Monday, April 09, 2007

Baja 500 June 2007, planning underway

Gabriel Garcia/El Vigia/Ensenada

SCORE has begun work for the Baja 500. In Ensenada, Paul Fish, Vice President of Score International, according to what a source of the same agency reported me, assuring me that the American and surely successor of its uncle Sal is in the charge, was seeing more advances of the route of the Baja 500, scheduled for June. Paul surely was not alone, since a great unknown group for many of the fans to the careers in off road and that Ensenada is always so much of the negotiations with cooperatives, private properties and with the same one XVIII City Hall of Ensenada. In that contingent enthusiast the names of Hector Sarabia and Eliseo Garcia, who only are not racers, but they profit from these types of events in Ensenada, so by these monies they continue collaborating with SCORE after many years of arduous work. Sarabia has entrusted also to achieve improvements in the people of Ojos Negros and the other delegations.

Nick Baldwin, Andrés Rodriguez and John Holmes, who they have donated computers, food, clothes, play for children and more things like to express thanks to that people for permitting the race course over their lands. In less than two months, the traditional Ensenada contingency, SCORE has already chosen the headquarters, Start Line and the Finish Line, since the first one will be in the Coastal boulevard as is all a tradition. A new, second option will be used for the second year in row, is the field José "Tight" Soto, at least SCORE mentioned it in their official website. As for the 2007 Baja 500 route, there are different versions, some they say that will be the same route of the 2006 but in also, some other sources confirm that there will be some changes and will be a lot of complicated challenges for all the teams. What is a known, is that the presence of Paul Fish in Ensenada is already an indication that the preparations for the 39th edition of the Baja 500, have begun.

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