Monday, December 17, 2007

Andy McMillin Baja 1000 Desert Race Report

Andy McMillin Overcomes and Finishes SCORE Baja 1000

San Diego, CA - Many veterans of the world famous SCORE Baja 1000 race were saying this years contest would be the most grueling in recent memory, and that proved to be true for more than one competitor. For Andy McMillin, it was mechanical issues that plagued him right from the start. Andy lost his alternator at race mile 78. Because of the unexpected location of the problem it took chase crews over two hours to reach the immobile truck with the replacement part. Once the number thirty-one McMillin/Red Bull Trophy Truck began moving again they regained some ground, only to suffer the very same problem. Troubleshooting revealed an apparent wiring issue, which was fixed quickly. The McMillin team battled the Baja terrain and even a few booby-traps before the truck was stopped again near race mile 980, just passed Loreto, with a failed transmission. After spending three hours swapping out the transmissions, the McMillin/Red Bull Trophy Truck once again began moving towards the finish, finally crossing the finish line through the Red Bull arches at 1:30 am Thursday morning with an official time of 38 hrs and 22 minutes.

"We had a little bad luck right from the start, but we didn’t give up. We got to the finish. In my eyes anybody who finishes this race is a champion. I want to thank my crew and the other drivers. They stayed and slugged it out with me to get the finish. I couldn’t have done that without them. Will be back next year ready to win!” stated the unfazed McMillin. Andy’s uncle, Mark McMillin finished 4th in Class 1 and 8th overall, and Andy’s cousin Daniel managed to also finish 4th in the highly competitive 1/2 1600 class.

Andy has stood up and is now leading off road racers to demand action on the part of SCORE in Mexico, relating to the crime wave covering Baja California. The Hall Family incident and many other reports of crimes against Americans in Baja Mexico, is now widely recognized as a serious threat against international travel to Baja California, Mexico.

Check out Andy’s website for race results, photos and video of The Baja 1000.

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