Thursday, June 14, 2007

CABO 500 announces Mar de Cortez Sponsor

Historic Mar de Cortez Hotel Supports CABO 500 in September 28-29 Race

Cabo San Lucas- The Historic Mar de Cortez Hotel of Cabo San Lucas Mexico has joined the long list of Sponsors of the CABO 500 for 2007, the race is scheduled September 28-30. Scheduled to be the first Baja Stage race in offroad racing history, the CABO 500 is providing support for American teams to make their way to Loreto for the start of the race and finish in Cabo San Lucas.

The Mar de Cortez Hotel has long been a haven for offroaders in Cabo. Built years ago and always providing American style hospitality services for American adventurers, from the early Hollywood stars exploring the mysterious Baja peninsula to modern offroad racers, the hotel provides a variety of spacious rooms, daily food services and a large pool frequented every afternoon, by the dusty prerunners seeking shelter from the garrish Baja sun.

The Mar de Cortez also offers the only secure parking lot in downtown Cabo San Lucas for offroad racers.

Located in the centre of town, nearby everything in Lands End, downtown San Lucas the Mar de Cortez Hotel is in walking distance from your daily Cabo needs like internet cafes and your nightly Cabo rage establishments. A friendly afternoon taxi ride to the Medano Beach will get you to the skin and booze, famous in Cabo. Cabo's best prices and super customer services are available at Mar de

Looking for last minute Baja 1000 rooms? The Mar de Cortez is your answer!
Where will the racers be staying after winning the CABO 500, The Mar de Cortez!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CORR LIVE COVERAGE from Rock Mountain Track

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!


Offroad racing fans got the full plate last weekend in San Diego, great weather, great racing and an overflow offroad party.

NBC Sports will be broadcasting a one-hour CORR Cup Race nationally showing the Chula Vista event

Sunday, July 29 from 2-3:00 p.m. EST


Pro 4 (Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup) (15 laps)

Winner Carl Renezeder 18:51.726

1.Carl Renezeder 18:51.726 (+6.490)

2. Troy Herbst 18:58.216

3. Steve Barlow 18:58.585

4. Curt LeDuc 19:02.567

5. John Marking 19:14.916

6. Rick Huseman 19:22.717

7. Tim Herbst 20:10.463

8. Josh Baldwin 17:41.900 (13 laps)

9. Ed Herbst 10:14:25.934 (10 laps)

10. Travis Coyne 10:13:770 (7 laps)

11. John Greaves 10:14.356 (7 laps)

12. Adrian Cenni 10:15.021 (7 laps)

13. Jerry Daugherty 9:23.812 (6 laps)

14. George Reiss 4:27.808 (4 laps)

15. Scott Douglas 2:53.660 (3 laps)

Pro 2 Winner: Carl Renezeder 16:02.519 (15 laps)

1.Carl Renezeder 16:02.519 (+0.565

2. Ricky Johnson 16:03.084

3. Todd LeDuc 16:08.599

4. Jerry Whelchel 16:12.324

5. Jeremy McGrath 16:13.610

6. Steve Sourapas 16:27.349

7. Jesse Jones 16:35.295

8. Mark Porter 16:52.226

9. Greg Adler 12:35.667 (ll laps)

10. Evan Evans 9:28.108 (8 laps)

11. Travis Coyne 8:29.721 (7 laps)

12. Scott Taylor 3:59.762 (4 laps)

13. Rob MacCachren 3:24.886 (2 laps)

14. Dan VandenHeuvel 1:07.946 (1 laps)

Pro 4 Feature: Winner Carl Renezeder 17:23.387 (15 laps)

1.Carl Renezeder 17:23.387 (+3.080)

2. Travis Coyne 17:26.467

3. Scott Douglas 17:28.726

4. Ed Herbst 17:42.825

5. Josh Baldwin 17:47.650

6. Jerry Daugherty 17:49.623

7. Troy Herbst 17:37.897(13 laps)

8. Rick Huseman 18:22.720 (13 laps)

9. Steve Barlow 8:05.895 (6 laps)

10. Adrian Cenni 4:52.769 (4 laps)

11. John Marking 5:02.907 (4 laps)

12. Curt LeDuc 3:55.327 (3 laps)

13. Tim Herbst 4:04.859 (3 laps)

14. George Reiss 2:08.898 (1 lap)

15. John Greaves 2:48.852 (1 lap)

Pro Lite: Winner Robert Naughton 15:48.626

1.Robert Naughton 15:48.626 (+1.461)

2. Casey Currie 15:50.087

3. Jeff Huseman 15:51.498

4. Garit Wallace 15:54.338

5. Rodrigo Ampudia 15:56.821

6. Jeff Geiser 15:59.098

7. Matt Barney 16:03.169

8. Andrew Buck 16:13.317

9. Leon Noel 16:19.938

10. Javier Sacio 16:20.637

11. Jeff Yoder 16:29.829

12. Dan Pentico 16:50.301 (13 laps)

13. Bill Markel 16:51.448 (13 laps)

14. Jim Kandell 14:02.069 (12 laps)

15. Michael Burgett 14:17.230 (11 laps)

16. Josh Hintz 4:27.702 (4 laps)

17. Kyle LeDuc 2:26.091 (2 laps)

18. Dan VandenHeuvel Jr. 1:17.728 (1 lap)

Super Buggy: Winner Rob MacCachren 14:23.642 (11 laps)

1.Rob MacCachren 14:23.642 (+2.732)

2. Jeff Elrod 14:26.374

3. Larry Foddrill 14:30.066

4. John Coolley 14:31.673

5. Ron Dalke 14:34.189

6. Krissy Sullivan 14:35.024

7. Arden Dennington 14:39.667

8. Larry Job 14:14:40.577

9. Ken Schertzer 14:45.770

10. Brandon Coyne 14:48.714

11. Lee Banning 14:58.259

12. Matt Kross 15:05.044

13. Jake Capriotti 15:15.955

14. Thomas Downey 15:18.193

15. Steve Sourapas 14:43.210 (10 laps)

16. Todd Stemmerman 15:06.041 (10 laps)

17. Scott Peterson 12:26.616 (9 laps)

18. Eric Robinson 15:07.833 (8 laps)

19. JL Elrod (0 laps)

20. Michael Cohen (0 laps)

21. Abel Ortega (0 laps)

Single Buggy: Winner Troy Morgan 16:20.012 (11 laps)

1. Troy Morgan 16:20.012 (+0.651)

2. Greg Boyer 16:20.663

3. Ryan Schank 16:22.863

4. Kevin Graves 16:23.786

5. Bryce Menzies 16:24.307

6. Odie Munoz 16:24.748

7. Bruce Fraley 16:31.801

8. Eric Greener 16:33.006

9. Kevin Walsh 16:33.409

10. Paul Borio 16:34.030

11. Jose Reyes 16:37.415

12. Doug Renfro 16:40.829

13. Krissy Sullivan 16:42.837

14. Tim Pangbora 16:43.028

15. Cissy Baldwin 16:43.917

16. Leigh Morgan 16:47.989

17. Rick Boyer 16:48.211

18. Darin Anderson 16:51.615

19. Steve Borio 16:53.588

20. Kelley Renezeder 16:53.777

21. Amy Perez 15:23.387 (10 laps)

22. Andy Anderson 16:31.05 (10 laps)

23. Vic Bruckmann 16:38.625 (10 laps)

24. Sean Kennedy 16:44.914 (10 laps)

25. Jeff Knupp 9:06.718 (6 laps)

26 Joe Eustaquio 9:10.020 (6 laps)

27. Jeff Barrett 2:31.318 (2 laps)

28. John Grossini 2:38.602 (2 laps)

29. Randy Beckwith 2:43.565 (2 laps)

DQ John Fitzgerald disqualified for contact in no touch zone.

DQ Cory Boyer disqualified for contact in no touch zone.


Chula Vista International Off Road Raceway at Rock Mountain— For the second time in 2007, Championship Off Road Racing had a sold out crowd today. With over 13,000 fans in attendance at the Rock Mountain Raceway, defending Pro 2 Champ Carl Renezeder celebrated his 52nd CORR win. Renezeder added five wins this weekend to his racing resume, three of them came in his number 17 Lucas Oil Pro 4. Race fans were on their feet to watch the fender-to-fender action of CORR all weekend long.

Travis Coyne
in his Pro Comp truck led the field at the start of the Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup Qualifier with Josh Baldwin in second and Carl Renezeder in third. Renezeder passed Baldwin on lap two coming out of turn three. Scott Douglas driver of the Amsoil number seven crashed coming out of the first turn on lap four. His truck caught on fire taking him out of the race. As a result the caution came out and when the field restarted on lap five Renezeder tapped the back end of Coyne trying to get around him in turn two. Renezeder was blocked by Coyne in turn three securing his lead over Renezeder. The two were nose to nose coming across the line to start lap six when Renezeder jumped out in first leaving Coyne, Johnny Greaves and Adrian Cenni to go three wide in turn one. Cenni was pushed off the track and Greaves spun around in turn two taking him out of the race. When the caution came out Coyne went to the hot pits to work on his Pro Comp Truck and was unable to return to the race due to engine failure. The field took off again with Renezeder in first , Troy Herbst in second and Ed Herbst in third. Steve Barlow driver of the number twenty nine Red Bull truck who was in the fourth position raced fender-to-fender with Ed Herbst in turn one. Barlow persevered securing the third position. Herbst suffered damages preventing him from returning to the race. Renezeder secured his 50th win after leading the last eight laps, Troy Herbst finished in second and Barlow placed third.
Rick Johnson led the first twelve laps in round six of the CORR Lucas Oil series. Todd Leduc driver of the number three Rockstar Energy Drink Truck held onto second position for seven laps until guest star Jeremy McGrath took over second on lap eight. LeDuc got around McGrath on lap ten putting him in position to chase down Johnson. At the mandatory caution, Johnson continued to lead the field. On lap eleven Renezeder who slowly worked his way up through the field from the sixth position passed LeDuc to charge after Johnson. Renezeder passed Johnson on the outside of turn five on lap thirteen. The two Champs battled with Johnson jumping in front of Renezeder on turn one of lap fourteen. But, the racing wasn’t finished as Renezeder passed Johnson on turn one of the final lap. The two battled it out through each turn but in the end it was Renezeder with his 51st win, Johnson in second and LeDuc rounding out the podium.

Garit Wallace led the start of the CORR Lucas Oil Pro Lite series. Wallace was turned around on turn two of lap three allowing for Robert Naughton to lead the pack. When the mandatory caution came out Naughton continued to lead the field with Casey Currie driver of the number fourteen Suspension Unlimited truck in second. A battle emerged for the third position between Wallace driver of the number fifty one and Jeff Huseman driver of the number fifty five. Huseman looked to the inside of turn one of lap eleven but, was denied from Wallace, he looked again on the outside of turn two but failed to make the pass around Wallace. On lap twelve Huseman and Wallace raced fender-to-fender across the line to start lap thirteen. The two continued to bang fenders until turn three of the final lap when Huseman worked his way pass Wallace to secure himself a podium position. In the end Naughton who led the final twelve laps took the win. Currie came in second and Huseman placed third.

When the flag dropped in the CORR Lucas Oil Pro 4 race on Sunday Travis Coyne led the field after pole sitter Josh Baldwin got turned going into turn one of the first lap. Before the race was restarted Rick Huseman went to the hot pits unable to return until lap two. The race was restarted, placing Baldwin back on the pole position with Coyne on the outside. Baldwin took the led at the restart with Coyne quickly falling back to the fourth position. Carl Renezeder ran in second and Scott Douglas in third. Douglas looked of the inside of Renezeder going into turn three but was denied. Douglas continued to push forward, finding a hole between Renezeder and Baldwin crossing the line on lap three taking first position. Tim Herbst wrecked on lap seven bringing the caution out. Adrian Cenni also suffered from mechanical failure sending him out of the race. The race went green on lap nine only to have a caution come out again on lap ten. With over half of the field out of the race, Douglas led the field once the race went green. On lap fourteen going into turn two Baldwin flipped and managed to land on four tires to keep him in the race. The battle continued between Douglas and Renezeder for the win with Coyne in third and Baldwin hanging onto fourth. Douglas got a flat tire that eventually slowed him down enough allowing Renezeder to take first with two laps to go. On the final lap Douglas lost one more spot to Coyne in turn seven. It was a clean sweep for Renezeder winning all three races. Coyne placed second and Douglas held on for third.

