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Terrible Herbst Famous Championship Desert Racers Go Monster! BULLETIN!

Terrible Herbst Motorsports Aligns with Monster Energy for 2009 Desert Racing Campaign!

Las Vegas, NV (February 4, 2009) — Terrible Herbst Motorsports is proud to announce an alliance that will see the Corona, California-based company, Monster Energy, team up with the organization in 2009. Owned and operated by the Herbst family, the Terrible Herbst Motorsports team is as indigenous to desert racing as the blaring sun, deep sand, cactus and teeth chattering terrain that is all so much a part of the unforgiving form of motorsport. An integral part of the Southwest American desert racing scene for over four decades, three generations of Herbst drivers have made the outfit one of the elite and most prolific teams in SCORE and Best In The Desert racing, winning numerous championships and marquee races including the Tecate 250, Baja 500, Nevada 2000 and the fabled Baja 1000.

Beginning this weekend in a town in the Sonoran Desert named Parker, Arizona, The jet black and day-glo green colors of the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports Race Team will be flying as they drop their 2009 race program into gear, dump the clutch and roost sand, dirt and rocks as they take off to begin the Parker 425.

“Monster Energy has always been a marquee brand for us and to build a deeper association with them is very exciting”, said Terrible Herbst Inc. CEO and driver, Troy Herbst. “We are thrilled about this new relationship as we believe Monster Energy is as passionate about being the best in off-road racing as we are.”

Added Mike Vicente, Monster Energy’s 4-Wheel Motorsports Manager: “In the world of off-road racing, Terrible Herbst Motorsports is amongst the most admired and respected racing organization in the sport. Their professionalism and dedication, not to mention their results and performance, are second to none and Monster Energy is proud to be associated with such an A+ program.”

Also pegged on the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports competition itinerary for 2009 will be the San Felipe 250, Baja 500, Baja 1000 and the Nevada 1000. It may be hot, it may be dusty, and the glare may be otherworldly, but if you’re out at a desert race in ‘09 be sure to keep a look out for the Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Motorsports desert swarm.

Come see the all-new black Monster Energy Terrible Herbst Truggy on Thursday, February 5th between 4:00-6:00PM at The Terrible’ s Chevron on the corner of US 95 & California Ave. for autographs and a hero card.

About Terrible Herbst Motorsports

With over 40 years of racing experience, the Herbst family exemplifies a true commitment to off-road racing. Terrible Herbst Motorsports is one of the most successful and popular teams in the sport today, having dominated within SCORE and Best in the Desert with numerous race wins and Championships. The passion for racing runs deep in the Herbst family stretching across three generations of drivers and enveloping the brand image of the expansive family business. Terrible Herbst Motorsports delivers a comprehensive array of opportunities that stretch far beyond traditional sponsorship programs. Sponsorship partners are able to leverage a multitude of assets including extensive distribution, promotion and branding opportunities throughout the comprehensive Herbst Family consumer enterprise that extends across the Western United States.

About Monster Energy

Monster Energy supports the sport, no matter how radical or extreme. Be it the barren deserts of Baja, high-banked NASCAR racing program, supercross, rally, insane distance jumping, motocross, MotoGP, roadracing, supermoto, freestyle motocross, skate, MTB, rock crawling, wake, mini bikes, surf, snow, BMX – the list goes on – the athletes that participate in these unique forms of athleticism are sparked by Monster Energy. Available in Original Monster Energy, Monster Lo-Carb, Monster Assault, Monster Khaos, Monster’s fruit juice hybrid dubbed "M-80," the party-friendly MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster premium coffee & cream drink line (supercharged with our Monster Energy blend), as well as the new Monster Energy "Hitman" energy shot, there’s something for everyone. Wherever they go, Monster Energy beverages power the Monster Army of athletes. Be sure to check out their never-ending series of adventures at and

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Baja Safari Racing Action Lucky 7 Desert People HOT DVD Pre-Sales Begin!

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Lucky 7 Years in the making, including never before footage from the Peterson Museum Baja 2000 Dust To Glory Pre-Run Event featuring NORRA's Ed Pearlman of Mexican 1000 fame, E! Entertainments 'Wild on Baja' TV Episode featuring Brooke Burke, Pre-Run with Baja Safari from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas on the Baja 1000 2007 featuring Sammy Hagar's Cabo Party and the Hotel California's Todos Santos Festival and choice cuts from the World Famous CABO 500 from 2006 through today. And much, much, more! The Real Deal in Racing Fun. Send your "buy" message to

DAKAR Champion Mitsubishi announces end to Baja and DAKAR racing

Cost-cutting cited to end 12 year run of DAKAR Championships

TOKYO (Reuters) - Mitsubishi will pull out of cross country rallying, including the Dakar Rally which the Japanese team has dominated in recent years, as part of cost-cutting measures caused by the global economic downturn.

