Saturday, October 14, 2006

SONORA 500 Inside Information

Photo Via SENNA
Gary Newsome, Baja Racing News

Ronn Bailey Motorsports took overall in the first Sonora 500. But, the inside dirt to the event is that Ronn Bailey Motorsports used the race for training for the DAKAR event. Not just their own crew, but, are now open to training other North Americans to entering and winning the BIGGEST BADDEST Off Road in the WORLD- DAKAR.

The exploding Time Racing News of Mexicali, Baja California is in San
Luis, Sonora covering the first ever Sonora 500. Reports from Sonora today are that the race went under clear and warm conditions and teams were enthusiastically supportive of the great job the organizers and sponsors had accomplished to offer off road racers throughout the Southwest.

Time Racing News, their full color magazine and website are promoting the sport in Espanol.
Mostly covering Baja racers and now moving into American Races and Racers, are giving our Baja Mexico friends more images and more stories about the sport we all, so love.

The people of Sonora were excellent hosts, the course unparrelled and the weather, when So-Cal was miserable, was wildly warm. Come to race in Sonora!

Check out these outrageous PICS! NICE PHOTOGRAPHY!

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