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The San Felipe 250 is cancelled! The race has been moved & renamed the Baja 250? SCORE Sage Tony T. says, "There will never be a San Felipe SCORE race again". There are lots of San Felipe off-road races. CODE, RECORD and Baja Safari Events.

EXCLUSIVE Baja Racing News

ACCESS Roads Briefing

KM 0.00 Ensenada built on Fe-stained DG w/ qtz veins4.00 Granite road cuts8.00 Large estate south8.50 Yonke at sweeper9.00 Granites 11.00 Prebatholithic volcanics13.00 Water park13.00 Granite overlain by soils14.00 Nopales farm - "Se vende chivos"15.00 Volcanics - road cut19.00 Piedras Gordas19.00 Gneiss & granite (boulders)20.00 "Abarrotes El Crucero"/Pepsi Stand/"Quesso" - north side20.00 Gabbro20.50 Rancho Aqua Viva - turn-off south21.00 Arroyo del Gallo21.00 Gabbro26.00 "Rancho Agua Caliente - 7" Km turn-off south26.20 San Carlos Hot Springs28.00 Red landslide over granites - north29.00 Prebatholithic metamorphic volcanics33.50 Piedras gordas34.00 Large granite blocks34.00 Curve: gneiss and granite contact34.00 Grade: granite w. dikes35.00 Gneiss w/ granite dikes37.00 Faulting38.50 Pemex - pump bagged39.00 Ojos Negros - north40.00 Gneiss hills - north48.60 Granite dike48.60 West: granitic schists and gneisses55.00 Laguna Hanson/"Parque Nacional Constitucion - 35" - turn-off north55.00 Fault scarps - west55.00 Metamorphic hills59.00 "Rancho Puente Viejo" - running creek59.00 Sage brush59.00 Stream - spring in fault trace62.00 Plains w/ ground water between granite outcrops - cottonwoods64.00 Gabbro67.00 Cut in granite71.00 Cerro Colorado - foliage on north side72.00 First yuccas72.30 Cerro Colorado granite - south73.50 Spring @ fault trace76.00 Scrub, sage brush78.50 Sprawling prickly pear81.00 San Miguel Fault trace - north81.00 Schist - north81.00 Schist/granite contact83.00 Dikes w/ sphene83.00 Granite and metamorphics86.00 "18 de Marzo" "El Alamo" - turnoff south86.40 El Alamo turnoff (26 KM)87.00 Prickly pear, cholla, Spanish Daggers, Desert Mallow, juniper89.00 Llano Colorado90.00 EJ "Héroes de la Independencia" - Pemex north, topes, Moorish Castle91.00 "Santa Catarina 8" - turn off north91.00 Volcanics - west91.00 Schist - north91.00 Granite - south93.00 Horst pound94.00 Juana de Acuna @ curve96.00 Lava-capped mesas over lahars - east101.50 "EJ Leyes de Reforma"101.50 Lava-capped "Mesa el Vinata Vieja" north102.00 Coastal range metamorphics - west106.00 Granite and metamorphic hills - west106.00 Lava-capped mesas over lahars - east107.00 Gravel-capped hill109.00 "EJ Jamau" - turn-off north110.00 El Rodeo erosion surface110.00 Gneisses and granites113.00 Lava "Mesa el Carrizo" w. granite foreground - north114.00 First view of Valle de la Trinidad114.40 Rhyolite caps over lahars115.00 Dikes117.50 Gneisses and granites - west117.50 Granites w/ basalt caps118.00 Goat Trail - jojobas, brittle bushes - turn-off north119.00 Turnoff to" Valle de la Trinidad" "Lázaro Cárdenas" - turn-off south120.00 "Restaurante Vista Bella" - 80 pesos = two coffees, chilaqules, y chorizo121.00 School sign - turn off south to Pemex123.00 Agua Blanca Fault trace125.00 "Kiliwas" turnoff - south126.00 Edge effects128.00 Landslides on basalt "Mesa Chucho Prieto" - north128.00 Gneiss cut by dikes128.00 Basalt over rhyolites then lahars and river sediments - north129.00 "Hogar de Ninos" - north132.00 Rhyolites136.00 Turnoff to "Mike's" - south - "20 miles"139.00 "San Matias" - south139.00 Basalt-capped hill north140.00 Loncheria/Pemex - north140.00 Cattle TB quarantine shack - north141.00 Agua Blanca Fault trace142.00 Valle Picacho146.50 Road cuts - south147.00 Road cuts - bajada fill147.00 Fault melange - San Matias Wash149.00 First cardóns150.00 San Matais Pass150.00 San Matais Pass: gray granite on north150.00 San Matais Pass: gneiss on south w/ granite dikes150.00 San Matais: Agua Blanca Fault trace156.00 Valle San Felipe graben - down faulted middle block156.00 San Matais Pass: north metamorphics cut by granite156.00 San Matais Pass: south granites160.00 Tilted caps on Sierra San Felipe - north160.00 Arroyo Taraiso160.50 "Col. San Pedro Mártir - 7" - turn-off south161.00 "Valle del Sol" road - turn-off south161.00 Desert varnish161.00 Lava hills cutting through granites161.50 Cerro Coyote basalt cap165.00 Granites w/ lighter dike swarm @ curve169.00 Road cuts - bajada fill169.00 Conglomerates171.50 Borrego pit road172.00 Mucho ocotillos172.00 Desert ironwoods174.00 Sierra San Felipe - granite overlying dark metamorphic rocks - Cerro El Borrego175.00 Alluvial fan hills177.00 "Laguna Armaga" - weathered granites - north179.50 Low rough basalt outcrops - north and south182.00 elevated fans: uplifted, down-cutting183.00 Blow sand on Sierra San Felipe - south184.00 Volcanic dome - Sierra San Felipe - southeast186.00 Palo verde, malo mujer, ocotillo188.00 Blow sand on Sierras San Felipe - southeast193.00 Hwy 5/Three Poles

Race Briefing

1) The Competitors Meeting will be held Friday, March 9 at 7:00pm in the Cathedral Room at the Riviera Convention Center.
2) All competitors are reminded that off road racing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or even
3) It is important to remember that SCORE cannot regulate the conduct of spectators. Be advised that spectators may engage in
malicious activity. When approaching a group of spectators - SLOW DOWN & BE ALERT!!
4) The roads used for this race course are open to the public. You must expect at all times to encounter oncoming traffic.
You must also expect to encounter cattle roaming freely on and around the race course.
5) All racers MUST possess a valid driver license while operating the race vehicle.
6) The speed limit for all race vehicles on all highway sections is 60 mph. This speed limit will be enforced with the rally logger
device. The Mexican Federal Preventative Police continue to have jurisdiction to enforce the 60 mph speed limit at their sole
discretion independent of SCORE's post-race analysis of the rally logger data. Passing on the highway sections must be made
on the left-hand side only, within the 60 MPH speed limit, and by obeying the highway markings.
7) There are SIX paved highway sections subject to the 60 mph speed limit:
- LEFT ON HWY 3 @ KM 12 (MILE 15.1) to LEFT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 19 (MILE 19.4).
- RIGHT ON HWY 3 @ KM 77 (MILE 75.8) to LEFT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 78 (MILE 77.0)
- LEFT ON HWY 3 @ KM 117 (MILE 109.6) to RIGHT OFF HWY 3 @ KM 120 (MILE 112.9).
- RIGHT ON HWY 1 @ KM 102 (MILE 157.2) to LEFT OFF HWY 1 @ KM 96 (MILE 161.9).
- RIGHT ON HWY 1 @ KM 52 (MILE 214.7) to LEFT OFF HWY 1 @ KM 54 (MILE 216.2).
8) All competitors must do their part to protect and preserve the Baja ecological environment. Please instruct your team that it is
very important to properly dispose of all solid and liquid waste. Do not litter, start fires, or deviate from the marked course.
9) The race course is marked with orange/white ribbon, yellow reflective tape, orange arrows, green wrong ways, and mile
markers every five miles. SCORE cannot guarantee that course markings will be in place on race day. It is the responsibility of
each competitor to race in a controlled manner and be able to slow down to avoid danger spots.
10) Four-Wheel vehicles that are in a position to pass a motorcycle or atv MUST NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS UNTIL THE RIDER
HAS MOVED TO THE SIDE OF THE COURSE. Motorcycles and ATVs must remain aware of approaching traffic and move
over as quickly as possible. Four-Wheel vehicles are ultimately responsible for the safety of passing. USE YOUR HORN!!!
11) SCORE will use 151.625 (Weatherman Relay) for the main race operations radio frequency. Please use this frequency to
report an emergency or ask for help.
12) Stub Cans will NOT be used at this race. You are required to enter all checkpoints in a single file manner and come to a
complete stop at the stop sign. Entering and exiting all checkpoints must be done in a safe and prudent manner in order to
guarantee the safety of checkpoint workers. Checkpoint signage will be placed on the right side of the course.
13) Passing is not permitted 300 feet before a checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 300 feet before and 100 feet after a
checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 100 feet before or 100 feet after a paved highway crossing. No towing, pushing or
pulling through a checkpoint or greater than 1% of the course, which at this race is 2.2 miles.
14) No towing, pushing or pulling of Four-Wheel vehicles within 1 mile of the finish line. SCORE has created an exception to
this rule and allows pushing across the finish line by wristbanded vehicle occupants only.
15) A competitor who is late for his assigned start time will start at the back of the class that is currently starting. The elapsed
time of a late starter begins with his DESIGNATED START TIME, not the late start time.
16) All classes have 9 hours to complete the race provided that each checkpoint is cleared within the scheduled closing time.
17) Checkpoint locations and closing times are as follows:
18) The Finish Line closing time shown above is approximate and is currently based on the number of entries as of 3/5/07.
The closing time will be adjusted based on the exact time that the last vehicle leaves the start line.
19) The race will start on the east side of Ensenada at the end of Avenue Ruiz, and finish at the Santo Tomas baseball field.
20) Motorcycles and ATV classes will report to staging at 5:30AM for a 6:00AM start.
Start one every 30 seconds in the following order: 22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, SptMoto>, SptMoto<, 25, 24, SptAtv. 21) There will be a full three hour gap between the last ATV starter and the first Trophy Truck starter. 22) Four-Wheel vehicles will start NO EARLIER than 10:00AM and APPROXIMATELY at 10:00AM. The exact start time of the first Trophy Truck is three hours after the last ATV starter. 23) Four-Wheel vehicles will start one every 30 seconds in the following order: TT, 1, 10, 8, PT, SL, 1/2-1600, 5, 7, 5-1600, 7S, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, 17, SptTrk, SptBug, 11, SptUtv. 24) STAGING TIMES - TT(9:30AM), 1(9:45AM), 10(10:05AM), 8(10:15AM), PT(10:20AM), SL(10:25AM), 1/2-1600(10:40AM), 5(10:55AM), 7(11:00AM), 5-1600(11:05AM), 7S(11:10AM), 7SX(11:15AM), SF(11:20AM), SM(11:25AM), 9(11:30AM), 3(11:35AM), 17(11:40AM), SPTRK(11:45AM), SPBUG(11:50AM), 11(11:55AM), UTV(12:00PM). 25) Late registration will open on Saturday morning at 5:00AM at the Start Line at the end of Avenue Ruiz. 26) A technical protest MUST be filed no later than 30 minutes after the first finisher out of the money in your class. 27) The posting of Unofficial Results will be at 7:00AM Sunday in the lobby of the San Nicolas Hotel. The Competition Review Board will meet at 8:00AM Sunday at the San Nicolas Hotel. The Awards Presentation will be held poolside at 10:00AM Sunday at the San Nicolas Hotel. SUNDAY'S POST-RACE ACTIVITIES WILL NOT BE HELD ON DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. DO NOT ADJUST YOUR CLOCKS UNTIL AFTER YOU LEAVE ENSENADA.


