Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travis Pastrana claims Baja 1000 Wreck was at 130 MPH not the 80 first claimed!

Travis Pastrana admitted on MTV he wasn't telling the whole truth when he destroyed a racing rig during his last Baja 1000, not to mention almost killed his co-dog!


CLICK HERE The Baja 1000 Travis Pastrana Wreck story. He now admits on MTV, he was doing 130 MPH. Here's the original Baja Racing News.com story all over Pastranas "80 mph booby trap accident". So, in a race vehicle capable of 130, top end, Pastrana had it pinned at night in Baja Mexico. Welcome to the world of Baja racing! And almost paid the ultimate price. CLICK HERE

Travis Pastranas original claim: "
The car did not do a rollover but did an Endo or a front 180. The car hit the first hole around 80 MPH and the rear end kicked up and landed on the front wheels doing a nose wheelie. The rear of the car at this point was in the air and they were looking at the ground out the front windshield of the car".

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