Monday, November 17, 2008

American Dies in Baja Mexico in SCORE Baja 1000


"If anyone out there knows how we can/they can correct the name listed of the deceased on the SCORE site, please let me know, or have it done. It has been hard enough trying to get a friend home and then for all the officials to of misidentified the deceased up until the very end, it has been very frustrating. We would like to officially honor a fallen comrade and let everyone know that it is not Steven Ward, but our dear friend Darryl DeLattre! May he rest in peace."

Here is the Mexican Press account:

American dies in Baja Mexico preparing to race in Baja 1000

"Ensenada, B.C. - An American runner who would participate
as co-pilot the next November 21 in the off-road race Baja 1000,
died on Monday after a car accident deribado driving his unit
with speeding. The incident took place on the road Ensenada-San Felipe,
when Steven Wayne Ward , aged 43, was heading toward this port.
The now deceased was driving a Chevrolet pick trademark gray,
with plates xxxxxxx California, United States, which used to
provide technical support to the pilots who carried out reconnaissance
of the track. Authorities of the Federal Preventive Police (PFP)
reported that the person died around 16:00 am on Monday after
a volcadura occurred at the height of the 16 kilometer stretch of
highway +10 Valle de la Trinidad-Ensenada, where he lost control
of his unit to exit toward the right side of the asphalt ribbon.

Information obtained by El Vigia concerns that the U.S. was
driving by the highway stretch, and because of a lack of caution
tape was released from asphalt and fell to a ravine about 10
meters deep. At the scene of the accident turned the Public Ministry
agent to attest to the death, as well as elements of the federal
corporation to take control. During yesterday afternoon the team
"jackals Racing", with whom the deceased would participate,
conducting rescue efforts of the unit, as it brought acetylene
equipment, jerry cans with fuel, spare tires and tools.
7H89724in the race would mark a Ford Ranger
pickup 7sx class, which was co-owner with Jim Hinesley.

Report: Accident Monday late afternoon.
The truck cab was crushed flat,
it had gone off the road and rolled.
Back up the road a couple of hundred
yards was a flatbed trailer and a Rhino
off to the side that had rolled of of the
trailer and was damaged.

Another translation:

"American (racer)runner who would participate like copilot next
the 21 of November in the race outside Low way 1000,
passed away Monday after an automobile accident derived to
lead his unit with excess of speed. The facts happened in the
highway San Felipe-Embosom, when Steven Wayne Ward,
of 43 years of age, went course to this one port. The now deceased
lead pick marks to Chevrolet gray color, with plates 7H89724 of
, the United States, which used to offer technical
support to the pilots who realised recognitions of the track.

Authorities of PolicĂ­a Federal Preventiva (PFP) informed
that the person passed away around the 16:00 hours of
Monday after a volcadura happened around kilometer 16+10
of the wagon section Valley of Trinidad-Embosom, where
lost the control of its unit to leave towards the right side of
the asphalt tape. Data obtained by the Watch refers that
the American lead by the wagon section, and due to the
lack of precaution left the asphalt tape and fell to a
precipice of around 10 meters of depth. To the place of the
accident the Agent of the Ministry went I publish to give
aith of the decease, as well as elements of the federal
corporation to take the control. During afternoon of the
equipment “Racing Jackals”, with that the deceased would
participate, yesterday they realised rescue work of the unit,
since it brought equipment of acetylene, cans with fuel,
rims of spare part and tool. In the Wayne race Ward up
would lead pick marks to Ford Ranger class 7sx, del that
was co-owner with Jim Hinesley."