Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gordon Dakar Failure

Baja Racing News Editorial!

The Gordon Dakar failure is an embarrasment to USA Offroad.

Here is a report directly from the African effort:

""The Hummer could still have won stages.
The beginning of the end was a bolt. Then a slight impact at the Achilles heel, the radiator. However, these slight mechanical failures are not what sent Team Dakar USA home at the end of stage 7. A series of circumstances is what ended the race after stage 7. One circumstance being the in race T-4 support also faced issues in the sand at a critical time, leaving the H-3 and crew marooned. In the end logistics what it takes to beat Africa. Africa will beat everyone down, every time at some point. Every car up till this point in the race has faced set backs by the halfway point. Set backs such as being stuck in the sand, wheel hubs failing, roll overs, engine management glitches, multiple tire failures, getting lost and more.
Robby never got stuck, Never had a flat, never ran out of gas. He just never had the support it takes to address small issues in the middle of nowhere in a timely fashion.
What's the fix for next year? Logistics, this can not be under estimated, mainly in the area of on track support. Maybe, another H-3 entered in the race as a T-2, several T-4 trucks, a convoy of H-1s entered in the 4x4 Open class, a convoy of H-3s entered in the T-1 class. All of the above? A phone call to Hummer compatriots Rod and Chad Hall?""

Call Rod and Chad Hall? WTF? This is the last word of millions of dollars, thousands of the best man hours of American technology and the so-called best offroad racer in America?

Really pathetic. Lets sort it out. First, Rod and Chad Hall know enough about offroad for them to reach their Peter-Principle level and stay there. Smart, but its not what's needed in an international competition. Second, Robby is not Flash Gordon. He's "Crash Gordon". He has had enough success to suck off the titi of American corporations that don't know better. The American offroad industry is young and not so smart. With desert racing and now track style, Americans have cut their teeth and are ready to compete. But, with little real competiton, these American mega-teams will get their lunch handed to them around the world. Why?

Because the money stays in big teams in offroad now. Such a gravity of money, restricts the overall growth of the indusrty. Until the $$$ growth expands to include a larger human and technological talent pool, our American offroad competitiveness will sputter. We may be looking at ten to fifteen years, until Americans win Dakar, with an American team.

Third, blaming "logistics and support" for not finishing a majority of the stages of DAKAR is like blaming the ocean if you drown.

Fourth, the crash. First reports said Robby crashed. Then, the team said there was no crash, but, a "radiator issue". Then the word came from the team, "yes, there was an impact into camel grass that caused the radiator failure". Crash, period. In the old days, Baja were races to survive. Now, with incredible mechanical advancements, we are looking Baja in terms of time completed. At least for the BIG teams. DAKAR truly is a survival race. You are judged by your overall picure. Number of stages finished, number of stages placing and ultimately, the podium. Gordon didn't even make the first grade. Total number of stages FINISHED, ACCOMPLISHED, SURVIVED.

Fifth. Stuck, flat & gas. "Never got a flat, never got stuck and never ran out of gas". If this analysis is how desert offroad racing teams are judged and sponsored and awarded, the industry-the offroad business, better dig deep in their pockets, because there are alot of very successful teams out there!

The Gordon team failed American offroad at DAKAR. They even tried to cover up the story. Everyone got lots of press releases from the Gordon Team until that horrible lump of camel grass reached up and took the American offroads team best efforts at the worlds biggest, baddest offroad race. The releases stopped. And so did Americas hopes in Crash Gordon.

By: Gary Newsome, Baja Racing News Editorial!
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Mexicans go for a big Race Win

Five Mexican Drivers for Mexico City NASCAR Busch Series Race ?

CBS Sports is reporting that at least five Mexican drivers are in line for the NASCAR Busch Series race in Mexico City on March 5."This is probably the international race where several Mexican drivers have the best chance of winning," said Michel Jourdain Jr, who is slated to drive in the Busch Series.As of right now it appears as though Carlos Contreras, Michel Jourdain and Jose Luis Ramirez will take part in the race. Adrian Fernandez also plans to take part in the Busch Series race and looks to complete the racing weekend double as he will also take part in the Grand Am race.The PaddockTalk Perspective:The first NASCAR race outside of the USA was quite successful. By running five Mexicans to the race it is sure to draw more exposure to not only the series but the drivers as well.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

G & R Racing Team Goes all out!