21st Annual Baja 250 Desert Race

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ensenada to Santo Tomas-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of San Diego in Mexico)

Race-record of over 375 entries from 15 U.S. States, Mexico, Canada, England, Italy, and New Zealand

TOTAL MILEAGE: 216.23 miles (4 checkpoints).
The point to point course, resembling a wrinkled fish hook, heads east out of Ensenada to Ojos Negros, south to Tres Hermanos, El Alamo and east to cross Highway 3 at K77 (racemile 75.83). The course then goes south to cross back over Highway 3 at K120 (rm112.9). It winds west to the Pacific Ocean crossing Highway 1 at K102 (rm157.2) to Cerro Colo, north along the Picturesque up to Erindira and back inland to Santo Tomas.’ CHECKPOINTS: CK 1-rm51.2; CK 2-rm85.3; CK 3-rm120.2; CK 4-rm162.3.

THURSDAY, March 8--(All times PST)
Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 2 p.m.-7 p.m.
Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 2 p.m.-7 p.m.

FRIDAY, March 9--(All times PST)
Racer Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m.
Media Registration, San Nicolas Hotel, 9a.m.-5p.m.
Contingency Row, across from San Nicolas Hotel, 10a.m.-5p.m.
Safety Inspection, end of Contingency Row, 10a.m.-6p.m.
Mandatory Racer Meeting, Cathedral Room, Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, 7p.m.

SUNDAY, March 11--(All times PST)
Unofficial Results Posted, Lobby, San Nicolas Hotel, 7a.m.
Competition Review Board, San Nicolas Hotel, 8a.m.
Awards Celebration, poolside, San Nicolas Hotel, 10a.m.

START-Ensenada (end of Avenida Ruiz)
FINISH-Santo Tomas

RACE DAY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (all times PST, Subject to Change)

SATURDAY, March 10
Late Registration & Tech, start line, 5:30 a.m.-11 a.m.
Media Center Open, start line, 5:30 a.m.-Noon
Media Center Open, finish line, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Motorcycles, ATVs-6a.m.; Cars, Trucks-10 a.m.
One Vehicle starts every 30 seconds.

Motorcycles/ATVs--22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, SPT M/C>, SPT M/C<, 25, 24, SPT ATV Cars/Trucks: TT, 1, 10, 8, PT, SL, 1-2/1600, 5, 7, 5/1600, 7S, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, 17, SPT TRK, SPT Car, Class 11, SPT UTV TIME LIMIT: All vehicles will have a 9 hour time limit, from the time each vehicle starts, to complete the course.

Sanctioned and produced by SCORE International-Los Angeles CEO & President--Sal Fish;
Vice-President--Paul Fish; Liaison--Oscar Ramos; Administration--Sue Johnson 818.225.8402

SCORE Trophy-Truck:
1 B.J. Baldwin, 19 Tim/Ed Herbst, 82 Bob Shepard/Ryan Arciero, 3 Mark Post/Rob MacCachren, 86 Josh Baldwin, 7 Scott Steinberger, 76 Jesse Jones, 12 Larry Ragland/Brian Collins, 28 Alan Pflueger, 38 Garron Cadiente, 4 Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., 2 Pete Sohren, 16 Cameron Steele, 5 Marty Coyne, 77 Travis Coyne/Robby Gordon, 96 Bobby Baldwin, 31 Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, 4 Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., 17 Carl Renezeder, 39 Ron Whitton, 85 Todd Wyllie, 22 Damen Jefferies; Class 1: Larry Roeseler/Troy Herbst, Mark McMillin, Danny/Dale Ebberts, Chuck Hovey, B.J. Richardson, Pat Dean, Steve Sourapas, John Herder, Dave Mason/Martin Christensen, Ronny Wilson, Adam Pfankuch; Class 1-2/1600: Daniel McMillin/Caleb Gaddis, L.J. Kennedy/Sammy Ehrenberg; Class 5: George Seeley; Class 5/1600: Marcos Nunez, Brent Shermak; Class 7: Dan Chamlee; Class 7SX: John Holmes; Class 8: Nick Vanderwey; Class 10: Darren Hardesty, Adam Wik, Lobsam Yee; SCORE Lite: Tim Noe/Tom Watson, Stan Potter/Dan Worley; Stock Full: John Griffin, Terry Henn; Class 22: Robby Bell/Kendall Norman; Class 30: Gerardo Rojas; CLASSES 30 & 50: Jim O’Neal; CLASS 25: Danny Prayther/Mike Cafro

The Tecate SCORE Baja 250 Desert Race features 27 Pro & 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Class winners will be decided along with the overall race winner in Pro 4-Wheel, Pro Motorcycle and Pro ATV.
Pro Class Descriptions:

Pro Cars & Trucks
SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK (Unlimited Production Trucks)
CLASS 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters)
CLASS 1-2/1600 (single or two-seaters to 1600cc)
CLASS 3 (Short wheelbase 4X4)
CLASS 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs)
CLASS 5/1600 (1600cc Baja Bugs)
CLASS 7 (Open mini trucks)
CLASS 7S (Stock mini trucks)
CLASS 7SX (Modified mini trucks)
CLASS 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks)
CLASS 9 (Short wheelbase, single or two-seaters)
CLASS 10 (Single or two-seaters to 1650cc)
SCORE LITE (Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc)
CLASS 11 (Stock VW Sedans)
STOCK FULL (Stock full-sized trucks)
STOCK MINI (Stock mini trucks)
PROTRUCK (Limited Production Trucks)
CLASS 17 (Class 3, Modified Jeeps)

Pro Motorcycles
CLASS 22 (250cc or more)
CLASS 21 (126cc to 250cc)
CLASS 20 (up to 125cc)
CLASS 30 (Riders over 30 years old)
CLASS 40 (Riders over 40 years old)
CLASS 50 (Riders over 50 years old)
CLASS 60 (Riders over 60 years old)

Pro ATVs
CLASS 25 (251cc or more)
CLASS 24 (250cc or less)

341 Total Starters
220 Total Finishers

1. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
3. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif., Smithbuilt-Ford (Class 1))
4. Gary Weyhrich/Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
5. Mark McMillin/Brian Ewalt, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
6. Danny Anderson, Las Vegas, Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
7. Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif./Dave Mason, Valley Center, Calif., Jimco-BMW (Class 1)
8. Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy CK1500 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
9. Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck)
10. Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Ron Brant, Oak Hills,Calif., Jefferies-Chevy (Class 1)
OVERALL MOTORCYCLE—Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., Honda CRF450X (Class 22);
OVERALL ATV—Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif./Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz., Honda TRX450R (Class 25).


Race-record 423 official entries for Saturday's21st 250 desert race.

Ensenada, Mexico--Below is the official entry list for Saturday's 21st Annual Baja 250 desert race.Round 2 of the six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series will start in Ensenada and finish in Santo Tomas, Baja California, Mexico. There are a race-record 423 official entries set to compete in 27 Pro and 6 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. The rugged desert course is 216.23 mile long as entries have come from 18 U.S. States, Mexico, England, Canada, Italy, and New Zealand. Motorcycles and ATV will begin starting at 6 a.m. Saturday with the cars and trucks scheduled to start three hours after the last ATV, at approximately 10:15 a.m. Vehicles with start in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race and all will have a nine-hour time limit to become official finishers. Ensenada to Santo Tomas, Baja California, MexicoTotal Entries: 423(from 18 States, Canada, England, Italy, New Zealand & Mexico) (as of 3/9/07)Pro Cars & TrucksSCORE TROPHY-TRUCK (34)19 Tim Herbst, 2 Pete Sohren, 60 Mike Voudouris, 39 Ron Whitton, 96 Bobby Baldwin, 91 Bill McBeath, 4 Gus Vildosola, 64 Craig Bell, 35 Robbie Pierce, 7 Scott Steinberger, 29 Richard Boyle, 20 Mike Julson, 85 Todd Wyllie, 28 Alan Pflueger, 17 Carl Renezeder 69 Francisco Cervantes 40 Chet Huffman 31 Andy McMillin 12 Larry Ragland, 55 Luis Wallace, 3 Mark Post, 76 Jesse Jones, 38 Garron Cadiente, 51 Kory Scheeler, 32 Juan C. Ibarra, 16 Cameron Steele.

