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Speed Technologies Reports from the BITD Parker


Speed Technologies, one of the nations largest and foremost off-road racing teams, competed February 2nd in the Parker 425. The team entered four cars in the three lap race and veteran racer Chuck Dempsey brought the HMS Avenger across the finish line taking 21st in his class. Out of the 321 race entries only 140 crossed the finish line.
The race proved to be a challenge for Dempsey when his shifting mechanism broke, the throttle stuck and his alternator went out—but with the help of the Speed Technologies highly experienced pit crews, fellow racer Jeff McKenzie of McKenzie Motorsports and Herman Motorsports—he was able to get the car back on the course and finish out the race.
“The beginning of the race was tough, but with the help of fellow drivers and team members we were able to get the car back on the track and complete this tough course.” said Dempsey
Speed Technologies entered a total of four cars in the race; The Dominator driven by John Harrah, the Jimco Class 1 V6 Car driven by Mark Levrett and Johnny Harrah, the Jimco Class 10 driven by Brian Folks and the HMS Avenger driven by Chuck Dempsey.
The Dominator broke its axle on the first lap, but John Harrah and his 14 year-old daughter and co-driver Kody Harrah knuckled down and changed the broken part bringing the car back to the main pit. They were unable to finish competing due to race regulations.
“I love Parker and I loved racing in Parker, but sometimes luck just isn’t on your side,” said John Harrah. “The best part of the entire race for me was watching my daughter, Kody, up to her arms in grease and dirt while she helped me change the axle on the Dominator.”
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Ronco Trophy Truck Leads Desert Racing Division


Baja Racing

Following his impressive season-opening victory at the recent 14th Laughlin Desert Challenge, Las Vegas’ veteran desert racer Pat Dean leads the overall and unlimited Class 1 point standings in the 2008 Desert Series while his teammate B.J. Richardson is third in overall points and second in Class 1.

Racing for the Las Vegas Dissemination Company team in near-identical Chevy-powered Bunderson open-wheel desert race cars that are prepped by Valley Performance, Dean has 62 points while Richardson has 53.

Dean, who owns Patrick’s Signs of Las Vegas, and Richardson, a Las Vegas businessman with interests both in real estate and casinos, have been teammates for several years with their vehicles prepped by Valley Performance, which is owned by Pat’s father Butch Dean and is the oldest full-service off-road shop in Southern Nevada.

“We used a borrowed vehicle after I sold my old Class 1 car three weeks before the Laughlin race and the loaner was only a V6 which makes our win and start of the 2008 Desert Series even more impressive,” said Dean, a veteran second-generation baja desert racer with numerous podium finishes in his racing career. “B.J. and I and our race cars have become almost like twins and to start the season with a 1-2 finish in Class 1 is better than we have ever started as a team before.”

Round 2 of the 2008 Desert Series will be the 22nd Annual San Felipe 250, to be held March 14-15, in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. The computerized drawing, by class, for the race, will be held Feb. 15 in Los Angeles. Second overall and leading the Trophy-Truck points after his Laughlin win is Rich Ronco. Another veteran desert racer, Ronco, Peoria, Ariz., is new to the marquee Trophy-Truck racing division and has 59 points in his No. 45 Tatum Motorsports Chevy Silverado.

With desert series points based both on number of starters and placing position within each class, Class 1 had 27 starters in Laughlin while Trophy-Truck had 24. Class 1 has five drivers in the top 10 of Overall points while Trophy-Truck has three.

Las Vegas’ B.J. Baldwin, the 2006 Trophy-Truck season point champion, is fourth in overall points and second in his class with 53 points in his No. 97 Baldwin Motorsports Chevy Silverado.
Steve Barry, Jamul, Calif., is fifth overall and third in Class 1 with 52 points in a Jimco-Chevy.
Class 1-2/1600 point leader Cory Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., leads the second-five in overall points at sixth with 51 in a Lothringer-VW. Tied for seventh overall with 49 points each are: Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif., who is third in Trophy-Truck in his Chevy Silverado and Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif., who is fourth in Class 1 in a HMS-Chevy.

Enrique Zazueta Jr., La Paz, Mexico, leads Class 5/1600 in a VW Baja Bug and is ninth overall with 48 points while 10th overall and fifth in Class 1 with 47 points is Dale Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., in a Penhall-Chevy.

The 2008 Desert Series

(Five-race point series in U.S. and Mexico. Through Laughlin Desert Challenge. Remaining point races: 22nd San Felipe 250, March 14-15-San Felipe, Mexico; 40th Baja 500, May 30-June -Ensenada, Mexico; 13th Terrible’s Primm 300, Sept. 5-6-Primm, Nev.; 41st Baja 1000-Ensenada, Mexico).

Top 15 Overall Cars and Trucks
(Position, Drivers, Vehicle-Engine, Class, Points)
1. Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (Class 1), 62
2. Rich Ronco, Peoria, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 59
3. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (Class 1), 56
4. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 53
5. Steve Barry, Jamul, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1), 52
6. Cory Boyer/Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Lothringer-VW (Class 1-2/1600), 51
7. Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif., Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 49
7. Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./Mark Levrett, Sparks, Nev., HMS-Chevy (Class 1), 49
9. Enrique Zazueta Jr./Enrique Zazueta Sr., La Paz, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (Class 5/1600), 48
10. Dale Lenk/Brett Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., Penhall-Chevy (Class 1), 47
11. Bobby Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 46
11. Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif./Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Duvell-VW (SCORE Lite), 46
11. James Scott, Hemet, Calif., RPS-Chevy (Class 1), 46
14. Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-Honda (Class 10), 45
14. Hiram Duran, Chula Vista, Calif., Amplified-VW (Class 1-2/1600, 45
14. Eric Chase, San Diego/Stuart Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy (CLASS 1), 45

Class Point Leaders
(With Class wins in parenthesis)
Pro Cars and Trucks
TROPHY-TRUCK—1. Rich Ronco, Peoria, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (1), 59; 2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (1), 53; 3. Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 49; 4. Bobby Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 46; 5. Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 44; 6. Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 28; 7. Travis Coyne, El Centro, Calif., Ford F-150, 27; 8. Bill McBeath, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 26; 9. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy C1500, 25; 10. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 24.
CLASS 1—1. Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (1), 62; 2. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy, 56; 3. Steve Barry, Jamul, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 52; 4. Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./Mark Levrett, Sparks, Nev., HMS-Chevy, 49; 5. Dale Lenk/Brett Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 47; 6. James Scott, Hemet, Calif., RPS-Chevy, 46; 7. Eric Chase, San Diego/Stuart Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 45; 8. Brian Parkhouse, Bell Gardens, Calif./Tom Ridings, Los Alamitos, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 29; 9. Jeff Farris, Kerman, Calif., HMS-Chevy, 28; 10. Brian Hudson, Westminster, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 27.
CLASS 1-2/1600—1. Cory Boyer/Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Lothringer-VW (1), 51; 2. Hiram Duran, Chula Vista, Calif., Amplified-VW, 45; 3. Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Mirage-VW, 41; 4. Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif., Lothringer-VW, 38; 5. Cody Robinson, El Centro, Calif./Roberto Romo, Mexicali, Mexico, Curry-VW, 36.
CLASS 3—1. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., Ford Bronco (1), 40.
CLASS 5—1. Kevin Carr, San Diego, VW Baja Bug (1), 40.
CLASS 5/1600—1. Enrique Zazueta Jr./Enrique Zazueta Sr., La Paz, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (1), 48; 2. Marcos Nunez/Norberto Rivera, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Baja Bug, 42.
CLASS 7—1. Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., Ford Ranger, 25.
CLASS 7SX—1. Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Tim Lawrence, Santee, Calif., Ford Ranger (1) 25.
CLASS 8—1. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy C1500, 25.
CLASS 10—1. Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-Honda (1), 45; 2. David Rodriguez/Sergio Rodriguez, Santa Fe., N.M., Kreger-VW, 24; 3. Mike Lawrence, Brea, Calif./Chris Lawrence, Los Alamitos, Calif., Lothringer-VW, 20, 4. Robert McBeath, Las Vegas, Jimco-Honda, 17.
LITE—1. Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif./Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Duvell-VW (1), 46; 2. Tom Watson, El Centro, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Prill-VW, 40; 3. David Callaway, Menifee, Calif./Scott Mapes, Riverside, Calif., Dunrite-VW, 36; 4. Steve Mamer, Holtville, Calif., Raceco-VW, 33; 5. Hector Garcia Jr., Chino, Calif., BajaMotorsports-VW, 31.
CLASS 11—1. Ramon Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Sedan (1), 40; 2. Todd Lucero, Anaheim Hills, Calif./Richard Nicols Jr., Placentia, Calif., VW Sedan, 34.
STOCK FULL—1. Chad Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3 Alpha (1), 40; 2. John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif./Jeremy Spirkoff, El Cajon, Calif., Ford F-350, 34.
STOCK MINI—1. Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3 (1), 40; 2. Steve Kovach, Tempe, Ariz./Chip Carr, Gilbert, Ariz., Ford Ranger, 34.
PROTRUCK—1. Jason Voss/Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif., Ford F-150 (1), 40.

Class Winners

14th Laughlin Desert Challenge
Laughlin, Nevada • Jan. 26-27, 2008
Total Starters: 141 Total Finishers: 41
Cars & Trucks
TROPHY-TRUCK—Rich Ronco, Peoria, Ariz., Chevy Silverado
CLASS 1—Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy
CLASS 1-2/1600—Cory Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Lothringer-VW
CLASS 3—Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., Ford Bronco
CLASS 5—Kevin Carr, San Diego, VW Baja Bug
CLASS 5/1600—Enrique Zazueta Jr., La Paz, Mexico, VW Baja Bug
CLASS 7—No Finishers
CLASS 7S—No Starters
CLASS 7SX—Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Ford Ranger
CLASS 8—No Finishers
CLASS 9—No Starters
CLASS 10—Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-Honda
SCORE LITE—Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif./Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif. Duvell-VW
CLASS 11—Ramon Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Sedan
STOCK FULL—Chad Hall, Reno, Nev, Hummer H3 Alpha
STOCK MINI—Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3
PROTRUCK—Jason Voss, Cupertino, Calif., Ford F-150
CLASS 17—No Starters

Baja Racing

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Punta Colonet 150 Race Results Baja Racing Series

BULLETIN! DAKAR Central Europe & S. America

Baja Racing

2008 DAKAR

The Central Europe Rally will take place from April 20 to 26 and was hastily organised to allow those who would have taken part in the Dakar Rally a chance to compete, said Etienne Lavigne, director of the Amaury Sport Organisation, the organiser of the Dakar Rally.

"The race was urgently organised... with the aim of offering Dakar Rally participants a chance to compete and to provide visibility for their sponsors at a big international competition," Lavigne told a press conference in Budapest.

The 3,000-kilometre (1,864-mile) rally will start in Budapest and head eastwards to the northern Romanian city of Sovata, before looping back to Hungary and finishing in the western town of Balatonfured, on the shores of Lake Balaton.

The rally includes some 1,500 kilometres of special competition stages, Lavigne said.

The Dakar Series was originally planned for 2009 but was brought forward after the 2008 Dakar Rally was canceled last month following the murder of four French tourists in Mauritania on December 24 of last year.

PARIS – The next Dakar Rally will zoom past the Andes, over Argentine plains and through Chilean desert instead of racing through African scrub and dunes. Forced by the threat of terrorism to cancel this year's race, organizers hope to give the Dakar Rally a new beginning by swapping continents and going to South America in 2009.

Race director Etienne Lavigne detailed the route in a telephone interview Monday. He was already in Buenos Aires, scouting out the Argentine capital that will host the start and finish of next year's race.

"It's a very, very big adventure," Lavigne said. This year marked the first time that the 30-year-old rally, one of the biggest competitions in automobile racing, was called off. Next year will mark the first time that it will not race in Africa. The race will start in Buenos Aires on Jan. 3 and finish in the Argentine capital Jan. 18, organizers said. "Dakar competitors are going to discover new territory, new scenery, but with the same sprit of competition and adventure, with very hard stages," Lavigne said.

About 500 competitors signed up for the 2008 edition, which was canceled in January after French government warnings about safety. Lavigne said the race will return to Africa when it can. The threat of a terrorist attack pushed the element of risk to levels organizers deemed unacceptable this year. Eight of the 15 stages were to have been in Mauritania, where al-Qaida-linked militants killed a family of French tourists on Dec. 24. "It's just a pause with Africa, because unfortunately the security conditions aren't there," Lavigne said. He said the welcome in South America has been "fabulous." The 2009 edition will traverse 5,600 miles in Argentina and Chile, with racing over nearly 3,700 miles in 15 days, with one rest day.

The race will start in Buenos Aires, go to Patagonia, the Andes mountains and venture into the Atacama desert, the world's driest, Lavigne said. The exact route is still being worked out.

LINK HERE: Chileans Offer Up South America as a venue

LINK HERE: 2008 Africa Cancel story Baja Racing

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RaceStar Francisco "El Zorro Racing" Cervantes

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Baja Mex 300 Why no more Baja North races?




This story was originally posted on September 2, 2007, just prior to the explosion of Baja crime that has now forced the government of Baja Norte to respond. Now, just hours before BITD's Casey Folks Parker 2008 race, BITD will move ahead in being the leader in the sport of off-road racing.

Rather than support racers, score has protected its own interests in Baja Mexico and kept the racers in a position, to only support score. No better example was the BITD Baja 300 races. The rumor is that score was the reason all the bad things happened to those BITD races in Mexico. Our original story established what happened on the ground during Best In The Deserts efforts to hold safe off road races in Baja, Mexico.

