Friday, November 17, 2006

#83 through Checkpoint 9!

Andy M went through 10 minutes ago.

The coastal route through El Conejo to La Paz is very fast. Some minor wash crossings, all dry, then up and into the large desert wash complex into La Paz. With the sun up over southern Baja, the white sand-soils of this area are easily visible, with few gotchas. Only a break or a mistake could take this win away from Andy now.

This section was part of this years April 2006 CABO 500. Classic Baja race section. El Conejo is a fishing village with friendly locals. Always fresh seafood available. Along the Pacific Ocean, this seemingly tranquil locale is being turned upside down for the boasting power of the Baja 1000.

Pre-run several times, this section at last run after the storm, was dry and fast. The run from the coast into La Paz will be in the sun. The driver will have to compete with the bright morning sun into his eyes. More...