Thursday, January 12, 2006

G & R Racing Team Goes all out!

Baja Racing News

G&R Goes All Out…

The new kids on the block of Trophy Truck Racing Garron Cadiente and Ron Whitton join the Rock Stars that are the drivers.Backed by Whitton Companies, Geiser Brothers, King Shocks and BF Goodrich tires there two rookies hope to make a deep and immediate impact.Score International 2006 Laughlin Desert Challenge With a starting position right up front with the biggest names in the sport Ron will have his bright yellow and Red #39 partly top secret new truck primed and ready to win. Being the newest of the Trophy Trucks means advantages that have the competition running a little scared. State of the art Patton Engine that is so secret they won’t even disclose the horsepower, along with all the knowledge accumulated from as recently as last month or from decades of Geiser Bro’s experience.Garron has all the advantages but wasn’t as lucky on the pill draw. That doesn’t mean he has any less chance of taking the checkers first. In desert racing anything can happen. As always the red and yellow #38 Garron will be as hard working as the professional team that supports G&R Racing.As far as teams go G&R has cherry picked from other teams and from within. Without the support of a highly dedicated and trained crew along with volunteers from Whitton Co, Geiser Bro’s and a few groupies none of this would be possible.No more Mr. nice guy!!After a 1000 miles of Baja with many complements from the like of Curt LeDuc it was noticed that Garron the young gun hasn’t used his bumper to help clear the course of slower racers YET!! Bumping is racing and to get Garron to not be so polite Rick Geiser said he would replace his first damaged bumper free of charge. Being a 6 lap race some betting was going on in the shop as to what lap he would come around with some rub marks.With two G&R racers going for Rookie of the Year Honors they hope to help the other be as close as possible. Leaving the rest of the Rock Stars in their dust…… of course.