Baja Racing now exposes, the Mexico insurance broker of score participated in a cock-block of BITD in Mexico. Instant Mexico Auto Insurance was requested to assist BITD in its races and they did not provide any assistance to BITD to provide services to the racers in the Baja Mex 300. BITD was forced to find help elsewhere.

Instant Mexico Auto Insurance is the same company that has been publicly rebuked, by racers and the off-road community, for horrible customer services abuses. Among the charges, not paying out for legit claims in a timely manner, ignoring customers needs for service and numerous business interference actions. Baja Racing inside source has told us that Instant and score colluded to squash BITD efforts to hold races in Baja, Mexico.

Our inside source went further, "This is the way the sport of off road works. Your competition tries to grow the sport, hold more races, then your competing race organization does everything, including extortion, to destroy that effort. I mean everything. In Mexico, that means even risking the lives of racers." "In the sport, in the business of off-road, threats of violence are not uncommon." "Its very common for people in the sport of offroad racing, desert offroad racing, to resort to all kinds of sabotage. 'Well Poisoning', 'payoffs' and other relationship destructions are the reason off road is not mainstream."

It is desert off road racing. In Baja Mexico!
Just like Juniors Super Bowl Bud commerical last year, when he said, "Crazy, mutant desert guys."

SCORE should be ashamed of its record with racers regarding the Baja Mex 300.

The Original Baja Racing Story:

Baja North Mexico is just a stones throw away from millions of Americans, open for great recreation. Deserts, mountains the chapparal foothills and the Pacific coast. Miles and miles of open country and a wonderful, off-road loving people. Then why are there so few races with American racers?

Yes, there is the great Mexicali series of desert off-road races and the Ensenada series of races. These series are the local off road associations, supported by the sport industries of Mexicali and Ensenada. The off road industries of Baja Califronia should be applauded for its support of the sport.

Almost no tourism department support, because, as the public policies go, without international teams, they are not 'touristic'. This is very bad for off-road and not good policy for the state of Baja Norte. Very few international racers run those series.

That's the biggest reason why off road isn't any bigger in northern Baja California.

But, lots of state support does go to score. And score owes the county of Ensenada and the state to keep the races exclusively in Baja California (Baja North). The relationship between score and the state is much like that of a marriage, with score getting support, but not being allowed to fool around (much) anyplace else. And score being able to call "Baja" all their own. What happens when another suitor comes calling on the wife in the mans house? The man will do anything to keep his wife. Case in point, the Baja Mex 300.

Casey Folks, of BEST IN THE DESERT, racing association, made a valiant effort to establish new races in Baja north in 2002 and 2003. In a brief interview this week, from Las Vegas, Casey said, "The people and land of Baja Mexico are great, we enjoyed very much offering races in Mexico". Casey made it clear, he would not have had races in Mexico just as a one-time thing, he wanted to establish more races in Baja California.

What happened?

In 2002 & 2003, Casey put on two flawless races out of the famous Ensenada Estero Beach Hotel. No race in 2004 or ever after. When asked what happened, why no more races in Baja Mexico, the Jefe of Best In The Desert was very diplomatic.

But, this reporter knows why Best In The Desert will never be back in Mexico. Yes, its another country. But, another country that loves off road as a sport. The government was solicited by score to force BITD out of Baja, by making rules when races would occur in the state. In 2002 and 2003 score made every attempt to stop Best In The Deserts efforts in Baja California. Score pushed every political button it could, to either make laws or make impossible any Best In The Desert races in Baja Mexico.

Baja Mex 300 Race Course BEST IN THE DESERT

September 2002:

"Baja Mex 300 World Championship:
The Race That Almost Never Happened"

"Please keep in mind that we are simply reporting key points of what was told to us. As we have, consider a focus on the BITD success story and plan for the race next year.

O.J. Palmer, the medical coordinator for Best in the Desert, visited local Ensenada hospitals before the event, and were told by the doctors that they were paid to NOT TREAT anyone injured during the event. This is in spite of the fact that all of the racers had insurance, and Mexican law forbids any hospital from turning an emergency away from their doors.

The day before the event was to start, an environmental firm hired by a lawyer showed up and stated that the race could not be run because a section near the start was near a sensitive tide-pool area. At the last minute, Gerardo Novelo tore down a $5000 section of wall to re-route the course. The firm would not state who had paid them to file the complaint.

Ads were place on radio stations in major Baja cities, stating that the event was cancelled. When Casey and his people tried to place ads with the same radio stations, "they had to pay for an announcement to be made that the race was indeed on" in order for radio stations to accept the ads."

That's why many Americans avoid Mexico and many others will never race or offer sport in Baja Mexico.

Gary Newsome, Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE