Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Viper V-10 in Baja 1000, over 190 MPH!

Reports are that two Viper V-10 animals will compete in this years Baja 1000

This is what 500K can buy you! Tested this past weekend, the buggy ran flawless. It needs spring and shock testing but its not bad right out of the box. The engine is unbelievable. Mike Joulson the owner of Jimco and multiple Baja races winner said its the best engine he's ever driven. All the power that you need and immediate response. Remember that this is a 4800 lb car, see photo of the trucks and you can get an idea of the size of the buggy.


Those are 39 inch BFG project (factories) tires. Mike took me for a 8 mile test loop at over 135 mph over terrain that you would have a hard time hiking over. There are sections that look like someone buried Volkswagens, bumps 4-5 feet tall and we were up on top at full speed. On the pavement the car will go over 145mph but we need to work on the aero at the front of the car. The air coming though the front tries to rip your head off. Viper V10 built by Exotic Engine Development with a dry sump oil pan and oil pump.

On the pavement

We went down the pavement at full speed, 4th gear for about 5 miles, the water temp never went over 190, and the oil was at 200. John wants to put the car in SEMA. He will custom paint the car like a snake if Dodge would put it in the their display. You have to see it in person to really understand how impressive it is.

From The Website

"Mike Joulson of Santee, California based Jimco Inc. and owner John Harrah of Reno, Nevada put the 2007 Jimco Dominator through initial function testing on Saturday in the southern California desert. The V-10 powered car ran several 8 mile laps around the test track in preparation for a full test session next week. The car ran trouble free and was very impressive right out of the box.

The test was a culmination of a years work to construct the car around the Dodge Viper / Exotic Engine Development VGX-R engine. The engine produces 730 horsepower and 680 Ft Lbs. of torque. The engine features a Dailey Engineering dry sump oil system, JM Striker Heads and Motec M880 Engine management tunes by Frederic Ducastel." See http://exoticengine.net/

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