CORR returns to the Chula Vista International Raceway on September 29th and 30th. See


Championship Off Road Racing had a successful first day at the brand new Chula Vista International Raceway. The stands were packed full of fans ready to witness the excitement of CORR. Today’s races featured the return of Evan Evans, John Hintz and Scott Taylor to Championship Off Road Racing as well as guest star Jeremy McGrath in the #71 Baldwin prepared Pro 2. The race day included the Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup Qualifying race and round 5 of the CORR Lucas Oil series.

Dan “The flying Dutchman" Vanden Heuvel started on the pole in the Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup Qualifier. Scott Taylor driver of the number eight Skyjacker truck quickly took the lead when Vanden Heuvel fell back to fourth. Taylor continued to lead the field with Rob MacCachren in second and Carl Renezeder lurking in third. With an impressive move to the inside MacCachren passed Taylor going into turn seven. MacCachren in his Red Bull number twenty nine held onto first place leaving Taylor and Renezeder to battle for second. Renezeder eventually passed Taylor, and started working on MacCahren.

After an intense battle Renezeder passed MacCahren on lap seven. The field bunched back up and when the flag dropped, MacCahren took off with an impressive restart. Looking to the inside of turn two MacCahren attempted to pass, but Renezeder blocked him maintaining his first position. Ricky Johnson meanwhile worked his way up into the third position. Rob MacCachren’s Red Bull Energy Drink number twenty nine truck went off the track on lap thirteen do to mechanical failure, giving Johnson the second position and an opportunity to battle Renezeder for the win. In the end it was defending Pro 2 Champ Renezeder with the win, Johnson in second and Taylor placing third.

Scott Douglas driving the number seven Amsoil Ford was out front at the start of the CORR Lucas Oil Pro 4 series race. Adrian Cenni and Rick Huseman battled for the second position; Huseman turned himself and Johnny Greaves around trying to pass Cenni on the inside. Meanwhile Josh Baldwin and Travis Coyne had a wild battle for the fourth position.

After running the inside line Cenni eventually took the lead from Douglas. Greaves had luck on his side when the mandatory caution came out when his front right tire went down. After the caution Cenni led the field with Douglas in second and Renezeder in third. Renezeder made a move on turn three but, was denied from Douglas. Josh Baldwin crashed coming out of turn five landing on the top of his roof. Baldwin quickly got back into the race. On the final lap Cenni held onto the lead with Renezeder eagerly trying to take the first position. With lap traffic blocking Cenni, Renezeder was able to pass using the outside line to win the race. Cenni came in second and Douglas finished third.

As the drivers battled it out on lap one of the CORR Lucas Oil Pro Lite series, Robert Naughton claimed the first position while Rodrigo Ampudia Jr driving the number thirty six Papas and Beer Truck followed behind in second. Patiently working his way up to the leader, Ampudia continued working the inside line. Numerous battles emerged in the middle of the pack one between the number fourteen of Casey Currie and the number ninety nine of Kyle Leduc. Ampudia continued to stretch his commanding lead out front. The field spread out with Ampudia taking a commanding lead. Currie aggressively worked through lap traffic to catch up with LeDuc and contend for the fifth position.

When the mandatory caution came out, LeDuc had passed Leon Noel for the third position. Ampudia remained in first position with Jeff Huseman in second. With an excellent restart by Ampudia, it allowed him to quickly regain his impressive lead over the field. Currie was pushed off the track in turn five, forcing him towards the back of the pack. On lap twelve LeDuc was taken out of the race, taking pressure off of Jeff Huseman. Ampudia finished in first position clutching his first Pro Lite win since Crandon last season. Huseman placed second and Josh Hintz rounded out the podium.

Dan “The Flying Dutchman” Vanden Heuvel led the field at the start of the CORR Lucas Oil Pro 2 race. Ricky Johnson was battling for first when MacCahren snuck in on the inside of both Vanden Heuvel and Johnson going three wide to take off with the lead. Johnson who was in second never gave up with on his Vanden Heuvel back bumper he continued to pull forward to battle MacCahren.

