Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baja 500 2008 UPDATED! Countdown to RaceDay



Teams Confirmed Not Racing!
Pflueger of Hawaii and Vildosola scrubbed
from the 2008 Baja 500.
UT Story out of San Diego today:
SCORE off-road racing seems to have run into the perfect storm.
Entries for Saturday's 40th Tecate SCORE Baja 500 are off nearly 40 percent from last year's record 492 starters. OUCH!
Three elements seem to factor into the startling drop: problems in the housing industry, the price of gasoline and the threat of violence in Mexico.
But the 300 entries SCORE has received for the 441-mile race – which starts and finishes in Ensenada – still ranks among the Baja 500's 10 largest fields.
“We've had a great run,” SCORE publicity director Dominic Clark said yesterday of a four-year period that saw entries soar from 260 in 2003 to last year's record field. “But we have been impacted by a lot of things.”

Notably, the economy – although many racers have also backed away from racing in Mexico after the incidents of robbery on the highways surrounding last year's Baja 1000. SCORE's fortunes have always risen and fallen with the Southern California housing industry – the racing end of the equation trailing the turns in the industry by about a year. Plus, the cost of gasoline and racing fuels has increased significantly since the end of the 2007 season.

The only increase SCORE is seeing in Baja 500 entries this year is the percentage of Mexican racers. One driver, however, is undaunted by the problems facing SCORE.

Robby Gordon, who ran second overall to Brian Collins in last year's Baja 500, will double again this weekend. He will fly to Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Dover, Del., after finishing the Baja 500. Gordon is making one change. He has parked his TrophyTruck and will run the Hummer H3 that he prepared for January's canceled Dakar Rally.

Collins, who will be seeking a third straight Baja 500 overall victory, will team with Escondido's Chuck Hovey, who is parking his open-class buggy to share Collins' Dodge Ram TrophyTruck. [That's SCORE Trophy Truck pilgrim!]
Among the notable teams missing this year's Baja 500 are McMillin Racing of Chula Vista, Herbst Racing and Alan Pflueger. Mark and Scott McMillin told SCORE at the start of the year that they would be taking a step back in 2008 to see how racing in Mexico shakes out. The Herbst team and Pflueger have withdrawn from the Baja 500 for economic reasons. [at least, that's what they've told SCORE]

Another entry returning to the Baja 500 will be the ATV team led by Danny Prather of Ramona and Mike Cafro of Carlsbad. Like Collins and the motorcycle tandem of Robby Bell and Kendall Norman, Prather and Cafro will be seeking a third straight overall title in their division.

With entries right at 300, SCORE expects a handful of additional entries just before the start, giving organizers a legitimate shot at 300 starters for only the 10th time. In 2004, the race drew 300 starters for the first time since 1977. The field jumped to 345 in 2005, 438 in '06 (eclipsing the mark of 384 for both the 1976 and '77 races) and 492 last year. “Over the last five years, we experienced the same type of expansion we had in the 1970s before the housing decline of the 1980s,” Clark said. [story end]



The race began in 1969 under the auspices of the NORRA organization.


Ensenada MX- San Nicolas Hotel
Express Racer Registration - 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Regular Racer Registration - 2:00PM to 6:00PM
Media Registration - 2:00PM to 6:00PM

Baja Racing News LIVE! Webcast Start 9 AM

Ensenada, MX-San Nicolas Hotel
Express Racer Registration - 8:30AM to 10:30AM
Regular Racer Registration - 10:30AM to 4:30PM
Media Center - 9:00AM to 5:00PM
FRIDAY, MAY 30 / Costero Blvd Riviera Center
Contingency Row - 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Technical Inspection - 10:00AM to 6:00PM
FRIDAY, MAY 30 / Riviera Convention Center
Competitors Meeting - 7:00PM

SATURDAY, MAY 31 / Riviera Convention Center
Late Registration & Tech - 5:30AM
Media Center - 5:30AM
SATURDAY, MAY 31 / Costero Blvd Riviera Center
Motorcycle & ATV Start - 6:00AM
Four Wheel Start - 9:30AM (Approximately)
SUNDAY, JUNE 1 / San Nicolas Hotel
Posting of Unofficial Results - 8:00AM
Competition Review Board - 9:00AM
Awards Presentation (poolside) - 10:00AM

Baja Racing News LIVE! Webcast Wrap 12-Noon


TIME LIMIT - All competitors will have 20 hours from
their designated start time to complete the race.
START/FINISH LINE - The race will start and finish on
Costero Blvd in front of the Riviera Convention Center.
MOTO & ATV START ORDER - One every 15 seconds in
the following order - 22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, 25, 24,
full three (3) hour gap between the last ATV starter and
the first Trophy Truck starter.
FOUR WHEEL START #1 - One every 30 seconds in the
following order - TT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1/2-1600, 5.
FOUR WHEEL START #2 - Then one every 15 seconds
in the following order - 7, 5-1600, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3,
NO STUB CANS: Stub Cans will NOT be used.


1) The Competitors Meeting will be held on Friday 5/30 at 7:00pm in the Cathedral Room of the Riviera Convention Center.
2) All competitors are reminded that off road racing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or even death. YOU MUST BEAR THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY.

3) The roads used for this race course are open to the public. You must expect at all times to encounter oncoming traffic. Be advised that spectators may engage in malicious activity. When approaching a group of spectators, slow down and be alert.

4) The speed limit for all race vehicles on all highway speed zones is 60 mph. This speed limit will be enforced with the race tracking devices. Passing on the highway sections must be made on the left-hand side only and within the 60 MPH speed limit. All participants MUST possess a valid driver license while operating the race vehicle.

5) HIGHWAY SPEED ZONES - There are FOUR (4) paved highway sections subject to the 60 mph speed limit. It is notpermissible to run dirt roads that may parallel the highway in order to exceed the 60 MPH speed limit or pass other vehicles. - Right on HWY 3 @ KM 77 / Rancho Conejo / Mile 82.0 * Left off HWY 3 @ KM 78 / Agua Blanca / Mile 83.2 (1.2 MILES).- Right on HWY 3 @ KM 142 / San Matias / 230.8 * Left off HWY 3 @ KM 137 / Mike's Ranch Turnoff / 233.2 (2.5 MIL ES).- Right on HWY 1 @ KM 102 / Llano Colorado / 299.3 * Left off HWY 1 @ KM 96 / South San Vicente / 303.3 (4.0 MILES).- Left on HWY 1 @ KM 51 / Santo Tomas / 357.9 * Right off HWY 1 @ KM 40 / Acambaro Market / 364.7 (6.8 MILES).

6) HIGHWAY SPEED PENALTY - SCORE evaluates the highway speed data for EVERY finisher. Penalties for exceeding the mandatory 60 MPH highway speed limit are based on the duration and degree of the violation.

