped out right infromt of us. Caused a flat ( no big deal) but the then Altenator went. WE limped her into San Felipe where our buddys Mikey and Eric helped us change that out. Then we really wanted a new rear tire, we found a guy with a cool baja bug pre runner. Turns out he owns a hotel in S.F and we got to talking while the Alt was being switched out. He lets us take his bitchen chrome rim with a bead lock and swap it out with a crappy centerline front. That guy is my hero. We finally got her going. Just about every 30 miles after that we had to dump about 3 quarts of oil just to keep her happy. At this point we just wanted to get the car to the next driver in one peice. At CoCo's corner, the 7sx passed us while we were having the Yoko boys dump some oil. 10 miles later we nailed a 3 foot deep hole ( booby trap) going approx 40mph. Hurt my back a little. But OK. Then we saw the 7sx pulled over. I knew they had found the same thing. For whatever reason i could not hear them very well. They gave us the thumbs up so we kept going. Going through the wash i heard them asking for tools. and i told them i had them at the pit about 20 miles out . I though i heard them say ok. But i guess it was supposed to be " stop and help" haha sorry guys. I honestly couldnt hear you that well. We motored thorugh the Calamuje Wash which was by far the most insane thing ever. People were burried everywhere. HOPELESS. and we made it through. Then we lost a light and the wires crossed and we lost all power in the car. But Trevor just kept going and sure enough we were able to get our lights back going through El Cruccero. From there on till 355 we just crused ( while frezzing our a$es off.) Over all it was an insane experience and im happy i did it. we couldnt of done it without the DA."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pastrana double flips Baja 1000

UPDATED February 23, 2009


First Pic: Pastrana wins the Maverick of the year from FuelTV, aired Sunday, just after the Baja 1000 aired.

Second Pic: More carnage, the Pastrana destroyed Subaru, VIDEO.

Third Pic: Mas carnage, the Class One destroyed at the Baja 1000, Pastrana driving.

Fourth Pic: The massive, huge, incredible...little nothing bump that Pastrana had to hit over 80 MPH plus to make it double flip and burn to the ground.

Fifth & Sixth Pic: What the vehicle looked like before utter destruction.

Seventh Pic: Utter Pastrana destruction.

What did Pastrana do to destroy this killer rig? ""The car did not do a rollover but did an Endo or a front 180. The car hit the first hole around 80 MPH and the rear end kicked up and landed on the front wheels doing a nose wheelie. The rear of the car at this point was in the air and they were looking at the ground out the front windshield of the car, Also at this point they still thought that the car might have came back down on its wheels. Then the front tires hit a second hole snap flipping the car inverted and the rear of the car digging in motor first upside down. Case was stuck in his in one of his shoulder belts upside down and had a hard time getting out of the car. The design of the car allowing them to be able to exit from the sides and not from the roof is a big improvement in safety of the HMS. The car was just fueled a few miles down the road in the Bay of LA and had 50 gallons of fuel on board. They where very lucky to have some ones pit crew there at the scene to help to them exit from the car. Should of-Could of-Would of, Is the words of attorneys. Screw the car they both walked away from the BBQ! It all happens in a flash.An oil pressure switch on the motor then wired to a relay switch on hot lead to the fuel pump. When an engine would lose oil pressure or stop it would shut down the fuel pump. The fuel pump switch inside the car could be an off, on and then momentary to bypass the oil switch to start the car.
Travis rolled the car. Pastrana failed to switch off the power, the lights were on as the rig burned to the ground. Car caught on fire. No one was hurt or killed. Thank God. A racecar burnt to the ground. BIG DEAL! At least SCORE doesnt have to be the ice breaker that has to tell the World that the worlds best moto-x freestyle rider was killed in a crash at the Baja 1000. Think about how bad of a black mark that would be on SCORE's resume! No Bueno!Could this accident be avoided? NO! C'mon, its racing! Nothing is predictable! It could of happenend to anybody! Cars and trucks these days are built with the best tools and materials in the world and the safety of these cars are incredible! I think the best thing to do about this incident is to be thankful that no one was hurt or killed. In BajaFlo 2, B.J Baldwin says "when you get in a car that can do 130 mph and 800 hp, you are taking a risk. I dont care who you are, you are taking a risk." He is 100% right!TP is a great guy! I had the honor to meet with him and talk to him at the drivers meeting and I could tell he was stoked to be a part of this adventure. yeah, I am sure he didnt plan on rolling the car, but it happend. water under the bridge. This accident is going to teach and only help Travis' racing future. Now, for people on the boards to call him a kid. I dont know many "kids" that can do a double back-flip, in a class one! That takes the wuevos of a man! LOLAnyways, thats my whole take on this situation.