\n1 B.J. Baldwin
\n22 Damen Jefferies
\n82 Ryan Arciero
\n50 Jerry Larimore
\n54 Jesse James
\n86 Josh Baldwin
\n58 Frank Thing
\n77 Travis Coyne
\nCLASS 1 (38)
\n101 Brian Parkhouse
\n102 Brian Kirby
\n103 Darren San Angelo
\n104 Robert Ross
\n105 Gonzalo Pirron
\n106 Dale Lenk
\n107 Luis Ramirez Jr.
\n108 Mark Levrett
\n109 Harley Letner
\n110 John Herder
\n111 Barry Blue
\n112 Rick Romans
\n113 Hiram Ibarra
\n114 Bill Gasper
\n100 Larry Roeseler
\n116 Mark McMillin
\n117 Enrique Bujanda
\n118 Brendan Gaughan
\n119 Ronny Wilson
\n120 Adam Pfankuch
\n121 Eric Chase
\n122 John Harrah
\n123 Randy Wilson
\n124 Chuck Hovey
\n126 Dan Myers
\n127 Steve Sourapas
\n128 Dave Mason
\n129 Raymond Potter
\n130 Eddy Gonzalez
\n131 Richard Boyle
\n132 Max Thieriot
\n133 John Gould
\n134 B.J. Richardson
\n135 Pat Dean
\n136 Josh Rigsby
\n138 Danny Ebberts
\n139 Brian Hudson
\n140 Jay Jefferies
\nCLASS 1-2/1600 (31)
\n1601 Steven Eugenio
\n1602 Daniel McMillin
\n1603 L.J. Kennedy
\n1604 Layton Bowles
\n1605 Carlos Montalvan
\n1606 Brent Parkhouse
\n1607 Hiram Duran
\n1608 Jeremy James
\n1609 Arnoldo Ramirez
\n1610 Arturo Velazco
\n1611 Leonardo Navarrete
\n1612 Myan Spaccarelli
\n1613 Luis Martinez
\n1614 Edgar Alvarez Jr.
\n1615 Lorenzo Rodriguez
\n1616 Matt Gumz
\n1617 David Caspino
\n1618 Ed Bonanni
\n1619 Ray Files
\n1620 Mario Gastelum
\n1621 Pacho Garcia
\n1622 Blaise Jackson
\n1623 Chris Langmayer
\n1624 Curt Geer
\n1625 Alberto Medina
\n1626 Carlos Escobedo
\n1627 David Reyes
\n1628 Yuren Soto
\n1646 Brett Maurer
\n1648 Eliseo Garcia
\n1649 Adam Ashcraft
\nCLASS 3 (5)
\n301 Alejandro Cancino
\n302 Dylan Evans
\n303 Chris Raffo
\n348 Salvador Cervantes
\n349 Ken Leavitt
\nCLASS 5 (7)
\n501 Michelle Bruckmann
\n502 Victor Cesena
\n503 Chris Bowman
\n500 George Seeley
\n505 Pietro Brassea
\n518 Luivan Voelker
\n519 Kevin Carr
CLASS 5/1600 (13)",11 B.J. Baldwin22 Damen Jefferies82 Ryan Arciero50 Jerry Larimore54 Jesse James86 Josh Baldwin58 Frank Thing77 Travis CoyneCLASS 1 (38)101 Brian Parkhouse102 Brian Kirby103 Darren San Angelo104 Robert Ross105 Gonzalo Pirron106 Dale Lenk107 Luis Ramirez Jr.108 Mark Levrett109 Harley Letner110 John Herder111 Barry Blue112 Rick Romans113 Hiram Ibarra114 Bill Gasper100 Larry Roeseler116 Mark McMillin117 Enrique Bujanda118 Brendan Gaughan119 Ronny Wilson120 Adam Pfankuch121 Eric Chase122 John Harrah123 Randy Wilson124 Chuck Hovey126 Dan Myers127 Steve Sourapas128 Dave Mason129 Raymond Potter130 Eddy Gonzalez131 Richard Boyle132 Max Thieriot133 John Gould134 B.J. Richardson135 Pat Dean136 Josh Rigsby138 Danny Ebberts139 Brian Hudson140 Jay JefferiesCLASS 1-2/1600 (31)1601 Steven Eugenio1602 Daniel McMillin1603 L.J. Kennedy1604 Layton Bowles1605 Carlos Montalvan1606 Brent Parkhouse1607 Hiram Duran1608 Jeremy James1609 Arnoldo Ramirez1610 Arturo Velazco1611 Leonardo Navarrete1612 Myan Spaccarelli1613 Luis Martinez1614 Edgar Alvarez Jr.1615 Lorenzo Rodriguez1616 Matt Gumz1617 David Caspino1618 Ed Bonanni1619 Ray Files1620 Mario Gastelum1621 Pacho Garcia1622 Blaise Jackson1623 Chris Langmayer1624 Curt Geer1625 Alberto Medina1626 Carlos Escobedo1627 David Reyes1628 Yuren Soto1646 Brett Maurer1648 Eliseo Garcia1649 Adam AshcraftCLASS 3 (5)301 Alejandro Cancino302 Dylan Evans303 Chris Raffo348 Salvador Cervantes349 Ken LeavittCLASS 5 (7)501 Michelle Bruckmann502 Victor Cesena503 Chris Bowman500 George Seeley505 Pietro Brassea518 Luivan Voelker519 Kevin Carr

CLASS 5/1600 (13)
\n551 Raul Plasenia
\n552 Albert Castro
\n553 Mario Reynoso
\n554 Gregoria Villarino
\n555 Ruben Gutierrez Jr.
\n556 Adolfo Aguilar Jr.
\n557 Carlos Macklis
\n558 Ernie Negrete
\n559 Arnulfo Valenzuela
\n575 Gerardo Rubio
\n576 Saul Garcia
\n550 Marcos Nunez
\n579 Ernesto Arambula

CLASS 7 (13)
\n701 Shannon Dierkop
\n700 Dan Chamlee
\n703 Steve Looney
\n704 Cheri Allen
\n705 Jason McNeil
\n706 Barry Karakas Sr.
\n707 Raul Flores
\n708 Jason Jernigan
\n709 Alfredo Cota
\n710 Brandon Walsh
\n711 Perry McNeil
\n718 A.J. Rodriguez
\n719 David Binns

CLASS 7S (2)
\n720 Mike Horner
\n739 Nick Moncure
\nCLASS 7SX (11)
\n741 Rich Severson
\n742 Norman Turley
\n743 Alberto Iriarte
\n744 Jim Hinesley
\n745 Tim Lawrence
\n746 Alfonso Berardina
\n747 Kurt Youngs
\n756 Noe Sierra
\n757 Heidi Steele
\n758 Gerardo Novelo
\n740 John Holmes

CLASS 8 (8)
\n801 Dave Raimonde
\n802 Noah Ostanik
\n800 Nick Vanderwey
\n805 Rodrigo Ampudia
\n806 Glen Greer
\n807 Juan C. Lopez
\n808 Greg Adler
\n809 Elias Canchola
\nCLASS 9 (2)
\n901 Luis Guevara
\n900 Eric Fisher

CLASS 10 (22)
\n1001 Adam Wik
\n1002 Scott Beale
\n1000 Darren Hardesty
\n1004 Victor Orellana Jr.
\n1006 Edgar Avalos
\n1007 Matt Loiodice
\n1009 Corey Keysar
\n1010 Chris Harrold
\n1011 Dale Dondel
\n1012 Mark Hutchins
\n1013 Robert McBeath
\n1014 Mark Weger
\n1015 Lonny Hart
\n1016 Michael Deardorff
\n1017 Lobsam Yee
\n1018 Javier Robles
\n1020 Mike Lawrence
\n1022 Kevin Curtis
\n1023 Matt Cullen
\n1024 Alex Crosthwaite
\n1048 Kyle Conlon
\n1049 Jim Knorr