With Wednesday's announcement, Mitsubishi Motors Corp became the latest Japanese automaker to scale back their motorsport activities following Honda's shock exit from Formula One in December.

"The sudden deterioration of the global economy made it necessary for the company to focus its resources more tightly," Mitsubishi said in a statement.

Mitsubishi won the storied Dakar Rally 12 times in 26 appearances, including a record seven consecutive victories from 2001 to 2007.

They took part in this year's Dakar Rally, switched to Argentina and Chile because of security fears in Mauritania that forced the cancellation of last year's event.

"Discussions (about their future involvement) were going on before and continuing during the race," Mitsubishi's Adam Sorkin told Reuters. "The decision was finalized today.

"It's basically anything that requires a works or manufacturer-backed team we're pretty much done. It's going on from 2010. There's no end date in sight."

Mitsubishi's involvement in the Spanish Baja and Baja Portugal rallies will also be terminated.

Honda, which has forecast a 190 billion yen operating loss for the fiscal second half ending in March, withdrew from Formula One to reduce costs amid a slump in global car sales.

Their departure from F1 was quickly followed by the withdrawal of rival carmakers Subaru and Suzuki from the world rally championship (WRC). Mitsubishi quit the WRC in 2005.

Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki also followed suit last month by pulling out of motorcycling's MotoGP championship.

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BULLETIN! EXCLUSIVE! Goodyear Tires unveils New MT/R Wrangler




Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!

Baja Racing is the first to break the NEW OFF-ROAD TIRE STORY FROM THE Washington D.C. DEALERS CONFERENCE :The New Wrangler MT/R unveiled in Washington D.C.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is expected to introduce several passenger and light truck tires at its annual dealer conference, which officially starts Monday in suburban Washington, D.C.

More than 1,200 tire dealers and guests — about the same as at last year's event — are expected to begin arriving today at the Gaylord National Hotel for the conference, which concludes Wednesday.

Goodyear is also expected to announce new commercial truck tires, retread products and more.

Rich Kramer, president of Goodyear's North American Tire division, will be the main speaker Monday. Chairman and Chief Executive Bob Keegan is scheduled to speak to the group on Tuesday.


New Goodyear Wrangler MT/R®

with Kevlar®

Tackles Off-Road Challenges

AKRON, Ohio, Feb. 2 – When it comes to developing a tire that can take on tough terrain, such as exploring trails or crawling rocks, engineers at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company left no stone unturned. The new Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is the company’s first off-road tire built with the rugged toughness of DuPont Kevlar® for enhanced sidewall puncture resistance.

The use of Kevlar, an innovative material that is, pound-for-pound, five times stronger than steel, brings superb sidewall cut- and puncture-resistance to an area of the tire that demands extra toughness when driving off-road. It also helps reinforce the sidewall for when drivers return to the pavement for the drive home.

“The new Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar updates the legendary off-road performing namesake, which has had a great reputation among serious off-roaders,” said Melissa Montisano, Goodyear’s general manager for light-truck tires. “This new tire will certainly get the attention of anyone who takes off-road traction seriously.”

The Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls in the new tire help increase sidewall puncture resistance by 35 percent, compared to the original Wrangler MT/R, a tire well-known for its toughness.

However, sidewall toughness is not the only feature of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar. It also includes a “wraparound” tread for enhanced sidewall traction in deep mud, sand and rocks; an innovative asymmetric tread design that offers aggressive off-road traction while maintaining handling on the road; and advanced rubber silica in the tread for superb off-road and wet traction.

Further, the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar offers these features:

    • Tread Guards, to help resist cuts from stones.
    • Advanced Mud-Flow Geometry, to help provide self-cleaning and traction in mud.
    • Traction Blocks, to help provide additional biting edges on rocks, mud, dirt and sand.
    • A Three-Ply Sidewall, with opposing cord angles for enhanced side wall cut- and puncture-resistance.
    • Ramped Tread Blocks, for toughness in off-road driving.
    • Staggered Sidewall Shoulder Blocks, to help provide enhanced traction on rocks and in deep mud.
    • Durawall Rubber, a Goodyear exclusive, which offers rugged toughness and helps resist cuts and punctures in the sidewall.
    • Rim Protector, to help protect wheels from accidental curb-like damage.
    • Rim Lock, to help prevent wheel slip for minimal balancing throughout the life of the tire.

Each shoulder block of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is stepped “in” and “out” to help give the tire continuous biting edges as it turns through thick mud. Its self-cleaning asymmetric tread design also adds to the performance capability in mud.

