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Desert Assasins Cam Steele's Clown Posse

By: Gary Newsome

December 9, 2008


January 7, 2008

The Primm 1600 New Year race truth comes out.

Story confirmed by Glamis Gurlie herself! Jamie Fagan, "Volunteer" SNORE Contingency Director. Instead of the "the buggy dorks" (Pro1600), like Cam Steele said would run the event, the truth comes out. The DA did run the show.

On a recent radio show Jamie Fagan said:
"Me, Cam Steele and Brian Burgess are running the event"

Not only did Jamie Fagan promote this race and participate in running the race, she handled all the entry money. From the website:
"You can also mail them (entry monies) to Jamie Fagan @ 4812 Fiesta Lake Street, Las Vegas, NV. 89130 Please make checks payable to Jamie Fagan."
Where did the money go Jamie Fagan?

Jamie handled scoring and results too, Jamie Fagan said:

""Just to set the record straight, the timing program worked flawlessly for all three heats... Yes, there was a very brief power outage during the first heat - absolutely no data was lost... while the electrical situation was being resolved (which only took a couple of minutes), there were still two people hand timing with the same times counted, so those lap times were manually entered after compared between the two time takers... The issues with the first heat are not timing program related."" Later, Jamie tossed Brians Mom, who was helping with hand scoring, under the bus, blaming her for the results scam.

David Hendrickson said:

"everybody knows it except for a select few who dont want to know it. I see by reading some things about the race that some can't admit they made mistakes. Saying you got 19th place is like me saying I bought Buffalo Bills, complete BS. It was obvious to the majority that you (Dan Martin) dominated that race after Boyer and Adam P. fell back. So everybody knows, Dan Martin finished first on the road, over 3 minutes before the second car came across the line, and almost 8 minutes before the car they say won the first heat. The results are bogus.
Except for a few teams that just pick their car up and go to the races, never really working on it, the majority work harder than ANY promotor to get their car to a race any day. That's why it is so important for things to be right, Nimrod. Dan drove a stellar race, countless people will back that up, but you flung mud all over him, and me. You can sit back and talk about people complaining, when for weeks we work on our cars everyday and night neglecting our familys, putting in way more time than any promotor anywhere. Maybe someday you will prep a car with friends and see how aggravating it is when honest mistakes are made and it directly effects you. When endless weeks are put into a race prep were it seems it never ends when you want to go to dinner, maybe a movie but you still have to adjust the valves, maybe put the cv's together and of course the race car wins and you skip those things to make sure its right, you bet I will complain when I think there is somthing wrong. And My wife, me the pit next to me and dozens of other people can read a watch. The results show the mistake, and I forgive mistakes. Do you truelly believe that the 2nd and 3rd race took 20+ minutes longer to finish than the first race when the 2nd and 3rd race was within mila-seconds of each other? We pay hard earned money to race these events that you are wary of all the bashing, we payed for that right. No matter how you choose to look at it. What I wrote is the truth, give or take a couple of seconds, I have been doing this almost all my life and again we know how to read a watch and a stop watch! --Dave Hendrickson"

Shampa's Pistol Pete Sohren chimed in about the scam results:

"Dan Martin kicked ass the first race and still got beat by 21 would be better to just admit your mistakes and the racers would feel better then being fed a total crock!"

Baja Racing breaks another EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes Story.

It's Started! West Coast Off Road Race pukes
LAST UPDATED Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baja Racing News has received no denials regarding this EDITORIAL. Another inside Baja Racing News source breaks news. Do you have a Baja Racing story to tell? Do you have inside information about off-road racing? Private & Confidential. Send it to

C'mon 1600's race at Primm at years end. No need going to that bad MDR Dash race.MDR gets boned in the process. Last years Dash and all the trash talking after the race, from the spoiled 1600 whiners who got BEAT, now are being proded to take their money and racing to Primm. And, reportedly, with Cam Steele getting a cut of the take. A piece of the hotel, bar and gaming proceeds.The Scaronis are also saying 'No Mas Dash'. They dont need a cut of the take, they have all those friendly guest workers cutting lettuce.Well, we told you so. West coast off road racing will never be the same. As long as there are rooms to be filled in PRIMM Nevada and a cut of the take to be made, every offroad race event COULD take place in Primm.And the Pied Piper of the lobotomized off road community, Cam Steele has started the freefall. Heres the proof.

