Sunday, July 20, 2008

CABO 500 Triple Challenge XXX Explodes Today

The CABO 500 Triple Challenge (XXX) Explodes today, it's Surfing's Herbie Fletcher meets Off-road's Bud Ekins and REAL Motorsports meets X Games!

This Fall September-November 15th, competitors will challenge the land of Baja California and the surf of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the CABO 500 Triple Challenge.

Off-road racing, Orienteering and the Cabo Surf competition combine challenges in the CABO 500 XXX Award. Every Fall in Cabo the XXX will be at risk.

In May of 2009, CABO 500 and the WILD WEST 500 will run in the first weekend in May on the Cape of Baja California.

For more details, after the announcement, go to the Official race website at CABO

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