7) The race course is marked with orange/white ribbon, yellow reflective tape, orange directional arrows, green wrong ways, and mile markers every five miles. SCORE cannot guarantee that course markings will be in place on race day. It is the responsibility of each competitor to race in a controlled manner and be able to slow down to avoid danger spots.

8) Four-Wheel vehicles that are in a position to pass a motorcycle or atv MUST NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS UNTIL THE RIDER HAS MOVED TO THE SIDE OF THE COURSE. Motorcycles and ATVs must remain aware of approaching traffic and move over as quickly as possible. Four-Wheel vehicles are ultimately responsible for the safety of passing. USE YOUR HORN

9) SCORE will use 151.625 (Weatherman Relay) for the main race operations radio frequency. Please use this frequency to report an emergency or ask for help.

10) You are required to enter all checkpoints in a single file manner and come to a complete stop at the stop sign. The checkpoint corridor is not considered part of the race. Entering and exiting all checkpoints must be done in a safe and prudent manner in order to guarantee the safety of all checkpoint workers.

11) Passing is not permitted 300 feet before a checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 300 feet before and 100 feet after a checkpoint. Pitting is not permitted within 100 feet before or 100 feet after a paved highway crossing. No towing, pushing or pulling through a checkpoint or greater than 1% of the course, which at this race is 4.4 miles.

12) No towing of Four-Wheel vehicles within 1 mile of the finish line. Wristbanded vehicle occupants are permitted to push a disabled race vehicle across the finish line.

13) A competitor who is late for his assigned start time will start at the back of the class that is currently starting. The elapsed time of a late starter begins with his DESIGNATED START TIME, not the late start time.

14) All classes have 20 HOURS from their designated start time to complete the race, provided that each checkpoint is cleared within the scheduled closing time.

Checkpoint locations and closing times are as follows:





15) The race will Start and Finish in front of the Riviera Convention Center on Boulevard Costero.

16) Motorcycles and ATV classes will report to staging at 5:30AM for a 6:00AM start. One every 15 seconds in the following order: 22, 30, 40, 21, 20, 50, 60, 25, 24, SPTMOTO>, SPTMOTO<, SPTATV.

17) There will be a three hour gap between the last ATV starter and the first SCORE Trophy Truck starter.

18) Four-Wheel vehicles will begin staging at 8:30AM and will start at APPROXIMATELY 9:30AM.

19) Four-Wheel vehicles will start one every 30 seconds in the following order: TT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1/2-1600, 5. Then one every 15 seconds in the following order: 7, 5-1600, 7SX, SF, SM, 9, 3, SPTK, SPBG, 11, SPUTV.

20) Late registration will open on Saturday morning at 5:30AM inside the Riviera Convention Center.

21) A technical protest MUST be filed no later than 30 minutes after the first finisher out of the money in your class. 23) All of the following will take place at the San Nicolas Hotel on Sunday morning: Unofficial Results will be posted at 8:00AM. Competition Review Board will meet at 9:00AM. Awards Presentation will be held poolside at 10:00AM.


The race course will open for prerunning on
Saturday, May 17. Begin prerun at race mile 44.0,
which is 3.6 miles south of the Ojos Negros HWY 3 / KM 39 junction.
End prerun at mile 403.4, which is just
west of HWY 3 @ KM 35.5. The start section will be open for prerunning
on Thursday, May 29 and Friday, May 30.

From the SCORE Press release, "With the release of the official course map and course notes Monday, pre-race activity steps up significantly starting Saturday when the world’s best desert racers officially begin their pre-running and course logistics activities for this month’s 40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest continuous desert race in the world." Baja Racing reports, 'There have been teams pre-running the course for weeks'.
Between RM370 and RM400 is probably the hardest part on the course this year. I just got back from prerunning and it was pretty bad. Also this part for most of us will be at night. There is alot of switch backs and silt uphills that will get very knarly.

Access to the race course from Hwy's 3 and 5:rm 90.... Hwy 3 km 85.5rm 102 ...Hwy 3 km 101 (Nuevo Jct)rm 162.. Hwy 5 km 87 Ej Saldaña 8 1/2 miles in. good road Prerunning assistance will be there with food and drinks on Saturday and Sunday. rm 206... Hwy 3 km 179 (Borrego Jct)rm 220... Hwy 3 km 159rm 260....Hwy 3 km 120 (Valle de la Trinidad)

Some prerunning'll need to pack a bunch of gas or have a 4.5 + gallon tank if you do. You should top off your bike, truck, and spare containers in Ensenada. In Ensenada, there are many new stations where old tanks are not an issue, gas is cheaper and premium is available. You should note where the Pemex stations are along the race course: Ojos Negros, Heroes de la Independencia (old and iffy), Valle de la Trinidad, San Vicente, and Santo Tomas.

Gas can also be bought from locals selling from barrels at Independencia, San Matias, and Erendira. Since you must start prerunning in Ojos Negros, there is a Pemex on Hwy 3 just before the turn-off to the race course. They only have regular and diesel, no premium. They charge a flat 10.00 pesos per $1 exchange rate.Next opportunity for gas is at Independencia, which is 6 miles south of RM 83 or 4 miles west of RM 93. There are a couple of old Pemex pumps on the east side of Hwy 3 at a general store or some guys may be selling gas across the street from their pick-ups. Regular only at both. Make sure and check out the Baja Store, a few doors north. Racing-friendly owner who will watch your vehicles if you want to stage there. Now the fun starts...No Man's Land - up the Summit and down to Laguna Salada. If you can get a truck into Nuevo Junction, RM 103, you can get your bike topped off there. Until someone puts marking ribbon up, it's too hard to explain how to get there from Hwy 3. It's 110 miles from Nuevo Jct to Borrego Jct (RM 210), the next time you'll see pavement. Then another 32 miles north on Hwy 3 to the next Pemex at Valley T. If you have support waiting for you at Borrego, you'll still need to pack gas to get you from Hwy 3/Nuevo Jct to Borrego (110-120 miles) unless you have a big tank. Have your act together in this section because it is desolate and hard for a truck to get into to if you have problems. There is an access point in Laguna Salada for a truck to get into and support you at RM 160, and another at Cohabuzo Jct at RM 141. It's a pain to get to while prerunning since you have to go north on Hwy 5 towards Mexicali, turn west at the Ejido Saldana road, and go west 7 miles down a stutter-bump road to get to RM 160. Nice to know, though, just in case. If you have support at Borrego Jct, the rest of the course is easy for gas. The Pemex at Valley T has regular and diesel only, no premium. Pemex at San Vicente has premium, regular, and diesel. The Pemex at Santo Tomas has premium and regular. Think about hiding gas if a truck can't meet you at a certain time. The Pemex station at Valley T will be busy. Ridiculous on race day. Pack support gas on race day because the lines at this station are lengthy.

