Friday, July 11, 2008

Mikey Childress blows General Tire for more stunts

Mikey Childress to Represent General Tire in 2009 Bullrun Rally

Here's the press release announcing the end of the racing career of Mikey Childress, self described as "The Motorsports Machine".

There's more useless stunt crap going on in this economic depression, with washed up racers willing to suck it for tire companies like Goofy General Tires. General Tires, the same company paying off drunk desert off-road racing pit services in Mexico. You gotta work right? Even people like Childress get on their knees and blow. Goodbye real desert off-road races.

"Mikey Childress will represent Team General Tire in the 2009 Bullrun Rally. Kicking off July 10, 2009 in New York City, racers will take off on a seven-day automotive rally and cross-country party that ends July 17th in Austin, TX.

Some 100 celebrities and car-heads take part in the “luxury lifestyle” rally event. The remaining rally locations over the seven days remain a mystery but Bullrunners can expect to swing by some incredible cities on their way, with a party each night when they reach the day’s destination.

“The Bullrun is one of the most glamorous rally events, combining bona fide racers with celebrities and drivers from around the world,” said Dana Zamalloa, manager of public relations and communications, General Tire. “Mikey is an incredible racer and we know he’ll represent Team General Tire well at this event."” Cross your fingers Dana, he pulls his head out of his ass!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Adios Baja Experience? Loreto locals say its over.

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!

The Baja Experience is over in Loreto. At this moment, Loreto locals are sharpening their knives hoping to force a cut-up of the company, to force Baja Experience to pay off the laid-off workers, who have not been paid for their work.

Talk around Loreto has it that, the company hit hard times when the economy of the US went into hard times and there were no customers at the company for some time. Let go workers now are seeking payments.

An expert in liquidation of companies, owned by Americans in Mexico stated this advise to the locals, "all the debtors and workers should go to the conciliation meeting and into arbitration so that they receive their payment from liquidation of the company, that way they'll get their money from Baja Experience at the bankruptcy proceedings".

Baja Racing News knows the complainers, Jorge Santisteban and Wilfrido Santisteban, an attorney in southern Baja and a specialist in labor and administrative cases, has started the talk about the company in Loreto, and actions to close the business and forcing the company to pay the workers and the government for the closure of the business.

One of the unpaid workers chimed in, "but even though they have declared being a 'broken bank' (bankrupt), the company has properties and cars with which they gave tours so they can pay off the workers. Workers should file the propoer papers now, before they leave the country". Calls to the US office went unanswered today.

Loreto has suffered not only from the turndown in the US economy. Air flights into Loreto have been cancelled as a result of many American airlines cutting back routes throughout North America. Those eliminated routes also impact air connections from around the world, previously to Loreto. The promises of FONATUR and the state tourism people about Loreto, are now hollow and empty.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing