Thursday, November 16, 2006

Baja 1000 LIVE Start

Good Morning Baja! We are LIVE! from the 39th Annual Baja 1000 Start in Ensenada Mexico. Its a clear and cold morning here in Northern Baja, while its warmer in the Finish Line City of La Paz, the racers have over 1,000 miles to go to enjoy the hospitality of Baja's Capital South.

Clear and cold this morning is good news for the racers. No fogs mean visibility heading out of town is not an issue. It's 5:30 AM, an hour away (6:30 AM) from the Quad and Bike Starts. Four wheels start at 10:30 AM Local Pacific Time.

Cameron Steele riding on BFG's!
Confirmed! Steele was riding on BFG's at the start, with his Yoko stickers torn off! Check out the tread pattern on the digital1unlimited vid of his start!

The 1448 Rally Car.
How did this rocket-ship do? We'll look into it.

Honestly, what's wrong with these pictures? did these guys survive?