There is cel service in Ojos Negros, Independencia, Valley T, San Vicente, and Santo Tomas. There are hospitals in Ensenada, San Felipe and San Quintin. There are good doctors at clinics in Valley T and San Vicente. Remember, make sure and close all gates you come across. Don't assume "that group 10 minutes behind you" will know to close a gate you've opened.

Several persons have died in the are of the summit."Think about hiding gas if a truck can't meet you at a certain time. "In the days when racing 2 strokes and before large plastic tanks many teams hid gas between the summit and Borrego. "The Pemex at Valley T will be busy. Ridiculous on race day. Pack support gas on race day because the lines at this station are lengthy. "On the day before race day fill all your fuel containers as many stations run out of gas on race day and you will not be able to reach your pit locations.

Baja 500 2008 Prerun UPDATES

“the kids in Erendira are already busy. Digging some ditches and other "booby traps" in the sandwash. When you're smart and bypass their little ploy, they throw rocks at you. Where we preran RM 265 to RM 404. Lllano Colorado road is the same, coast is the same. Got nice and toasty warm as the day wore on - hope the Summit guys hydrated alot.The cruel joke is RM 365 to Hwy 3, RM 404. Score has taken a grader and created brand new fresh race course, interweaving with the 2007 Baja 500 course. LOTS of silt already, which means will be very similar to '07. Oh well, it is an off-road race. Lots of folks out. Lots of cops visible in Ensenada, Mexican Army out everywhere.” (As reported earlier by Baja Racing

“We did from Ojos to Valle de la Trinidad, only a flat tire, everything is ok. They spent the night at Mike´s.”

“Got to Coyote Cals(Exactly RM330) at 9:30 A.M. Talked to the two SCORE officials who were on there way to finish marking the course at 360. Sal Fish was their the night before talking to the ejidos. They bragged about making sure that me and my team follow the course route exactly. If we or anybody gets off the course over 15ft. your IRC GPS will sound an alarm at SCORE and IRC and that race vehicle will be automaticaly DQ'D?
They did however tell me about a boobie trap dropping down into the Salada. Make sure you tell your team and racer beware. Traps on the left side of the wash. Riders stay to the right you will hit the natives little boobie traps but it is much better than hitting that three foot ditch! Pre-runners take note: at about RM327 after the whooped out rocks you head into the back yard of a Ranch. Between the end of the rocks and the entrance of the property close the gate behind you if there are not any kids there.”

“Made it home after a two day trip. I left my home in Alpine at 5am Saturday morning on my XR. Rode through Tecate border, up Compadre Trail and met Ivan at Ojos as scheduled at 8AM. We rode up and over the summit. It was tough. It was HOT! We saw a guy riding double up and over the summit all the way to mile 162 with his five year old kid strapped to him. The kid was all geared up. Yes, you read this correct. They were riding double, over the summit, 110 degree weather, five year boy old. By far the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Oh ya, he also had his daughter riding her 250x with him too. When we passed her she was off her bike throwing up from the heat coming down the summit. At mile 162 we stopped at the Baja pits to rest, eat, and fuel up. The guy finally showed up with his five year old. The kid layed on the ground under the tarp the rest of the time we were there. Hopefully they put him in the chase truck that showed up. Next we rode to Borrego, up the hill to Valley T. I picked up a nail in the dump at San Matias, be careful through there. We made it to Mikes Sky Ranch by dark. Nice 14 hour day ride! There was a party at Mikes for a friends 50 year old birthday, band and everything.Next day, we took off with a couple extra guys. We made it to Erindera and decided to hit the highway to Santo Tomas. We were hurting. Once there, the riders was about to grenade due to lose spokes. We couldn’t really fix it so Ivan hit the highway back to Ensenada to get his truck and take the rider to the Tecate border.”

“We pre-ran the course this weekend. Awesome course, lots of long fast areas, and some rough rocky areas-especially over the summit. We had two military inspections we didn't expect. They weren't in the normal checkpoint areas, they were out in the middle of nowhere on the course. They were cool. They just had us get out and they checked out all our camping gear. We gave them a few sodas and they thanked us and we were on our way. We felt very safe having all those guys around. I'm glad they were there. We slept on the side of the trail and felt safe. We never had any problems all weekend. Hopefully it will stay that way.”

“saw some (military)guys on thursday they where 2 of them they stop us I ask one of them what they where doing in the middle of nowhere and he reply theres 10 of right here in different places then we notice 3 more behind a bush. I think it is going to be safer then any other race, we where stopped by ‘3 Hermanos’ and then by ‘Cerro Grande’, race mile 110.”

“We got stopped at mile markers 205 and 255. Same deal, there were more in the bushes kind of back behind us a little. We had sodas for them, too! I'm glad to hear you guys had good luck there, too.”

“Some prerunners were asked at these military checkpoints about their race radios and if they had permits for them, I also read (as of yet unsubstantiated) stories that radios were being confiscated because of no permit. Did they ask you about your radio when you were stopped? The Mexican Government requires US Licensed Amateur licensees to obtain a reciprocal permit. We were prerunning over the weekend we were asked about our radios. how many we had. Then had me turn it on and checked the frequency we were on then sent us on our way.”

Baja 500 2008 Details

In the elapsed-time race, motorcycles and ATVs will start one every 15 seconds, while the faster car/truck classes will start one every 30 seconds and the slower ones will start in 15-second intervals. All starters will have a 20-hour time limit to become official finishers.
The field of veteran desert racers includes 21 defending class champions out of the 25 Pro classes that had finishers in last year’s race.
All three overall winners from last year’s race are entered and all three have won two consecutive years. Las Vegas’ Brian Collins, Las Vegas, returns seeking a third straight overall 4-Wheel vehicle victory with new teammate Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif. Collins, who drives the No. 12 Mopar Collins Motorsports Mopar Dodge Ram 1500, won the last two year with Larry Ragland as his teammate.
Returning as the two-time overall motorcycle and Class 22 champs is the team of Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., on the No. 1x Honda CRF450X. Back to defend their overall ATV and Class 25 victory is the team of Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Carlsbad, Calif., on the new No. 1a Honda TRXX700. Splitting the seat time with Prather and Cafro this year will be Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz., and Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif.
Collins/Hovey drew the eighth starting spot in SCORE Trophy-Truck while Bell/Norman will be fourth off the line in Class 22 and Prather/Cafro/Prull/Marana will start seventh in Class 25.
“To win the SCORE Baja 500 overall once is a dream come true, to win it twice amazing and to win it three times would be unbelievable,” said Collinsll/Norman will be fourth off the line in Class 22 and Prather/Cafro/Prull/Marana will start seventh in Class 25.
“To win the SCORE Baja 500 overall once is a dream come true, to win it twice amazing and to win it three times would be unbelievable,” said Collins, a second-generation SCORE desert racer who has five career SCORE Trophy-Truck race wins including this year’s 22nd Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in March. “Our new Mopar Dodge Ram 1500 is an unbelievable race truck and we could make history.”
Besides Collins, Bell/Norman and Prather/M. Cafro, other racers who will be back to defend their class titles are B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas (Class 1, Bunderson-Chevy), Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif. (Class 1-2/1600, Lothringer-VW), Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif. (Class 3, Ford Bronco), Carlos Albanez, Mexicali, Mexico (Class 5, VW Baja Bug), Jose Montoya, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 5/1600, 1600cc VW Baja Bug), Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., (Class 7, Ford Ranger), John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif. (Stock Full, Ford F-150), Rod Hall, Reno, Nev. (Stock Mini, Hummer H3), Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif. (Class 21, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 30, Honda CRF450X), Brett Helm, Poway, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X), Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif. (Class 50, Honda XR650R).
The five class winners from last year who have switched classes are: Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix (from Class 8 to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico (Class 10 to Class 1), Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico (Protruck to SCORE Trophy-Truck), Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif. (from Class 20 to Class 22), and Adolfo Arellano, Chula Vista, Calif. (from Class 24 to Class 25).
To date, the Pro 4-Wheel vehicles classes with the most entries are: Class 1 (23), SCORE Trophy-Truck (22), Class 1-2/1600 (19), SCORE Lite (13) and Class 5/1600 (14).
Leading the Motorcycle classes in entries so far are Class 22 (17) and Class 30 (11).
Class 24 leads the ATV classes with 12 entries while Class 25 has 11.
Among the Sportsman classes, SPT Motorcycles over 250cc has 31 entries.
Several crossover/celebrity racers are already entered in this year’s race, led by NASCAR’s Robby Gordon. A second generation desert racer, Gordon, who has won this race three times, is a NASCAR team owner/driver and is entered in SCORE Trophy-Truck in the No. 77 Chevy Silverado.
Germany’s Armin Schwarz, whose World Rally Championship career saw 119 starts, won Class 1 in this year’s Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 with Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. and are currently fourth in Class 1 points in a Jimco-BMW. Making his SCORE race debut in Jimco-Chevy in this race will be German Rally ace Armin Kremer.
Arizona real estate mogul Ken Losch, a team owner/driver in the Indy Lights series, will be driving a Ford F-150 in the Protruck class.
Debuting her new race team in SCORE Lite will be prominent Automotive electronic and print journalist Barbara Terry, Clover, South Carolina, who will be the driver of record in a Bunderson-VW for this race and the season-ending Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in November.
For the first time in the 40-year history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race, the colorful pre-race Manufacturer’s Midway and Contingency, the start and finish line will all be located in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center. It will be first time in race history that the pre-race activities and the finish will be held on this historic boulevard.


"The last Baja TT race without VW"


Tony(TT) and Baja Racing News(BRN) odds to WIN the '08 BAJA 500

(Actual Placed)

( )35 Robbie Pierce, TT: Flatmaster becomes jackslave? 8 to 1.

( )36 Cameron Steele, TT: "Peanut Advisory Board", I swear 6 to 1.

BRN: 12 to 1

( )*1 Mark Post, TT: Whuppin' Post 2 to 1.

BRN: Even Money

( )39 Ron Whitton, TT: In fast company! 5 to 1.

( )4 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr., TT: With a little "suerte" … 3 to 1.

BRN: 2 to 1

( )97 B.J. Baldwin, TT: Tenacious 2 to 1.

( )2 Pete Sohren, TT: Flats, flats, gears, U-joints, multimillionaires … 6 to 1.

BRN: 9 to 1.

( )12 Brian Collins, TT: On a roll … 2 to 1.

BRN: Even Money

( )33 Chad Ragland, TT: Was it luck or … 3 to 1.

( )8 Roger Norman, TT: DARK HOSS 4 to 1.

( )28 Alan Pfleuger, TT: "Motorsports as a whole" to pour $$$? 5 to 1.

BRN: 3 to 1.

( )96 Bobby Baldwin, TT: Solid performance 6 to 1.

( )22 Damen Jefferies, TT: Not like the old days 5 to 1.

( )54 Jesse James, TT: I call for a good finish! 6 to 1.

BRN: Darkhorse 4 to 1.

( )38 Garron Cadiente, TT: Mucho tierra to make up 3 to 1.

( )84 Nick Vanderwey, TT: Lot toughr'n "8" … huh? 6 to 1.

( )7 Scott Steinberger, TT: It's ALWAYS some damned thing 7 to 1.

BRN: 5 to 1.

( )34 Danny Sullivan, TT: Henge hangs in 5 to 1.

BRN: 2 to 1

( )77 Robby Gordon, TT: SHORT "LONG SHOT" 2 to 1.

Baja Racing News Favorite.

( )71 Rick D. Johnson, TT: Experience counts fer sumthin' 3 to 1.

( )60 Mike Voudouris, TT: "Zero" is for "Z" 9 to 0.

( )50 Jason McNeil, TT: Lower tier effort 8 to1.

*Last years winner. Yeah, in cuffs'!.

The rest of the Baja 500 2008 odds by Tony Tellier (We are not worthy)

