Thursday, October 26, 2006

Loreto Race now Dec. 9 & 10

Exclusive Baja Racing News

The Loreto to La Paz race was first scheduled in October, then yesterday got changed to Nov 4 & 5. But, late yesterday, racers demanded the local race not occur on Nov. 4 & 5, because such a race date would seriously interfere with big, for real teams, pre-running of a big, for real race, the '06 Baja 1000!

The first time he got SCOREs attention, was when he stole the line "The Capital of Offroad" and gave it to the State and it Officially named southern Baja as "The Capital Of Offroad". Baja Norte was not happy.

Late last night, the Loreto to La Paz race caught major heat from all quarters for moving the date from Oct 23 to Nov 4. This is not the first time that local promoter makes moves without consulting with other players. Months ago, he lifted a marketing line and pushed it off on the state so. baja government, who in turn, offficially named so. baja as "The Capital Of Offroad".
Last night, major players told that promoter that the Nov. 4 date will not work. Why? Because, the Baja 1000 prerunners would seriously be hindered by a local race runnning in that section on Nov 4.

So guess what? Late last night the wheels in La Paz were moving and the date of the local race was changed. Again. To Dec. 9 & 10. The local racers are not happy. Ready to run in the weekend of October, now they must cool their heels until December.