Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baja 500 Ensenada Sucks Again!


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Remember this sign in front of the Casino in Ensenada during the last baja 250? YOU ARE WARNED!

Baja 500 2007 Race Course


Friday, June 1, 2007

Contingency was the usual zoo. "The biggest CF in Motorsports".

Thursday Night, May 31, 2007

The racers autograph session at Big Head Plaza has been burning since 1 PM today. Many of the racers have been here, signing autographs. Another good turnout for the local race fans. Cool, at times windy, conditions, but, clear until late afternoon with lots of fog and low clouds rolling in. This afternoon the low clouds came in early.

BFGoodrich Tires -
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
By the Manufacturer

BFGoodrich Tires, the official tire sponsor for the SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series, is geared up for the 39th annual battle of speed and lunacy, otherwise known as the SCORE Baja 500. This is the third race in the SCORE Desert Series and is widely regarded as the perfect precursor to the king of all off-road races, the SCORE Baja 1000. Besides navigating hundreds of miles of treacherous terrain at a white-knuckle pace, off-road competitors also have to overcome logistical conundrums, wandering livestock and traps set by devious spectators. Racers don't run the SCORE Baja 500 for the prize money or television exposure. The vast majority of entrants compete strictly for fun and bragging rights and BFGoodrich® tires has been the choice of champions for more than 30 years.

For 2007, SCORE officials are expecting a record lineup of more than 500 racers to battle for the top spots at the SCORE Baja 500, which will be held June 1-3, 2007 in Ensenada, Mexico. A majority of the racers will be riding on BFGoodrich tires, which have played a decisive role towards winning the overall title at this event for the past 11 years and 19 out of the last 20.

"SCORE desert racing is BFGoodrich Tires' proving ground, and for more than 30 years we've used the knowledge gained in off-road racing to make the world's toughest off-road tires," said Todd Steen, BFGoodrich Tires motorsports marketing manager. "We are very proud of BFGoodrich Tires' heritage and the accomplishments of our race teams in the SCORE Desert Series and we look forward to raising the bar even higher in 2007."

All of the BFGoodrich Tires drivers have exceptional credentials to run the SCORE Baja 500, but a couple standouts for 2007 include Rob MacCachren and Mark Post. Together, they have won the last three desert races in a row, including two Best in the Desert (BitD) races and recently took first-place in the elite Trophy Truck class, and the overall win at the SCORE Baja 250. They are currently leading the BitD championship point standings and tied for the lead heading into round three of the six-race SCORE Desert Series.

A few other key BFGoodrich Tires competitors to watch are Larry Roeseler, of Hesperia, Calif. Roeseler, who was recently featured in BFGoodrich Tires' new television commercial, has 16 class wins in the SCORE Baja 500. Roeseler's impressive off-road resume includes 11 overall SCORE Baja 500 race wins, including nine on a motorcycle and two Class 1 wins with co-driver Troy Herbst. Roseler is currently tied with legendary off-road racer Ivan Stewart for the most SCORE Baja 500 overall wins and is eager to take the lead at this year's race. 2006 SCORE Rookie of the Year, Garron Cadiente, along with off-road veterans Alan Pflueger and Carl Renezeder will also be in the hunt for the formidable SCORE Baja 500 title.

The legendary BFGoodrich® Baja T/A® tire was the world's first ultra-high performance off-road tire, designed specifically for off-road competition with TriGard® Plus construction, containing three full nylon carcass plies plus an additional nylon sidewall ply for incredible protection against punctures. Depending on the course terrain and vehicle capabilities, SCORE competitors may also choose to race on the Baja T/A®KR tire or the newly released Baja T/A®KRT tire, which was specifically designed for the extreme conditions of off-road desert racing. In addition, several competitors will race on BFGoodrich® Mud-Terrain T/A® KM and All-Terrain T/A®KO tires. END OF RELEASE

Rick Hoff Story

Hovey leads local off-road charge in Baja 500

When it comes to the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, maximum horsepower does not always produce maximum results.

Just ask Chuck Hovey, a veteran off-road racer who has had his ups and downs on the treacherous course through the Baja California desert. Hovey, an Escondido resident, is one of numerous local entries in Saturday's Baja 500. He is coming off a big win after taking the overall championship at the Terrible's Town 250 held April 28 in Pahrump, Nev.

Driving a new Jimco buggy powered by a V-8 motor, Hovey won the Best in the Desert series event for his first victory since the Henderson's Terrible 400 in 2005.

"It felt great to win again, because we had been struggling lately," Hovey said Tuesday after returning home from Ensenada and pre-running the Baja 500 course. "Off-road racing runs in cycles. Sometimes you run on top for a while, sometimes you're nowhere near the front."

For the Baja 500, Hovey is leaving the V-8-powered Jimco in the garage.

"That car has really been running fast since we finished it in November," said Hovey, 38. "But we're taking the old car down to Baja with a smaller V-4. The V-8 is heavier, and it wears out parts faster."

Hovey noted that the differences between the Terrible's Town 250 course and the Baja 500 course are considerable.

"The Baja 500 is a very tight, technical course," said Hovey, an 1987 San Pasqual High graduate. "In Nevada you have big, wide-open desert. You just point it and shoot.

"But Baja has a lot of turns, rocks and hill climbs. The old car is lighter by 1,000 pounds, and although it has less horsepower, you can't use a lot of horsepower when you have a course with a lot of turns."

For his 10th Baja 500, Hovey will again be competing in Class 1 for Unlimited Buggies. His support team includes crew chief Jim Shannon and a host of volunteers.

"We keep trying, because there's just something about Baja," said Hovey, whose best finish in the Baja 500 was a third-place showing in 2003. "We had the lead, and we were battling with the (Troy) Herbst team when I had a flat tire 15 miles before the finish. When I went to fix the tire, I found out I had a broken jack. By the time we got going again, I was back in third place.

"Baja is really a tough race, and sometimes it seems that you just can't get a break."

As opposed to most of the drivers in his class, Hovey will be on a solo ride around the 420-mile Baja circuit.

"My car is a single-seater," Hovey said. "There are 53 cars in our class, but there are only a few of us driving single-seaters. Most of the other cars have GPS systems and co-drivers. I call myself a human GPS, and I don't like to rely too much on a co-driver."

As of Tuesday, 510 vehicles were entered in the 39th annual race, including 286 cars and trucks, and 224 motorcycles and ATVs. The event has the most former class winners ever in a SCORE race, with 102 competitors who have combined for 273 class wins.

Back to defend their overall 4-wheel vehicle and SCORE Trophy-Truck title is the team of Larry Ragland of Cave Creek, Ariz., and Brian Collins of Las Vegas in the Collins Motorsports Chevy Silverado. Returning as the overall motorcycle and Class 22 champs is the team of Robby Bell of Murrieta and Kendall Norman of Santa Barbara on a Honda CRF450X.

And back to defend its overall ATV and Class 25 victory is the team of Danny Prather of Ramona and Mike Cafro of Carlsbad on the No. 1a Honda TRX450R.

Other racers defending their class titles include John Holmes of Olivenhain (Class 7SX, Ford Ranger); defending Class 10 winner Darren Hardesty of Ramona is switching to Class 1.

Former AMA motocross and supercross standout Ricky Johnson of Encinitas will team with Alan Pflueger of Honolulu aboard a Chevy Silverado in the Trophy-Truck class, which also includes Buff Herman of Ramona and Jerry Larimore of Temecula in a Ford F-150. Mike Sandoval of Escondido and Steve Sourapas of Rancho Santa Fe are racing in the same class as Hovey.

In the SCORE Lite class for VW-powered limited single- or two-seaters, North County entries include Rick St. John of Carlsbad and Dean Bayerle of Poway in a Duvell, Kevin Derby and Caleb Derby of Encinitas in a Chaparral, and Stan Potter of San Marcos and Dan Worley of Encinitas in a Jimco.

The green flag will drop for the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 on Saturday at 6 a.m. for the motorcycle and ATV classes, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 10 a.m. The motorcycle and ATV classes will start one every 15 seconds, the faster car and truck classes will start one every 30 seconds, and the slower 4-wheel vehicle classes will start one every 15 seconds in the elapsed-time race. Story End.


Between RM 140 to 400. At RM300, dangerous alternate side route and course conditions, on both sides of the course. The course is very tight, very technical, very rough. Unlimited vehicles, a lot of trouble. Limited vehicles, trouble up steep, single track silted hills. Some have been removed at the last minute with the course changes listed. Bigtime bottlenecks are expected.

NEW Mileage Between San Telmo Pavement Crossings
Increases by 4.1 Miles to 34.8 Miles

153 3.95 Right turn onto San Telmo Road 156.20
154 2.23 Left turn off San Telmo Road 158.43
155 3.86 Right turn before fence 162.29
156 0.38 Hard left 162.67
157 0.12 Water crossing 162.79
158 0.42 Left at Y 163.21
159 2.35 Straight through fence 165.56
160 0.36 Straight through fence 165.92
161 0.37 Go right at Y 166.29
162 0.38 Go right into wash 166.67
163 0.64 Either / Or 167.31
164 4.13 Three buildings on right 171.44
165 0.64 Stay right at Y 172.08
166 1.02 Hard right then go uphill 173.10
167 4.14 Concrete block cistern on right 177.24
168 13.19 Right turn onto San Telmo road 190.43
169 0.64 Left turn off of San Telmo Road 191.07

Robby Gordon spotted in Ensenada! The Gordon Motorsports Trophy Truck and Hummer are now in the Baja 500 competition. Robby's dad, Baja Bob Gordon, racing legend, may be at the helm of the Hummer of the start of this race...Stay Tuned...