CLASS 1: 23 101 Josh Rigsby Draw = overdrive 7 to 1 *100 Billy Gasper Will shit n git 2 to 1 103 Enrique Bujanda Sleeper wakes up 3 to 1 104 Paul Keller Uncertain program 9 to 1 105 Jeff Farris Team too bizarre xx 106 Chuck Dempsey Team too complicated 6 to 1 107 Pat Dean Baja OWES him a "500"! 2 to 1 108 Armin Schwarz Has all the pieces 2 to 1 109 Luis Ramirez, Jr. Mid-pack finisher 4 to 1 110 B.J. Richardson Scary-fast 2 to 1 111 Dale Lenk Still missin' sumthin' 9 to 1 112 Ryan Sharman Will get Chased down by RM5 99 to 1 113 Eric Chase 8th by Salada 3 to 1 114 Mike Voyles Hard to find Checkered 5 to 1 115 Robert Ross Inconsistent to be Ty'ed 6 to 1 116 Rob Bruce Rob "Bruised" … 99 to 1 117 Will Higman W/D 5/12 W/D xx 118 Lobsam Yee A DNF 6 to 1 119 Ron Brant Sentimental fav 3 to 1 120 Brian Parkhouse Once in a while 5 to 1 121 Armin Kremer Weitschusz 5 to 1 122 Rick Ellison Always tops in "10" 4 to 1 123 Dale Ebberts Has not come together 5 to 1 149 Adam Lunn-1st RS Wrong "Adam" 99 to 1 CLASS 1/2-1600: 19 1601 Arturo Velazco Hard to stay in front 4 to 1 1602 Adam Pfankuch Busy day … 3 to 1 *1600 Dave Caspino Always a good bet 3 to 1 1604 Roman Pereyra P. "Roamin" is more like it 99 to 1 1605 Edgar Alvarez, Jr. Edgar eager 5 to 1 1606 Cory Boyer Might beat "12s"! 3 to 1 1607 Viry Felix Beetter have a "gato" on board 99 to 1 1608 Max Hanberg Could clog course 4 to 1 1609 Arnoldo Ramirez M. Top Third 4 to 1 1610 Ramiro Escobedo Upper finish 5 to 1 1611 Adrian Soto As well as, OK, Carlos Iribe! Ja hahahha 6 to 1 1612 Edgar Avalos Quick unknown 5 to 1 1643 Ray Files-7th RS Tries hard 4 to 1 1644 Gerardo Iribe-6th RS Has the "manos" 3 to 1 1645 Hiram Duran-5th RS Always a player 3 to 1 1646 Hector Garcia-4th RS Fast but last 4 to 1 1647 Eliseo Garcia-3rd RS Unsung hero? 4 to 1 1648 Jose Delgado A.-2nd RS ANY local can win … 7 to 1 1649 Juan Gallo-1st RS Shoestring effort 5 to 1 CLASS 3: 1 301 Donald Moss Should enter "8"! 1 to 1 CLASS 5: 3 501 Kevin Carr Gets along with The Kernel! 3 to 1 502 George Seeley Probably win 3 to 1 519 Carlos Albanez-1st RS DARK HORSIE 9 to 1 CLASS 5-1600: 14 551 Gustavo Avina O. Not in the game 9 to 1 552 Ernie Negrete Have too many ups n downs 4 to 1 *550 Mario Reynoso Tough guy 4 to 1 554 Ruben Gutierrez, Jr. Possible player 4 to 1 555 Tommy Craft But not a MASTER craft 5 to 1 556 Alonso Angulo No way … 9 to 1 557 Pedro Athie Abogado del Mundo 5 to 1 573 Carlos Iribe-7th RS Has it won, already! 4 to 1 574 Ernesto Arambula-6th RS Tough to beat 3 to 1 575 Javier Morales-5th RS Nope 9 to 1 576 Saul Garcia-4th RS DARK HORSE 4 to 1 577 Marcos Nunez-3rd RS Two-man race 3 to 1 578 Omar Dipp Nunez-2nd RS "CheeZe" dip? 4 to 1 579 Jose Montoya E.-1st RS CLASS 7: 4 701 Brandon Walsh Best have it all together 5 to 1 *700 Dan Chamlee Will have it his way 3 to 1 703 Scott Ulrich Along for the ride 6 to 1 719 Rick Battey-1st RS Waits for attrition 6 to 1 CLASS 7SX: 6 *740 Rich Severson Mutt n … 3 to 1 741 Heidi Steele … Jeff 3 to 1 742 Beto Iriarte Don't beto on Beto 9 to 1 757 Mike Horner-3rd RS Cannot be discounted 5 to 1 758 John Holmes-2nd RS Could home in on Heidi 3 to 1 759 Jeff Fuller-1st RS Gets the brush-off 9 to 1 CLASS 8: 1 801 Noah Ostanik Dying class 5 to 1 CLASS 9: 1 949 Daniel Reyes, Jr.-1st RS Dead class 9 to 1 CLASS 10: 8 1001 Mark Hutchins W/D xx 1002 Mikey Lawrence Needs a prerunner 5 to 1 1003 Brendan Fikes Will challenge 3 to 1 1004 Alex Crosthwaite Class wide open 3 to 1 1005 Tito Robles No 9 to 1 1006 Will Higman W/D 5/12 W/D xx 1007 Rocky Merino Will find course stoney 9 to 1 1008 Jesus J. Gonzalez Should pray 9 to 1 1049 Javier Buelna-1st RS Will not find it easy 6 to 1 CLASS 11: 8 1101 Eric Solorzano Christ, who else 1 to 1 1102 Ernesto Martinez, Jr. I mean, WTF 9 to 1 1103 Neri Sanchez B. 9 to 1 1104 Mauro Diaz 9 to 1 *1100 Ramon Fernandez 9 to 1 1147 Jacob Mueller-3rd RS 9 to 1 1148 Carlos Villa N.-2nd RS 9 to 1 1149 John Ledyard-1st RS 9 to 1 SCORE LITES: 13 1201 Brian Burgess W/D 5/10 W/D xx 1202 Tim Pangborn Out by Nuevo Jct 9 to 1 1203 Jake Jones Can't keep up with the Joneses 9 to 1 1204 Gary Johnson I have a soft spot for team … soft in my head 3 to 1 1205 Luis Barragan Experienced 4 to 1 1206 Perry McNeil NRIARWAM 2 to 1 1207 John Padgett 9 to 1 1208 Bill Hernquist Take a @%#% axle! 4 to 1 1209 Barbara Terry Car-O-Lina! 99 to 1 1210 Steve Mamer Contender 4 to 1 1211 Aaron Payne "OUCH!" 9 to 1 1212 Rick St.John Should win 3 to 1 1213 David Callaway W/D 4/22 W/D xx 1214 Ricardo Malo W/D 5/12 W/D xx 1215 Lee Banning Good support 5 to 1 1249 David Callaway-1st RS RS means little … will do well 4 to 1 STOCK MINI: 3 *760 Rod Hall A writer at every stop 1 to 1 761 Steve Kovach Will be lucky to finish 5 to 1 779 Gavin Skilton-1st RS Hard to beat factory 4 to 1 STOCK FULL: 6 861 Josh Hall Sibling rivalry! 1 to 1 862 Chad Hall Dada alwys like HIM better 1 to 1 863 Pedro Vargas Will peter out 9 to 1 864 Kent Kroeker Panzer-sized 5 to 1 *860 John Griffin Has the spirit 1 to 1 879 Clyde Stacy-1st RS Too fast for Right Coasties 9 to 1 PROTRUCK: 7 250 Gary Magness Will kepp 'me honest 3 to 1 203 Dave Creagan Outa be in a rhinology 8 to 1 234 Rob Reinertson TOP TIP 2 to 1 235 Jason Voss One can only hope for failure 2 to 1 253 Ken Losch Solid group … TOP TIP! 4 to 1 282 Jason Jernigan Hegert bet's to make Voss a Loss 3 to 1 240 Rob Kittleson-1st RS Hopes to steal the show? 5 to 1 SPORTSMAN BUGGY: 3 1401 Wendell Mortensen 9 to 1 *1400 Peter Lang Oddball DOES deliver 1 to 1 1403 Rob Caveney 9 to 1 SPORTSMAN TRUCK: 4 1501 Bob Land Always a fav 5 to 1 1502 Joe Aguayo ??? 7 to 1 1548 Gregg Hempel-2nd RS "1450" dude? 5 to 1 1549 Randy Swink-1st RS "Awesome!" 5 to 1 SPORTSMAN UTV: 3 *1800 Thomas Graves Rather DIE than do the "Summit" 99 to 1 1801 Mark Page Rather DIE than do the "Summit" 99 to 1 1819 Mark Lindsay-1st RS Rather DIE than do the "Summit" 99 to 1

Not meant for gaming use.


