Wednesday, October 01, 2008

General Tire Announces Baja 100 $170K Program

General Tire Announces Baja 1000 $170,000 Contingency Program

General Tire will provide $170,000 contingency program for the upcoming Baja 1000 for drivers running on General’s Grabber competition tires. This will be the largest posted contingency for one race in the history of SCORE.

Available to four-wheeled vehicles only, the program awards the winners of four-wheel classes as follows: Overall four-wheel race winner: $30,000 (In addition to class win award.) Class Awards include: · Trophy Truck class: $20,000 · Class 1: $20,000 · Class 10: $15,000 · Class 8: $12,500 · Stock Full: $12,500 · Class 7: $ 7,500 · Class 7sx: $ 7,500 · Class 5: $ 5,000 · Class 5/1600: $ 5,000 · Stock Mini: $ 5,000 · Score Lites: $ 5,000 · Class 9: $ 5,000 · Class 11: $ 5,000 · Class 1-2 1600: $ 5,000 · Class 3: $ 5,000 · Class 24: $ 2,500 · Class 25: $ 2,500

“The inaugural year of General Tire’s return to off-road racing with our new Grabber competition tires has truly exceeded all of our expectations,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, General Tire. “We are very pleased to be able to thank the drivers who have put their faith in our product with this contingency program at the most prestigious event in all of desert racing. General Tire is the tire for all off-road classes and we excited to be able to provide such a large bounty on the race.” To be eligible for the purse, drivers must start, run and finish the race on General Tires on all four wheels including the spare. A minimum of three vehicles must start in class for award payout, and competitors must purchase tires to be eligible for awards. Race vehicles also must display two official General Tire decals (either all white or all black) one on each side in correct official position. Drivers must pre-register, online, with the company at Awards will be based on SCORE International official results. Program based on product availability.

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