Saturday, September 06, 2008

Micah Anderson Fiberwerx stomped & left in the dirt

UPDATED! September 16, 2008

Micah Anderson of Fiberwerx was originally outed for originating a questionable picture on a website, an obviously unauthorized underskirt picture of an underage girl. He was not happy about this.

He now spends company time on disturbed graphics and hate oriented internet communications. He's being electronically tracked. Can you say KREAG, Micah?

Then he posts this about the person who outed him: "
How is the HIV coming along? Has it progressed into full blown Aids, Well its only a matter of time. I heard about the new porn series you are working on. Brutal Abortions 4 Barely legal Teens! When is Satan gonna pull that hot branding iron out of your ass? How is the HIV coming along? Has it progressed into full blown Aids, Well its only a matter of time."

Fiberwerx is located in the unicorporated part of El Cajon, California. Steer clear of these clowns. Are you beginning to understand the caliber of people in the off-road industry, who are promoted by the industry itself? Sad, really.


Micah Anderson and Fiberwerx was recently called out and now OWNED, here's how it went down:

About fiberwerx. Who created the templates fiberwerx copied for all the fiberwerx ranger products? And others. It was McNeil Fab/Racing of El Cajon and crew, not fiberwerx. Nice way to treat others, including family members who now never speak to each other. fiberwerx just ripped them off. Consider fiberwerx owned.”

Micah Anderson has not responded since. Fiberwerx, called out and owned.

The Original Story
Recently, the wasted Micah Anderson was left in the dirt, after getting beat up and heavily boot stomped. Bloodied, crushed.

Jason McNeil and Micah Anderson have become known for their fiberglass knockoffs and their over hyped marketing blabs. Like their "Trophy Truck". It's really a repaired class 8. How many templates are actually their work? Reports vary, but one thing is clear. The company Fiberwerx should be checked for each and every template, the designer, the work origin and whether the parts requested are verified as NOT being copied from another designer.

With the hours and hours of design work behind real templates, real professionals have told Baja Racing, Fiberwerx is well-known to be questioned about who really designed the templates used for the parts they sell. When buying parts, ask who designed the items being purchased. Have them write the information on the invoice. Unless, you don't care about the design requirements on your fiberglass. How they form fit and whether you're getting what you pay for.

After being called out for using illegal, unauthorized underskirt photos of underage girls for Fiberwerx marketing efforts, Micah got it. The stomping, deserved or not, reportedly was total. He was in the dirt, down and out. Injuries, blood and his saliva mixed with dirt, face down, stomped. A heavy boot stomping. Just another poser, a so-cal internet waste case, boot victim. Stomped and beat into the ground.

Repeated attempts to have Micah Anderson and Fiberwerx comment, went unanswered. What's happening at that shop anyway?

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kurt Leduc's racing gear stolen after big crash!

By: Kyle Leduc-

"Hey this is kyle and last night in front of my house all of dads gear bag was stolen from the back of my truck! We just got back from Crandon where he was in a knarley crash with jonny went to the hospital has bone damage and over two dozen stitches in his leg then i had to tell him today all his crap was stolen. He had is troy lee painted helmet in there all rockstared out and his suit with his name on both! he had a decel device, driving shoes, gloves, and all his helmet goodies. let me know if anybody sees it any where. Call the shop at, 951 378 1625.

He has a suit for Chula but he needs everything else. Let us Know if there is any companies out there willing to help him out with product before we head to chula this weekend. Thanks guys. Some body please help us out with equipment for next weekend, we will give you plenty of visibilty on the race truck! He needs everything. helmet, gloves, shoes, head restraint, tear-offs and what not. We have a suit from one of our guys he could use.

Let us know if anybody can help. Thanks a ton guys.

Baja Racing

Gillett Evernham Motorsports sues Robby Gordon

Gillett Evernham Motorsports has filed suit against Robby Gordon, claiming the owner/driver of Robby Gordon Motorsports violated terms of a tentative agreement that would have sold his team to GEM for $23.5 million earlier this year.