Pro Cars & Trucks, TROPHY-TRUCK (22) 35 Robbie Pierce, 16 Cameron Steele, 1 Mark Post, 39 Ron Whitton, 4 Gus Vildosola, 97 B.J. Baldwin, 2 Pete Sohren, 12 Brian Collins, 33 Chad Ragland, 8 Roger Norman, 28 Alan Pflueger, 96 Bobby Baldwin, 22 Damen Jefferies, 54 Jesse James, 38 Garron Cadiente, 84 Nick Vanderwey, 7 Scott Steinberger, 34 Danny Sullivan, 77 Robby Gordon, 71 Rick D. Johnson, 60 Mike Voudouris, 50 Jason McNeil. CLASS 1 (23) 101 Josh Rigsby, 100 Bill Gasper, 103 Enrique Bujanda, 104 Paul Keller, 105 Jeff Farris, 106 Chuck Dempsey, 107 Pat Dean, 108 Armin Schwarz, 109 Luis Ramirez Jr., 110 B.J. Richardson, 111 Dale Lenk, 112 Ryan Sharman, 113 Eric Chase, 114 Mike Voyles, 115 Robert Ross, 116 Rob Bruce, 117 Will Higman, 118 Lobsam Yee, 119 Ron Brant, 120 Brian Parkhouse, 121 Armin Kremer, 122 Rick Ellison, 123 Dale Ebberts. CLASS 1-2/1600 (12) 1601 Arturo Velazco, 1602 Adam Pfankuch, 1600 David Caspino, 1604 Roman Pereyra, 1605 Edgar Alvarez Jr., 1606 Cory Boyer, 1607 Viry Felix, 1608 Max Hanberg, 1609 Arnoldo Ramirez, 1647 Eliseo Garcia, 1648 Josue Delgado, 1649 Juan Gallo. CLASS 3 (1) 301 Donald Moss. CLASS 5 (3) 501 Kevin Carr, 502 George Seeley. CLASS 5/1600 (11) 551 Gustavo Avina, 552 Ernie Negrete, 550 Mario Reynoso, 554 Rubern Gutierrez Jr., 555 Tommy Craft, 556 Alonso Angulo, 575 Javier Morales, 576 Saul Garcia, 577 Marcos Nunez, 578 Omar Nunez, 579 Jose Montoya. CLASS 7 (3) 701 Brandon Walsh, 700 Dan Chamlee, 719 Rick Battey. CLASS 7S (0). CLASS 7SX (4) 740 Rich Severson, 741 Heidi Steele, 758 John Holmes, 759 Jeff Fuller. CLASS 8 (1) 801 Noah Ostanik. CLASS 9 (0). CLASS 10 (6) 1001 Mark Hutchins, 1002 Mike Lawrence, 1003 Brendan Fikes, 1004 Alex Crostwaithe, 1005 Tito Robles, 1006 Will Higman. SCORE LITE (15) 1201 Brian Burgess 1202 Tim Pangborn 1203 Jake Jones 1204 Gary Johnson 1205 Luis Barragan 1206 Perry McNeil 1207 John Padgett 1208 Bill Hernquist 1209 Barbara Terry 1210 Steve Mamer 1211 Aaron Payne 1212 Rick St. John 1213 David Callaway 1214 Ricardo Malo 1215 Lee Banning. CLASS 11 (5) 1101 Eric Solorzano 1102 Ernesto Martinez Jr. 1103 Neri Sanchez 1148 Carlos Villa 1149 John Ledyard. STOCK FULL (5) 861 Josh Hall 862 Chad Hall 863 Pedro Vargas 864 Kent Kroeker 879 Clyde StacySTOCK MINI (2) 760 Rod Hall 779 Gavin Skilton. PROTRUCK (4) 250 Gary Magness 203 Dave Creagan 234 Rob Reinertson 240 Rob Kittleson. PRO MOTORCYCLES CLASS 22 (15) 2x Anthony Pico 3x Grant Steele 4x Jimmy Roberts 1x Robby Bell 6x Cory Brewer 7x Jesse Sharpe 8x Ryan Penhall 9x Cory Evenson 10x Michael Gordon 11x Nick Blais 12x Nick Saia 13x Caleb Goselear 14x Keith Webster 15x Terence Montelongo 49x Daniel Allford. CLASS 20 (3) 151x Chad Black 152x Larry Perkins 179x Anna Cody. CLASS 21 (4) 101x Robert Gustine 102x Jonah Street 103x Edy Garcia 104x Bernard Bohner. CLASS 30 (11) 301x Chad Erl 302x Chris Parker 303x Scott Myers 304x Dennis Green 305x Ricardo De La Pena 300x Jim O’Neal 307x Matt Reynolds 308x Joey Mayortena 309x Javier Hernandez 310x Mike Johnson 311x Jamey Kabish. CLASS 40 (4) 400x Brett Helm 401x Stuart Goggins 402x Kevin Newton 449x Todd Winslow. CLASS 50 (6) 501x Jaime De La Torre 502x Eizaburo Karasawa 500x Jim O’Neal 504x Charles Marshall 505x Kenny Hayden 506x Lyman SchererCLASS 60 (1) 600x Don Lewis. PRO ATVs CLASS 25 (8) 2a Jason Greenhaw 3a Wayne Matlock 4a Javier Robles 5a Reid Rutherford 6a Max Hernandez 7a Stefano Caputo 1a Danny Prather 9a Travis DillonCLASS 24 (9) 101a Kyle Needham 102a Craig Christy 103a Benjamin Lopez Jr. 104a Ray Fay III 105a Javier Beltran 106a Francisco Servin 107a Carl Penny 108a Rodrigo Gonzalez Jr. 149a Luis Berumen. SPORTSMANSPT CAR (2) 1401 Wendell Mortensen 1400 Peter Lang. SPT TRUCK (1) 1501 Bob Land. SPT UTV (3) 1800 Thomas Graves 1801 Mark Page 1819 Mark Lindsay. SPT M/C< (10) 201x Tony Gurule 202x Glen McGuire 203x Anthony Arballo 204x Nemrod Bracamontes 205x Todd Goetze 206x Fred Sobke 207x Matt Ladendorf 208x Trisha West 209x Marco Bernaldez 210x Scott Anderson. SPT M/C> (25) 251x Hiroshi Hirakawa 252x Chad Thornton 253x Thomas Cushman 254x Andy Padulo 255x Adam Neuwirth 256x Carlos Becerril 257x Masaaki Senoo 258x Andrew Hursh 259x John Crowley 260x David Rentfro 261x Pat Moore 262x Gary Sparks 263x Thierry Mas 264x Bryce Wright 265x Craig Anstine 266x Kazuhiro Nakamur 267x Jason Scherer 268x Jorge Rivas 269x Brent Deaton 270x Jeb Avery 271x Bill Gilbert 272x Andrew Gutierrez 273x Randy Roy 274x Bryan Slaughter 299x Jeff Leonard. SPT ATV (8) 51a Luciano Felix 52a Daniel Montana 53a Julio Gomez 54a Flavio Perez Jr. 55a Charles Barfield 56a Ken Lehmann 57a Derek Christina 58a Alan Wahlstrom.


