Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Geiser Brothers unveil their new G2 Trophy Truck

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Tonight, the Geiser Brothers, Rick and Geoff exposed their plans for their new Trophy Truck they are building in Phoenix, Arzona.

They said the G2 will run $200K, with bigger parts, lighter frame and new frame configuration. No CV joints.

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T-Force M-sports Invites Ragland to Ride with Son

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Tonight, Larry Ragland reported that T-Force Motorsports has invited him to ride with his son, Chad Ragland at the upcoming Baja 1000 in Ensenada. At an estimated 650 miles, a two-driver combination would do well at this years, 2008 Baja 1000.

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FIAT Releases Off-Road Concept BUGSTER


Baja Mexico Violence VW Making Bulletproof Cars

German carmaker Volkswagen is making armored cars for the Mexican market as more kidnapping gangs ambush drivers with automatic weapons and rival drug cartels stage gun battles in the streets.


Volkswagen said on Friday it is building one or two made-to-order bulletproof cars a week at its Puebla plant -- each costing $65,000 -- and orders for more keep coming.
The Bora model offered is a variant of VW's Jetta. "We started to notice that a lot of clients take their cars to be bulletproofed after buying them. Then they come back to us because of quality problems," company spokesman Thomas Karig told Reuters.

"So we became interested in collaborating with a company specialized in this service, to offer clients a car we can manufacture with all the guarantees," he said in a phone interview.
Kidnappings have soared in Mexico in recent years with gangs using increasingly sophisticated tactics to trap their victims, setting up fake roadblocks or surrounding vehicles with commando-like operations. Drug violence killed some 3,000 people in the country this year as heavily armed cartels fight each other and government security forces. In violent towns near the U.S.-Mexico border, civilians are often killed or injured in the cross-fire.
President Felipe Calderon has launched a frontal assault on Mexico's powerful drug gangs since taking office at the end of 2006, deploying thousands of soldiers and federal police to violent hot spots.

Last month over 150,000 people protested in simultaneous marches around the country over what they said was Calderon's failure to curb out-of-control crime. (Reporting by Armando Tovar; Writing by Mica Rosenberg; Editing by Eric Walsh)

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VW Ready for DAKAR South America Rally 2009

The new “Dakar“: four Race Touareg cars to start in South America
100 days until the 2009 Dakar Rally in Argentina and Chile

From Wolfsburg, Beerlandia (25 September 2008). A new continent, the same challenge: on 03 January 2009 – after 29 rounds in Africa – the legendary Dakar Rally 2009 will start in South America for the first time in its history. Among the vehicles moving across the starting ramp in Buenos Aires will be four Volkswagen Race Touareg 2 cars. The countdown for the desert classic has long begun: exactly 100 days from now the "Dakar” will start. It will cover 15 legs through Argentina and Chile from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back, crossing landscapes that make extreme demands on man and material. The Volkswagen team is tackling the hot phase before the start to this new era backed by the self-confidence of successfully completed rallies and the awareness of facing a big task.The preparations of the four-factory fielded Volkswagen Race Touareg 2 vehicles for Carlos Sainz/Michel Périn (E/F), Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewitz (RSA/D), Mark Miller/Ralph Pitchford (USA/RSA) and Dieter Depping/Timo Gottschalk (D/D) as well as logistics planning are in full swing.

By 15 November the parts and equipment will be loaded on the service trucks, on 26 and 27 November the technical scrutineering of the support vehicles and subsequent shipping to South Africa is scheduled to take place in Le Havre (F). "As early as 100 days before the start the whole team is looking forward to the event with incredibly eager anticipation. The Dakar Rally’s debut in South America is one of the greatest challenges Volkswagen Motorsport has tackled so far,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen. "With two victories and a second place at three events, the Race Touareg 2 has been one of the most successful cars in 2008. At the ‘Dakar’ we will give everything to add an important win to this tally.