Here's 'PABS', the DA Cameron Steele's, thread starter " New Years 1600 race at Primm!", posted by (Cameron Steele) on the 'non-profit website':

""Hey *** familia(?) the buggy dorks are working with the Herbst and all involved at Primm to bring ya a real whiz bang of an event.More to come but this much I know.....multiple races with multiple drivers and way more fun than you can handle. The Tree Bar will never be the same.V Town boys will be head over heals and a team format could see Rob Mac and the Freedoggers taking on Poptart and Cheater who will be up against the Boyers and then Phankutch and Ashcraft and that other McMillin guy and the Champ Gaddis against Geer and Folts with some Sammy and LJ getting crazy! The real Cheater Steven Eugino and bad *** Gumz clash again on the infield? Who will reign supreme? Maybe a Bekki Wik sighting will be made and by the way the Herbsts have some 1600 cars too! Oh man there goes the neighborhood!..............Hendrickson out of self imposed retirement G Wallace in the house. Even Kash and Hardesty are claiming an appearance.Let's hear it boys and girls ya ready to tango?I know RDCers won't believe it but Robby Gordon has 1600 history! Had to throw in some RG to really get this thread going......wait....hold on.....what if RG and Rob Mac went head to head................arghhhhhhhhhhhh my head is going to blow!Spread the word, like last year it will be a roll call of people throwing into the pot, looking for sponsors and we will pile on the love of those that support the best in 1600!This would be a perfect spot for the Tavo Protruck vs. Pinkie battle!For more info PM Glamis Gurlie she did it all and we all owe her! Or you can call Cheaters cell phone""

November 22, 2007

Desert Assasins 2007 Baja 1000 Report

Desert Assasins 2007 Baja 1000 Report

The 40th annual Baja 1000 was close to a dream race for the #16 Trophy Truck driven by Cameron Steele and Darren Hardesty. At the first major pit of the race, mile 206, the team was firmly in the lead group of Trophy Trucks and unofficially in the top five on time. The same was true at race mile 1170 along the Pacific Ocean with about 100 miles left to finish their quest.
“A combination of nearly 1200 race miles, having to dive straight through the silt at mile 1125 and having to avoid getting stuck by flogging her a little hard dashed our dream run” said driver Cameron Steele “we had a line around the silt at race mile 1175 and it was blocked by locals cars, I took another line I knew and had to get hard on the accelerator and over taxed the motor” continued Steele.

After nearly six hours of repair to get the truck back in the race the team would take their brand new Geiser Bros. truck with trial run Yokohama Tires to the finish line. “Everyone has worked so hard for this 1296 miles of Baja and we were able to deliver a top ten finish” said Steele. “I can’t believe how perfect this truck is to drive” said first time Trophy Truck driver Darren Hardesty “I was able to drive it with confidence like my class ten car and I think there are many wins in this trucks future” continued Hardesty.

“Steve Allen deserves a kiss for the power plant he builds, the Caddy was rockin’ like Dokken all day and any issues were driver induced”. Next up the #16 heads to the Geiser Bros shop to get ready for 2008, the Desert Assassins will release their schedule soon but the main focus will once again be the 2008 desert series and the Baja 1000.

Coming up for Cameron
Primm Nevada Dec 8th to host the 2007 desert series Off Roadsman awards where he has been nominated in the category he won in 2006, desert series Person of the year.
Cameron will be a commentator for two ESPN special events this New Years Eve in Las Vegas Nevada, a car back flip by Rhys Millen and a world record distance jump by Robbie Madison live on ESPN at midnight EST and PST respectively. In a dress?


