Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Touaregs "The Knights of the Desert" Volkswagon is sending the racing variety to your door

Baja racing fans, hold onto your racing seat.

From the Toureg Brochure:

"Pikes Peak. Winner.

We took three stock Touaregs pretty much straight off the [showroom] floor and entered them in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, or the "Race to the Clouds". We set them against 12.4 truck crushing miles and 156 hairpin turns up a 14,100 foot summit, armed with v10 diesel engines and 4xMOTION", VW brands most advanced all-wheel drive system to date. Not only did these Touaregs finish first, second and third in their division, they had better times than all the Baja Pro Trucks to boot. And they did it all in basically the same Toureg you can take for a joyride today at your local Volkswagon dealer."

Excuse me while I go take one of these rocket ships for a ride...More Loading later...

At SEMA 2006, the TOYOTA KXR, Dakar racer with the Toyota Diesel powerplant was on display. It was pointed out to us that, this powerplant IS NOT available on the consumer market. So, Volkswagon has done well to market at a reasonable price, the best diesel powerplant it has to deliver.