Baja Racing News

G&R Goes All Out…

The new kids on the block of Trophy Truck Racing Garron Cadiente and Ron Whitton join the Rock Stars that are the drivers.Backed by Whitton Companies, Geiser Brothers, King Shocks and BF Goodrich tires there two rookies hope to make a deep and immediate impact.Score International 2006 Laughlin Desert Challenge With a starting position right up front with the biggest names in the sport Ron will have his bright yellow and Red #39 partly top secret new truck primed and ready to win. Being the newest of the Trophy Trucks means advantages that have the competition running a little scared. State of the art Patton Engine that is so secret they won’t even disclose the horsepower, along with all the knowledge accumulated from as recently as last month or from decades of Geiser Bro’s experience.Garron has all the advantages but wasn’t as lucky on the pill draw. That doesn’t mean he has any less chance of taking the checkers first. In desert racing anything can happen. As always the red and yellow #38 Garron will be as hard working as the professional team that supports G&R Racing.As far as teams go G&R has cherry picked from other teams and from within. Without the support of a highly dedicated and trained crew along with volunteers from Whitton Co, Geiser Bro’s and a few groupies none of this would be possible.No more Mr. nice guy!!After a 1000 miles of Baja with many complements from the like of Curt LeDuc it was noticed that Garron the young gun hasn’t used his bumper to help clear the course of slower racers YET!! Bumping is racing and to get Garron to not be so polite Rick Geiser said he would replace his first damaged bumper free of charge. Being a 6 lap race some betting was going on in the shop as to what lap he would come around with some rub marks.With two G&R racers going for Rookie of the Year Honors they hope to help the other be as close as possible. Leaving the rest of the Rock Stars in their dust…… of course.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Land Rover Desert Racing DAKAR 2007 Introduction

Baja Racing News Exclusive

World Exclusive! Next Generation Bowler’s for 2007 Dakar Rally!

Directly from the Bowler-Offroad's design studio, reveal an exclusive first look at Bowlers next generation desert racers! Currently being developed under the code name "Maxim", both the Bowler "Race" and Bowler "Road" are based on Land Rovers Range Rover Sport equipment and design. These next generation off-road racers are designed to cope with the harshest events the World Off-Road Rally circuit can provide! Fully independent adjustable suspension ensure traction over the roughest terrain, a wider track to give better handling in tight technical stages and a longer 108-inch wheelbase provides greater stability and poise at speed. These new Bowlers will provide the same thrill and performance of previous race vehicle's but with the added style and refinement of a performance coupe.Aggressive muscular lines are a reminder of the Bowlers racing heritage and the sculpted front side vents provide engine cooling while rear intakes supply cool air for both the brakes and dampers.Speed is all important in off-road rally competitions. A new lightweight tubular frame with carbon composite body panels and a 4.2ltr supercharged V8 produce a vehicle capable of propelling you from 0 -102kmph in 4.2 seconds!
Drew Bowler told us "we will have prototypes running this summer and hopefully a couple of cars in next years Dakar"! Drew also mentioned, " The new car will primarily be a Rally car but it will be road legal and hopefully a little more user friendly than the current Wildcat".
More specifications revealed below:
Length - 4268mm
Width - 2000mm
Hight - 1816mm
Wheelbase - 2744mm (108 inches)
Length - 4268mm
Width - 1900mm
Hight - 1694mm
Wheelbase - 2744
Performance -4.2ltr. Supercharged V8
Maximum Power . DIN BHP - 450
Maximum Torque . DIN lb.ft. - 430
Acceleration 0-102km/h - 4.2
Top Speed mph/ km/h - 150 / 210