Available in March, the new tire is offered in 30 sizes, fitting vehicles such as ½-, ¾- and 1-ton pickups, Hummer H2 and H3, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Xterra, Toyota FJ Cruiser and more. According to Goodyear research, there are more than four million drivers in the light-truck tire segment who use their vehicles primarily for off-road travel.

The addition of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar adds to Goodyear’s strong Wrangler family of tires, which also includes the Wrangler DuraTrac and Wrangler SilentArmor.

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. The company employs about 70,000 people and manufactures its products in more than 60 facilities in 26 countries around the world. For more information about Goodyear consumer tires, go to GOODYEARTIRES.COM


Let's take a closer look at the new GOODYEAR TIRES MT/R Wrangler With KEVLAR...LOADING>>>

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LIVE! Replay of the CABO Party Event of the Year! CABO 500 Off-Road Desert Race!

CLICK HERE For the EXCLUSIVE Sammy Hagar Birthday Party with Mexican Radio, In Cabo San Lucas Mexico with the crew at CABO

Where The Land Ends and the Fun Begins!

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Plaster City Baja Off-Road racer first one legged firefighter in the country

Army Reserve Master Sgt. William Bud McLeroy has probably lived several lifetimes in his 48 years: racecar driver, firefighter, Soldier –all despite having his leg amputated. On September 26, 1993, McLeroy was competing in an off-road racing competition in Plaster City, east of his native San Diego. This race was a preparation for Baja 1000, the big race on the circuit.

During the race his engine quit, so he and his co-driver pulled over to the side of the dirt road. McLeroy got out and tried to restart the engine. The passing race cars created a dust cloud that made him and his car invisible. A car going over 90 mph struck him, knocking him off his feet and into the air.

Not realizing the extent of his injury, McLeroy tried to get on his feet to avoid being hit by another car but was unable to stand. The other driver had stopped to render aid, and the look of fear on his face made McLeroy realize the extent of his injury. His leg was almost totally severed below the knee.

McLeroy managed to apply his own tourniquet, and then called his own life flight medevac, which delivered him to a hospital within 45 minutes. This saved his life.

After 14 hours of surgery, McLeroy spent three days in intensive care.

About a week and a half later, his doctor walked asked him, “Well young man, what do ya think, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna save it or are we gonna take it?”

“Save what or take what?” asked McLeroy.

The doctor explained that in order to save the leg, McLeroy would have to undergo a three-year process of reconstructive surgery. Even so, the muscle that raises and lowers his foot could not be replaced, so he would not have use of his foot.
His other option was to have the leg amputated below the knee. With a prosthesis, McLeroy would be able to walk in three months. McLeroy decided in a heartbeat to “take it off.”

McLeroy maintained a positive attitude throughout an experience that causes major depression in many others. When asked if he went through depression he replied, “No, I was too busy having fun.”

McLeroy maintained his sense of humor, joking that, “there are pros and cons to having one leg. The pro—my wife says my feet only smell half as bad; the cons are I can only count up to 15. I only have one foot to wash, but when I go swimming, I just kick around in a circle.”

When asked if he went through any after surgery depression, McLeroy said “No, I was too busy having fun. The only thing I lost that day was 10 pounds; I didn’t lose anything else.”

McLeroy stated that a limb does not make a person.
“It’s what‘s in your heart. It’s the drive that every man or woman has to do the things they want in life to succeed.”

Despite the injury, McLeroy continued to pursue his professional goals. After two and a half months on his prosthesis, he was cleared to return to full duty as a firefighter (his civilian occupation in San Diego) making him the first professional “one legged firefighter in the US.”

Next, he approached his Army Reserve doctor to determine if he could continue to serve. The doctor had served with Gen. Tommy Franks, also an amputee, during the first Gulf War. When McLeroy stated that he could run the Army Physical Fitness Test, the doctor told him, “If a general can stomp around in the desert with just one leg, you can too.”
McLeroy went before a medical review board and was allowed to stay in the military. He stresses that technology has come a long way, allowing Soldiers who have lost arms or legs to still be an asset.

“We are very capable,” said McLeroy. “We’ll always have a role to play in the military if allowed to serve.”

His return to the Army, however, required will and determination. McLeroy’s first APFT after the accident was very painful; his scar tissue had not healed, and he had not run more than one mile at a time. He took the test with his Opposing Forces (OPFOR) unit. In pain and wiping blood from his prosthesis, McLeroy noticed his whole unit just staring at him.
“Now there’s a deciding moment. What do you tell them? Am I a leader or a guy just looking for sympathy? So I said let us go to work. I’m still walking forward (and) I’m not ready to walk back yet.”