Total running time of the Baja 500 2007 was set at 18 hours,
but, late today, 20 hours was granted as the total running time.




1 20 Mike Julson A true road test! 7 to 1
2 1 B.J. Baldwin Could ****-n-git! #1 to 1
3 4 Gus Vildosola Might get gobbled up 5 to 1
4 86 Josh Baldwin Ever-improving 4 to 1
5 3 Mark Post Por supuesto! #3 to 1
6 28 Alan Pflueger Old car best bet 3 to 1
7 38 Garron Cadiente Can he pass these guys?! 3 to 1
8 31 Andy McMillin Will watch mirrors! 5 to 2
9 12 Larry Ragland On any day … 3 to 1
10 19 Tim Herbst "Red truck is coming!" 3 to 1
11 60 Mike Voudouris Rick gets benny of doubt 8 to 1
12 30 Roger Norman Less of one! W/D
12 55 Luis Wallace Going backwards 99 to 1
13 77 Travis Coyne Trying too hard? 5 to 1
14 58 Frank Thing Under foot 181 to 1
15 7 Scott Steinberger Getting left behind 8 to 1
16 2 Pete Sohren TOO MUCH MEDIA 9 to 1
17 85 Todd Wyllie Not running up front 5 to 1
18 16 Cameron Steele Unfocused 9 to 1
19 27 David Scaroni Pooling resources 4 to 1
20 37 Bruce Greer, Jr. Come on, pick a class, OK? 5 to 1
21 51 Kory Scheeler No traffic cones? 4 to 1
22 71 Robby Gordon Days of EZ pickins long gone 3 to 1
23 96 Bobby Baldwin Lovin' life 6 to 1
24 41 Chris Lucas Prince of Darkness 99 to 1
25 35 Robbie Pierce Jack of all trades … Mastercraft of none 99 to 1
26 91 Bill McBeath Wheels side down, please 7 to 1
27 54 Jesse James Just fix ‘er up and load ‘er up 99 to 1
28 22 Damen Jefferies Unrewarding 5 to 1
29 39 Ron Whitton Havin' fun 5 to 1
30 76 Jesse Jones No cliffs in SCCA? W/D
31 69 Francisco Cervantes Cruisin' in Camaro! 7 to 1
32 32 Juan C. Ibarra Not the Juan 99 to 1
33 29 Richard Boyle Not hot enough ???
34 15 Jim Beaver Top Gun-gone? 9 to 1
35 40 Chet Huffman It ain't workin'! 99 to 1
36 17 Carl Renezeder Too far back to count 5 to 1
37 82 Ryan Arciero Not easy any more 5 to 1
38 50 Jerry Larimore Used to be fun 99 to 1
39 57 Scott Kincaid Plagued? 7 to 1
40 24 Rick Massie-1st RS Protruck Amtruck 99 to 1


1 83i Giniel De Villers Dirk no dork 3 to 1
2 81i Mark Miller Mark my words! Even

CLASS 1 (51)

1 101 Max Thieriot Does well, indeed 3 to 1
2 102 Randy Wilson Two Norms! 3 to 1
3 103 Robert Ross Flash-in-the-pan? 3 to 1
4 100 Larry Roeseler You ****tin' me?! Even
5 105 Bill Gasper DARK HORSE 4 to 1
6 106 B.J. Richardson Will not lay down! 3 to 1
7 107 Danny Ebberts TOP TIP 2 to 1
8 108 Luis Ramirez Jr. Stranger in strange land 7 to 1
9 109 Pat Dean Fitz'll fix anything! 3 to 1
10 110 Josh Rigsby Stand away! 9 to 1
11 111 Richard Boyle Whoa? What's up? ???
12 112 Brian Hudson Will no keep 'em at Bay 99 to 1
13 113 Jamie Campbell Knows the car! 5 to 1
14 114 Trigger Gumm **** da' hamma' 7 to 1
15 115 Dale Lenk Missing something 6 to 1
16 116 Rob Bruce Not a Great Scot! 8 to 1
17 117 Steve Sourapas Fallen on hard times W/D
17 118 Steve Sullivan Not mainstream! 99 to 1
18 119 Brian Parkhouse No cherry picking 5 to 1
19 120 Mark Levrett … or leave it 7 to 1
20 121 Ronny Wilson Hopes for dry course! 3 to 1
21 122 Todd Cuffaro Don't get outa the ****in' CAR! 4 to 1
22 123 Adam Pfankuch Uneasy transition 5 to 1
23 124 John Herder TOPPER TIP 3 to 1
24 125 Eduardo Gonzalez Nope 99 to 1
25 126 Brendan Gaughan Flats will deter 5 to 1
26 127 Armin Schwarz Could be interesting! 4 to 1
27 128 Gonzalo Pirron Not up to speed 7 to 1
28 129 Darren San Angelo Picking up pieces 6 to 1
29 130 Vincent DeJong Will tear off fenders 6 to 1
30 131 Mike Bilek Maybe top third? 5 to 1
31 132 John Harrah No cheers here 6 to 1
32 133 Bill Witt Rick's the trick? 6 to 1
33 134 Alex Danze Last Waltz? 99 to 1
34 135 Gary Weyhrich Always a player! 3 to 1
35 136 Brian Coneen Better in "12" 6 to 1
36 137 John Gould All that glitters is not Gould 7 to 1
37 138 Danny Anderson Knows how! Sleeper! 3 to 1
38 139 Byron Ashley Not flyin' 99 to 1
39 140 Brian Kirby Will not clean up 99 to 1
40 141 Chuck Hovey Chuck needs GBX luck! 4 to 1
41 142 Dan Moore No mas! 99 to 1
42 143 Eric Chase Will pick up pieces 5 to 1
43 144 Mark McMillin Anywhere, anytime 2 to 1
44 145 Dan Myers Being generous 5 to 1
45 146 Victor Herrera, Jr. No victory 7 to 1
46 147 Charlie Wilson Chupapechos 99 to 1
47 148 Darren Hardesty Not enough poop to pass 5 to 1
48 149 Enrique Bujanda SLEEPER 5 to 1
49 150 Mario Gonzales May try too hard 6 to 1
50 158 Harley Letner-2nd RS Something to watch! 3 to 1
51 159 Mike Sandoval Might click 'em off 4 to 1

CLASS 10 (13)