Everyone in the team knows that we’re strong enough to achieve this goal. But we also know that in sport – and particularly at the Dakar Rally – there are no guarantees, that we need to work with concentration and without compromise and that we’ve got strong rivals to beat. "New challenges every day: 9,000 km through Argentina and ChileThe 2009 "Dakar” offers new challenges galore. For the first time, the rally will be staged in South Africa. In a loop of roughly 9,000 kilometres, 6,000 of which are special stages, the route will lead from the start and finish in Buenos Aires through Argentina and Chile. Not only for the drivers and co-drivers this is truly new territory.

Due to the constantly changing landscapes along the route, the technicians and engineers will be put to the test in terms of vehicle set-up and maintenance as well. Maximum demands will be made on the logisticians before and during the "Dakar". The smooth supply with spare parts, the preparation of the support vehicles as well as meals and accommodation for the crew on location have to be organised for the desert classic in advance and during the event. More than 500 teams will tackle this challenge. As in previous years, the starting slots have been booked out for months.Landscape of extremes: heat and dryness, cold and altitude The "Dakar” principle, "Expect the Unexpected” applies particularly to the four teams. Twice during the rally the crossing of the Andes is on the agenda. Extreme heights of up to 3,250 metres above normal zero during the special stages and up to 4,600 metres during the liaison stages must be mastered. As usual, man and machine are preparing themselves for these strains in their typical, professional manner: the Volkswagen drivers completed an altitude training in the Alps, the 280-hp 2.5-litre TDI diesel engine is subjected to test runs in an environmental chamber simulating the thin air. Aside from the extreme elevation, the teams will be facing a mix of highly varied terrain in the midst of the South American summer. In addition to hard and stony sections at the beginning of the rally, the passage through the Atacama desert is on the agenda – the driest desert of the world with the highest dune fields. Good omen: first victory for the Race Touareg in Argentina.

The evolution of the Race Tourareg 2 powered by a 280-hp TDI diesel engine was driven by the dictum of "evolution, not revolution”. Optimisations of rear suspension kinematics and changes to the dampers were made. In addition, the driver’s vision was improved by a flatter bonnet and modified seating positions. The development stages were subjected to extensive testing for durability over thousands of kilometres. During the tests the distance of a Dakar Rally was simulated several times.

But also in competitive conditions the interaction between technology, team and drivers was extensively tested. During the preparation for the 2009 Dakar Rally the driver/co-driver pairings contested at least two rallies. The cross-country rally year of 2008 marked a successful season for Volkswagen: at the two rounds of the newly incepted Dakar Series Sainz/Périn secured victory in Central Europe and second place in Portugal. De Villiers/von Zitzewitz and Miller/Pitchford celebrated the one-two victory with Volkswagen at the Rallye dos Sertões in Brazil. The Race Touareg is ready to compete in Argentina – and thus is ready for the terrain on which - in 2005 at the Rallye Por las Pampas – it clinched its first ever victory. Altogether, the "Dakar” prototype scored nine wins at 24 events and 29 podium results.

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General Tire Announces Baja 100 $170K Program

General Tire Announces Baja 1000 $170,000 Contingency Program

General Tire will provide $170,000 contingency program for the upcoming Baja 1000 for drivers running on General’s Grabber competition tires. This will be the largest posted contingency for one race in the history of SCORE.