Glad the guys we able to get out and all that’s lost is some hardware. We lost a new 7 truck in the mid 80’s in about the same spot when tranny fluid ignited on the header after a roll-over.History shows that rule changes that cost the racers money are not well received. Remember the helmet thread when SCORE tried to quit allowing M rated motorcycle helmets? I’m not sure how long the guys were exposed to the heat of the fire, but the 3 layer Alpinestars suit Travis is wearing probably has TPP rating of 24 to 28. This means he would have about 15 seconds to get away from the heat before a 3rd degree burn. If he was wearing the standard single layer suit that meets the SFI minimum the most time he would have had was about 3 seconds.Most sanctioning bodies requires suits to be rated at SFI 3.2a/5. This would mean that there would be no more single layer suits, only 2 and 3 layer.I also think everyone should wear Nomex Gloves and shoes, if your hands and feet are burning our not going to get out of the car as fast.As far as the fire system goes, AFF works but I feel that Halon is better. The AFF systems spray soapy water that makes everything slippery so it’s more difficult to escape, and could possible get on your shield make it difficult to see. It sounds like everybody understands that you can’t put out a fuel fire, so don’t waste a nozzle from a fire system trying. On nozzle on the top of the motor, 2 nozzles in the driver compartment are what I would recommend.To clean out the line on a fire system nozzles, put a Schrader valve inline and blow it out before each race.The car should have a decal marking where the fire system nozzle is located so a person outside of the car can activate it. The decal goes for the master cut off as well, which should also be accessible form the outside of the car. I also think that the window nets should be latched not zip tied to the buggies. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that a car could be in a position after a crash where the top and front exits would be blocked.You can’t race a quarter midget anymore with the safety gear that is allowed in off road racing, I think it’s time for a change.
What is this supposed to mean?????????We were only here for the trucks and buggys, the bikes came through before we even got there. I agree that the mexican villagers should have slowed the bikes but do they ever????? If you are implying that we could have prevented this, than you are an idiot. If you think i was trying to get some good pictures than you are wrong, I am not even a photographer, i just happen to own a badass camera. I didn't even get it out of the case until I had already pulled Cassey out of the burning car !!!!!F**k you for trying to put any blame on our race crew!!!!!!!!! So what about Curtis Guise at Laughlin, in DP3 he should stand in the middle of the road with a caution sign like when you drive through a construction area.... This is racing, I am not going to hold Travis Pastranas, Robby Gordons, jesse jones, or anyone elses hand down the baja. That is what Prerunning is for and this is what seperates winners and losers, Robby Wins, Travis looses and Robby had much more difficult conditions than Travis did 4 hrs. later......
hey,,,lets stop talking about, driver error or car design or ages,, this was a F***ing mexican booby trap.............we pre-ran three times last one on friday before raceday...the wash wasnt even big enough for a small dip..the med dip was back about a 1/4 mile..just enough time for me to tell the driver CLEAR, HIT IT..we were fith tt across the washout and it was HUGE .....barely made it across with only a flat tire to show for a huge booby trap...why do you think we saw 20 to 30 people 8 miles away from BLOA not in the med dip area but in the washout, i bet there was a backhoe parked in the lets remember it must have been like hitting a brick wall,,80 mph to 0,,glad they are okay,, parts break on cars and trucks at that speed of impact.""

Yea, a booby trap!?! Just like that Rally car booby trap from 2005! C'mon, SPEED KILLS and inexperienced racers with vehicles over their driving capabilities are lethal.