4 105 1 1001 Todd Elam May feel lash of the whip 9 to 1
4 106 2 1002 Corey Keysar Might place 4 to 1
4 107 3 1003 Chris Harrold Should excel 2 to 1
4 108 4 1004 Jim Knorr Not soup-er 99 to 1
4 109 5 1005 Matt Cullen Stepping up! 3 to 1
4 110 6 1006 Will Higman Off feed, so to speak 4 to 1
4 111 7 1007 Mark Weger DARK HORSE 4 to 1
4 112 8 1008 Lobsam Yee I MEAN … Even
4 113 9 1009 Michael Meurer Long night 99 to 1
4 114 10 1010 Alex Crostwaithe Might step up and be counted 6 to 1
4 115 11 1011 David Reyes Needs encouragement 99 to 1
4 116 12 1047 Mike Lawrence Might like "12" better 99 to 1
4 117 1000 Darren Hardesty Playing ketchup W/D
4 118 13 1049 Brendan Fikes Undecided … IV to 1
4 119
5 120 CLASS 8 (5)
5 121 1 800 Nick Vanderwey Not easily moo-ved Even
5 122 2 801 Kurtis Kupiec Overly-trick 5 to 1
5 123 3 802 Greg Adler Short courser 8 to 1
5 124 4 803 Glen Greer Has not showed 6 to 1
5 125 5 804 Juan C. Lopez Scary … Even
5 126
6 127 PROTRUCK (13)
6 128 1 213 Dave Westhem Flyin' with Ryan 4 to 1
6 129 2 252 Mike Johnson "Diablo dle cielo" 99 to 1
6 130 3 204 Gus Vildosola Jr. Too many duties? 3 to 1
6 131 4 208 James Wasson Not up to top level 8 to 1
6 132 5 234 Rob Reinertson Contender 4 to 3
6 133 6 226 Al Hogan Not the hero once was 3 to 1
6 134 7 235 Jason Voss A quick fellow 6 to 5
6 135 8 250 Gary Magness Mango tango 4 to 1
6 136 9 236 Rick L. Johnson Best of the bunch 7 to 6
6 137 10 240 Rob Kittleson Wrong "Rob" … heh, heh 5 to 1
6 138 11 203 Dave Creagan Polarized? 4 to 1
6 139 12 299 Joe Bednar Undecided 4 to 1
6 140 13 215 Cody Swanty Have not clicked 4 to 1
6 141 266 Jeff Voss W/D
6 142
7 143 SCORE LITE (27)
7 144 1 1201 Rick St. John TOP TIP 2 to 1
7 145 2 1202 Craig Brabant Good at field fixes! 5 to 1
7 146 3 1203 David Callaway Should be up there … 4 to 1
7 147 4 1204 Kevin Derby May surprise 5 to 1
7 148 5 1205 Chuck Sacks Will surprise 4 to 1
7 149 6 1206 Scott Wisdom Unafraid! 4 to 1
7 150 7 1207 Ricardo Malo No "Mexicali Blues" 2 to 1
7 151 8 1208 Dave Bonner No dove, he 3 to 1
7 152 9 1209 Matt Drever Second tier 4 to 1
7 153 10 1210 Mike Williams Morely or less 3 to 1
7 154 11 1211 Mike Halliday Wants to mow 'em down 5 to 1
7 155 12 1212 Hector Garcia Does well … 4 to 1
7 156 13 1213 Cameron Steele Put yer cash here! 2 to 1
7 157 14 1214 Allen Russell Darkest of horses 4 to 1
7 158 15 1215 Mike Belk Good result overdue 4 to 1
7 159 16 1216 Scotty Rhone Emo cooled off enough?! 99 to 1
7 160 17 1217 Stan Potter TOP TIP 2 to 1
7 161 18 1218 Randy Ross Not clickin' 8 to 1
7 162 19 1219 Ty Godde What's goin' on here?! 8 to 1
7 163 20 1220 Phil Green Race ready? 6 to 1
7 164 21 1221 Bob Bingham " … just bring 'em young!" 8 to 1
7 165 22 1222 Arturo Salas DARK HORSE 4 to 1
7 166 23 1200 Tim Noe Obvious choice 2 to 1
7 167 24 1224 Bill Hernquist USED to be tough 4 to 1
7 168 25 1247 Joshua Meister-3rd RS No 9 to 1
7 169 26 1248 Steve Gresham-2nd RS No**2 9 to 1
7 170 27 1249 Richard Garavito SLEEPER 5 to 1
7 171
8 172 CLASS 1600 (23)
8 173 1 1601 Steven Eugenio Love 'em or hate 'em 4 to 1
8 174 2 1602 Gerardo Iribe The gloves come off! 3 to 1
8 175 1603 Billy Skinner TOP TIP W/D
8 176 3 1604 Hiram Duran Good enough … but ... 4 to 1
8 177 4 1605 Ray Files Issues, issues … 5 to 1
8 178 5 1606 Mario Gastelum Sleeper! 4 to 1
8 179 6 1607 Ed Bonanni Unusual effort 5 to 1
8 180 7 1608 Brent Parkhouse Has not stepped up 99 to 1
8 181 8 1609 Arturo Velazco Steady! 4 to 1
8 182 9 1610 Chris Langmayer Not tough enough? 8 to 1
8 183 10 1611 David Caspino Crazy-fast 3 to 1
8 184 11 1612 Adam Ashcraft Time to step up! 12 to 10
8 185 12 1613 Juan Gallo SF FAV 4 to 1
8 186 13 1614 Leonardo Navarrete No reason why NOT! Even
8 187 14 1615 Layton Bowles Wants to be a player 5 to 1
8 188 15 1616 Arnoldo Ramirez Hoping for the best 5 to 1
8 189 16 1617 Daniel McMillin Local mogul 9 to 8
8 190 17 1618 Curt Geer Needs to gear up 4 to 1
8 191 18 1619 Alberto Medina Has the materials 4 to 1
8 192 19 1620 J.J. Guevara Hooray for "Che"? 5 to 1
8 193 20 1621 Ramiro Escobedo A Tough group 5 to 1
8 194 21 1647 L.J. Kennedy Dream team 6 to 5
8 195 22 1648 Eliseo Garcia Unknwon local … 5 to 1
8 196 23 1649 Blaise Jackson Comin' alive 7 to 6
8 197
9 198 CLASS 5 (8)
9 199 1 501 Chris Bowman TOP TIP 3 to 1
9 200 2 502 Jim Varshay Long night 9 to 1
9 201 3 503 Michelle Bruckmann Needs to slow down 4 to 1
9 202 4 500 George Seeley Usually wins 3 to 1
9 203 5 505 Victor Cesena Not victorioso 4 to 1
9 204 6 517 Dan Akin-3rd RS Bad back? 6 to 1
9 205 7 518 Kevin Carr Hit-and-run? 3 to 1
9 206 8 519 Luivan Voelker CABALLO OSCURO 3 to 1
10 207
10 208 CLASS 7 (8)
10 209 1 700 Dan Chamlee Something worng? 4 to 1
10 210 2 701 Shannon Dierkop Shannon cannon 4 to 1
10 211 3 702 Justin Simmons Long day, longer night 99 to 1
10 212 4 703 Barry Karakas Should sail Even
10 213 5 704 Brandon Walsh Will be late 99 to 1
10 214 6 717 Stuart Gildred-3rd RS Dix can fix 4 to 1
10 215 7 718 Victor Herrera, Sr. Been off form 3 to 1
10 216 8 719 A.J. Rodriguez Will not sully reputation 4 to 1
10 217
11 218 CLASS 5/1600 (20)
11 219 1 551 Tommy Craft Not crafty enough 99 to 1
11 220 2 552 Dan Edwards No data = > 99 to 1
11 221 3 553 Gregorio Villarino One of "Dah Boyz"! 3 to 1
11 222 4 554 Arnulfo Valenzuela Good journeyman 4 to 1
11 223 5 555 Mario Reynoso Requires attrition 3 to 1
11 224 6 556 Angel Vinaja "Locals" hard to beat! 99 to 1
11 225 7 557 Ernie Negrete My boyz! 3 to 1
11 226 8 558 Adolfo Aguilar Jr. "Locals" hard to beat! 4 to 1
11 227 9 558 Marcos Nunez Obvious choice Even
11 228 10 559 Danny Ledezma Ungodly tough! Even
11 229 11 560 Scott Pellerin Dah King's Prince? 5 to 1
11 230 12 561 Tim Sanchez Low stick time 9 to 1
11 231 13 562 Enrique Avalos C. "Locals" hard to beat! 4 to 1
11 232 14 572 Fernando Montijo-8th RS DARK HORSE 4 to 1
11 233 15 573 Javier Morales-7th RS "Locals" hard to beat! 4 to 1
11 234 16 574 Jose Montoya-6th RS "Locals" hard to beat! 4 to 1
11 235 17 575 Saul Garcia-5th RS "Arambula" counts for soemhting 5 to 1
11 236 18 576 Gerardo Rubio Talk'o the town? 5 to 1
11 237 19 577 Ernesto Arambula Knows the drill Even
11 238 20 579 Carlos Macklis DARK HORSE 5 to 1
12 240 CLASS 7S (2)
12 241 1 721 Javier Avila Dying class? 99 to 1
12 242 2 720 Mike Horner Out of corner 3 to 1
12 243
13 244 CLASS 7SX (10)
13 245 1 741 Rich Severson Will reach great heights 3 to 1
13 246 2 742 Norman Turley Needs to prove it 3 to 1
13 247 3 743 Noe Sierra Could be close 4 to 1
13 248 4 754 TED MONCURE-6th RS Hard times! 4 to 1
13 249 5 744 Alberto Iriarte Hopes to reach VT 7 to 1
13 250 6 755 Heidi Steele Best bet, otherwise 4 to 1
13 251 7 740 John Holmes Always dangerous 3 to 1
13 252 8 757 Jim Hinesley 2x? No … 4 to 1
13 253 9 758 Gerardo Novelo "Might" know cuts? 5 to 1
13 254 10 759 Kurt Youngs Over his head? 99 to 1
13 255
14 256 STOCK FULL (3)
14 257 1 860 Terry Henn Rock steady 3 to 1
14 258 2 861 John Griffin Has the spirit 3 to 1
14 259 3 862 Josh Hall Home before sun rise Even
14 260 4 863 Donald Adams THAT "Don Adams"? ?? To 1
14 261 5 864 Loren Worthington Training Day 5 to 1
14 262 6 865 Kent Kroeker Big rig darin' 3 to 1
14 263 7 879 Marc Balocco Might blocko the course-o 9 to 1
14 264
15 265 STOCK MINI (5)
15 266 1 761 Rod Millen Will not need a wing 2 to 1
15 267 2 762 Cain Smeead Certainly able 3 to 1
15 268 2 760 Rod Hall Avoid media members 2 to 1
15 269 3 778 Gavin Skilton Good effort 2 to 1
15 270 4 779 Steve Kovach Privateer out of this league! 8 to 1
15 271
16 272 CLASS 9 (3)
16 273 1 901 Luis Guevara Best #2 6 to 1
16 274 2 902 Joe Castrey Hoping …. 6 to 1
16 275 3 900 Eric Fisher Zapata-in 3 to 9
16 276
17 277 CLASS 3 (5)
17 278 1 300 Donald Moss Zzzzzz … jack fixed? Even
17 279 2 301 Alejandro Cancino Cannot-cino 99 to 1
17 280 3 302 Cain Smead Certainly able (Heh heh) 3 to 1
17 281 4 348 Dylan Evans Closest thing to a "challenger" 5 to 1
17 282 5 349 Chris Raffo Pureed 97 to 1
17 283
18 284 JEEPSPEED 1 (5)
18 285 1 1795 Jason LaFortune MISfortune, I'd say 9 to 1
18 286 2 1705 Michael Shaffer Needs good crew 9 to 1
18 287 3 1737 Steve Ghamari As well as anyone, I guess 9 to 1
18 288 4 1774 James Williams Glad its not a lap race! 9 to 1
18 289 5 1790 Eric Filar Cannot fold 9 to 1
18 290
19 291 JEEPSPEED 3 (1)
19 292 1 1701 Bob Land Really deserves a clean race! 9 to 1
19 293
19 294 SPTS. TRUCK (6)
19 295 1 1501 MIGUEL JIMENEZ Edge goes to big truck 8 to 1
19 296 2 1502 ANDREW LEAVITT 4WD, I assume 8 to 1
19 297 3 1503 RANDY SWINK Will hate life as we know it 9 to 1
19 298 4 1504 MARK GROWE Needs 4WD 9 to 1
19 299 5 1505 Mike Jenkins Yes! 5 to 1
19 300 6 1549 Nick Tonelli Not a Ranger route 9 to 1
19 301
20 302 SPTS. BUGGY (5)
20 303 1 1400 PETER LANG Fire-starter 9 to 1
20 304 2 1401 DAVE DONALDSON Space blanket 9 to 1
20 305 3 1402 Ed Pickett Water 9 to 1
20 306 4 1403 Rob Caveney TP 9 to 1
20 307 5 1449 Glenn Smith-1st RS Many pesos 9 to 1
20 308
21 309 CLASS 11 (6)
21 310 1 1144 Jake Mueller No way 99 to 1
21 311 2 1145 Carlos Villa Nunez No how 99 to 1
21 312 3 1146 Ramon Fernandez-4th RS Not at all 99 to 1
21 313 4 1147 Raul Ortiz-3rd RS 99 to 1
21 314 5 1100 Eric Solorzano Eric The Great Even
21 315 6 1149 Jeremy Altman Gringo - no 99 to 1
21 316
22 317 SPTS. UTV (10)
22 318 1 1801 JASON RALEY Oh, really? 99 to 1
22 319 2 1802 MARTY FIOLKA Lost a bar bet?! 99.9 to 1
22 320 3 1803 RICHARD NELSON Half-nelson, actually 99 to 1
22 321 4 1804 TODD ROMANO Still cheeZey 99 to 1
22 322 5 1805 CASSEY CURRIE Curry's no favors 99 to 1
22 323 6 1806 Gili Hacohen One word: sleeping bag 99 to 1
22 324 7 1807 Matthew Kimmerle Take the pavement! 99 to 1
22 325 8 1808 Thomas Graves Situation grave, inndeed 99 to 1
22 326 9 1809 Jeff Creagan Use the Protruck!!!!! 99 to 1
22 327 10 1849 DAMON CARDONE-1st RS Self-abuse 99 to 1

