Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weatherman Channel Exposed in October

The story that made Baja Racing Famous!

In October, the original story and the incredible update. The update that includes the DIRT SPORTS MAGAZINE Editorial that said, "hey, its Mexico, what did you expect"!! "The Most Notorious and Dangerous Racing in The World".

On Baja Racing, you get the WHOLE story and stories THEY DO NOT want YOU TO KNOW!

Remember hearing over the Weatherman Channel out of La Paz during last years Baja 1000....Why do you think they don't do replays?!? The bare truth is hard to hear over again.

The DA team calling out for HOURS AND HOURS, "Hello Weatherman, Hello Weatherman, Hello Weatherman.... all throughout the dark, cold, November Baja desert night. No response. The Channel was asleep, and Cameron Steele was out there and his team did not know where he was...

Gary Newsome

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Baja bound need Franklin Digital Cooler

According to the product page, the Franklin Digital Cooler uses "a tiny NASA microchip" that allows the device to go from "hot to freezing cold in a matter of minutes." So, theoretically, you can keep you hot dishes hot and your cold dishes cold when traveling. There is even an LED thermometer and thermostat that allows the user to set the exact temperature, and a car adapter kit to keep things fresh—even on long drives. Fits snuggly in the racer reachable travel space of any trophy, ranger or stock truck. Available for $49.95.