\n1201 Ricardo Malo
\n1202 Santos Del Prado
\n1203 Tom Shaw
\n1204 James Marquez
\n1205 Hector Garcia Jr.
\n1206 Chuck Sacks
\n1208 Mike Halliday
\n1209 David Callaway
\n1210 Kelly Ross
\n1211 Brent Gustin
\n1212 Ty Goode
\n1213 Scott Wisdom
\n1214 Stan Potter
\n1215 Randy Ross
\n1200 Tim Noe
\n1217 Kevin Derby
551 Raul Plasenia552 Albert Castro553 Mario Reynoso554 Gregoria Villarino555 Ruben Gutierrez Jr.556 Adolfo Aguilar Jr.557 Carlos Macklis558 Ernie Negrete559 Arnulfo Valenzuela575 Gerardo Rubio576 Saul Garcia550 Marcos Nunez579 Ernesto ArambulaCLASS 7 (13)701 Shannon Dierkop700 Dan Chamlee703 Steve Looney704 Cheri Allen705 Jason McNeil706 Barry Karakas Sr.707 Raul Flores708 Jason Jernigan709 Alfredo Cota710 Brandon Walsh711 Perry McNeil718 A.J. Rodriguez719 David BinnsCLASS 7S (2)720 Mike Horner739 Nick MoncureCLASS 7SX (11)741 Rich Severson742 Norman Turley743 Alberto Iriarte744 Jim Hinesley745 Tim Lawrence746 Alfonso Berardina747 Kurt Youngs756 Noe Sierra757 Heidi Steele758 Gerardo Novelo740 John HolmesCLASS 8 (8)801 Dave Raimonde802 Noah Ostanik800 Nick Vanderwey805 Rodrigo Ampudia806 Glen Greer807 Juan C. Lopez808 Greg Adler809 Elias CancholaCLASS 9 (2)901 Luis Guevara900 Eric FisherCLASS 10 (22)1001 Adam Wik1002 Scott Beale1000 Darren Hardesty1004 Victor Orellana Jr.1006 Edgar Avalos1007 Matt Loiodice1009 Corey Keysar1010 Chris Harrold1011 Dale Dondel1012 Mark Hutchins1013 Robert McBeath1014 Mark Weger1015 Lonny Hart1016 Michael Deardorff1017 Lobsam Yee1018 Javier Robles1020 Mike Lawrence1022 Kevin Curtis1023 Matt Cullen1024 Alex Crosthwaite1048 Kyle Conlon1049 Jim KnorrSCORE LITE (28)1201 Ricardo Malo1202 Santos Del Prado1203 Tom Shaw1204 James Marquez1205 Hector Garcia Jr.1206 Chuck Sacks1208 Mike Halliday1209 David Callaway1210 Kelly Ross1211 Brent Gustin1212 Ty Goode1213 Scott Wisdom1214 Stan Potter1215 Randy Ross1200 Tim Noe1217 Kevin Derby
\n1219 Mike Williams
\n1220 Arturo Salas
\n1221 Scotty Rhone
\n1222 Rick St. John
\n1223 Red Burgin
\n1224 Dwayne Reinert
\n1245 Craig Brabant
\n1246 Jim Anderson
\n1247 Josh Meister
\n1248 Cameron Steele
\n1249 Richard Garavito

CLASS 11 (4)
\n1101 Eric Palacios
\n1103 Carlos Villa
\n1148 Ramon Fernandez
\n1100 Eric Solorzano

\n761 Steve Kovach
\n779 Gavin Skilton
\n860 Terry Henn
\n861 John Griffin
\n862 Loren Worthington
\n879 Marc Balocco

\n235 Jason Voss
\n252 Mike Johnson

CLASS 17 (1)
\n1700 Bob Land

CLASS 22 (16)
\n2x Chris Blais
\n3x Jack McCormick
\n1x Robby Bell
\n5x Kevin Johnson
\n6x Marc Carlson
\n7x Scott Bloom
\n8x Steve Thompson
\n10x Steven Soto
\n11x Joe Desrosiers
\n12x Marc Burnett
\n13x Jesse Sharpe
\n14x Dan Walsh
\n15x Cameron Steele
\n16x Mike Childress
\n17x Luis Ramirez
\n18x Don Myll

CLASS 21 (16)
\n101x Collin Corrigan
\n100x Shaun Hanson
\n104x Cory Evenson
\n105x Joey Lane
\n106x Chris Parker
\n107x Luis Valencia
\n109x David Gonzalez Jr.
\n110x Luke Dodson
\n111x Brett Helms
\n112x Ryan Gustine
\n113x Ivan Ramirez
\n114x Jorge Perez
\n115x Juan Flores
\n116x Carlos Casas
\n117x Juan Castro
\n149x Martin Bejarano

CLASS 20 (5)
\n151x Mario Acosta
\n153x Brett Grimsley
\n154x Mark Chicado
\n155x Ryan Grandon
\n156x Ryan Penhall

CLASS 30 (17)
\n301x Bryce Hartman
\n302x Scott Polimeni
\n303x David Potts
\n304x Mitchel Sanchez
\n305x Scott Brunke
\n306x Stuart Goggins
\n307x Charlie Wilson
\n308x Jim O’Neal
\n309x Francisco Septien
\n310x Rodrigo Basave
\n311x Dan O’Neal
\n312x John Trabucco
\n313x Terrance Peregodoff
\n314x Gerardo Rojas
\n315x Nicola Dutto
\n316x Steve Bailor
\n317x Sergio Vega

CLASS 40 (14)
\n401x Curt Insley
\n402x Paul Needels
\n403x Dave Simpson
\n404x Kent Perkins
\n405x Bill Boyer",1]);//-->
1218 Bill Hernquist1219 Mike Williams1220 Arturo Salas1221 Scotty Rhone1222 Rick St. John1223 Red Burgin1224 Dwayne Reinert1245 Craig Brabant1246 Jim Anderson1247 Josh Meister1248 Cameron Steele1249 Richard GaravitoCLASS 11 (4)1101 Eric Palacios1103 Carlos Villa1148 Ramon Fernandez1100 Eric SolorzanoSTOCK MINI (2)761 Steve Kovach779 Gavin SkiltonSTOCK FULL (4)860 Terry Henn861 John Griffin862 Loren Worthington879 Marc BaloccoPROTRUCK (2)235 Jason Voss252 Mike JohnsonCLASS 17 (1)1700 Bob LandPRO MOTORCYCLESCLASS 22 (16)2x Chris Blais3x Jack McCormick1x Robby Bell5x Kevin Johnson6x Marc Carlson7x Scott Bloom8x Steve Thompson10x Steven Soto11x Joe Desrosiers12x Marc Burnett13x Jesse Sharpe14x Dan Walsh15x Cameron Steele16x Mike Childress17x Luis Ramirez18x Don MyllCLASS 21 (16)101x Collin Corrigan100x Shaun Hanson104x Cory Evenson105x Joey Lane106x Chris Parker107x Luis Valencia109x David Gonzalez Jr.110x Luke Dodson111x Brett Helms112x Ryan Gustine113x Ivan Ramirez114x Jorge Perez115x Juan Flores116x Carlos Casas117x Juan Castro149x Martin BejaranoCLASS 20 (5)151x Mario Acosta153x Brett Grimsley154x Mark Chicado155x Ryan Grandon156x Ryan PenhallCLASS 30 (17)301x Bryce Hartman302x Scott Polimeni303x David Potts304x Mitchel Sanchez305x Scott Brunke306x Stuart Goggins307x Charlie Wilson308x Jim O’Neal309x Francisco Septien310x Rodrigo Basave311x Dan O’Neal312x John Trabucco313x Terrance Peregodoff314x Gerardo Rojas315x Nicola Dutto316x Steve Bailor317x Sergio VegaCLASS 40 (14)401x Curt Insley402x Paul Needels403x Dave Simpson404x Kent Perkins405x Bill Boyer
\n406x John Connolly
\n407x Richard Deveau
\n408x Brett Helm
\n409x Steve Downey
\n410x Leonel Vallejo
\n411x Jim Owens
\n412x Michael Harmon
\n413x Randy Tapparo
\n414x Donald Connelly

CLASS 50 (4)
\n501x Keith Speir
\n502x Bruce Evenson
\n503x Craig Adams
\n500x Jim O’Neal
\nCLASS 60 (1)
\n601x Don Lewis


CLASS 25 (17)
\n2a Jovany Pimentel
\n3a Randy Dyer
\n4a Wayne Matlock
\n5a James Woodford
\n1a Danny Prather
\n7a Adolfo Arellano
\n8a Josh Row
\n9a John Padgett
\n11a Jeff Hancock
\n12a Carmen Cafro
\n13a Francisco Ruano
\n14a Alex Camanini
\n15a Miguel Bastidas
\n16a Jason Greenhaw
\n17a Rafael Garcia
\n18a Brandon Brown

CLASS 24 (8)
\n101a Broc Yuskin
\n102a Scott Taylor
\n103a Daniel Marin Jr.
\n104a Roberto Miramontes
\n105a Francisco Servin
\n106a Scott Bennett
\n107a Javier Rios
\n108a Earl Thigpen


\n1400 Peter Lang
\n1401 Sarah Bearden
\n1402 George Jackson
\n1404 Glenn Smith
\n1405 Juan Arballo
\n1406 Mark Altschul

\n1501 Miguel Jimenez
\n1502 Andrew Leavitt
\n1503 Mark Growe
\n1504 Mike Jenkins
\n1505 Randy Swink
\n1549 Nick Tonelli

\n1801 Doug Mendez
\n1802 Cory Sappington
\n1803 Rut Tabcum
\n1804 Matthew Kimmerle
\n1805 Matt Parks
\n1819 Jeff Sonn

\n201x Brent McCoy
\n202x Garrett Tolman
\n203x Bob Briggs
\n204x Kurt Steffien
\n205x Jesus Rios
\n206x Enrique Legaspy
\n207x Jack Sussoev
\n208x Rey Heredia
\n209x Rene Echegaray

SPT M/C> (37)
\n251x Javier Hernandez
\n252x Larry Ingraham
\n253x Billy Foltz
\n254x Adam McCamish
\n256x Craig Bouman
\n258x Erik Litzenberg
\n259x Sean DIiUllo
\n261x Bill Eddings
\n262x Luke Terry
\n263x Justin Vaughn
\n264x Tom Madlen
\n265x Jeremiah Kolbenvik
\n266x Michael Gilbert
\n267x Mike Crawford
\n268x Manuel Reyes
\n269x Birt Dewitt
\n270x Patrick Dunn
\n250x Jeff Leonard
406x John Connolly407x Richard Deveau408x Brett Helm409x Steve Downey410x Leonel Vallejo411x Jim Owens412x Michael Harmon413x Randy Tapparo414x Donald Connelly

