Monday, July 17, 2006


Check out the NEW Track Layout! Click HERE

The "Offroad Rumble at the Ranch" this weekend in So-Cal, San Diego-Chula Vista,
Championship Off Road Racing officials announced changes for Rounds 7 and 8 of the CORR Lucas Oil Racing Series at Chula Vista International Off-Road Raceway. At the Ranch July 22nd and 23rd will feature changes to the track, event schedule, and concessions.

The new track layout will continue to feature some high-speed straight-a-ways, while adding bigger jumps and more technical areas to the course. Scott Rehn, the official voice of CORR, said, “Parts of this track will remind people of the most wild sections from the Unadilla track CORR raced at a couple of years ago. These changes help keep the circuit exciting and fresh.” A map of the new track layout can be found at under the “Schedule” link.

In addition to a new track design, CORR officials have changed the order of events. Single Buggies and Pro 2 trucks will race before the 40-minute intermission, with Super Buggies, Pro 4’s and Pro Lite’s competing, in that order, after intermission. Instead of a trophy presentation following each race, all trophies will be presented at the end of each day. The individual trophy ceremonies have been eliminated to keep the races running in a timely manner and to bring the ceremonies closer to the fans, outside of the track.

CORR Rocks Chula Vista-So Cal this weekend at the "Offroad Rumble at the Ranch". The biggest off road show in the business, CORR is in So Cal this weekend tearing up the Chula Vista International Off Road Track. Here's the schedule. Here's the Official website. Chula Vista is officially BAJA this weekend, July 22-23. See you there!