Renezeder Team Up for 2006 Desert Offroad Racing Season

Baja Racing News

LAKE FOREST, Calif. -- After what feels like the shortest off-season ever, Team Renezeder is back at it this weekend for the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, looking for the first win of the season in the SCORE Trophy Truck division. A record truck count of 32 assures fans that it will be a toughly contested round of racing. The competition begins Thursday with the highly popular $26,000 Laughlin Leap Challenge where competitors will hit the infield jump full-throttle, hoping to fly over 130 feet. Friday includes the only available time for course reconnaissance and competition on the 8-mile loop begins Saturday. A random drawing order placed Carl Renezeder in the number 17 starting position and Saturday’s finishing order will determine Sunday’s start. Last year was the inaugural season for Team Renezeder’s Trophy Truck with some success and tons of education. At the 2005 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, a problem with the fuel mapping system caused and early end to Saturday’s contest for Carl, but he came back with a strong second place finish on Sunday.All the familiar faces return as the crew for 2006: Mike Seat, navigator, lead fabricator and mechanicLarry Hawkins, lead mechanicBrett Repella, mechanicMike Karaba, mechanicTommy Orduno, mechanicMark Rodriguez, fabricatorShawn Walters, crew memberTravis Hawkins, crew memberWith hopes of motor problems that Carl appropriately coined “the plague” at the SCORE Baja 1000 behind him, he’s coming out swinging in 2006, looking for the team’s first desert victory.The entire season is airing on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN), produced by Aura 360. This race will air Thursday, February 2nd at 6:30pm EST, and re-air Tuesday, February 7the at 3:00pm EST. Check your local listings for confirmation of time and date.Truck Specs (Chevy Silverado):Weight: 6000 lbs Tires: 35” x 12.50” x 17” BFGoodrichEngine: Chevrolet – 750+hp Transmission: Turbo 400Suspension Travel: UnlimitedLucas Oil lubricants, K&N filters, MSD ignition, Auto Meter gauges, King shocks, MasterCraft seats and harnesses, Borla exhaust, Embee metal finishing, XRP plumbing, RaceProven alternators, Speed-O-Motive machining, American Axle & Manufacturing differentials and Sparco safety apparel Quick Stats on Carl:Birth date: April 16, 1964Residence: Laguna Beach, CAFamily: Wife: Kelley; 3 ChildrenEducation: UCLA graduate, 1987; All-American Water Polo playerHobbies: Swimming, cycling, triathlon, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, surfing34 Career CORR Wins2005: CORR Pro-2 Champion; 9 CORR wins, including the Nissan Nationals in Pro-4;2nd in CORR Pro-4 points2004: 8 CORR wins; Governor’s Cup Champion; 2nd in CORR Pro-4 points; 3rd inCORR Pro-2 points2003: CORR Pro-4 Champion; Borg Warner World Champion; 2nd in CORR Pro-2points2002: 3rd in CORR Pro-4 points; 5th in CORR Pro-2 points2001: 3rd in CORR Pro-2 points; 2 wins; 10 top-three finishes1994-2000: Multiple top-three finishes in CORR; Won SCORE Baja 1000 (1994); 2 top-three finishes in SCORE Baja 500

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shepard begins defense of Trophy Truck Title

Baja Racing News

LOS ANGELES -- Determined veteran desert racer Bob Shepard returns to the desert knowing very well the responsibility he and his race team carries as he drives his No. 1 Shepard Racing Chevy CK1500 in the Trophy Truck division this year. As the defending class champion in the marquee Baja Races Trophy Truck division for high-tech, 800-horsepower unlimited production trucks, Shepard will lead a growing field of desert offroad racing Trophy-Trucks, in the 2006 desert offroad racing season.

The BFGoodrich Tires sponsored team celebrated last year, at the win of the series championship at the Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada, Baja California Norte Mexico, with other desert offroad racing winners and legends, celebrating the BFGoodrich Tires 20th consecutive Baja 1000 Championship. That night, after the 2005 Baja 1000, BFGoodrich Tires pulled out all the stops and celebrated an incredible 20 wins, back-to-back at the infamous tire-killer, the desert offroad race, the Baja 1000. The 2005 race was the Ensenada loop race, all serious Baja offroad desert racers know and love. The 2006 Baja 1000 will be a point to point race, from Ensenada North Baja to La Paz, in Southern Baja.

The Capital of Offroad desert racing, La Paz, is host finish line to the Baja 1000, every other year. For the lucky teams who make it, La Paz, Southern Baja, is where Baja racers are known as "gods".