CLASS 50 (4)

501x Keith Speir502x Bruce Evenson503x Craig Adams500x Jim O’Neal

CLASS 60 (1)

601x Don Lewis


2a Jovany Pimentel3a Randy Dyer4a Wayne Matlock5a James Woodford1a Danny Prather7a Adolfo Arellano8a Josh Row9a John Padgett11a Jeff Hancock12a Carmen Cafro13a Francisco Ruano14a Alex Camanini15a Miguel Bastidas16a Jason Greenhaw17a Rafael Garcia18a Brandon Brown

CLASS 24 (8)

101a Broc Yuskin102a Scott Taylor103a Daniel Marin Jr.104a Roberto Miramontes105a Francisco Servin106a Scott Bennett107a Javier Rios108a Earl ThigpenSPORTSMANSPT CAR (6)1400 Peter Lang1401 Sarah Bearden1402 George Jackson1404 Glenn Smith1405 Juan Arballo1406 Mark Altschul


1501 Miguel Jimenez1502 Andrew Leavitt1503 Mark Growe1504 Mike Jenkins1505 Randy Swink1549 Nick TonelliSPT UTV (6)1801 Doug Mendez1802 Cory Sappington1803 Rut Tabcum1804 Matthew Kimmerle1805 Matt Parks1819 Jeff SonnSPT M/C< (9)201x Brent McCoy202x Garrett Tolman203x Bob Briggs204x Kurt Steffien205x Jesus Rios206x Enrique Legaspy207x Jack Sussoev208x Rey Heredia209x Rene EchegaraySPT M/C> (37)251x Javier Hernandez252x Larry Ingraham253x Billy Foltz254x Adam McCamish256x Craig Bouman258x Erik Litzenberg259x Sean DIiUllo261x Bill Eddings262x Luke Terry263x Justin Vaughn264x Tom Madlen265x Jeremiah Kolbenvik266x Michael Gilbert267x Mike Crawford268x Manuel Reyes269x Birt Dewitt270x Patrick Dunn250x Jeff Leonard
\n273x Nathon Verdugo
\n274x James Enyart
\n275x Ryan Snider
\n277x Bobby Pennell
\n279x Ivan Rivera
\n280x Samuel Garcia
\n281x Randall Reinsch
\n282x Justin Herrmann
\n283x Jesus Galindo
\n284x Dean Schumacher
\n285x Peter Schmidtmann
\n286x Fred Sobke
\n287x Fernando Munguia
\n288x Timm Roarty
\n289x Glen Gomez
\n290x Javier Maclish
\n298x Edy Garcia
\n299x Pete Breslin

SPT ATV (35)
\n51a Luis Salgado
\n52a Heriberto Marquez
\n53a Shawn Munro
\n54a Craig Christy
\n50a David McCarroll
\n56a Carlos Lopez
\n57a Jason Wade
\n58a Phillip Holdsworth
\n59a Richard Garcia
\n60a Ken Lehmann
\n61a Daniel Guerrero
\n62a David Jaume
\n63a Kevin Mikusky
\n64a John Crowley
\n65a Don Kerr
\n66a Reid Rutherford
\n67a Brianna Mancillas
\n68a Ramon Soto
\n69a Carlos Juarez
\n70a Alfonso Cota
\n71a Esequiel Lopez
\n72a Mario Yorba
\n73a Davide Corbani
\n74a Allan Beer
\n75a Jorge Juvera
\n76a Rafael Marquez
\n78a Javier Beltran
\n79a Jose Contreras
\n80a Bernardo Arellano
\n81a Moises Herrera
\n95a Alejandro Blengio
\n96a Robby Robinson
\n97a Gustavo Figueroa
\n98a Mark Lindsay
\n99a Miguel Arellano


272x Brandt Anderson273x Nathon Verdugo274x James Enyart275x Ryan Snider277x Bobby Pennell279x Ivan Rivera280x Samuel Garcia281x Randall Reinsch282x Justin Herrmann283x Jesus Galindo284x Dean Schumacher285x Peter Schmidtmann286x Fred Sobke287x Fernando Munguia288x Timm Roarty289x Glen Gomez290x Javier Maclish298x Edy Garcia299x Pete Breslin

SPT ATV (35)

51a Luis Salgado52a Heriberto Marquez53a Shawn Munro54a Craig Christy50a David McCarroll56a Carlos Lopez57a Jason Wade58a Phillip Holdsworth59a Richard Garcia60a Ken Lehmann61a Daniel Guerrero62a David Jaume63a Kevin Mikusky64a John Crowley65a Don Kerr66a Reid Rutherford67a Brianna Mancillas68a Ramon Soto69a Carlos Juarez70a Alfonso Cota71a Esequiel Lopez72a Mario Yorba73a Davide Corbani74a Allan Beer75a Jorge Juvera76a Rafael Marquez78a Javier Beltran79a Jose Contreras80a Bernardo Arellano81a Moises Herrera95a Alejandro Blengio96a Robby Robinson97a Gustavo Figueroa98a Mark Lindsay99a Miguel Arellano


