Sunday, March 29, 2009

SUNDAY SPECIALS! Baja Racing March 29, 2009


Mint 400 Off-Road Racing History was made over this weekend. Baja Racing has several stories we'll load right now.

HUGE, HUGE PROPS TO SNORE! And SurfRat! The MINT 400 2009!

The first LIVE Video WEBCAST from Ensenada and Las Vegas both happened this weekend.

KUDOS to the local Ensenadese Baja Califronianos WEBCASTING LIVE ! images form the El Alamo Contingency from Ensenada Baja California on Friday Night! The Baja CA Tourism department needs to dump $ money on the local people to promote OFF-ROAD RACING through the exitement and passion of the sport, to revive and bring back International racers, NOW!

Kudos to SurfRat and Off-Road, they got it RIGHT! LIVE ! WEBCAST images of the very start and finish of the amazing, MINT 400, the ONLY media source to do so.

Baja Racing