Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CABO 500 Pre-Run Report

The CABO 500 Race Course has been marked since February 10 and teams from all over Mexico and new teams from the states are getting to know how special this race is.
Covering nearly 650 kilometers, the start Line will begin on the Grand Malecon of the Capital of Offroad, La Paz, Southern Baja, Mexico. The course runs along the Sea Of Cortez across the Baja peninsula to the coast of the mighty Pacific Ocean, then south to the boom-town of Todos Santos, then inland over the spectacular canyon country of the Cape ragion of Baja to the Finish Line of Cabo San Lucas.

Reports of teams read like a who's who list in offroad. They all have been praising the Championship race and the Land and its people of the Capital of Offroad, La Paz. "Perfect weather, great people and world-class hospitality, the Offroad here is the best in the world!", said one pre-runner. "We're chasing the Sun!", said, another.

April 17 marks the Offroad OpenHouse in San Diego and the race is April 29. "We can't wait!"


The ALAMO 200 is March 24-26, with the contingency in Ensenada. This famous race will cover the pinon mountains of the Sierra Jaurez. Depending on weather conditions, this could be a very difficult race, snow, rain and hail are possible if a storm is rolling through the area. Now, there are several feet of snow on the course!