X Start Line at Riviera Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero 0.00 0.00
1 BEGIN PRERUN / Ojos Negros dump / End of chainlink fence 44.00 44.00
2 Go left at Y / Sign on right says "Rancho San Antonio" 0.62 44.62
3 Pass through gate 1.43 46.05
4 Go left and cross water 0.23 46.28
5 Pass through open fence 2.31 48.59
6 Stay straight - road comes in from left 7.97 56.56
7 Pass through gate, water tank on right / Tres Hermanos 0.84 57.40
8 Go left at Y / Straight goes to Uruapan 0.03 57.43
9 Several lines to follow in silt area 3.41 60.84
10 Top of hill - stay straight 4.01 64.85
11 Go left at Y 5.14 69.99
12 Left turn / El Alamo 0.53 70.52
13 Pass through cattle guard 4.24 74.76
14 Stay straight - road comes in from left 7.05 81.81
15 Right onto HWY 3 @ KM 77 (60 MPH ZONE FOR 1.2 MILES) 0.23 82.04
16 Left off HWY 3 @ KM 78 and pass through cattle guard 1.18 83.22
17 Go right at Y to avoid ranch 0.42 83.64
18 Merge right onto ranch road 0.80 84.44
19 Stay straight 0.14 84.58
20 Stay straight 0.47 85.05
21 Stay straight - road comes in from left 1.26 86.31
22 Pass through fence and turn right 1.24 87.55
23 Either Or 0.14 87.69
24 Stay straight 0.16 87.85
25 Stay straight 0.79 88.64
26 Stay straight 0.46 89.10
27 Right turn at four way intersection 0.49 89.59
28 Turn left at four way intersection 0.64 90.23
29 Right turn over cattle guard / CHECKPOINT 1 1.28 91.51
30 Go left at Y 0.22 91.73
31 Stay straight - road comes in from left 0.71 92.44
32 Cross Santa Catarina Graded Road 0.46 92.90
33 Either Or 1.18 94.08
34 Go right at Y 0.41 94.49
35 Go left at Y 1.30 95.79
36 Right at T intersection 4.39 100.18
37 Right turn at four way intersection, then pass over cattle guard 1.04 101.22
38 Left turn / Nuevo Junction 1.88 103.10
39 Left off ranch road 0.24 103.34
40 Go left in open area 0.22 103.56
41 Stay left to avoid ranch road 0.89 104.45
42 Pass through gate and climb hill 1.26 105.71
43 Go right - left goes to dam 1.62 107.33
44 Go right - stay on new road 1.16 108.49
45 Left at T intersection 1.19 109.68
46 Go left at Y 4.13 113.81
47 Top of Summit 0.24 114.05
48 Stay straight - road comes in from right 2.29 116.34
49 Either or - left is high road and right is wash 3.94 120.28
50 Go right at Y 3.91 124.19
51 Either or 7.72 131.91
52 Pass through cattle guard 0.86 132.77
53 Right turn / Cahabuzo Junction 8.55 141.32
54 Right at T intersection 20.86 162.18
55 Go left at Y 0.33 162.51
56 Merge right onto graded road 0.75 163.26
57 Stay straight - road comes in from right 1.68 164.94
58 Merge to right - road comes in from left 7.90 172.84
59 Stay straight - diesel generator on left 3.90 176.74
60 Left out of wash 5.77 182.51
61 Military Inspection Area 18.34 200.85
62 Cross HWY 3 @ KM 179 / CHECKPOINT 2 5.26 206.11
63 Either or at powerline junction 1.58 207.69
64 Borrego Pit Area 2.61 210.30
65 Go right at Y 0.31 210.61
66 Go left and parallel HWY 3 / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 2.59 213.20
67 Cross Villa del Sol graded road / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 3.72 216.92
68 Cross road - sign says "Col San Martir" / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 0.19 217.11
69 Stay straight at highway access road / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 3.71 220.82
70 Pass very close to HWY 3 / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 2.60 223.42
71 Go left away from highway and drop into San Matias wash 0.19 223.61
72 Cross HWY 3 @ KM 151, then continue in wash 1.09 224.70
73 Stay straight in dump area - Left is access to highway 4.12 228.82
74 Fenceline on right / STAY OFF HIGHWAY 0.31 229.13
75 Right on HWY 3 @ KM 142 / San Matias (60 MPH ZONE FOR 2.5 MILES) 1.65 230.78
76 Left off HWY 3 @ KM 137 / Mike's Sky Ranch turnoff 2.45 233.23
77 Go right - sign says "Rancho Mike" 3.02 236.25
78 Right turn onto crossover road / Course does NOT go to Mike's 10.66 246.91
79 Go right - road comes in from left 0.49 247.40
80 Go left at Y 1.45 248.85
81 Right at T intersection 1.31 250.16
82 Go left - ranch on right 1.17 251.33
83 Right at T intersection / Llandro Valle Village 6.15 257.48
84 Left off graded road before cattle guard 4.95 262.43
85 Pass house on left, then go across field and merge with graded road 7.92 270.35
86 Right onto HWY 1 @ KM 102 (60 MPH ZONE FOR 4.0 MILES) 28.90 299.25
87 Left off HWY 1 @ KM 96 4.06 303.31
88 Right off graded road then climb hill / CHECKPOINT 3 0.85 304.16
89 Go left around hill 2.29 306.45
90 Left onto graded road 0.60 307.05
91 Right off powerline road 0.72 307.77
92 Left around water - pond 6.58 314.35
93 Either or / Drop to Pacific Ocean 1.73 316.08
94 Go right up hill - white cement structure on left 5.60 321.68
95 Descend to Village of Erendira 3.07 324.75
96 Drop into wash, then turn left before pavement at Tecate Market 0.88 325.63
97 Cross road, then watch out for big ditch 0.97 326.60
98 Go right at beach 0.30 326.90
99 End of beach rock section 1.01 327.91
100 Left onto graded road after beachfront houses 0.30 328.21
101 Right at T intersection 15.86 344.07
102 Stay straight - small village on right 4.46 348.53
103 DETOUR - Hard left off graded road / Rock wall on right. 7.51 356.04
104 End of detour, left back onto graded road. 0.25 356.29
105 Left at four way intersection, then follow residential street to highway 1.50 357.79
106 Left onto HWY 1 @ Santo Tomas (60 MPH ZONE FOR 6.8 MILES) 0.13 357.92
107 Military Inspection Area on Highway before Uruapan 3.93 361.85
108 Right off HWY 1 @ KM 40.5 / Acambaro Restaurant Bar & Market 2.88 364.73
109 Top of hill, then go left and downhill, and then uphill 0.55 365.28
110 Cross Road / Sign says "Basurero" 0.48 365.76
111 Pass through open fence 0.38 366.14
112 Right at T intersection 0.20 366.34
113 Right through open fence, then go left to avoid steep hill climb 0.28 366.62
114 Left at T intersection 0.65 367.27
115 Right turn 0.14 367.41
116 Left at T intersection, then pass through gate 0.60 368.01
117 Stay straight, then cross road 0.28 368.29
118 Right turn 0.83 369.12
119 Go right at Y, then follow new road 0.13 369.25
120 Left at T intersection, then left again 1.56 370.81
121 Go left at top of hill 1.09 371.90
122 Caution!!! - Hard left 1.76 373.66
123 End of GPS for short distance / Follow course markings 0.79 374.45
124 End of new road, left onto last year's course / Begin hill climb 0.65 375.10
125 Stay straight 1.62 376.72
126 Pass through open fence with metal posts 1.76 378.48
127 Pass through long section of tall trees 3.79 382.27
128 Go left in open field 2.70 384.97
129 Pass through gate 0.84 385.81
130 Go left at Y 0.93 386.74
131 Top of hill / View of Ojos Valley 1.73 388.47
132 Metal post on right 0.94 389.41
133 Go right to avoid mud hole 0.53 389.94
134 Hard left / Outbound course is straight 0.83 390.77
135 Go through open fence 0.86 391.63
136 Pass through gate 0.51 392.14
137 Go left to avoid several washouts 0.66 392.80
138 Left in wash, then immediate right out of wash 1.20 394.00
139 Right onto ranch road 0.13 394.13
140 Left off ranch road / Begin technical section 0.11 394.24
141 Left onto graded road / End of technical section 1.90 396.14
142 Pass through white metal gate, then left off graded road 0.42 396.56
143 Go left at Y, then left again 1.01 397.57
144 Go left at Y, then pass fenceline on right 0.60 398.17
145 Climb hill / CHECKPOINT 4 0.36 398.53
146 Pass through gate, then stay straight at the next three junctions 3.16 401.69
147 Go left at Y, then pass through gate 0.91 402.60
148 Pass through gate 0.14 402.74
149 END OF PRERUNNING / HWY 3 @ KM 35.5 is straight ahead 0.69 403.43
X Exit course by going straight across large field to HWY 3 @ KM 35.5 X X
X Course turns left to Finish Line, but no pre-running in this direction X X
X Finish Line at Riviera Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero 37.72 441.15