The agreement, arrived at Jan. 29, was pending an audit and other due diligence from GEM, which could have adjusted the price.
If the deal had gone through, Gordon would have had a four-year driving contract with GEM that would have paid him at least $3 million annually plus 45 percent of race winnings. Gordon also could have had a spot on the team's board of directors. GEM would have acquired Gordon's shop and property in Charlotte.
As part of the agreement, GEM pledged to provide Gordon with all "racing infrastructure" and to support Gordon's car "in substantially the same manner in which GEM supports its most supported car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup" for the 2008 season.
Three days after the agreement was signed, GEM and Gordon announced a technical, manufacturing and marketing partnership. At that time, GEM owner George Gillett, in an interview with "NASCAR Scene", stated that he did not buy Gordon's operation and was more likely to add a fourth car to his stable and hoped Gordon would add a second or third car to his.
According to the lawsuit, GEM was pursuing efforts to close the deal. The contract includes an exclusivity clause, which GEM claims would not allow Gordon to entertain talks with other teams about possible mergers. In May, Gordon asked out of the deal, according to the lawsuit, in exchange for an engine deal for the remainder of the season.
The exclusivity clause is the primary basis for the lawsuit, filed Aug. 25 in North Carolina Superior Court in Charlotte. GEM claims in court documents that Gordon has talked to other teams about merging. It also claims that Gordon made disparaging remarks that he wasn't getting comparable engines to the other GEM drivers during a DirecTV telecast last month at Watkins Glen.
The lawsuit also claims that Gordon ignored the advice of GEM and terminated his previous deal with Ford prematurely, before GEM could get a sponsorship deal from Dodge for Gordon's car. Dodge and GEM could not agree on a manufacturer's deal for Gordon's car.
GEM, which has supplied engines and other services for Gordon throughout the season, is asking for unspecified damages for Gordon's breach of the agreement and for the agreement to be declared null and void, according to the complaint.
"We categorically reject the allegations that are contained in the complaint, and the truth will come out if the case proceeds," Gordon said in a statement released through his team.

Baja Racing

Baja races threatened by barbed wire booby traps

WARNING!! Barbed Wire Booby Traps Found North of Nuevo Junction

This is a personal story meant to warn my Baja family about an area to beware of. On Sunday, August 31, 2008, around 12:30 PM, Rudy, Mapula and I left TJ on the bikes and rode south on what was the beginning of an epic ride. In typical Rudy fashion, we had no real destination planned just camelbacks and toothbrushes. The sky was blue with big majestic thunder heads off to the south over the Sierra Jaurez mountains. We hit Ramona's late in the afternoon and decided Mykes was reachable before the dinner cutoff. On Saturday it had rained for 6 hours straight in the higher elevations. Virgin trails, great traction and low dust. We ventured toward Santa Catarina and realized it had just poured rain. We were having a blast hooting through the radio's for miles. We headed southeast along the traditional route continuing down toward Nuevo Junction. We proceeded through the open gate littered with different promoters markers and jammed through the whoops in the talls bushes (typically in this area you will see horses).
For some reason I rolled off the throttle as I rounded a slight ridehander when.... SHOULDER HIGH BARBED WIRE!!!!!!!! I locked up the rear brake, the bike slid left and I hunched down to the handle bars as close as possible. This caused my left shoulder and bicep area to raise which hit the wire first. The side panel which drops down off the shoulder of my chest protector deflected the wire which slid up my shoulder just missing the bottom edge of my helmet. I had my face turned to the side almost to a 4 o'clock position. The first thing I thought about was my neck and face. I felt the wire drag over my helmet and the bike stopped 3 feet past the wire. It dragged over me! For a second I was indisbelief that I was upright, but no time because Rudy is right behind me, I can hear him coming. I jumped off off the bike and began transmitting over the radio and waiving like a wild man "STOP, STOP, BARBED WIRE"!!