From Racer Magazine:

Any moment now, Subaru USA will announce a 2007 Production Car World Rally Championship program for Travis Pastrana, America’s Extreme Sports master who won this year’s Rally America National Championship, maybe his first of many.There was some talk that the program would be announced at the L.A. Auto Show but that was taken off the table by Subaru. The announcement opportunity actually gets better this week, as Pastrana is representing Team USA in Paris at the Michelin Race of Champions. Breaking the news on an international stage could be advantageous in the long run. Curiously, there are rules and deadlines governing this as there always are with international motorsports. The FIA rules say an application must come by December 15 (Friday) or entries could be left at “the discretion of the FIA and subject to availability.” Without confusing applications and press releases, I understand Pastrana will enter three P-WRC events in 2007 in Mexico, Argentina and Great Britain. For the uninitiated, the Production Car WRC is made up of Group N production-based cars with 2000cc engines. Generally they’re a step faster than the North American cars Travis is driving now, but not the purpose-built rockets used in the full-fledged WRC. In Mexico, Argentina and Great Britain, Pastrana will run in front of the WRC teams and officials and Subaru will get a chance to compare his times on the same roads used by former WRC champions such as 2006 title winner Sebastian Loeb, 2000 and 2002 winner Marcus Gronholm and, perhaps more to the point, Petter Solberg, the Subaru factory driver who won the title in 2003.and was the runner-up to Loeb in ’04 and ’05.

Travis Pastrana , “Definitely I’m the new kid on the block,” Pastrana said in a radio interview. “I have a lot to learn. I’m trying to be a sponge. Colin McRae (the 1995 WRC champion), who came to the X Games this year, has really been helping me a lot telling me where I should go and what I should do. We’re going for this thing and see what happens.”Travis is ready for this step now, where he wasn’t before his mentoring began with McRae this summer. Even he admits to being “out of control” at the beginning of the 2006 U.S. season, even the beginning of the X Games in August. In fact, in those BC (Before Colin) rounds, Travis had never won a Rally America event. After Colin, Travis’ only loss came when he (shall we say) didn’t feel good at Lake Superior in Upper Michigan, thus allowing Subaru teammate Ken Block to win and solidify second place in the championship. The difference in the “After Colin” Pastrana was his recognition that “you can go a little bit slower in the car. It’s not like a motorcycle where you can keep charging with your body inputs. There’s a technique to be learned. I learned a lot this year but I definitely have a lot more to go.”

Pastrana, a racer in training.
Baja Racing News Exclusive

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baja 1000 Race Chase '07, Baja Safari Rocks Industry

Baja Safari announced today its biggest, baddest Baja 1000 Race Chase for the 2007, 40th Annual offroad race in the deserts of Mexico. In November of 2007, the Baja Safari Mexico Club will offer another FREE Race Chase for its Members.

"We will end up at the race related fiestas and celebrations in Cabo San Lucas in 2007 and we'll enjoy the "Epic Offroad, Fishing and Nightlife" of the Cabo Safari Ranch, to finish the race next year", said the coordinator of the 2007 Race Chase. He continued, "We won't miss any of the race-life for this bigger than life race, historic desert racing event".

This year Baja Safari hit all the spots and didn't miss any of the action over the entire course. With NOS High Performance Energy Drink we hit Ensenada, Loreto and La Paz and even Cabo. We bumped into Andy McMillin at the Survivors Event in La Paz, Mouse (Dust To Glory) at the Desert Assasins party, Scott McMillin of the 2007 Overall Champion McMillan Racing Team and family at the Hotel California and Steve of ProDesert Racing at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Among many other desert racing celebrities at the 2006 Baja 1000.

With the Baja 1000 for 2007 going the entire Baja peninsula, Members of the Baja Safari Club have another rare, one-of-a-kind and exclusive chance to live the racing life of the desert offroad of Baja California, Mexico!

Baja Safari Mexico Club 619-251-9486

Monday, December 04, 2006

SPEED Mex Announces HQ's for 2007 B1000

SPEED Mex, the Baja Mexico Powersports company announced today that the Bay Club Hotel in San Diego and the Finnisterra of Cabo San Lucas will be the Powersports services HeadQuarters for the 40th running of the Baja 1000. SPEED Mex .com

Baja 1000 Celebrations Fiestas!

Pics from the Survivors event on the Malecon, here in La Paz. The race parties, reports from Cams party at the Bay of Dreams. The Gus V party on the Bay of La Paz. The La Paz Lapa race parties.

The Awards event, Survivors Fiesta. Pics & Story Loading...

The Bay Of Dreams Party. "Cam Steele was a gracious host at the high end property. The real estate offering here is worth looking into. Great design style and a location to die for. Once called Bay of the Dead, Bay Of Dreams boasts of investment quality offerings. Mouse McCoy among other celebrities enjoyed first class service and libations, it was a great evening".