2007 Baja 500 - Race Briefing

1) The Competitors Meeting will be held Friday, June 1 at 7:00pm in the Cathedral Room at the Riviera Convention Center.
2) All competitors are reminded that off road racing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or even
3) SCORE cannot regulate the conduct of spectators. Be advised that spectators may engage in malicious activity.
When approaching a group of spectators - SLOW DOWN & BE ALERT!!
4) The roads used for this race course are open to the public. You must expect at all times to encounter oncoming traffic.
You must also expect to encounter cattle roaming freely on and around the race course.
5) The speed limit for all race vehicles on all highway sections is 60 mph. This speed limit will be enforced with the rally logger.
Passing on the highway sections must be made on the left-hand side only, within the 60 MPH speed limit, and by obeying the
highway markings. All participants MUST possess a valid driver license while operating the race vehicle.
6) HIGHWAY SPEED ZONES / There are NINE (9) paved highway sections subject to the 60 mph speed limit:
1 - LEFT ON HWY 3 @ KM 12 (MILE 16.1) to LEFT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 19 (MILE 19.1) à 3.0 MILES.
2 - RIGHT ON OJOS PAVEMENT (MILE 34.3) to CROSS HWY 3 @ KM 39 (MILE 35.4) à 1.1 MILES.
3 - RIGHT ON HWY 3 @ KM 77 (MILE 76.9) to LEFT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 78 (MILE 78.1) à 1.2 MILES.
4 - LEFT ON HWY 3 @ KM 117 (MILE 110.7) to RIGHT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 137 (MILE 122.9) à 12.2 MILES.
7 - RIGHT ON HWY 1 @ KM 102 (MILE 281.5) to LEFT OFF HWY 1 @ KM 96 (MILE 285.5) à 4.0 MILES.
8 - LEFT ON HWY 1 @ KM 51 (MILE 340.9) to RIGHT OFF HWY 1 @ KM 39 (MILE 348.6) à 7.7 MILES.
9 - LEFT ON HWY 3 @ KM 25 (MILE 398.3) to RIGHT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 12 (MILE 406.3) à 8.0 MILES.
7) All competitors must do their part to protect and preserve the Baja ecological environment. Please instruct your team that it
is very important to properly dispose of all solid and liquid waste. Do not litter, start fires, or deviate from the marked course.
8) The race course is marked with orange/white ribbon, yellow reflective tape, orange directional arrows, green wrong ways, and
mile markers every five miles. SCORE cannot guarantee that course markings will be in place on race day. It is the responsibility
of each competitor to race in a controlled manner and be able to slow down to avoid danger spots.
9) Four-Wheel vehicles that are in a position to pass a motorcycle or atv MUST NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS UNTIL THE RIDER
HAS MOVED TO THE SIDE OF THE COURSE. Motorcycles and ATVs must remain aware of approaching traffic and move
over as quickly as possible. Four-Wheel vehicles are ultimately responsible for the safety of passing. USE YOUR HORN!!!
10) SCORE will use 151.625 (Weatherman Relay) for the main race operations radio frequency. Please use this frequency to
report an emergency or ask for help. PCI customers may use the PCI customer frequency instead of 151.625.
11) Stub Cans will NOT be used at this race. You are required to enter all four checkpoints in a single file manner and come
to a complete stop at the stop sign. Entering and exiting all checkpoints must be done in a safe and prudent manner in order to
guarantee the safety of checkpoint workers. Checkpoint signage will be placed on the right side of the course.
12) Passing is not permitted 300 feet before a checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 300 feet before and 100 feet after a
checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 100 feet before or 100 feet after a paved highway crossing. No towing, pushing or
pulling through a checkpoint or greater than 1% of the course, which at this race is 4.2 miles.
13) No towing, pushing or pulling of Four-Wheel vehicles within 1 mile of the finish line. SCORE has created an exception to
this rule and allows pushing across the finish line by wristbanded vehicle occupants only. Vehicle occupants are allowed to push
their disabled race vehicle across the finish line, but only if the vehicle becomes disabled after exiting the Ensenada wash and is
situated on the pavement or dirt hardpack which exists just prior to the finish line at the Softball Stadium.
14) A competitor who is late for his assigned start time will start at the back of the class that is currently starting. The elapsed
time of a late starter begins with his DESIGNATED START TIME, not the late start time.
15) All classes have 20 hours from their designated start time to complete the race, provided that each checkpoint is cleared
within the scheduled closing time.
16) Checkpoint locations and closing times are as follows:
à FINISH LINE - SOFTBALL STADIUM / MILE 420.1 @ SUNDAY 8:00AM (approximately).
17) The race will start in front of the Riviera Convention Center on Boulevard Costero. The race will finish at the Campo de
Jose Negro Soto Softball Stadium, which is located at the intersection of 11th Street and Espinoza Avenue.
18) Motorcycles and ATV classes will report to staging at 5:30AM for a 6:00AM start.
One every 15 seconds in the following order: 22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, 25, 24, SptMoto>, SptMoto<, SptAtv. 19) There will be a full three hour gap between the last ATV starter and the first Trophy Truck starter. Four-Wheel vehicles will start NO EARLIER than 10:00AM, and APPROXIMATELY at 10:00AM. 20) The following Four-Wheel classes will start one every 30 seconds in the following order: TT, SIT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1/2-1600. 21) The remaining Four-Wheel classes will start one every 15 seconds in the following order: 5, 7, 5-1600, 7S, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, JP1, JP3, Sptk, Spbg, 11, Utv. 22) STAGING TIMES - TT(9:30AM), SIT(9:40AM), 1(9:45AM), 10(10:00AM), SL(10:15AM), 8(10:30AM), PT(10:35AM), 1/2-16(10:40AM), 5(10:50AM), 7(10:55AM), 5-1600(11:00AM), 7S(11:05AM), 7SX(11:10AM), SF(11:15AM), SM(11:20AM), 9(11:25AM), 3(11:30AM), JP1(11:35AM), JP3(11:40AM), SPTK(11:45AM), SPBG(11:50AM), 11(11:55AM), UTV(12:00PM). 23) Late registration will open at 5:30AM on Saturday morning at the Riviera Convention Center. 24) A technical protest MUST be filed no later than 30 minutes after the first finisher out of the money in your class. 25) The posting of Unofficial Results will be at 9:00AM Sunday in the lobby of the San Nicolas Hotel. The Competition Review Board will meet at 10:00AM Sunday at the San Nicolas Hotel. The Awards Presentation will be held poolside at 11:00AM Sunday at the San Nicolas Hotel. Baja Racing Pits

Here are the 9 pit locations for Baja Pits for the 2007 Baja 500.
For anyone that remembers the communication cluster at last years 500, here is the answer.
At this race all Baja Pits will be equipped with Sat Phones.
The list of phone #s will be made available to all race teams
signed up with Baja Pits at contingency.
If you ever spent hours wondering where your car or bike was we have the answer.
Rent or buy a Sat phone from All Road Communication and sign up for emergency service with Baja Pits. All 9 pits will record each racer passed their pit. There are 3 BFG pits, 4 check points and 1 Weatherman but there are hundreds of Baja Pits eyes on the race course at all times. Baja Pits is linked by 13 Sat phones with bilingual operators including one at the start line.