Rudy came to a stop.There it was, a single piece of new barbed wire. Fashioned carefully at each end to the main portion of the big bush on each side. What's scary is that it was positioned to take someone's head off. No down low to cause a get off; up high to do some serious bodily harm. We removed the wire; not being a smoker, I had some ciggy's on me as a joke for later and decided to sit there on a rock and smoke a cigarette wondering who the "*&#@! would do this. Then I started looking around to see if the bastard was watching. No such luck.
Get's better- we sat around took some pics and contemplated what had happened. Mapula had a rear flat so we rode up a bit where the rocks are for a tire change. The rain had made a huge puddle out of the road so we had to go around. We get to the road again and Rudy yells "LOOK ANOTHER ONE"! Yes, our moto fan even had another one postioned up high to take out a second rider. Not good!I realize this is not the first time this has happened but its the first I have heard of in a while.Here are pics of the area. We closed the wire gate on the north end and put ribbon all over it. I suggest everyone stick to the main road in this area on the outside of the fence away from the hill. For now this is no area to be dicing it out with you buddies.Lastly, yesterday we ventured down to the ranch on our way back to see if we could talk to the rancher. We were seriously uneasy but wanted to get the guys temperature and see if we could cool him down. Trucks were there but no one came out. I looked at Rudy, he looked at me and "WE BAILED"!
This can happen anywhere but is good reminder for us all to be careful......I want all my friends to be made aware if this in Baja. But we all know it happens here in Calif too. This is from March of 2007. Lance glad your racing reflexes saved you! GeneWATCH OUT FOR BAJA BARBED WIRE, I learned the hard way. (Not Me, Gene) Riding out of Camalu towards Mike's Sky Ranch Thursday afternoon in March of 2007on the Powerline road, someone strung 2 strands across the road, one at headlight level, the other at neck level. I had less than a second to react, basically just enough time to hit the brakes and I was in it. Laid my throat open 12 inches at the lower larynx. Luckily I am still here to tell the tale, and home from the hospital recovering from trauma surgery. The moral is NEVER pass between 2 posts at speed in Baja, some jackass might have put wire up. This looked no different from the hundreds of fence posts I have past on dirt roads down there, better, in fact, since the road was wide and well graded, only this one had a nasty surprise. Only ride as fast as you can see.
I rode back to the doctors office in town, they gave me a dousing with betadine and a shot in the ass for the pain, and then began the calling and waiting game for an airlift, which never came, so I worked a deal with the local ambulance driver to take me to the border for 450. u.s. which my insurance will reimburse. We had called ahead, and they let us bypass traffic at the border, where I was transferred to a US ambulance and run up to Scripps Mercy in San Diego (a world class operation-I highly recommend them). The incident was at 4pm, I got to scripps at 2am. They had a full trauma team ready and I went directly into surgery for an hour or more, and then spent the next couple days getting tubes, needles, strange inflation devices, and wires removed from every inch of my body. I lost a lot of body hair in that place, their tape has very strong adhesive properties. Next time I will buy traveller's insurance which is very cheap and have it in addition to my regular stuff. The AAA "premium" service which is supposed to cover airlifts? Forget it-they are full of BS, and it took them hours to say No! Can you give the group a more specific proxy_current_url? Perhaps referencing a Baja Almanac map or GPS coordinates?10-15 minutes east of Camalu on the powerline road.

I am still waiting for the Baja Almanac to come back in print or to get a copy somehow, so once it is in my hands I will get the info out. My GPS died, so I am shopping.> Were you alone? with a group?I was with a buddy-I try not to ride alone in Baja. Where did you get medical help in the area? I had my buddy douse the wound with iodine from my pack, then we tied a clean tee-shirt around my neck, attached my backpack to his chest and he started my bike and I rode to the doctor's office next to the Pemex station. I probably only lost a couple cups of blood. Were you carrying a Sat phone? Not on this trip, but you can bet your sweet ass I will be on the next one. Do you think it was a malicious act? It is possible. Hard to know exactly. Might have just been a temporary thing to keep this guy's cows out of that guys yard. Was there something going on in thearea that someone didn't want you to stumble across? Again, Maybe, maybe not!
When it came out, I was curious to which "powerline road" the gent was referring to. There is a powerline road that runs NORTH from Camalu, parallel to and 1/2 mile east of Hwy 1. This powerline road has a couple of fence posts that are completely clear until a rancher starts to graze his cattle there. A couple of years ago, I witnessed "new" barb wire on this powerline road and was simply a means of containing cattle. I saw and spoke with a vaquero (who looked 14 years old) and said his father was using the grazeland because of recent rains. Sometimes the wire is there, sometimes not. The warning is very valid.In some rare cases, pink or yellow ribbon is tied to a wire or fence that has not been there in the past and is now there for a legit reason. Unknown if the rancher or a conscientious rider has placed it there.I would hope Lance's incident was not malicious and like Chip says, maybe the army was doing something.On a better note, there is a local who uses some grassland between Camalu and Sinaloa to graze his cattle - and he uses a XR600 to herd 'em.
Bernie Maxa
Baja Racing

