Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chileans offer DAKAR replacement locales

DAKAR in CHILE, South America?

The head of Chilean Tourism, Oscar Santelices, has offered up his homeland as a possible venue for the recently cancelled Dakar Rally. The grueling event, which was recently cancelled due to terrorist threats, might be rescheduled in a different location sometime in February and Chile is now in the running with Australia, China and Russia.If the event would take place in Chile, parts of the race would be held through the northern Atacama Desert, apparently the world's driest arid landsacape, and the local for the annual Patagonia-Atacama rally. We're sure that Santelices offer is more than just a goodwill gesture, considering the amount of revenue the event could provide, however, he made it clear to local media that no financial support would be offered from the government.
Chile is pointing out it has the required safety, infrastructure and geography to hold such an event. Argentina and some Central European countries have also indicated they were interested in hosting the 30th anniversary race. Arica to Lebu anyone? Prague to Sofia?
Darren Skilton, ASO representative to the United States, said a "Gift" race will be offered to those racers who were to participate in this years 2008 DAKAR Rally. The race will be an 8-day journey throughout central Europe to give back to the racers who put an extrordinary amount of time and effort into this years rally.The race is said to be held in the spring. Skilton also mentioned that there will be a DAKAR Rally in 2009 but it most likely will not be held in Africa.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baja Racing Will Celebrate 3 Years Action

Baja Racing Will Celebrate 3 Years of Bustin' Baja Racing News in 2008! ONLINE Off-Road Racing ON THE WAY!

Google Lists SCORE Website as Dangerous


January 18, UPDATE!

Now its being trumpeted that SCORE was getting help to solve the problem. A so-called world class racing organization needing help. Seriously, Baja Racing could not in a million years make this stuff up.

C'mon SCORE, step up and spend the money for a real site. Get it over with.

If things couldn't get worse, they have for SCORE International.

Google, the worldwide internet search leader, has determined and flagged SCORE's website as dangerous and damaging to users. HERE IS THE LINK SET UP TO WARN INTERNET USERS.

Here is the Search Results Data Display for SCORE on Google:
This site may harm your computer.
The organization that puts on the Baja 1000 and other famous races. - Similar pages""

What's behind the warnings? Quoted:
"You can choose to continue to the site at your own risk. However, please be aware that malicious software is often installed without your knowledge or permission when you visit these sites, and can include programs that delete data on your computer, steal personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers, or alter your search results."

If the Baja Mexico Boycott/Widespread criminal wars, lack of proper safety equipment, emergency communication challenges and the lack of any respect for the race results produced by SCORE itself wasn't enough, now Google has no respect for SCORE International's site. The warning against visiting the site is pronounced. The warning is on every SCORE search item. Hey SCORE, You're OWNED!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Honda 2008 Racing Contingency Offering

American Honda Announces 2008 Racing Contingency Program

Torrance, CA- American Honda is proud to announce that in 2008 it will once again offer a strong contingency program with more than $10 million in posted contingency payouts to a wide range of Honda-mounted professional and amateur racers. Administered by the Honda Riders Club of America™ (HRCA®), this newly expanded rewards program covers more racing series than ever before, nearly 700 events in just about every motorcycle racing discipline in the USA. In addition, Honda will be offering a $25,000 bonus to Honda CRF and ATV riders who win an overall GNCC Series pro championship.

Because this contingency program offers so much to so many racers, riders should visit and click on the “contingency” program tab to get the full scoop. Simply select your preferred racing discipline, and you’ll find downloadable claim forms that make it easy to claim your winnings. These winnings will be issued through the HRCA Red Rider Rewards Visa® debit card, which can be used at Honda dealers or wherever Visa is accepted to purchase anything you like. Be sure to log on today and check out all the benefits you might be eligible to receive through the HRCA. Ride Red and get ready to cash in big at races all across the country.

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