March 05, 2007 - 15:13:25
2007 BAJA 250 ENTRY LIST DRAWING RESULTS - 306 * DENOTES POINTS CHAMPION SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK: 36 19 TIM HERBST 2 PETE SOHREN 60 MIKE VOUDOURIS 39 RON WHITTON 96 BOBBY BALDWIN 91 BILL McBEATH 4 GUS VILDOSOLA 64 CRAIG BELL 35 ROBBIE PIERCE 7 SCOTT STEINBERGER 29 RICHARD BOYLE 20 MIKE JULSON 85 TODD WYLLIE 28 ALAN PFLUEGER 17 CARL RENEZEDER 69 FRANCISCO CERVANTES 40 CHET HUFFMAN 31 ANDY McMILLIN 12 LARRY RAGLAND 55 LUIS WALLACE 5 MARTY COYNE 3 MARK POST 76 JESSE JONES 38 GARRON CADIENTE 51 KORY SCHEELER 32 JUAN C. IBARRA 15 JIM BEAVER 16 CAMERON STEELE *1 B.J. BALDWIN 22 DAMEN JEFFERIES 82 RYAN ARCIERO 50 JERRY LARIMORE 54 JESSE JAMES 86 JOSH BALDWIN 58 Frank Thing 77 TRAVIS COYNE-1st RS CLASS 1: 37 101 BRIAN PARKHOUSE 102 BRIAN KIRBY 103 DARREN SAN ANGELO 104 ROBERT ROSS 105 GONZALO PIRRON 106 DALE LENK 107 LUIS RAMIREZ, JR. 108 MARK LEVRETT 109 HARLEY LETNER 110 JOHN HERDER 111 BARRY BLUE 112 RICK ROMANS 113 HIRAM IBARRA 114 BILL GASPER *100 LARRY ROESELER 116 MARK McMILLIN 117 ENRIQUE BUJANDA 118 BRENDAN GAUGHAN 119 RONNY WILSON 120 ADAM PFANKUCH 121 ERIC CHASE 122 JOHN HARRAH 123 RANDY WILSON 124 CHUCK HOVEY 125 MICHAEL JAMES W/D 2/27 126 DAN MYERS 127 STEVE SOURAPAS 128 DAVE MASON 129 RAYMOND POTTER 130 EDDY GONZALEZ 131 RICHARD BOYLE 132 MAX THIERIOT 133 JOHN GOULD 134 B.J. RICHARDSON 135 PAT DEAN 136 JOSH RIGSBY 137 MARK PETERSON W/D 2/28 138 Danny Ebberts 139 Brian Hudson 159 BRIAN CONEEN W/D 3/1 CLASS 1/2-1600 29 1601 STEVEN EUGENIO 1602 DANIEL McMILLIN 1603 L.J. KENNEDY 1604 LAYTON BOWLES 1605 CARLOS MONTALVAN 1606 BRENT PARKHOUSE 1607 HIRAM DURAN 1608 JEREMY JAMES 1609 ARNOLDO RAMIREZ M. 1610 ARTURO VELAZCO 1611 LEONARDO NAVARRETE 1612 MYAN SPACCARELLI 1613 LUIS MARTINEZ 1614 EDGAR ALVAREZ, JR. 1615 LORENZO RODRIGUEZ 1616 MATT GUMZ 1617 DAVID CASPINO 1618 ED BONANNI 1619 RAY FILES 1620 MARIO GASTELUM 1621 PACHO GARCIA 1622 Blaise Jackson 1623 Chris Langmayer 1624 Curt Geer 1625 Alberto Medina 1626 Carlos Escobedo 1646 BRETT MAURER-4th RS 1647 BILLY SKINNER W/D 3/5 1648 ELISEO GARCIA-2nd RS 1649 ADAM ASHCRAFT-1st RS CLASS 3: 4 301 ALEJANDRO CANCINO E. 302 Dylan Evans 303 Chris Raffo 349 KEN LEAVITT-1st RS CLASS 5: 7 501 MICHELLE BRUCKMANN 502 VICTOR H CESENA S. 503 CHRIS BOWMAN *500 George Seeley 505 Pietro Brassea 518 LUIVAN VOELKER-2nd RS 519 KEVIN CARR-1st RS CLASS 5-1600: 11 551 RAUL PLASENIA 552 ALBERT CASTRO 553 MARIO REYNOSO 554 GREGORIO VILLARINO 555 Ruben Gutierrez, Jr. 556 Adolfo Aguilar, Jr. 557 Carlos Macklis 558 Ernie Negrete 576 Saul Garcia-4th RS *550 MARCOS NUNEZ-3rd RS 578 LARRY NEGRETE W/D 3/2 579 ERNESTO ARAMBULA-1st RS CLASS 7: 9 701 SHANNON DIERKOP *700 DAN CHAMLEE 703 STEVE LOONEY 704 Cheri Allen 705 Jason McNeil 706 Barry Karakas, Sr. 707 Raul Flores 718 A.J. Rodriguez-2nd RS 719 David Binns-1st RS CLASS 7S: 2 *720 MIKE HORNER 739 TED MONCURE-1st RS CLASS 7SX: 8 741 RICH SEVERSON 742 NORMAN TURLEY 743 Alberto Iriarte 744 Jim Hinesley 755 RICK DOETSCH W/D 2/27 756 NOE SIERRA-4th RS 757 HEIDI STEELE-3rd RS 758 GERARDO NOVELO-2nd RS *740 JOHN HOLMES-1st RS CLASS 8: 7 801 DAVE RAIMONDE 802 NOAH OSTANIK *800 NICK VANDERWEY 804 RON AKIN W/D 3/3 805 RODRIGO AMPUDIA 806 Glen Greer 807 Juan C. Lopez 808 Greg Adler CLASS 9: 2 901 Luis Guevara *900 ERIC FISHER-1st RS CLASS 10: 22 1001 ADAM WIK 1002 SCOTT BEALE 1000 DARREN HARDESTY 1004 VICTOR ORELLANA, JR. 1005 PHILLIP FINCH W/D 3/1 1006 EDGAR A. AVALOS E. 1007 MATT LOIODICE 1008 WILL HIGMAN W/D 2/26 1009 COREY KEYSAR 1010 CHRIS HARROLD 1011 DALE DONDEL 1012 MARK HUTCHINS 1013 ROBERT McBEATH 1014 MARK WEGER 1015 LONNY HART 1016 MICHAEL DEARDORFF 1017 LOBSAM YEE 1018 Javier Robles 1019 VACATE 1020 Mike Lawrence 1021 David Reyes 1022 Kevin Curtis 1023 Matt Cullen 1048 Kyle Conlon 1049 Jim Knorr-1st RS CLASS 11 2 1101 Eric Palacios *1100 ERIC SOLORZANO-1st RS SCORE LITES: 28 1201 RICARDO MALO 1202 R. SANTOS DEL PRADO 1203 TOM SHAW 1204 JAMES MARQUEZ 1205 HECTOR GARCIA, JR. 1206 CHUCK SACKS 1207 MATT CULLEN W/D 3/2 1208 MIKE HALLIDAY 1209 DAVID CALLAWAY 1210 KELLY ROSS 1211 BRENT GUSTIN 1212 TY GODDE 1213 SCOTT WISDOM 1214 STAN POTTER 1215 RANDY ROSS *1200 TIM NOE 1217 KEVIN DERBY 1218 BILL HERNQUIST 1219 Mike Williams 1220 Arturo Salas 1221 Scotty Rhone 1222 Rick St.John 1223 Red Burgin 1224 Dwayne Reinert 1245 Craig Brabant 1246 Jim Anderson-4th RS 1247 Josh Meister-3rd RS 1248 CAMERON STEELE-2nd RS 1249 RICHARD GARAVITO-1st RS STOCK MINI: 2 761 STEVE KOVACH 779 GAVIN SKILTON-1st RS STOCK FULL: 4 *860 Terry Henn 861 John Griffin 862 Loren Worthington 879 Marc Balocco PROTRUCK: 1 235 JASON VOSS CLASS 17: 1 *1700 BOB LAND SPTS. BUGGY: 6 1400 PETER LANG 1401 SARAH BEARDEN 1402 GEORGE JACKSON 1403 TIM PRICE w/d 3/2 1404 Gelenn Smith 1405 Juan Arballo 1406 Mark Altschul SPTS. TRUCK: 6 1501 MIGUEL JIMENEZ 1502 ANDREW LEAVITT 1503 MARK GROWE 1504 MIKE JENKINS 1505 RANDY SWINK 1549 Nick Tonelli-1st RS SPTS. UTV: 6 1801 DOUG MENDEZ 1802 CORY SAPPINGTON 1803 RUT TABCUM 1804 MATTHEW KIMMERLE 1805 MATT PARKS 1819 Jeff R. Sonn-1st RS CLASS 20: 6 151x MARIO ACOSTA G. 152x JERRY JONES 153x BRETT GRIMSLEY 154x MARK CHICADO 155x RYAN GRANDON 156x Ryan Penhall CLASS 21 12 101x COLLIN CORRIGAN 102x CHAD ERL 100x SHAUN HANSON 104x CORY EVENSON 105x JOEY LANE 106x CHRIS PARKER 107x LUIS VALENCIA 108x JUSTIN HERRMANN W/D 2/23 109x DAVID GONZALEZ, JR. 110x LUKE DODSON 111x Brett Helms 112x Ryan Gustine 149x MARTIN BEJARANO CLASS 22: 16 2x CHRISTOPHER BLAIS 3x JACK McCORMICK *1x ROBBY BELL 5x KEVIN JOHNSON 6x MARC CARLSON 7x SCOTT BLOOM 8x STEVE THOMPSON 9x BRYAN PRUTER W/D 2/27 10x STEVEN SOTO 11x JOE DESROSIERS 12x MARC BURNETT 13x JESSE SHARPE 14x DAN WALSH 15x CAMERON STEELE 16x Mike Childress 17x Luis Ramirez 18x Don Myll CLASS 30: 17 301x BRYCE HARTMAN 302x SCOTT POLIMENI 303x DAVID POTTS 304x MITCHEL SANCHEZ 305x SCOTT BRUNKE 306x STUART GOGGINS 307x CHARLIE WILSON 308x JIM O'NEAL 309x FRANCISCO SEPTIEN 310x RODRIGO BASAVE 311x DAN O'NEAL 312x JOHN TRABUCCO 313x TERRANCE PEREGOODOFF 314x GERARDO ROJAS 315x Nicola Dutto 316x Steve Bailor 317x Sergio Vega CLASS 40: 12 401x CURT INSLEY 402x PAUL NEEDELS 403x DAVE SIMPSON 404x KENT PERKINS 405x BILL BOYER 406x JOHN CONNOLLY 407x RICHARD DEVEAU 408x BRETT HELM 409x STEVE DOWNEY 410x Leonel Vallejo 411x Jim Owens 412x Michael Harmon CLASS 50: 4 501x KEITH SPEIR 502x BRUCE EVENSON 503x CRAIG ADAMS *500x JIM O'NEAL CLASS 60: 1 601x DON LEWIS CLASS 24 7 101a BROC YUSKIN 102a SCOTT TAYLOR 103a Daniel Marin, Jr. 104a Roberto Miramontes 105a Francisco Servin A. 106a Scott Bennett 107a Javier Rios CLASS 25: 15 2a JOVANY PIMENTEL 3a RANDY DYER 4a WAYNE MATLOCK 5a JAMES WOODFORD *1a DANNY PRATHER 7a ADOLFO ARELLANO 8a JOSH ROW 9a JOHN PADGETT 10a CHRISTIAN FERNANDEZ W/D 3/2 11a JEFF HANCOCK 12a Carmen Cafro 13a Francisco Ruano 14a Alex Camanini 15a Miguel Bastidas 16a Jason Greehaw 17a Rafael Garcia SPTS. M/C<: 8 201x BRENT McCOY 202x GARRETT TOLMAN 203x BOB BRIGGS 204x KURT STEFFIEN 205x Jesus Rios 206x Enrique Legaspy 207x Jack Sussoev 208x Rey Heredia SPTS. M/C>: 32 251x JAVIER HERNANDEZ B. 252x LARRY INGRAHAM 253x BILLY FOLTZ 254x ADAM McCAMISH 255x BRENT DOWNING W/D 2/27 256x CRAIG BOUMAN 257x MIKE SHORT 3/3 258x ERIK LITZENBERG 259x SEAN DiULLO 260x ROBERT CIRAC 261x BILL EDDINGS 262x LUKE TERRY 263x JUSTIN VAUGHN 264x TOM MADLEN 265x JEREMIAH KOLBENVIK 266x MICHAEL P. GILBERT 267x MIKE CRAWFORD 268x MANUEL REYES 269x BIRT DEWITT 270x PATRICK DUNN *250x JEFF LEONARD 272x BRANDT ANDERSON 273x NATHON VERDUGO 274x JAMES ENYART 275x Ryan Snider 276x VACATE 277x Bobby Pennell 278x Kevin Spainhour W/D 2/27 279x Ivan Rivera 280x Samuel Garcia V. 281x Randall Reinsch 282x Justin Herrmann 283x Jesus F. Galindo M. 284x Dean Schumacher 285X Peter Schmidtmann 299x PETE BRESLIN-1st RS SPTS. ATV: 33 51a LUIS SALGADO 52a HERIBERTO MARQUEZ P. 53a SHAWN A. MUNR0 54a CRAIG CHRISTY *50a DAVID McCARROLL 56a CARLOS LOPEZ 57a JASON WADE 58a PHILLIP HOLDSWORTH 59a RICHARD GARCIA 60a KEN LEHMANN 61a DANIEL GUERRERO 62a DAVID JAUME 63a KEVIN MIKUSKY 64a JOHN CROWLEY 65a DON KERR 66a REID RUTHERFORD 67a BRIANNA MANCILLAS 68a RAMON SOTO 69a Carlos Juarez G. 70a Alfonso Cota 71a Esequiel Lopez 72a Mario Yorba 73a Davide Corbani 74a Allan Beer 75a Jorge Juvera V. 76a Rafael Marquez 77a Francisco Servin A. W/D 2/26 78a Javier Beltran C. 79a Jose A. Contreras L. 80a Bernardo Arellano M. 96a ROBBY ROBINSON-4th RS 97a GUSTAVO FIGUEROA-3rd RS 98a MARK LINDSAY-2nd RS 99a MIGUEL ARELLANO S.-1st RS TOTAL 393