As MacCahren took off with the lead another battle broke out mid pack between Jerry Whelchel, Alan Pflueger and Greg Adler. The field was spread out approaching the mandatory caution on lap eight. Renezeder who won both the Pro 2 and Pro 4 races earlier in the day was struggling back in seventh with restricted visibility do to his left front fender being partially off. During the mandatory caution Larry Noel ran into the back of Pflueger, preventing Pflueger from returning to the race. Following the caution MacCahren led the field regaining his impressive lead over the rest of the field. The field quickly began to struggle with Adler, Vanden Heuvel, Coyne and Jeremy McGrath all running into problems. In the end it was MacCahren with the win Johnson in second and Todd Leduc placing third.


Pro 2 (Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup Qualifier)

Winner: Carl Renezeder 16:00.194 (15 laps)

1.Carl Renezeder 16:00.194 (+2.192)

2. Ricky Johnson 16:02.386

3. Scott Taylor 16:06.937

4. Dan VandenHeuvel 16:08.569

5. Jerry Whelchel 16:09.102

6. Jeremy McGrath 16:11.851

7. Travis Coyne 16:17.286

8. Greg Adler 16:17.666

9. Steven Sourapas 16:28.246

10.Larry Noel 16:36.011

11. Alan Pflueger 16:41.919

12. Rob MacCachren 14:07.865 (13 laps)

13. Todd LeDuc 16:20.882 (13 laps)

14. Evan Evans 6:18.855 (6 laps)

15. Rick Welch 6:46.917 (6 laps)

16. Jesse Jones 7:30.194 (6 laps)

17. Mark Porter 5:25.473 (5 laps)

Pro 4 Winner: Carl Renezeder 15:04.651 (15 laps)

1.Carl Renezeder 15:04.651 (+1.283)

2. Adrian Cenni 15:05.934

3. Scott Douglas 15:09.240

4. Travis Coyne 15:11.045

5. Rick Huseman 15:13.056

6. Steve Barlow 15:20.519

7. John Greaves 15:30394

8. Jerry Daugherty 15:40.680

9. Curt LeDuc 16:00.943

10. Troy Herbst 15:22.125 (14 laps)

11. George Reiss 15:08.044 (13 laps)

12. Josh Baldwin 15:40.197 (13 laps)

13. John Marking 11:39.323 (11 laps)

14. Ed Herbst 5:07.191 (5 laps)

15. Tim Herbst 5:10.875 (5 laps)

Pro 2 Feature Winner: Rob MacCachren 19:47.485 (15 laps)

1.Rob MacCachren 19:47.485 (+2.676)

2.Ricky Johnson 19:50.161

3. Scott Taylor 19:53.067

4. Todd LeDuc 19:57.567

5. Jerry Whelchel 20:02.110

6. Carl Renezeder 20:02.313

7. Jesse Jones 20:06.013

8. Mark Porter 20:12.161

9. Steve Sourapas 20:13.112

10. Jeremy McGrath 20:21.662

11. Dan VandeHeuvel 20:32.841

12. Greg Adler 20: 16:05.975 (11 laps)

13. Travis Coyne 16:06.975 (11 laps)

14. Alan Pflueger 8:02.470 (8 laps)

15. Larry Noel 8:37.332 (8 laps)

16. Evan Evans 16:07.112 (5 laps)

17. Rick Welch (0 laps)

Pro Lite Winner: Rodridgo Ampudia 15:30.447 (14 laps)

1.Rodrigo Ampudia 15:30.447 (+5.221)

2. Jeff Huseman 15:35.668

3. Josh Hintz 15:41.161

4. Garit Wallace 15:45.410

5. Jeff Geiser 15:47.279

6. Jim Kandell 15:52.411

7. Andrew Buck 15:52.719

8. Matt Barney 15:53.684

9. Dan VandenHeuvel Jr. 15:56.004

10. Leon Noel 16:02.645

11. Dan Pentico 16:21.238

12. Casey Currie 15:59.335 (13 laps)

13. Jeff Yoder 16:34.154 (13 laps)

14. Kyle LeDuc 13:29.995 (12 laps)

15. Michael Humason 16:05.307 (12 laps)

16. Javier Sacio 5:31.744 (5 laps)

17. Bill Markel 6:08.398 (5 laps)

18. Michael Burgett 16:25.509 (3 laps)

19. Robert Naughton 2:06.820 (2 laps)

20. James Golden 0 laps

Super Buggy Winner: Larry Foddrill 10:59.467 (9 laps)

1.Larry Foddrill 10:59.467 (+2026

2. Rob MacCachren 11:01.493

3. Jake Capriotti 11:02.817

4. Jeff Elrod 11:03.941

5. Matt Kross 11:12.723

6.Krissy Sullivan 11:13.278

7. Brandon Coyne 11:13.855

8. Ron Dalke 11:14.109

9. Ken Schertzer 11:16.750

10.John Cooley 11:19.844

11. Lee Banning 11:23.531

12. Eric Robinson 11:31.215

13. Todd Stemmerman 11:29.689 (8 laps)

14. Arden Dennington 11:43.920 (7 laps)

15. Steve Sourapas 11:29.858 (6 laps)

16. Kevin Carter 4:46.568 (4 laps)

17. Phil Carter 3:41.870 (3 laps)

18. Scott Peterson 9:23.593 (2 laps)

19. Larry Job 1:04.766 (1 lap)

20. Abel Ortega 1:20.047 (1 lap)

21. Thomas Downey 3.310

22. Michael Owen 0 laps

23. JL Elrod 0 laps

Single Buggy Winner: John Fitzgerald 13:46.393 (11 laps)

1.John Fitzgerald 13:46.393 (+0.646)

2.Sean Kennedy 13:47.039

3.Jeff Knupp 13:50.835

4.Greg Boyer 13:51.167

5. Rick Boyer 13:55.691

6. Kevin Graves 13:55.836

7. Bruce Fraley 13:56.383

8. Krissy Sullivan 13:57.433

9. Bryce Menzies 13:57.587

10. Odie Munoz 14:01.599

11. Andy Anderson 14:02.461

12. Kevin Walsh 14:03.761

13. Paul Borio 14:05.684

14. Eric Greener 14:06.604

15. Kelley Renezeder 14:07.344

16. Jeff Barrett 14:16.033

17. Cissy Baldwin 14:17.109

18. Doug Renfro 14:21.594

19. Tim Pangbora 14:23.019

20. Steve Borio 14:25.170

21. Joe Whitely 14:37.779

22. Cory Boyer 14:01.871 (10 laps)

23. Joe Eustaquio 14:32.754 (10 laps)

24. Ryan Schank 11:56.678 (9 laps)

25. Amy Perez 13:59.922 (9 laps)

26 Darin Anderson 9:35.620 (7 laps)

27. David Caspino 9:38.566 (7 laps)

28.Vic Bruckman 14:07.232 (7 laps)

29. Randy Beckwith 6:12.120 (5 laps)

30. John Grossin 6:50.015 (5 laps)

31. Billy McCool 2:22.559 (9 laps)

32. Troy Morgan 2:49.190 (2 laps)

33. Jose Reyes 0.921 (0 laps)



Pro 4

1. Rick Huseman 54.47, 2. Adrian Cenni 55.50, 3. Travis Coyne 55.56, 4. Scott Douglas 55.80, 5. Johnny Greaves 55.89, 6. Carl Renezeder 56.13, 7. Josh Baldwin 56.23, 8. Troy Herbst 56.86, 9. Steve Barlow 57.66, 10. Daughtery 60.37, 11. Ed Herbst 60.49.

Pro 2

1. Rob MacCachren 56.91, 2. Rick Johnson 57.10, 3. Scott Taylor 57.92, 4. Dan Vandanhuevel 58.77, 5.Carl Renezeder 59.41, 6. Todd LeDuc 59.64, 7. Travis Coyne 59.82, 8. Greg Adler 59.98, 9. Alan Pflueger 60.58.

Pro Lite

1. Garit Wallace 60.63, 2. Jeff Huseman 60.80, 3. Rodrigo Ampudia 61.17, 4. Rob Naughton 61.19, 5. Casey Currie 61.34, 6. Jeff Geiser 63.21, 7. Jim Kandel 63.92, 8. Andrew Buck 64.93, 9. Jeff Yoder 68.87.