For the first weekend of the Baja 500 Pre Running, Baja Pits will have two (2) Free Pre Run Pits setup.

Pit # 1 will be at RM 185, San Telmo Road.
Pit # 2 will be in the Valle T area, between the Pemex Station and the Mikes Sky Ranch road turnoff itself at RM 121.

This is for the weekend of May 19-20th only for now, two pit locations.

Each free pit location will have a Sat phone for emergencies and break downs.

Each free pit location will have water, food at lunch time and several guys to babysit your vehicles and help you should you have a problems in that area.

Look for the bright orange tri angles with large, black letters
"BAJA PITS" on them.

The second weekend will have at least one Free Pre Run pit on Memorial Day weekend, Saturday through Monday at one of these two locations. The second pit isn't confirmed yet for weekend # 2.

Contact Baja Pits about any fuel that may be pre located at Pre Run Pit # 1, RM 185 for the weekend.

So far, over 60 racers have called since Monday, saying they want to camp out at whatever location is picked.

SPEED Mex News Release

Over 525 entries now expected

With 511 official entries to date, new all-time SCORE entry record
Guaranteed for next week’s 39th Annual Baja 500

284 cars and trucks, 224 motorcycles and ATVs among entries
From 32 States, 13 countries for June 1-3 race in Ensenada

LOS ANGELES—With late entries accepted until race morning, an all-time entry field is already guaranteed for next weekend’s 39th Annual Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world. As of yesterday’s 5 p.m. cutoff for entries not to be charged a late fee, 511 current official entries had been accepted by the SCORE International office in Los Angeles.
A race-record lineup of nearly 500 entries competing in 28 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, will be held June 1-3 in Ensenada, Mexico.
The amazing total marks the first time in the 34-year history of the popular desert racing organization that entries have passed the 500 plateau. The growing new total easily eclipses the 469 total entries at the old SCORE Parker 400 in 1998 and the 465 total entries received for this race last year, which was the first time a SCORE race in Mexico ever had over 400 entries.
“It will be cliché to say it, but this is absolutely, unbelievably amazing,” said Sal Fish, SCORE CEO/President since soon after SCORE was founded in 1973. “This race was the first SCORE sanctioned and produced event in Mexico on July 26, 1974 and I was very proud to be part of that pioneering event that had a solid 279 starters. This year, I am extremely humbled to be part of this exciting landmark in the history of SCORE International that will end up having around 500 official starters next Saturday. SCORE and its incredible race staff of over 400 dedicated individuals are honored to help make history with these dynamic adventurers.”
This marks only the fourth time in the over three-decade history of SCORE Baja racing that the entry list has reached more than 400. Last year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 500 had 465 entries, last year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 had 449, and this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 250 in March had 423 official entries.
With this year’s entry list already at 511, a new all-time SCORE record is also guaranteed for actual starters. The current overall SCORE record is 452, set at the old SCORE Parker 400 in 1988, and the current SCORE Baja racing record of 438 was set at this race last year. Third on the current all-time SCORE starters list is the 431 that started last year’s Baja 1000 peninsula run from Ensenada to La Paz.
A race-record field of 54 unlimited Class 1 open-wheel desert race cars are set to attempt to capture the overall 4-wheel vehicle title in this year’s Baja 500, unseating the marquee Trophy-Trucks, those high-tech, high-budget, 800-horsepower, unlimited production trucks who have won the overall 10 times in their 13-year history. There are also 39 Trophy-Trucks entered for next weekend’s epic race.
And while the thundering herd of Trophy-Trucks and Class 1 race cars blast their way around the Northern part of the Baja peninsula, the growing field of motorcycles and ATVs, now at an amazing 224 total entries, will be waging their own special challenge against the elements, the competitors and their own mental and physical strength and stamina.
With late entries accepted up to race morning, nearly 525 entries are expected from 32 U.S. States from Hawaii to Rhode Island as well as Mexico, Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. The green flag will drop for the race at 6 a.m. on Saturday (June 2) for the motorcycle and ATV classes in the Baja 500, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 10 a.m. The Baja race-record 511 vehicles entered to date include 287 cars and trucks and 224 motorcycles and ATVs.
Back to defend their overall 4-wheel vehicle and SCORE Trophy-Truck title is the team of Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz./Brian Collins, Las Vegas, in the No. 12 Collins Motorsports Chevy Silverado. Returning as the overall motorcycle and Class 22 champs is the team of Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., on the No. 1x Honda CRF450X. Back to defend their overall ATV and Class 25 victory is the team of Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Carlsbad, Calif., on the No. 1a Honda TRX450R.
For the first time in race history, Volkswagen of America officially entered two of its Dakar Rally factory teams. Driven by American Mark Miller and South African Giniel de Villers, the two turbo-diesel VW Race Touareg SUVs will compete in a special Truck class. They will start between Trophy-Truck and Class 1.
To date, the Pro 4-Wheel vehicles classes with the most entries are: Class 1 (54), SCORE Trophy-Truck (39), SCORE Lite (27), Class 1-2/1600 (26) and Class 5/1600 (20).
Leading the Motorcycle classes in entries so far are Class 22 (25), Class 21 and Class 40 (22 each) and Class 30 (21). Class 25 for open ATVs has 16 entries. Among the Sportsman classes, SPT Motorcycles over 250cc has 58 entries and SPT ATV has 22.
Miller, who has won the SCORE Trophy-Truck class twice in the SCORE Baja 500 (in 2002 with Larry Ragland and in 2003 with Ryan Arciero) was fourth overall in this year’s Dakar Rally while de Villers won four stages in the rally and finished 11th overall.
In SCORE history, this will be the ninth race to have 400 or more starters, with the SCORE Parker 400 having that number six times, the Baja 500 twice and the Baja 1000 once.
Reflecting the continuing popularity of SCORE desert racing, the number of starters in the Baja 500 has jumped dramatically this decade. Starting with 219 in 2000, the event has increased each year—2001 (249), 2002 (258), 2003 (260), 2004 (300), 2005 (345) and 2006 (438).
The starting line area will once again be in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero in downtown Ensenada, Mexico. The finish line will be where it was last year--inside the Campo de Softball Jose Negro Soto stadium at 11th Street (Calle Once) and Espinoza Avenue in Ensenada. The stadium is located approximately 1.5 miles east of the start line area. Vehicles will start in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race.
Pre-race festivities at the 39th Baja 500 will include the colorful SCORE Midway and tech inspection adjacent to the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday (June 1). Racer registration will be held in the Grand Ballroom at the San Nicolas Hotel from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday (May 31) and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday (June 1).
The mandatory racer’s briefing will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday (June 1) in the Cathedral Room at the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center.
At 11 a.m. on Sunday (June 3), the awards celebration will be held poolside at the San Nicolas Hotel.
Starting and finishing in Ensenada on the majestic Baja California peninsula, this year’s tight and technical course will run in a clockwise direction, running East into the middle of the peninsula, then South, followed by a West travel section, turning north, then East, North, Northeast and back West for the final charge back into Ensenada.
SCORE Desert Racing
All-Time Top Race Starters

Year Race, STARTERS (Finishers)
1988 SCORE Parker 400—452 Starters (249 Finishers)
2006 SCORE Baja 500—438 Starters (221 Finishers)
2006 SCORE Baja 1000—431 Starters (234 Finishers)
1980 SCORE Parker 400—421 Starters (225 Finishers)
1987 SCORE Parker 400—419 Starters (199 Finishers)
1986 SCORE Parker 400—415 Starters (215 Finishers)
1989 SCORE Parker 400—403 Starters (221 Finishers)
1981 SCORE Parker 400—400 Starters (197 Finishers)

SCORE Desert Racing
All-Time Top Race Finishers

Year Race, FINISHERS (Starters)
1988 SCORE Parker 400—249 Finishers (452 Starters)
2006 SCORE Baja 1000—234 Finishers (431 Starters)
1980 SCORE Parker 400—225 Finishers (421 Starters)
2006 SCORE Baja 500—221 Finishers (438 Starters)
1989 SCORE Parker 400—221 Finishers (403 Starters)
1986 SCORE Parker 400—215 Finishers (415 Starters)
1988 SCORE Baja 500—202 Finishers (332 Starters)
1987 SCORE Parker 400—199 Finishers (419 Starters)
2004 SCORE Baja 1000—198 Finishers (284 Starters)
1981 SCORE Parker 400—197 Finishers (400 Starters)