Tony Telliers Top Tips Courtesy "El Chinero"

DoR Ends Odds
TROPHY-TRUCK (36) 1 19 Tim Herbst Rare Air a + 5 to 22 2 Pete Sohren Quick-draw must not misfire! 3 to 13 60 Mike Voudouris Engine been dyno-ed! 99 to 14 39 Ron Whitton Top Ten? 7 to 15 96 Bobby Baldwin Stand WAY back! "Even"6 91 Bill McBeath Competent -- novice 99 to 17 4 Gus Vildosola Q: Is Tavo ready? 5 to 18 64 Craig Bell A ringer 99 to 19 35 Robbie Pierce Crafty enough? 8 to 110 7 Scott Steinberger Ever-troubled 6 to 111 29 Richard Boyle Make or break: LONG SHOT 7 to 112 20 Mike Julson Bad vibes … 9 to 113 85 Todd Wyllie Foxy 5 to 114 28 Alan Pflueger Oldie still a goodie! "28 to 1"15 17 Carl Renezeder No circle track in SF 4 to 116 69 Francisco Cervantes Crowd pleaser 7 to 117 40 Chet Huffman Needs to put up his Dukes! 9 to 118 31 Andy McMillin Regroup time 4 to 119 12 Larry Ragland Knowledge is power EVEN20 55 Luis Wallace Not THAT bad! 6 to 121 5 Marty Coyne Coyne won't flip? 5 to 122 3 Mark Post Well, hell, huh? EVEN23 76 Jesse Jones Certainly helpful! 9 to 124 38 Garron Cadiente Bad draw --> 4 to 125 51 Kory Scheeler Ups-and-downs 6 to 126 32 Juan C. Ibarra Not the "Juan" 6 to 127 15 Jim Beaver New rig => W/D28 16 Cameron Steele Birthday boy! "28 to 1"29 *1 B.J. Baldwin Draw hampers talent 5 to 130 22 Damen Jefferies Bodied buggy handles differently 5 to 131 82 Ryan Arciero DARK HORSE DRAW! 4 to 132 50 Jerry Larimore Lari-less? 99 to 133 54 Jesse James Should be outlawed 96 to 134 86 Josh Baldwin Back draw = gloom 6 to 135 58 Frank Thing Bad draw for Parkhouse! 999 to 136 77 Travis Coyne SCORE to settle? "28 to 1"CLASS 1 (37) 1 101 Brian Parkhouse Golden opportunity 4 to 12 102 Brian Kirby Stuck behind T-Ts 9 to 13 103 Darren San Angelo Darin' to say "No"? 9 to 14 104 Robert Ross SNEAKER! 4 to 15 105 Gonzalo Pirron Clean Curry 6 to 16 106 Dale Lenk Missing something? 5 to 17 107 Luis Ramirez Jr. Under foot 99 to 18 108 Mark Levrett Underway 99 to 19 109 Harley Letner Never lift 3 to 110 110 John Herder Stylin' 3 to 111 111 Barry Blue Sad 99 to 112 112 Rick Romans Tough - in Type IV days 9 to 113 112 Hiram Ibarra Flats 7 to 114 114 Bill Gasper Has credentials 4 to 115 *100 Larry Roeseler Should take charge -- for OA! EVEN16 116 Mark McMillin Never in doubt EVEN17 117 Enrique Bujanda Not to be trifled with! 6 to 118 118 Brendan Gaughan Could run up 3 to 119 119 Ronny Wilson Strong team 2 to 120 120 Adam Pfankuch Clutching at ponies? 4 to 121 121 Eric Chase Radical change! 3 to 122 122 John Harrah VERY DARK HORSE 6 to 123 123 Randy Wilson TOP TIP 3 to 124 124 Chuck Hovey Should come alive 3 to 125 125 Michael James Unappreciated WD26 126 Dan Myers Unrequited effort 01 to 127 127 Steve Sourapas One canonly hope 4 to 128 128 Dave Mason Needs to get back on track 4 to 129 129 Raymond Potter Not hairy enough 6 to 130 130 Eddy Gonzalez Eddy ot stead 99 to 131 131 Richard Boyle Always hot 4 to 132 132 Max Thieriot Lucky … 4 to 133 133 John Gould Needs spotters in washes 5 to 134 134 B.J. Richardson Dust ruins day? 4 to 135 135 Pat Dean Who knows what's up 4 to 136 136 Josh Rigsby Not ready to Duke it out 9 to 137 137 Mark Peterson Mark my words! WD38 138 Danny Ebberts Traffic jamz ahead 6 to 139 139 Brian Hudson No H-Power 9 to 140 159 Brian Coneen RS bad choice for Conehead WDCLASS 1-2/1600 (30) 1 1601 Steven Eugenio Monitor that Rally Track! 999 to 12 1602 Daniel McMillin El Rey de RDC 3 to 13 1603 L.J. Kennedy Team's together! 2 to 14 1604 Layton Bowles "Spare", no "Strike"! 99 to 15 1605 Carlos Montalvan Quien es mas macho … 9 to 16 1606 Brent Parkhouse Take over Ridings' job! 5 to 17 1607 Hiram Duran Never quit there … 3 to 18 1608 Jeremy James Another "JJ"! 7 to 19 1609 Arnoldo Ramirez Along for the ride 9 to 110 1610 Arturo Velazco Los Cuates steady 5 to 111 1611 Leonardo Navarrete TOP TIP 2 to 112 1612 Myan Spaccarelli Training Day 99 to 113 1613 Luis Martinez Shaken, not stirred 9 to 114 1614 Edgar Alvarez Jr. Middle of the pack 5 to 115 1615 Lorenzo Rodriguez "scribble-click" 3 to 116 1616 Matt Gumz Hot shoe 3 to 117 1617 David Caspino Unrewarded! 4 to 118 1618 Ed Bonanni Unsteady 5 to 119 1619 Ray Files A hard bastard? 5 to 120 1620 Mario Gastelum Wants to be done before dark! 4 to 121 1621 "Pacho" Garcia TOPPEST TIP 2 to 122 1622 Blaise Jackson DARK HORSE 3 to 123 1623 Chris Langmayer Chris maybe a miss 8 to 124 1624 Curt Geer Keep on eye on him 3 to 125 1625 Alberto Medina Has the materials 6 to 126 1626 Carlos Escobedo Middle of the pack 4 to 127 1646 Brett Maurer Bet on Brett 4 to 128 1647 Billy Skinner Stubborn, like mule 3 to 129 1648 Eliseo Garcia Unknown soldier 5 to 130 1649 Adam Ashcraft Mardi Gras w/ "Wally"! ?? to 1CLASS 3 (5) 1 301 Alejandro Cancino Beatable 99 to 12 302 Dylan Evans Rolling stone 6 to 13 303 Chris Raffo Glen not straight enough 99 to 14 349 Ken Leavitt Will have "Anger Issues"! 99 to 15 *300 Don Moss Unbeatable EvenCLASS 5 (7) 1 501 Michelle Bruckmann SHOULD win … 2 to 12 502 Victor Cesena Engine details needed 3 to 13 503 Chris Bowman MIGHT win … 2 to 14 *500 George Seeley Not the fastest, will probably win 3 to 15 505 Pietro Brassea Savvy 4 to 16 518 Luivan Voelker Bebop-a-Lula? 3 to 17 519 Kevin Carr COULD win … 2 to 1CLASS 5/1600 (10) 1 551 Raul Plasenia Haves and have-nots 9 to 12 552 Albert Castro Nope 9 to 13 553 Mario Reynoso Could "trophy" 3 to 14 554 Gregoria Villarino Lucky to finish 7 to 15 555 Ruben Gutierrez, Jr. 6 556 Adolfo Aguilar, Jr. 7 557 Carlos Macklis 4 to 18 558 Ernie Negrete Same ol' Boyz! 2 to 19 576 Saul Garcia-4th RS Big boy best Even10 578 Larry Negrete Must be perfect! WD11 579 Ernesto Arambula Tito will not teeter 9 to 8CLASS 7 (9) 1 701 Shannon Dierkop LONG SHOT 3 to 12 *700 Dan Chamlee Easy Money! 2 to 13 703 Steve Looney Could be his day! 3 to 14 704 Cheri Allen Not merry 9 to 15 705 Jason McNeil NRIARWAM 3 to 16 706 Barry Karakas, Sr. Could be a Winner! 2 to 17 707 Raul Flores No Checker pits for Karlinda! 5 to 18 718 A.J. Rodriguez-2nd RS 4 to 19 719 David Binns-1st RS Below the radar 4 to 1CLASS 7S (2) 1 *720 Mike Horner Ready to pounce 4 to 12 739 Nick Moncure SHOULD dominate, but … 4 to 1CLASS 7SX (8) 1 741 Rich Severson Stretches throttle cable 2 to 12 742 Norman Turley Long day -- and night 8 to 13 743 Alberto Iriarte Out of this league 6 to 14 744 Jim Hinesley Has to know his **** 7 to 15 755 Rick Doetsch Tech-nical WD6 756 Noe Sierra Yes-e 3 to 17 757 Heidi Steele Mrs. PAB? 4 to 18 758 Gerardo Novelo Relearning curve steep 5 to 19 *740 John Holmes Always at home in SF 2 to 1CLASS 8 (7) 1 801 Dave Raimonde Serious enough? 4 to 12 802 Noah Ostanik Has ark welder? 5 to 13 *800 Nick Vanderwey Getting bored? Even4 804 Ron Akin Achin'? 99 to 15 805 Rodrigo Ampudia Spuds n suds 3 to 16 806 Glen Greer J-armed and ready WD7 807 Juan C. Lopez Armed and dangerous! 9 to 88 8-08 Greg Adler HAS to "KIT" 4 to 1CLASS 9 (2) 1 901 Luis Guevara Uphill battle 5 to 12 *900 Eric Fisher Dying class EvenCLASS 10 (21) 1 1001 Adam Wik Will terrorize some "1s"! Even2 1002 Scott Beale Not "The King" 9 to 13 *1000 Darren Hardesty Can he keep it up? Evener4 1004 Victor Orellana Jr. Does run a good race 4 to 15 1005 Phillip Finch Spoiler? WD6 1006 Edgar Avalos Sadly mistaken! 9 to 17 1007 Matt Loiodice Roll 'em hi! 3 to 18 1008 Will Higman Win elusive WD9 1009 Corey Keysar Stars appear uncertain 5 to 110 1010 Chris Harrold Figures to figure in results 3 to 111 1011 Dale Dondel Exposed 2-bbl! 9 to 112 1012 Mark Hutchins Should be 2 to 1 ... 3 to 113 1013 Robert McBeath DARK HORSE 4 to 114 1014 Mark Weger Really needs to be smooth! 3 to 115 1015 Lonny Hart Mucho corazon! 8 to 116 1016 Michael Deardorff Oh, dear! 6 to 117 1017 Lobsam Yee Something to see! Even18 1018 Javier Robles SLEEPER wide awake! 2 to 119 1019 Vacant WD20 1020 Mike Lawrence This is not Arabia! 8 to 121 1021 David Reyes 22 1022 Kevin Curtis 23 1048 Kyle Conlon 24 1049 Jim Knorr-1st RS SCORE LITE (29) 1 1201 Malo y Abogado No flats = win! 2 to 12 1202 Santos Del Prado Doc been gone too long 9 to 13 1203 Tom Shaw Phshaw! 9 to 14 1204 James Marquez Overenthusiastic 5 to 15 1205 Hector Garcia Jr. Finisher 5 to 16 1206 Chuck Sacks Could be his race 3 to 17 1207 Matt Cullen Best in long haul 4 to 18 1208 Mike Halliday Might mow down field! 4 to 19 1209 David Callaway Needs a win, for sure! 3 to 110 1210 Kelly Ross Uphill battle 6 to 111 1211 Brent Gustin Who knows … 5 to 112 1212 Ty Goode No excuses, OK? 8 to 113 1213 Scott Wisdom TOP TIP 3 to 114 1214 Stan Potter They can't Stan Dan 2 to 115 1215 Randy Ross Two cars too many! 6 to 116 *1200 Tim Noe TnT explosive 2 to 117 1217 Kevin Derby Not KY or Brown … 7 to 118 1218 Bill Hernquist Too many torts 5 to 119 1219 Mike Williams On paper, looks like winner 4 to 120 1220 Arturo Salas Unknown fast hombre 4 to 121 1221 Scotty Rhone Watch those power poles! WD22 1222 Rick St.John Could go all the way! 3 to 123 1223 Red Burgin Tough team 4 to 124 1224 Dwayne Reinert Heavy 4 to 125 1245 Craig Brabant Looks for top 3 3 to 126 1246 Jim Anderson-4th RS Does well, well … 4 to 127 1247 Josh Meister-3rd RS 7 to 128 1248 Cameron Steele Depends upon co-driver! 3 to 129 1249 Richard Garavito Unknown, so far 4 to 1CLASS 11 (1) 1 *1100 Eric Solorzano Killing the class! EvenSTOCK FULL (4) 1 *860 Terry Henn Anyone's race 4 to 12 861 John Griffin So steady 4 to 13 862 Loren Worthington 4 879 Marc Balocco ANYONE has a chance! 4 to 1STOCK MINI (2) 1 761 Steve Kovach Nonfactory 7 to 12 779 Gavin Skilton Factory 3 to 1PROTRUCK (1) 1 235 Jason Voss Hard charger EvenCLASS 17 (1) 1 *1700 Bob Land Sentimental favorite 5 to 1SPTS. BUGGY (6) 1 *1400 PETER LANG May languish 9 to 12 1401 SARAH BEARDEN Sorry, Sarah! 10 to 13 1402 GEORGE JACKSON Its now or … 3 to 14 1403 TIM PRICE Bound to be rusty WD5 1404 Gelenn Smith 9 to 16 1405 Juan Arballo 9 to 17 1406 Mark Altschul 9 to 1SPTS. TRUCK (6) 1 1501 MIGUEL JIMENEZ 2WD? DNF! 9 to 12 1502 ANDREW LEAVITT Outa leave it? 9 to 13 1503 MARK GROWE Just be cool! 3 to 14 1504 MIKE JENKINS Too many washes 9 to 15 1505 RANDY SWINK Bring a come-a-long 9 to 16 1549 Nick Tonelli-1st RS 4 to 1SPTS. UTV (6) 1 1801 DOUG MENDEZ Doug will dig 99 to 12 1802 CORY SAPPINGTON Only potential finisher 5 to 13 1803 RUT TABCUM In a rut, I'd wager 99 to 14 1804 MATT KIMMERLE Uphill washes! Stop I! 99 to 15 1805 MATT PARKS Will park it 99 to 16 1819 Jeff R. Sonn-1st RS 99 to 1