The Gus V party on Bahia La Paz was well attended and the catering excellent. After all the miles, the grub hit the spot. Hundreds attended, including La Paz celebrities. Larry R. of Terrible Herbst also attended.

The La Paz Lapa nightly race parties, were off the hook, in totla thousands of offroaders and racers alike jammed with the music, got their Baja dust washed off with their favorite drinks while off road and dirt vids of every kind played. Thanks Carlos n Charlies, great time had by all!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Baja 1000 Carnage

I was co-driving with Ron Stobaugh in the #1702 JeepSpeed owned by Eric Filar. I got out of the car (as did Ron) in San Ignacio and continued chasing the car. I was at the BFG pit in Loreto when the car was turned back over to Eric and his co-driver. They left the pit and headed south. Not long after they left Eric came on the radio and told me that they had come upon a crash and that the two racers were on the side of the road. He said the races were a little shaken but seemed OK. Eric’s co-driver was an EMT and a few minutes later they came back on the radio and said that the co-driver of the BC3 car was hurt and had a possible concussion.

I was at the BFG pit in Loreto and got on the radio with BFG Relay that put a call into both the Weatherman and Baja Challenge to get someone into their location and get them out.

Long story short … Eric and his co-driver stayed with both guys until someone arrived and got them out of there … four hours later. We finally found someone at Baja Pits who had a 4×4 that could get to them and bring them back. Baja Challenge, to my knowledge, never got their people back (not during the four hours that I waited) to do anything.

I switched over to Weatherman and heard them calling to get some 4×4s in there with winches to extract the car, but I never heard them say anything about getting the people out of there. On two occasions I personally asked Weatherman channel what the status was on Baja Challenge getting their four-seat buggy up there to get their people out. I was told to “Stand by” while they went back to updating their checkpoint statuses.

The second time they told me to stand by and went back to their status reports I got back on the channel and said the following:

“Weatherman … let me get this straight. It’s OK for you guys to do YOUR status reports but not OK for me to ask the status of emergency help that is needed at a crash site. Is that what your telling me? Are you telling me that you don’t care about two racers that are injured out on the course that need help sent to them to bring them back to Loreto? All you care about is trying to find someone to get out there and extract their car?”

Tony … the Weatherman channel went SILENT for fifteen minutes at which time I switched off the channel and never went back to them. They never, ever responded to me! As far as I’m concerned … the Weatherman channel can kiss my ass!

I will say this … when I was trying to get them to respond, Bob was not on the channel at that time. I did hear him earlier calling for people out there to get in and extract the car, but I didn’t hear him on the air after that. I don’t know who was on the air when I called in, but it was not Bob.

Like I said, we found someone in the Baja Pits in Loreto to go in and bring the two guys out.

I want to make one more thing very clear. I have the utmost respect for Bob and what he has done for the sport over the years, but … today our sport has outgrown the Weatherman and what he can do for the sport. With the amount of racers and chasers we now have at races it’s just not possible for him to be effective anymore.

I blame SCORE for not moving forward with safety and providing racers and chaser with more radio coverage and channels to get not only status reports, but to improve the safety and response time of what little safety resources they provide. If these two guys had suffered a life-threatening injury … they would have died!

Part of the problem is that they were at the very end of the cars still running (as were we)and no one seemed to care about the safety of the few remaining cars. I can’t begin to tell you how pissed-off I am … but I think you get the idea.

The other downside of this was the fact that because we, as a team, decided that our racers should stay with the injured racers until help arrived, we could not make the next checkpoint on time and we were out of the race. We … as a team … still stand by our decision to have stayed and would do it all over again, but it was a hard way to get put out of a race.

I also need to let it be know that BFG Relay could have signed off the air as well, but they stayed on the radios until we got someone to the injured racers and they were on their way to safety. BFG did an excellent job trying to get help as well and my hat’s off to them.

If you want more info on this just let me know … or if you just want to hear me piss and moan, then let me know.

I’ll see you after the first of the year when I come down to SF and bring you some bike innertubes and Becks.

Shannon Booth

*An overenthusiastic BC3 driver, aptly-named “Cowboy Kenny” Bertram**, ran off a 300-foot near-vertical cliff coming into Misión San Javier, cracking the helmet of his sidekick, Tracy Jordan, and wading the car up. When Wide Open Baja got there for the belated extraction the car had been (gasp!) plundered, as expected. The in-car GPS calls musta been a little sketchy or late, if at all. Prerun, stay with car, etc.