Friday, April 06, 2007

ROSARITO 200 New Off Road Race

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE

Off Road Racing History will be made on April 20 in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico. A NEW off road race in Baja that challenges racers of every kind, on a brand new course, close to the States.

The Rosarito 200 will also offer new personalities and business to a sport, off road racing, in question, here in Baja Mexico. After the Baja 250 debacle, the organizers of the Rosarito 200 are offering a grass roots chance to revitalize and enhance the sport.

In the United States, the sport has been siphoned off by too few sponsors and selfish organizers, reducing the sport over the years until the breakout of the film, "Dust To Glory". In Baja Mexico, off road is such a passionate sport, that sponsors and organizers are changing to keep up with the fans.

The Rosarito 200 will be a break-out hit.

Gary Newsome