Available to four-wheeled vehicles only, the program awards the winners of four-wheel classes as follows: Overall four-wheel race winner: $30,000 (In addition to class win award.) Class Awards include: · Trophy Truck class: $20,000 · Class 1: $20,000 · Class 10: $15,000 · Class 8: $12,500 · Stock Full: $12,500 · Class 7: $ 7,500 · Class 7sx: $ 7,500 · Class 5: $ 5,000 · Class 5/1600: $ 5,000 · Stock Mini: $ 5,000 · Score Lites: $ 5,000 · Class 9: $ 5,000 · Class 11: $ 5,000 · Class 1-2 1600: $ 5,000 · Class 3: $ 5,000 · Class 24: $ 2,500 · Class 25: $ 2,500

“The inaugural year of General Tire’s return to off-road racing with our new Grabber competition tires has truly exceeded all of our expectations,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, General Tire. “We are very pleased to be able to thank the drivers who have put their faith in our product with this contingency program at the most prestigious event in all of desert racing. General Tire is the tire for all off-road classes and we excited to be able to provide such a large bounty on the race.” To be eligible for the purse, drivers must start, run and finish the race on General Tires on all four wheels including the spare. A minimum of three vehicles must start in class for award payout, and competitors must purchase tires to be eligible for awards. Race vehicles also must display two official General Tire decals (either all white or all black) one on each side in correct official position. Drivers must pre-register, online, with the company at Awards will be based on SCORE International official results. Program based on product availability.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Armored Pre-runners mentioned in 2006, now almost becomes reality with Baja Crime off the hook

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Baja Racing breaks the stories THEY do not want you to know. VW announces its bulletproof car manufacturing in Mexico and we just had to frame the story in its proper context. The same people who try to reassure the racers to race in Baja, Mexico are the same ones who are themselves, deathly afraid. The mayors, the local police and the vacuous tourism reps who were saying, "c'mon down, everything is OK", have admitted their lies over the summer.

Over the weekend, with other news taking the headlines around the world, BIG NEWS from Baja, Mexico. The level of violence has been cranked up a notch. Shootings against local law enforcement, in broad daylight is meant as a message and warning that organized crime in Baja Norte is UNWILLING to give up the drug trade. The next step is widespread mayhem, as happens now in Juarez, daily. In 2006 the killings were quiet, the criminal moves were mostly hidden.

Now, its open warfare.

Back in 2006, after SCORE announced Tijuana as the start of the 2007 Baja 1000, we knew it wasn't a joke. Baja Racing mentioned 'armored prerunners' for the Tijuana portion of racing activities for the announced 2007 event, the next years Baja 1000. Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. As we reported in December of 2006, " So, the Baja 1000 in 2007 will start in TJ...put your orders in for 'armored' pre-runners! Downtown Tijuana"

Today it was announced in Mexico City, that the Official vehicle company of SCORE International is manufacturing armored vehicles at a rate of one or two bulletproof cars per week at its Puebla plant.

The news in from Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada this weekend is that the Baja crime wave now includes 'brazen, cowardly police killings from AK-47s, from behind, against the local police'. The Baja crime wave has become much worse. Right now, widespread warnings to the public against common daily activities have become the norm. Thousands of kidnapping and murder victims, everyday - high powered rifles used against law enforcement and ongoing threats, taunting the rule of law.

The one thing racers must know about off-road racing in Baja Mexico, THEY are right next to you. Yes, the people doing the killings, importing the drugs and using the drugs are all around you. Everybody is gettin' greased. Whether its the bullettproof cars or the guy at the corner with weed to sell. When you race in Mexico, you are supporting the system.

The Baja State police are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances.

The helicopter crash from the 2007 Baja 1000, all drug people. The first reports of the crash were OFFICIAL attempts at a cover-up. Top Baja law enforcement knew all about that team, that group of people and their use of a chopper. Their racing team DNF'ed (did not finish) "#133 Juan Ibarra DNF". After the chopper went down, the team bugged out.

The class 1 team at the San Felipe 250 this year, a hit man for the syndicate. After all the headlines, after all the police crackdowns, they still thought they could get away with it. The hitman had his racesuit on and was in the rig, ready to go. He was taken down at the race in front of God and everyone.

As an off-road racer in Mexico, you are providing money and entertainment to those who want your money and want to be entertained by you, off-road racing in their country.

Gary Newsome, Editor

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BULLETIN! Baja 1000 BULLETIN! Just in B1000 MAP