Marking Racing CST TT for the 2006 Desert Racing Season

Baja Racing News

Santee, California - (January 9, 2006)
Winning the 2005 Nissan National CORR Class 1 Championship in San Diego was the last race 2004 SCORE Class 1 Champion – John Marking raced in his Jimco-built championship car. In fact, after suffering an injury the night prior to the Nissan Championships, Marking’s friend, All-American Off Road Racing Champion – Rob MacCachren, was summonsed and raced the John Marking Motorsports Class 1 car to victory in the second and final race of the weekend.
Desert racing has a short off-season between the first week of December and mid-January, but that was all it took for the dominos effect to begin the buying, selling and trading amongst the best-of-the-best race teams.
Chet Huffman sold his Robby Gordon-built Trophy Truck to McMillin Racing, as Andy McMillin signed on as a driver for Robby Gordon Motorsports. Andy McMillin and Robby Gordon are set to split time in the #83 Trophy Truck for the 2006 season.
Huffman purchased John Marking’s Jimco-built Class 1 car that had just been re-configured by John Marking Motorsports to a rear-engine buggy changed from a mid-engine buggy.
The word was out that Marking was without a race car/truck to drive and shortly after the Baja 1000, CST Suspensions owner, Chris Robinson invited Marking to pilot the new CST #26 Trophy Truck.
Robinson debuted the #26 CST Trophy Truck at the SCORE Tecate Baja 1000 on November 18, 2005 and ran a near flawless race finishing in 13th position with a time of 20 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds.
Marking and Robinson came to an agreement in early December and the stage was set for Marking to race Robinson’s truck. Over the holidays, Marking has prepared the CST/Viejas Casino/Fox Racing Shox Trophy Truck for battle and recent testing has proved the truck to be nearly dialed in for the upcoming SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge.
Co-driving with Marking in this season’s effort will be split by two JMM long time team members – Tom “Turbo Tom” Geviss and Todd “PopLocker” Tenbrok. Geviss had already committed to SMD Motorsports to co-drive with Matt and David Scaroni in the #27 SMD Trophy Truck for the entire 2006 BITD season, as well as the SCORE Baja 500 and Baja 1000, so JMM went deep into their bench and has tapped the “PopLocker” for duty in the two big races.
Geviss will see action in the right seat of the #26 CST/Viejas/Fox truck at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, SCORE San Felipe 250 and the SCORE Primm 300. Tenbrok will co-drive during the SCORE Baja 500 and also the granddaddy of all off road races, the SCORE Baja 1000, which for 2006 will traverse the length of the peninsula ending in La Paz where the fiesta begins.
“My year is already packed with some big races,” said Turbo Tom Geviss. “Splitting duty in two different series in two different trophy trucks is just my style. I’d like to race every single weekend if possible, plus I have my agent working on securing my spotter position on Robbins Motorsports for the upcoming UROC rock crawling season.”
Marking commented on his 2006 racing efforts, “We’ve got a team that is well-versed in the winning tradition. All these guys know what’s going on so we should do pretty good. Although this is a new truck, it performed great at the Baja 1000 and we’re looking forward to racing as hard as we can.”
John Marking Racing unveils the #26 CST/Viejas Casino/Fox Racing Shox Trophy Truck on January 12, 2006 at the SCORE Laughlin Leap Event.
On Saturday, January 14, 2006, John Marking will race from the 8th position at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge. Two trucks will go off the start line side-by-side in 20 seconds intervals in the battle for the first SCORE championship of the season.

SOLAR Racing to "Race The Two Seas" in 2006

Baja Racing News

Mark Handley of Solar Racing has announced the team plans to compete in the “CABO 500 – Race the Two Seas” in late April, 2006.The Baja Safari Mexico Club and the La Paz Automotive Club have agreed to combine the CABO 500 and the famous DOS MARES 500. For over twelve years, the La Paz Club has provided the Baja California Sur offroading community "The Best Baja" offroad racing event. It is the best Baja because of it’s unique terrain, topography, and locations. Now, the International Event, the "CABO 500, Race The Two Seas", will provide racers from around the globe, "The Best Baja" offroad race in the world. The "CABO 500-Race The Two Seas" will be a 500 kilometer (approx 300 mile) desert point-to-point race between La Paz, Capital of Baja South, and the Mega-Resort seaside town of Cabo San Lucas. Racers will race down the coastlines of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, navigate through palm oasis and giant cactus before reaching the finish line on the white sand beach with the famous “Lands End” arch in the background.The Federacion Mexicana de Automovillismo Deportivo and the Baja California Sur Offroad Association have approved of the race, and all approvals from the government are in place. The State of Baja California South has long promoted the CABO 500 and its positive effects for sports and tourism for the state.

Solar Racing has never participated as a team in Baja Sur and look forward to the experience. It will also provide the team with somewhat of a reconnaissance trip as well for the upcoming peninsula run of the Baja 1000 next November. CABO 500 “Race the Two Seas”April 28-30th, 2006

Billy Duffy to Race in the CABO 500

Baja Racing News

Former THE CULT guitarist Billy Duffy will race in the Cabo 500 event on April 29, 2006. Duffy will be racing with the Black Ghost Racing Team, in the Number 8, Trophy Truck. The race, a Mexican National offroad racing championship race, will run from the state capital of La Paz, Mexico to the mega-resort capital of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California South, Mexico. The finish line is right on the main beach of Cabo, the "El Medano Playa", the Dune Beach, where all of the biggest Cabo beach parties infamous.The Cabo 500 is a 500-kilometer, 300-mile offroad race that runs North along the beaches and cliffs of the Sea Of Cortez, South to the beaches and cliffs along the mighty Pacific Ocean to the sunny beaches of Cabo. The Number 8 trophy truck of the Black Ghost Racing Team is famous for film and music stars from Mexico, racing in offroad events. Last year, several Mexican film stars raced to the Juarez Gran Prix finish line. The Black Ghost Racing Team is based in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.The Cabo 500 takes place April 29, 2006, with events scheduled on April 17 in San Diego, California, USA and April 27-30th in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Josh Baldwin to "Race The Two Seas" at CABO 500