UPDATED December 13, 2006
By: Gary Newsome

First lets talk about that scam party at the Bay of reams. In the press release it was noted as "Comp food and drink", "buses from La Paz". Bull Shit! No transportation. Food and drinks for Cabo prices! If you missed this party, like I did, you didn't miss anything. I talked to several people who did attend. Out of the handful of people who humped their way over to the overpriced, under represented "party" that SCam Steele pimped, you got jipped. Yea, maybe his 'friends' got the goods from the press release, if you were a racer who survived the Baja 1000 you got squat at the Bay of the Dead. From the pics and renderings I've seen and the prices for getting land at SCam Steals pimp job, I'd rather not!
Cameron Steele winning the 2006 SCORE Person of the year is a testament to the fact you only have to do one thing to get the honor. Dress in drag, dis fellow racers, flaunt breaking the rules and fail to finish races. The recipe to succeed in SCORE.

The Cabo Wabo Tequila sponsorship. Drink it, don't promote. Don't show when scheduled, oops, forgot to bring the product to events, oops where is the rep...? Back in Tijuana? Who knows who cares.

And you wonder why the sport is considered a rank, bare-ass joke to motorsports?

Just look at the Desert Assasins, Cam Steele and his Clown Posse of offroad racing.

Just kiss it for SCORE and you're the Person of the year!

November 18, 2006

Desert Assasins Run BFG Projects on TT

Yes, its been confirmed, Cam Steele did run BFG Projects on the DA TT.Not only was it obvious to onlookers at the start line in Ensenada, you can see them online, now, at the site that has Cam leaving the start line on video. The BFG tread pattern is glaring.

The Team Spills the beans on the BFG-Yokie blowout:

"That is a personal issue between the vehicle owners (cam & clyde) and the two tire manufactures .... no need to drum up this kind of drama on this big "stage" ... maybe some other time, you'll get your question answered", said a DA source online."They haven't felt comfortable enough with the 35's & 37's of yokie and have not severed ties with bfg .... nothing against yokie, they have been absolutly awesome supporters "all year" of the da .... and yes, heidi and vano have been wearing the yokie shoe on the 7 as well as pinkie and cheater on the buggies", he continued.Another DA source, put some flesh on the DA bones story, "As of right now, the 1601 car is stuck in a silt bed.. not to mention the motor is in poor shape. I rode with trevor the first 355 miles. I was honestly impressed. I have ridden with drivers like Jamie Campbell and Cameron who are both loaded with talent and Trevor blew me out of the water.. we were first into Ojos and held third up until right befor Diablo Dry Lake when a tree stepped out right infromt of us. Caused a flat ( no big deal) but the then Altenator went. WE limped her into San Felipe where our buddys Mikey and Eric helped us change that out. Then we really wanted a new rear tire, we found a guy with a cool baja bug pre runner. Turns out he owns a hotel in S.F and we got to talking while the Alt was being switched out. He lets us take his bitchen chrome rim with a bead lock and swap it out with a crappy centerline front. That guy is my hero. We finally got her going. Just about every 30 miles after that we had to dump about 3 quarts of oil just to keep her happy. At this point we just wanted to get the car to the next driver in one peice. At CoCo's corner, the 7sx passed us while we were having the Yoko boys dump some oil. 10 miles later we nailed a 3 foot deep hole ( booby trap) going approx 40mph. Hurt my back a little. But OK. Then we saw the 7sx pulled over. I knew they had found the same thing. For whatever reason i could not hear them very well. They gave us the thumbs up so we kept going. Going through the wash i heard them asking for tools. and i told them i had them at the pit about 20 miles out . I though i heard them say ok. But i guess it was supposed to be " stop and help" haha sorry guys. I honestly couldnt hear you that well. We motored thorugh the Calamuje Wash which was by far the most insane thing ever. People were burried everywhere. HOPELESS. and we made it through. Then we lost a light and the wires crossed and we lost all power in the car. But Trevor just kept going and sure enough we were able to get our lights back going through El Cruccero. From there on till 355 we just crused ( while frezzing our a$es off.) Over all it was an insane experience and im happy i did it. we couldnt of done it without the DA."