2007 Baja 500

39th Annual Baja 500 Desert Race—Round 3, of the six-race 2007 Desert Series

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 31-June 3, 2007

Ensenada-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border at San Diego)

Over 475 entries from 31 States; Mexico, Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Africa & New Zealand

TOTAL MILEAGE: 420.11 miles (4 checkpoints).
Starts in downtown Ensenada adjacent to the Riviera Cultural Center and finishes at Campo de Softball Jose Negro Soto stadium, 11th & Espinoza, in the heart of Ensenada. Starting and finishing in Ensenada, this year’s tight and technical course will run in a clockwise direction, running East into the middle of the peninsula, then South, followed by a West travel section, turning north, then East, North and back West for the final charge back into Ensenada. The course travels in a clockwise direction for the second straight year and second time since 2003, with just the first 16.13 miles from the start being used both ways. From Ojos Negros, the outgoing course heads due South. The first 112.25 miles of the course is the same route as used in March’s Baja 250 to Valle de Trinidad. The course goes southeast from Ojos to El Alamo (rm65.48) and back northeast to Highway 3 at K78+ ( rm78.06). After running 1.19 miles on the highway, the course turns east then immediately south paralleling Highway 3 through Santa Catarina (rm86.32) and along the infamous Goat Trail before merging into Highway 3 south just after K117 (rm110.7) to run on pavement to K138 (rm122.91). The course then heads South, Southwest and up and around Mike’s Sky Rancho, rm142.66, and back down around behind Rancho Meling and back up through Rancho El Coyote, rm208.32. The course then winds north towards Valley de Trinidad and down Simpson’s hill, turning West at rm252.62. Shooting across to Highway 1 at K102, rm281.49, the course goes north on pavement to K96, rm285.53. At this point, the course winds West and then North for a sprint along the Pacific Ocean, turning back inland and NorthEast at rm326.94. At rm340.85, Highway 1, K51+, the course turns North at Santo Tomas, to Uruapan at K42, rm348.55 where it turns East and north through the Cerro San Antonio mountains dropping back down west of Ojos Negros eventually joining the outgoing course at K25 (rm398.29).
Checkpoints: CK1-Santa Catarina, rm86.32; CK2-Buena Vista, rm197.13; CK3-San Vicente, rm286.36; CK4-Rancho San Antonio, rm385.36.


THURSDAY, May 31, 2007--(all times PDT)
Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 2p.m.-6 p.m.
Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 2p.m.-6p.m.

FRIDAY, June 1, 2007--(all times PDT)
Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.-5p.m.
Contingency/Tech Inspection, adjacent to San Nicolas Hotel, 10a.m.-6p.m.
Mandatory Racer Meeting, Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, 7p.m.

SUNDAY, June 3, 2007--(all times PDT)
Posting of Unofficial Results-San Nicolas Hotel, 8a.m.
Competition Review Board-San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.
Awards Celebration-San Nicolas Hotel, 11a.m.


SATURDAY/SUNDAY, June 2-3, 2007 (all times PDT)
(Subject to Change)

START: In front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in downtown Ensenada.
FINISH: Campo de Softball Jose Negro Soto stadium, 11th (Calle Once) & Espinoza-Ensenada.

Late Registration AND Late Tech, start line, 5a.m.
Motorcycles & ATVs-6a.m.; Cars & Trucks-10 a.m. (Approx)

CLASS STARTING ORDER: (One vehicle every 30 seconds)
Motorcycles/ATVs--22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, SPT M/C>250cc, SPT M/C<250cc,>

Busy pre-running begins Saturday in Mexico on rugged 420.11-mile race course for 39th Baja 500

June 1-3 race in Ensenada has entries from 31 States, 13 countries.

LOS ANGELES— With the course map, course notes and GPS coordinates released Monday, pre-race activity steps up significantly starting Saturday when the world’s best desert racers officially begin their pre-running and course logistics activities for next month’s record-setting 39th Annual Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world. Round 3 of the six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series will feature over 475 entries, competing in 28 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. It will be held June 1-3 in Ensenada, Mexico. Traditionally one of the most popular events on the SCORE schedule, over 150,000 spectators are expected to enjoy the world’s best desert racers in action at this year’s race. With late entries excepted up to race morning, over 475 entries are expected from 31 U.S. States from Hawaii to Rhode Island as well as Mexico, Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. The green flag will drop for the race at 6 a.m. on Saturday (June 2) for the motorcycle and ATV classes in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 10 a.m. The 455 vehicles entered to date include 261 cars and trucks and 194 motorcycles and ATVs. There will be an 18-hour time limit in the elapsed-time race. This year’s massive field will challenge the very technical and rugged 420.11-mile course. Pre-running, or repeated practice driving and riding the course will be allowed up to the day before the race (Friday, June 1). Back to defend their overall 4-wheel vehicle and SCORE Trophy-Truck title is the team of Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz./Brian Collins, Las Vegas, in the No. 12 Collins Motorsports Chevy Silverado. Returning as the overall motorcycle and Class 22 champs is the team of Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., on the No. 1x Honda CRF450X. Back to defend their overall ATV and Class 25 victory is the team of Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Carlsbad, Calif., on the No. 1a Honda TRX250R.

Starting and finishing in Ensenada on the majestic Baja California peninsula, this year’s tight and technical course will run in a clockwise direction, running East into the middle of the peninsula, then South, followed by a West travel section, turning north, then East, North, Northeast and back West for the final charge back into Ensenada. The race course is very similar to last year’s brutally-tough adventure, with a few notable exceptions. This year’s course will not go through the Pine Forest east of Ojos Negros and the first 112.05 miles will be the same route as used in March’s 21st Tecate SCORE Baja 250 through Tres Hermanos, El Alamo and down to Valle de Trinidad. The most significant course change from a year ago is the addition of a new 50-mile stretch never before used in the 34-year history of SCORE Baja races. After winding back to the Pacific Ocean and up to Santo Tomas, the new section will run from Uruapan at race-mile 348.55 through the Cerro San Antonio mountains and back down to west of Ojos Negros at race-mile 398.29. The clockwise direction of travel will also have the racers run down the infamous Simpson Hill, instead of the incredibly-tough uphill route used in 2005.

On the Southern-most part of the course behind Mike’s Sky Rancho, the course has again added length by going south and west around Rancho Meling before rejoining last year’s course around Rancho Coyote. The diverse terrain and altitude variation also includes an awe-inspiring sprint along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean of approximately 30 miles starting around race-mile 300. Several crossover/celebrity racers are already entered in this year’s race, led by NASCAR’s Robby Gordon and Brendan Gaughan. Both second generation desert racers, Gordon, Mooresville, N.C., who has won this race three times, is a NASCAR Cup Team Owner/Driver and is entered in SCORE Trophy-Truck while Las Vegan Gaughan, who is a NASCAR Truck Series driver, is entered in Class 1. Gordon, whose last win in this race was 2005, will again be pulling double-duty, competing in the SCORE race in Baja on June 2 and the NASCAR Cup race in Dover, Del. Seven-time World Rally Championship race winner Armin Schwarz of Austria is returning to Baja for the second time to race in Class 1 and Pikes Peak Hill Climb record holder Rod Millen of New Zealand is back again to race in the Stock Mini class.

Supercross and AMA motocross legend Ricky Johnson, Encinitas, Calif., has signed on as a second driver in this race and the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 with Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, in SCORE Trophy-Truck. Millen’s son Rhyss Millen, also a Pikes Peak Hill Climb veteran and a national drifting champion, will be a co-driver for Chet Huffman, Northridge, Calif., in SCORE Trophy-Truck. Jamie Galles, of Albuquerque, N.M., a former Trans Am and Toyota Atlantic racer, will be a co-driver for Josh Rigsby, Santa Fe, N.M., in Class 1. Shawn Highland, Temecula, Calif., a star of the international tour, will co-ride with Marc Burnett, Chula Vista, Calif. and 2005 SCORE Baja 500 overall motorcycle winner Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., on the No. 15x Suzuki RMZ450. Trigger Gumm, Mission Viejo, Calif., is a motorcycle long jump former world record holder who is entered in the unlimited Class 1. The two celebrity drivers who are all SCORE regulars are Jesse James and Max Thieriot. James, Sunset Beach, Calif., whose wife is legendary motion picture star Sandra Bullock, is the CEO of the world-famous West Cost Choppers company and was the star of the old Monster Garage television series. He races in SCORE Trophy-Truck. Thieriot, 18 of Petaluma, Calif., is a budding Hollywood actor with several supporting roles to his credit, races in Class 1 with his father Cam Thieriot and Glenn Harris, Camarillo, Calif., who are both veteran desert racers. Max Thieriot’s film credits include The Pacifier (2005), Astronaut Farmer (2007) and a co-starring role in this summer’s release of the Nancy Drew mystery movie. He drew the first starting position in the unlimited Class 1 which has a race-high 52 entries.