The ‘What About You’, Bob Bowers is too old to write

How many of you will not be coming home after the race? Dead and Gone.

Read on Brother. Don’t just expect the worst out of yourself. You're racing in Baja, “The Most Notorious and Dangerous Racing in the World”. Expect the worst from everyone else on the road!

It’s time to race and live. “No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”.

- Sleep until you can’t sleep any more. Sleep before you cross the border.
- Eat likes it’s your last meal. It might be!
- Know your driving limits. No booze or nothin’ else, unless you want to race death!

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing

Thursday, May 29, 2008

BJ Baldwin on the hunt for a Baja 500 Victory

Baldwin Motorsports of Las Vegas, Nevada crossed into Mexico this morning at 10:20 AM, on the hunt for a victory in Baja Mexico at the 40th historic Baja 500. On Saturday, May 31, under clear and warm skies in Old Mexico, seeking a long sought Mexican win, BJ Baldwin and his dad are biting local course secrets to pounce on the SCORE field of racers.

Baja Racing is following Baldwin Motorsports closely and will report.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Robby Gordon Motorsports crosses into Mexico

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVELY is following Robby Gordon Motorsports into the Baja 500 2008 in Ensenada this weekend. The team has crossed into Mex this morning at the Tecate border crossing.


CHARLOTTE, NC (May 27, 2008) - Three-time Baja 500 champion Robby Gordon will return to Ensenada, Mexico this week to power his fierce Monster Energy / Toyo Tires Hummer in the 40th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world. Gordon has claimed three overall and four class wins in this race. Gordon stated, “This year we are going to the Baja 500 on a mission to not only win the race, but to gain more experience in the Monster Energy / Toyo Tires Hummer for the 2009 Dakar Rally, which is only seven months away. It will be interesting to see how the Hummer’s unrestricted 700hp engine performs. This should be a fun race and a beneficial practice run for the 2009 Dakar Rally. The more we run the Hummer, the better it gets.”
Mas Noticias: "Robby to run Baja & Dover, Crafton to sub: #7-Robby Gordon once again prepares for double duty action - he will race more than 850 miles this weekend while running both the Baja 500 and the Best Buy 400 at Dover. Widely regarded as one of the best off-road racers of all time, Gordon's weekend will begin in Ensenada, Mexico for the 40th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 on Saturday while Truck Series regular Matt Crafton practices and qualifies the #7 Jim Beam Dodge in Dover. Immediately following the conclusion of the Baja 500, Gordon will make his way cross country to Dover to start the Best Buy 400 on Sunday."


Thursday Off-Road Autograph Fiesta at BIG HEADS

WHAT: 10th Annual SCORE El Vigia Off-Road Autograph Fiesta

WHEN: Thursday, May 29, 2008. 1:00PM- 10:00 PM

WHERE: Big Heads Plaza (Ventana al Mar), Ensenada, Mexico

SPECIAL GUESTS: CEO & President-Sal Fish, Ensenada Mayor—Pablo Alejo Lopez Nuñez

Baja Racing