Monday, September 29, 2008

Armored Pre-runners mentioned in 2006, now almost becomes reality with Baja Crime off the hook

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Baja Racing breaks the stories THEY do not want you to know. VW announces its bulletproof car manufacturing in Mexico and we just had to frame the story in its proper context. The same people who try to reassure the racers to race in Baja, Mexico are the same ones who are themselves, deathly afraid. The mayors, the local police and the vacuous tourism reps who were saying, "c'mon down, everything is OK", have admitted their lies over the summer.

Over the weekend, with other news taking the headlines around the world, BIG NEWS from Baja, Mexico. The level of violence has been cranked up a notch. Shootings against local law enforcement, in broad daylight is meant as a message and warning that organized crime in Baja Norte is UNWILLING to give up the drug trade. The next step is widespread mayhem, as happens now in Juarez, daily. In 2006 the killings were quiet, the criminal moves were mostly hidden.

Now, its open warfare.

Back in 2006, after SCORE announced Tijuana as the start of the 2007 Baja 1000, we knew it wasn't a joke. Baja Racing mentioned 'armored prerunners' for the Tijuana portion of racing activities for the announced 2007 event, the next years Baja 1000. Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. As we reported in December of 2006, " So, the Baja 1000 in 2007 will start in TJ...put your orders in for 'armored' pre-runners! Downtown Tijuana"

Today it was announced in Mexico City, that the Official vehicle company of SCORE International is manufacturing armored vehicles at a rate of one or two bulletproof cars per week at its Puebla plant.

The news in from Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada this weekend is that the Baja crime wave now includes 'brazen, cowardly police killings from AK-47s, from behind, against the local police'. The Baja crime wave has become much worse. Right now, widespread warnings to the public against common daily activities have become the norm. Thousands of kidnapping and murder victims, everyday - high powered rifles used against law enforcement and ongoing threats, taunting the rule of law.

The one thing racers must know about off-road racing in Baja Mexico, THEY are right next to you. Yes, the people doing the killings, importing the drugs and using the drugs are all around you. Everybody is gettin' greased. Whether its the bullettproof cars or the guy at the corner with weed to sell. When you race in Mexico, you are supporting the system.

The Baja State police are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances.

The helicopter crash from the 2007 Baja 1000, all drug people. The first reports of the crash were OFFICIAL attempts at a cover-up. Top Baja law enforcement knew all about that team, that group of people and their use of a chopper. Their racing team DNF'ed (did not finish) "#133 Juan Ibarra DNF". After the chopper went down, the team bugged out.

The class 1 team at the San Felipe 250 this year, a hit man for the syndicate. After all the headlines, after all the police crackdowns, they still thought they could get away with it. The hitman had his racesuit on and was in the rig, ready to go. He was taken down at the race in front of God and everyone.

As an off-road racer in Mexico, you are providing money and entertainment to those who want your money and want to be entertained by you, off-road racing in their country.

Gary Newsome, Editor

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