Baja Racing News

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Famed Desert Offroad Racer, Josh Baldwin to "Race The Two Seas" at the CABO 500 in 2006. "Josh is committed to racing" the Biggest, Baddest, Baja South Desert Offroad Race of the 2006 Season. On April 29, 2006, desert offroad racers from all over the world will run in the Mexican National Championship desert offroad race. Named the "Race The Two Seas - CABO 500", because the amazing course runs 500 kilometers, on the coasts of the Sea Of Cortez and mighty Pacific Ocean to the mega-resort of Cabo San Lucas.The CABO 500 starts in the international resort of La Paz, with over 200 expected desert offroad racing entries. Among the American stars of desert offroad racing expected to compete are desert racing champ Mark Handley of Solar Racing and the Trophy Truck team of Joe Stevens.The CABO 500 will honor the memory of offroad racing champion Jason Baldwin. The offroad racing community of Baja, Mexico remembers its special affinity with Jason and is mourned by the entire offroad racing community. The CABO 500 - Race The Two Seas - 2006 is dedicated to the spirit of sportsmanship in desert offroad racing, that Jason lived in life.Special events will celebrate the graced life of Jason Baldwin and the brotherhood of all international desert offroad racers.CABO 500 Race The Two Seas 2006One Race, One Adventure, One Passion

Monday, January 09, 2006

VP Fuels Racing Announcement

Relationship Severed Between VP Racing and CL Bryant
VP to Handle Service of Off-Road Races Directly

Baja Racing News

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (January 3, 2006) VP Racing Fuels, Inc. announced today its relationship with CL Bryant, Inc. has been terminated. Formerly one of VP’s bulk master distributors, CL Bryant is no longer marketing the VP Racing product line. In a related move, VP products also will no longer be distributed by ASA (A Step Ahead) Racing Products in southern California. In particular, neither CL Bryant nor ASA will represent VP Racing at future off-road races. Instead, VP will service all future off-road races directly. If any customers of either CL Bryant or ASA encounter difficulty obtaining VP Racing Fuels products, they are encouraged to contact VP directly at (951) 674-9167 to arrange for alternate delivery.

“It’s unfortunate it had to come to this,” said Fred Morrison, VP’s President and CEO, “but based on a number of issues, CL Bryant left us no choice. First, to our total surprise this past November 18, CL Bryant effectively supplanted the VP fuels in its product line with a competing brand of racing fuels.”

“Secondly,” Morrison continued, ”representatives of CL Bryant, Inc. have misled the marketplace by claiming its switch to a competing brand was necessary because ‘VP cut off the supply of VP fuels to CL Bryant, Inc.’ To the contrary, VP was dismayed by the November 18 announcement and in the ensuing weeks, had been attempting to retain CL Bryant, Inc. as a distributor.”

“The good news is our customers should see no disruption to the distribution or delivery of VP’s top quality products,” Morrison concluded. “Customers with any questions can contact us directly at 951-674-9167 to determine their best option for delivery.”

VP Racing has been making the best fuels for motorsports since 1975, currently producing more than 60 unique blends. With these blends, VP has fueled champions in virtually every racing category and class -- from drag racing, circle track and road racing to motocross, off-road, off-shore and even airplane racing. In race venues not controlled by a fuel rule, VP consistently fuels more winners than any other American fuel company. VP's fuels have earned a reputation for superior power and consistency – as illustrated by the NHRA Pro Stock Champions who have made VP their fuel of choice for 30 consecutive years, a record unmatched by any major sponsor in the industry.

VP Racing is the Official Racing Fuel of NHRA Championship Drag Racing, as well as exclusive fuel supplier and/or sponsor of AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Supercross; IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association); Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series; NMCA (National Muscle Car Association); SKUSA (Superkarts! USA); Star Mazda; Stars of Karting; Rmax Challenge; and Toyota Atlantic, among others.

In addition to fuels, VP’s product line includes synthetic oils, performance chemicals, 2-cycle lubricants and traction compounds – each designed to produce the most power and best performance in their respective racing applications. More information can be obtained from VP’s website –