McLeroy passed the APFT and continued his Army Reserve career. He was the first amputee to serve a tour in Iraq.
Far from seeking sympathy, McLeroy looks at losing his leg as the “biggest blessing that ever could have happened.” He enjoys life and cherishes things a little bit more. In addition, says he probably accomplished more than he would have had he not lost his leg. He just has to do things a little differently.

One of McLeroy’s few regrets is not being able to join Charlie Company, 12th Special Forces, and a reserve unit in San Diego. He was ready to sign up just before the accident but was unable to join the team with just one leg. Instead of giving in to discouragement, he started skydiving with an amputee skydive group and now jumps on his own.
“I’m not running away from anybody or anything.” he said. “And you really can’t. I have seen many guys lose legs, (and) lose arms and give up. They think the world has ended. The world doesn’t end because you lose a couple of toes or you lose a leg. Matter of fact it’s the beginning of life. I look at it as being more of a challenge.”

McLeroy claimed whatever he has accomplished can be done by anyone else.

“I’m nothing special; I’ll tell you right now and upfront. And I need everybody to know that. You just have to have the desire to go forward.

McLeroy has helped other people who are missing limbs overcome the physical disability and continue their career, including as a firefighter from England who lost a leg. He went to court with another firefighter from Los Angeles to support his right to remain with the fire department.

“It’s opening up doors, it’s letting people have the opportunity to go do things and enjoy life and achieve their goals.”
Military service has always been important to the McLeroys. His family fought on both sides during the Civil War, and a great-great-grandfather was a scribe for George Washington. McLeroy’s initial goal was to make E6, the same rank at which his father retired from the Navy. Now despite the loss of his leg, he has surpassed that goal—and has not finished yet.


Written by Army Reserve Public Affairs

That Rock N Roll Racing Night in San Diego California with Amanda Lee!

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Baja Racing SPECIAL Super Bowl LIVE! Pre Baja Racing Season SPECIAL! LIVE! Top 10 Baja Race Stories of 2009

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New Goodyear Tire Contributes to Efficiency of Chevoret Volt - Also announces NEW! Wranger MT/R with Kevlar

GM picks Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max for Volt

"The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max has been chosen to be the exclusive tire of General Motors Corp.'s 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

"Goodyear's Fuel Max Technology was first developed for use in large truck tires, where fuel savings and overall driving efficiency are critical for fleets and individual truck operators," say Goodyear officials.

"The technology is now being applied to automobile tires, with the usage on the Volt recognized as the first-announced original equipment usage of this breakthrough product."

A key element to the tire is its "fuel saving tread compound that helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls, so less effort is required to keep the tire rolling."

Additional features include Dual AquaChannel Grooves, a Wet Tread Zone, a Dry Zone and others."

Original Story:

Current Goodyear Announcements, include Off-Road Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar

With uncertainty around fluctuating fuel prices, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company offers tire technology that helps provide drivers with an opportunity to save at the pump -- or, in the case of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt -- added driving efficiency even before they get to a gas pump.

As the chosen exclusive tire on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max offers a breakthrough in efficiency combined with all-season driving confidence.

Goodyear's Fuel Max Technology was first developed for use in large truck tires, where fuel savings and overall driving efficiency are critical for fleets and individual truck operators. The technology is now being applied to automobile tires, with the usage on the Volt recognized as the first-announced original equipment usage of this breakthrough product.

Compared to the original Goodyear Assurance tire, the newly announced Assurance Fuel Max provides 27 percent less rolling resistance, which equates to a 4 percent improvement in highway fuel economy. In essence, this greater fuel efficiency means drivers can potentially save 2,600 miles worth of gas over the life of the tire on a conventional vehicle.**

"In response to today's economic environment and uncertain gas prices, drivers everywhere are trying to use less gas. It's all part of a larger consumer trend toward spending money more wisely," said Joey Viselli, Goodyear brand director. "With Fuel Max Technology being used on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, Goodyear is working with General Motors to offer a fuel-efficient solution, with great wet and dry traction."

A key element is a fuel-saving tread compound that helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls, so less effort is required to keep the tire rolling. This proprietary tread compound helps reduce energy loss as the tire rotates.

The Assurance Fuel Max features a Wet Tread Zone with Dual AquaChannel Grooves. It helps evacuate water away from the treadface for great wet traction. Plus, Zig-Zagging Micro Grooves and Center Tread Notches help grip the road in rain or light snow. The Dry Zone, with strong shoulder blocks, helps enhance handling and grip for confident maneuvering on dry pavement.

Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. The company employs about 70,000 people and manufactures its products in more than 60 facilities in 26 countries around the world. For more information about Goodyear consumer tires, go to

Note: This savings is based on a 4% fuel economy improvement, on 65,000-mile tread life limited warranty, as compared to the standard Goodyear Assurance tire tested on P195/65R15 size on a 2008 Honda Civic.

Here's the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar Release