Friday, January 23, 2009

SCORE falsifies Herbst on race entry list

UPDATE: Terrible Herbst off-road racing team did not participate in the competition last night, as anticipated by Baja Racing, yet the sanctioning body SCORE, had them on the entry list. False advertising and deceptive to the race fans who expected them, last night.

Previous Report:

In an interview last night, SCORE President admitted the Terrible Herbst racing family is merely on the entry list, but won't be racing

"At least they're on the entry list", said Fish admitting the team is not actually racing in the SCORE event. This comment came after the interviewer asked if Herbst would be racing and then admitted there were no concrete plans of the famous racing family either entering the event or actually racing.

This is a common Baja race ploy by Mexican racing promoters to gain more fans to go to the race and entice more racers, who otherwise, would not race in the event.

Baja Racing is following this story.