PRO CARS & TRUCKS SCORE Trophy-Truck 1994—Paul Simon 1995—Larry Ragland 1996—Robby Gordon 1997—Curt LeDuc 1998—Juan Carlos Ibarra 1999—Ed/Tim Herbst 2000—Tim/Ed Herbst 2001—Tim/Ed Herbst 2002—Dan Smith/DavidAshley 2003—Gus Vildosola/Rob MacCachren 2004—Mark Post/Jerry Whelchel 2005—Jason Baldwin 2006—Garron Cadiente CLASS 1 1982—Dan Cornwell CLASS 2—William Church/Ray Bates 1983—Mike Julson CLASS 2—Corky/Scott McMillin 1984—Larry Ragland CLASS 2—Scott/Corky McMillin 1990—Brian Collins/Jack Johnson 1991—Walker Evans 1992—Bob Richey 1993—Mark Newhand 1994—Pat Dean 1995—Ed/Tim Herbst 1996—Brent Grizzle 1997—John Herder 1998—Mark Post 1999—Ronny Wilson 2000—Troy Herbst 2001—Doug Fortin 2002—Mike Julson/Bob Lofton 2003—Dale Ebberts/Ernie Castro Jr. 2004—Mark McMillin 2005—Andy/Scott McMillin 2006—Troy Herbst/Larry Roeseler PRO Motorcycles CLASS 22 1982—Bob Balentine 1983—Jack Johnson 1984—Dan Smith/Dan Ashcraft 1990—Dan Smith/Danny Hamel 1991—Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt Jr. 1992—Larry Roeseler/Ted Hunnicutt Jr. 1993—Danny Hamel 1994—Danny Hamel 1995—Danny Hamel 1996—Paul Krause 1997—Tim Staab 1998—Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab 1999—Johnny Campbell/Cole Marshall 2000—Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab 2001—Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street 2002—Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell 2003—Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell 2004—Steve Hengeveld/Johnny Campbell 2005—Chris Blais/Andy Grider/Quinn Coy 2006—Robby Bell/Kendall Norman PRO ATVs CLASS 25 1984—Brett Driscoll/Craig Corda 1990—No entries 1991—Mike/Doug Roll 1992—Mitch Tevlin/Ron Sanchez 1993—Mike McGee 1994—Mitch Tevlin 1995—Carmen Cafro 1996—Jim Knorr/Bruce Engen 1997—Kevin Avina 1998—Jim Knorr 1999—Gilberto Santana 2000—John Gregory 2001—Jimmy Stephensen 2002—Jimmy Stephensen/Mike Cafro 2003—John Gregory/Doug Eichner 2004—Ruben Martin/Gilberto Santana 2005—Josh Frederick/Cyle Chislock/Levi Marana 2006—Wayne Matlock/Chad Prull TECATE SCORE BAJA 250 All-Time Multiple Class Champs Entered (thru 2006) Driver (Years) Total 7 Johnny Campbell (1992, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004) Jim O’Neal (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005(2), 2006) Eric Solorzano (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006) 6 Eric Fisher (1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006) 5 Rob MacCachren (1995, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005) Larry Roeseler (1991, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2006) 4 John Griffin (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004) Ed Herbst (1995, 1999, 2000, 2001) Tim Herbst (1995, 1999, 2000, 2001) Adam Pfankuch (2000, 2003, 2004, 2006) 3 Brian Collins (1990, 1999, 2000) Luis Guevara (1994, 1996, 2003) Mike Horner (2003, 2004, 2006) Scott McMillin (1983, 1984, 2005 Larry Ragland (1984, 1991, 1995) Gerardo Rojas (2002, 2004, 2005) Scott Steinberger (1984, 1992, 1995) Eli Yee (2002, 2003, 2004) Lobsam Yee (2002, 2003, 2004) 2 Tom Brown (2004, 2005) Vic Bruckmann (1999, 2001) Troy Herbst (2000, 2006) John Holmes (2005, 2006) Arturo Honold (2001, 2002) Mike Julson (1983, 2002) Jim Knorr (1996, 1998) Ricardo Malo (2000, 2003) Mark Post (1998, 2004) Stan Potter (2005, 2006) Doug Siewert (1998, 2001) George Seeley (1994, 2000) Rich Severson (2004, 2005) Gus Vildosola (1996, 2003) Gus Vildosola Jr. (2005, 2006) Adam Wik (2005, 2006) Dan Worley (2005, 2006)