Monday, September 01, 2008

H2 vs. Land Cruiser TOYOTA and GM Battle


Pete Sohren sells ride for Baja 1000

"Ride shotgun in the #2 trophy truck driven by Pete Sohren at this years BAJA1000, start the race and ride the entire way-----title sponsorship also available for this race!!! call or email me for details- pete 602-619-2277."

Bekki Wik - IRONPERSON at Primm Nevada

Bekki Wik, Ironperson at Primm Nevada this weekend.
Bekki Wik last tried to race in the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 desert race in 2005.

The plan was for the two-time former SCORE season champion to split time with her husband, Adam Wik, in their desert buggy. The plan went awry when she became ill during practice earlier in the week. The Las Vegas native went to her doctor, who informed her she didn't have a serious illness but she was going to have a baby.

That curtailed her racing for a couple of years, but she returned to Primm on Saturday and teamed with her husband to win the Class 10 title. She drove the first two laps on the 72-mile course and handed a 10-minute lead to her husband, who drove the last two.

The 37-year-old Bekki was delighted to take the checkered flag again.

"Adam had a flat on his last lap, and other than that we had a perfect day," she said. "After I got around the first car, I started driving kind of hard, and I thought, 'You don't (want) to stop with a flat. It's too early to be driving hard.'

"I backed off, and because I was first and I didn't have any dust, it was easy."

This was her third race this year and first in SCORE. She raced in the Mint 400 and Midnight Special in the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts series.

Desert races in Southern Nevada usually become Freeman family reunions, and this time the former Bekki Freeman shared the winner's circle with her nephew, Bryan Freeman, the winner of the Class 1600 1-2 title that he shares with co-driver Aaron Hawley.

"It was really, really rocky out there, but I'm from here, so I knew how it was going to be," said Freeman, who drove the last two laps.

Hawley was the driver of record, so he was declared the official winner. That didn't bother Freeman, who has won eight of 10 of titles this year in the Single Buggy category for Las Vegas-based Menzies Motorsports in the Championship Off Road Racing series.

It was not such a great day for B.J. Baldwin, the SCORE overall and Trophy Truck points leader. The 29-year-old Las Vegan finished 10th in the Trophy Truck pack to tighten the championship race that will be settled Nov. 20 to 22 in the SCORE Baja 1000.

Baldwin started the race with a 21-point lead over Mark Post of Laguna Beach, Calif., and co-driver Rob MacCachren, but that team also had a sub-par seventh-place overall finish.

Brian Collins, another Las Vegan, started fourth in overall points but unofficially has moved to second and trails Baldwin by 18.

Collins took second overall, 1 minute, 48 seconds behind winner Roger Norman and co-driver Larry Roessler. The winning time was 4:50:20 at an average speed of 59.52 mph.

Baja Racing

Sunday, August 31, 2008

KING OF Presents

SUPERSHOW 2008 in San Jose Del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico over the holiday weekend.



FINAL Trophy Trucks


Track racing of the Baja Sur teams, the last race of the season. Qualifying begins at 10 AM at the track with competitions begin at 6 PM local time. Advertised by the organizer: ProComp's Travis Coyne and Monster Energy Drink's Jerry Whelchel from the USA will compete. As advertised in Los Cabos by the organizer, these track meets will pit "Mexico vs. USA" drivers in off-road. Stay tuned for results this holiday weekend.

Rick James Welch, an American raced at San Jose over the weekend. Not, Jerry Welchel. This is a common practice in Baja Sur. Organizers say that a big name will race, they don't show, usually the organizers say equipment problems. This brings in the big crowds and pesos, fans gripe its not what they paid for and the circle of life in Baja Sur off-road racing continues

KING OF congratulates all the desert racers of Baja Sur in this weekends racing!