To date, the Pro 4-Wheel vehicles classes with the most entries are: Class 1 (52), SCORE Trophy-Truck (39), SCORE Lite (27), Class 1-2/1600 (23) and Class 51/600 (20). Leading the Motorcycle classes in entries so far are Class 22 (23), Class 30 (20), Class 40 and Class 21 (18 each). Class 25 for open ATVs has 16 entries. Among the Sportsman classes, SPT Motorcycles over 250cc has 50 entries and SPT ATV has 18. The starting line area will once again be in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero in downtown Ensenada, Mexico. The finish line will be where it was last year--inside the Campo de Softball Jose Negro Soto stadium at 11th Street (Calle Once) and Espinoza Avenue in Ensenada. The stadium is located approximately 1.5 miles east of the start line area. Vehicles will start in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race.

Pre-race festivities at the 39th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 will include the colorful SCORE Midway and tech inspection between the San Nicolas Hotel and the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in Ensenada from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday (June 1). As SCORE officials finalize the course layout for this year’s race, pre-running will begin on Sat., May 19.

May 1 Baja 500 NEWS


THURSDAY, MAY 31 / San Nicolas Hotel
Driver Registration - 2:00PM to 6:00PM

FRIDAY, JUNE 1 / San Nicolas Hotel
Express Registration - 8:30AM to 10:30AM
Regular Registration - 10:30AM to 5:00PM
Media Center - 9:00AM to 5:00PM

FRIDAY, JUNE 1 / Adjacent to La Pinta Hotel
Contingency Row - 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Technical Inspection - 10:00AM to 6:00PM

FRIDAY, JUNE 1 / Riviera Convention Center
Competitors Meeting - 7:00PM

SATURDAY, JUNE 2 / Riviera Convention Center
Late Registration & Tech - 5:30AM to 1:00PM
Motorcycle & ATV Start - 6:00AM
Four Wheel Start - 10:00AM (approximately)

SUNDAY, JUNE 3 / San Nicolas Hotel
Posting of Unofficial Results - 8:00AM
Competition Review Board - 9:00AM
Awards Presentation (poolside) - 11:00AM

PRE-RUNNING: The race course will be marked and open for pre-running beginning on Saturday, May 19. The Score Course Map and will be posted on our website when it becomes available.

START LINE: The race will start on Boulevard Costero in front of the Riviera Convention Center.

FINISH LINE: The race will finish at the Softball Stadium, which is located at the intersection of 11th Street and Espinoza Avenue.

TIME LIMIT: All competitors will have 20 hours from their designated start time to complete the race.




WOLFSBURG, Germany -
Impressive début of the Volkswagen Race Touareg in North America: In the Baja 500 offroad classic, the factory duo of Mark Miller/Ralph Pitchford (USA/South Africa) clinched class victory ahead of their team-mates Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewitz (South Africa/Germany).
In the overall classification of the 273 competing vehicles, Miller/Pitchford took eleventh, and de Villiers/von Zitzewitz 16th place. Volkswagen impressed particularly with its modern TDI diesel technology as the two Race Touareg cars powered by 2.5-litre five-cylinder TDI engines were the only vehicles to complete the 420.11-mile (675.92-km) Baja 500, which is considered the world's toughest one-day rally, without a single refuelling stop."

This was a strong showing of the Race Touareg on unusual and extremely tough terrain, and this success proves its ruggedness and reliability. Both Touaregs were running perfectly, the tyres on both vehicles were changed only once – that was all," Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen summed up the positive outcome. "The drivers and co-drivers as well as the entire team prepared themselves perfectly for this unusual task, and our special thanks go to Volkswagen of America for their outstanding support."Race Touareg thrills and surprises fansAs early as during the tremendous parade to the Technical Scrutineering in the centre of the North Mexican town of Ensenada, the Race Touareg was the major attraction for the huge crowd of fans. This prototype, which was developed for fielding in the world famous Dakar Rally, appeared virtually compact amidst the huge Trophy Trucks and Buggies with their brawny V8 engines.

After several official pre-runs of the route preceding the actual rally on 02 June, Giniel de Villiers was definitely pensive: "The track is so brutal that it will be a success just taking both Touaregs all the way to the finish." Initially, these were the sentiments of many Americans as well, but with each mile the enthusiasm for the two blue Race Touareg cars of the Volkswagen Red Bull team grew."It's fantastic how well our Race Touaregs were running on this tough terrain," commented Mark Miller. The American, who – with co-driver Ralph Pitchford at his side – finished this year's Dakar Rally in fourth place overall, knows what he's talking about, having contested the Baja 500 as many as ten times, with five overall Baja victories to his credit. "Of course I'm very proud being able to contest the Baja with Volkswagen and to thus demonstrate the Touareg's power and performance this way,"Mark Miller added. "

The fact that we achieved this success with a diesel engine that is relatively quiet but develops incredible torque and, what's more, without having to refuel even once while the U.S. vehicles had to stop for fuel two or even three times is a milestone in the long history of the Baja and proves how advanced TDI technology is."Giniel de Villiers, runner-up in the 2006 "Dakar" in the Race Touareg, noted with surprise:"Only on the extremely bumpy parts of the track did we have a disadvantage compared to the U.S. vehicles with their long suspension travels, as we are subject to extreme limitations in this regard on account of the Dakar regulations. Except for this aspect, we were definitely able to keep the pace and were often even faster. Due to the huge amount of dust, though, or the tight tracks, we weren't able to overtake very often. After all, we didn't want to take any unnecessary risks."Reaching the finish after ten hours.

When Miller/Pitchford and de Villiers/von Zitzewitz reached the finish in Ensenada after ten hours, they were showing obvious signs of the ordeal and the endless dust they'd been through. "It's incredible how we were shaken about over the entire distance. I can feel every fibre of my body," commented Ralph Pitchford. And Mark Miller, as well, had to admit: "That was the toughest, most brutal route I've ever driven in a Baja 500."Consequently, the Volkswagen foursome particularly relished the celebration after reaching the finish, and patiently answered questions of the many fans and media representatives. "This Baja 500 is a huge spectacle with enormous fan support and enthusiasm.

The event exceeded all my expectations. It was a great experience, a strenuous as well as a fascinating one," said Dirk von Zitzewitz in the end.Baja history has close ties to VolkswagenBy fielding the two Race Touraregs, Volkswagen of America continued a long tradition, as the history of these rallies on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, not far from the U.S. city of San Diego, is closely linked to Volkswagen. Volkswagen already competed in the Baja's 1967 début, and the legendary VW Buggy was guaranteed to be successful in the Bajas and became a cult car. To this day, numerous cars designed by privateers, some of them based on the Beetle, are powered by VW engines."During the pre-runs for this Baja 500 we even worked out new suspension set-ups, which may enable us to make further strides in the Dakar Rally, particularly in camel grass," explained Mark Miller. "Of course it would be great to also compete in the sister rally, the Baja 1000, in November. The Race Touareg has got what it takes to successfully master this long Baja as well. But at that time, of course, the preparations for the 2008 'Dakar' will take precedence."

VW UPDATE MAY 30, 2007

North America début: Volkswagen Race Touareg in Baja 500

Début of the Volkswagen Race Touareg in North America: Volkswagen will enter two vehicles with the driver/co-driver pairings of Mark Miller/Ralph Pitchford (USA/RSA) and Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA/D) in the legendary Baja 500. The offroad race will be staged at Ensenada on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California on 2 June on a 500-mile loop, equating to roughly 800 kilometres. The Baja 500 is seen as the “little sister” of the Baja 1000, which is closely connected with the origin of the first generation of buggies based on Volkswagen technology.

"We are happy about being able to enter a Volkswagen Race Touareg for the first time in a competition in North America and are looking forward to this exceptional rally with eager anticipation,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen. "The event presents a good opportunity to demonstrate the power and performance of Volkswagen’s TDI technology in front of a large audience. The organisers of the American SCORE offroad series also had a major interest in Volkswagen making its factory début in the Baja 500. What’s important to us is to show a good performance in completely new terrain.”

Volkswagen factory driver Mark Miller as the local hero of U.S. fans

Volkswagen factory driver Mark Miller has previously contested the Baja 500 as many as ten times – on a motorcycle and in heavy American Trophy Trucks. Nevertheless, the five-time Baja winner is particularly looking forward to his participation at the wheel of a Volkswagen Race Touareg 2. "On account of their higher power and longer suspension travel, the American Trophy Trucks are probably superior to us on the extremely fast and straight tracks, but the good suspension of the compact and more agile Race Touareg can probably display its strengths on the twisty sections. I’m expecting a very exciting rally. Of course, celebrating my first victory with the Race Tourag here would be a dream.”

In the roughly 800-kilometre one-day event on the peninsula of Baja California in the northern part of Mexico the regulations allow more freedom of action than – for example – in the Dakar Rally or the Cross-Country World Rally Cup. "There are more things allowed such as team members accompanying the rally vehicles in helicopters to keep the drivers posted on how the rally is going. As the large trucks and buggies do not have any rear-view mirrors, and are not equipped with Sentinel systems enabling faster vehicles to signal their approach like in the ’Dakar’, it’s certainly common practice to ‘tap’ a vehicle in front of you, in other words to make your presence known by slightly touching its rear. With our flat and compact Race Touareg 2, this will be pretty difficult because we’d tend to drive under the high trucks rather than ‘tapping’ them,” explained Mark Miller, who will be contesting the event with his South African co-driver Ralph Pitchford. Pitchford will be competing in North America for the first time.

Baja début for Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz

For Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz in the second Volkswagen Race Touareg 2, the American Baja rallies are new territory as well. "The Baja 500 is a long offroad sprint race. Due to the hard tracks covered with potholes, this will probably be an extremely tough event for both man and material. I’ve been told that the track resembles the Dakar Rally’s legs in Northern Morocco,” said Giniel de Villiers. "Experience is particularly important here, as some of the parts of the route are repeated frequently. We do not yet know what is awaiting us, but we would be very pleased to ultimately finish among the top five. I don’t expect that a better result will be possible competing against the U.S. drivers in their big trucks.”

"Unlike the situation in the Dakar Rally or Cross-Country Rally World Cup, we have the opportunity here to drive the entire route before in so-called pre-runs with a service vehicle or the Race Touareg,” said co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz. "Of course we’ll make use of this opportunity. Similar to the roadbooks in a classical rally, we are planning to prepare detailed rally notes. Unlike the large trucks, we won’t necessarily have to make any refuelling stops during the race thanks to our five-cylinder TDI engine. Our goal will be to complete the entire distance on one tank of diesel fuel and with as few tyre changes as possible."

Sal Fish states, "Volkswagen engines are the most successful in the history of desert racing". Wow, tall statement.

Diesel powered Race Touareg 2's head to Mexico with American Mark Miller and South African Giniel de Villiers

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., May 10 /Baja Racing News/ -- Volkswagen of America, Inc. has officially entered two Volkswagen Motorsport Dakar Rally vehicles in this year's running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, June 1-3, 2007. This will be the first race for the Race Touareg 2 vehicles in North America, and also marks the first ever Volkswagen factory racing entry in the legendary SCORE desert series racing. The Volkswagen team will feature an international cast of Volkswagen works drivers ready to tackle the challenging terrain of the Baja peninsula.

Race Touareg # 81i will be driven by American Mark Miller with his South African co-driver Ralph Pitchford. For Miller, the 45 year old Phoenix, Arizona native, this event will be a unique opportunity to bring together his experience and success from two of the most revered off-road races in the world. He is a five time Baja Champion and the highest finishing American driver ever in a four-wheeled vehicle at Dakar, taking fourth place overall this past January with Pitchford onboard as co-driver.

Piloting Race Touareg # 83i will be South African Giniel de Villiers and German co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz. While this will be the first SCORE race for de Villiers, the 34 year old driver from Stellenbosch, South Africa, he is very familiar with the turbo diesel powered Race Touareg, having placed second overall in the 2006 Dakar rally.

The Volkswagen Race Touareg 2 is powered by an 'in-line' five cylinder, 2.5-liter four-valve per cylinder TDI diesel engine, fitted with a two-stage intercooled turbo-charger system. In this configuration, the engine produces 285 horsepower and over 440 ft.lbs of torque. The engine is positioned longitudinally behind the front suspension, and sends its power to a longitudinally mounted six-speed sequential race gearbox. A permanent four- wheel drive system featuring three mechanical differentials with viscous locking is used to provide superior traction.

"Volkswagen is looking forward to being involved in the 39th Annual Baja 500. It is a tremendously famous racing event worldwide, and running our Race Touaregs in North America is an excellent opportunity for us to show the potential of the Volkswagen TDI diesel engine technology", said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen. "It will be a great experience not only from a technical standpoint, but also for our logistics, race preparation and team organization."

SCORE says, "The Baja 500 extremely excited to have these two international Volkswagen factory Race Touaregs competing. "We are also looking forward to enjoying the performance of the Volkswagen Turbo Diesel engines in this environment. Volkswagen engines are the most successful in the history of desert racing and this is a wonderful opportunity for all of us involved with this unique and incredible motorsport."

Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world's largest producers of passenger cars and Europe's largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Volkswagen Rabbit, Volkswagen New Beetle, Volkswagen New Beetle convertible, Volkswagen GTI, Jetta, Volkswagen GLI, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Passat wagon, Volkswagen Eos, and Volkswagen Touareg through approximately 600 independent U.S. dealers.

Totally Horrible Paths!

The German Rally-Champion Armin Schwarz is starting again at the SCORE Baja 500 - for the second time. He´s writing about his preparations in the U.S.: On the last weekend in April I had the great pleasure to sit in the Buggy of All German Motorsports again. We tested from Saturday to Monday in Nevada and Mexico. The whole experience was pure motorsport - and a driving orgy. I'm totally excited... but let's look at one thing after the other:

On Saturday, 28 April we drove in the Nevada desert: an open, fast terrain with deep wash-outs. When I say deep I mean anything from 70 cm to two metres. With the 700 hp Buggy we simply annihilated the one-metre gullies without slowing down at all. To be honest it's still unbelievably how our suspension survived this. With the two-metre wash-outs we climbed down with our buggy and up the other side.

At first, the rear of our buggy kicked up a bit when the springs went on block. That is a rather strange feeling at such high speeds. And another thing: A rear axle in the air doesn't give any propulsion. We changed the rebound of the shocks and managed to fix this problem.

We spent Sunday and Monday on the Baja California in Mexico: lots of first gear, mighty rocks, extremely long climbs on the single trials. These are narrow, often steep and totally horrible paths. Most important thing here is the greatest possible axle articulation and plenty of torque at relatively low revs. We were happy with the suspension. But the gearbox is still too long. For the Baja 500 at the beginning of June we will not be able to work on this. But for September we will find a suitable shorter gear ratio.

After dinner out into the desert again - just for fun

Our tests here reminded me a lot of the Safari Rallies of 20 years ago. The feeling of freedom here still seems unlimited. We could drive when and wherever we wanted to - and along the way met many, many adventurers who were either preparing for the Baja or simply enjoying their freedom with their ATVs, trucks, buggies or whatever else they felt like driving. Even Superstars like Robby Gordon sometimes turn up with their mates in the desert to spend some time driving extreme Offroad or looking for adventure out in nature. They hang out at hotels like Mike's Sky Ranch. These hotels are in the middle of nowhere, are only accessible for offroad specialists along donkey trails and are usually booked out the whole year.

Sometimes after dinner we would leap back into our Buggy and head out into the desert to drive a particularly difficult or beautiful section. In this way we checked out 100 miles of the coming Baja 500. This freedom is long gone from rallying. And how wonderful to have this still here in the SCORE championship.

Incidentally, close to Mike's Sky Ranch are a couple of tricky stretches of water that we tackled at various speeds - from slow wading to 80 kph. That worked well. The other extreme is the "Silk" - that's powdery dust (like in Africa) which is between 20 and 80 cm deep. You drive through this stuff like through deep water. The traction is practically zero and if you lose your momentum here then you're in the proverbial you-know-what!

Talking about dust, our television producer Norman Adelhutte experienced the tests up close. He sat in a four-seater racing buggy with his crew and they all got a lung-full of dust. But the rewards for their adventurous efforts is television footage that I have never seen before. Norman not only profits from his immense TV experience but also because he's crazy enough to bomb along through the desert with us.

By the time this newsletter goes online, I'll already be in Buenos Aires at the Rally Argentina where our Red Bull Team junior Andreas Aigner competes from 3-6 May. And as RTL expert I'll be reporting on the fourth round fight between Sebastien Loeb, Marcus Gronholm and their rivals. I'm really looking forward to this and can hardly wait for the Super Special Stage for spectators in the huge soccer stadium.

I'll get back to you in ten days with how things went in Argentina and also with news of our preparations for the 39th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 - which incidentally already has 400 entries in 34 classes! That is going to be a party!

VW in MX

"In an effort to promote Volkswagen’s diesel technology in the U.S, Volkswagen Motorsports has decided to enter their 285 hp Volkswagen Touareg 2 desert rally-car into the 2007 SCORE Baja 500. They will be racing two Volkswagen Motorsports rally-cars powered by the ever powerful and fuel efficient line of Volkswagen TDI diesel engines. These race vehicles are the exact same ones used to race the 2007 Dakar Ralley. The vehicles have been imported from Europe into the U.S., and will be race ready come the Baja 500.

The drivers of record will be Baja 500 and Baja 1000 winner Mark Miller, who is now involved with the Volkswagen Motorsports Dakar Ralley program. Miller will be joined by co-driver Ralph Pitchford from South Africa. In another Toureg 2 rally-car will be Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewitz (South Africa/Germany).

SCORE International has made the exception for these impressive rally cars to come into Baja and race along the sides of the unlimited SCORE Trophy Trucks and Class 1 cars. The Volkswagen Touaregs will be starting after the Trophy Trucks, and before Class 1.

Two Race-Touareg will also participate at the Transiberico-Rally in Portugal, the first round of the FIA Marathonrally Worldcup. The driver-pairings are not announced yet, but experts are talking about Carlos Sousa (Portugal) and Carlos Sainz (Spain)."

The Original Baja Racing News Headline:

Volkswagon sends factory team to Baja 500

" For the first time in race history, Volkswagen of America officially entered two of its Dakar Rally factory teams. Driven by American Mark Miller and South African Giniel De Vilers, the two turbo-diesel VW Taureg midsize Sport Utility Vehicles will compete in a special SCORE Int’l Truck class"