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GOODYEAR TIRES Launch Baja Racing News WEBCAST Friday, February 20

First Roll: Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar Off-Road Tires
Words and photos by Mike Levine

What makes an off-road tire good? According to Goodyear’s research with off-road enthusiasts, the two most important things are: not getting stuck and not getting a puncture. If you’re going to get dirty in the wilderness, it better not be from having to fix a flat. To that end, they’ve developed the first all-new Wrangler MT/R (Maximum Traction/Reinforced) off-road tire in a decade.

In designing and engineering the new MT/R tires to excel in the most primitive of off-road conditions, Goodyear partnered with some of the brainiest scientists on the planet.

At Sandia National Labs, Goodyear borrowed time on the same supercomputers that have helped design key components of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to virtually model the real-time interaction of more than 25 different tire components as a tire rolls on and off the pavement. They also digitally modeled various candidate tread patterns, seeking the right balance of rock crawling grip with the ability to quickly flush mud out of the tire’s deep grooves, without needing to travel to Moab or the Louisiana bayou to repeatedly test prototypes.


“We wanted to innovate more quickly,” said Joey Viselli, brand director of Goodyear North America. “We’re the only tire company in the world that’s allowed to work with Sandia. They help us model our tires so we don’t have to keep building and testing (in the real world). It compresses our test time dramatically and (Sandia) can verify their models are accurate because the finished product that comes out the other is extensively tested by both of us.”

The chemical wizards at DuPont helped Goodyear ditch the old polyester sidewall bolstering and make the switch to Kevlar – the same Kevlar used in bulletproof vests - for 35 percent better puncture resistance than the old MT/Rs. Kevlar, pound for pound, is five times stronger than steel. It’s the first time Goodyear has used Kevlar in an off-road tire, the company said.

According to Viselli, Goodyear is the only tire company licensed to use the Kevlar brand in its tire names. Other companies that weave Kevlar into their rolling stock have to use its generic molecular name, aramid.


Goodyear and DuPont also attempted to set the bar higher than Kevlar during their joint research and development.

“Enthusiasts said sidewall strength was critical,” said James Niedermier, lead engineer for the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar. “DuPont supplied us with some very exotic materials and polymers to try and meet our strength requirements, which may have future applications way down the road, but Kevlar worked best.”

Even with the extra computing horsepower and materials assistance, the new MT/Rs still took more than two years to develop. “That’s much more time than a passenger car tire,” Niedermier said.

Melissa Montisano, Goodyear’s general manager for light truck and SUV tires, said about 10 percent of the MT/R tires will be for purpose-built, core off-road applications, like custom rock crawlers or pre-runners. Jeep enthusiasts are expected to purchase approximately 30 percent, for models like the two-door Wrangler and four-door Wrangler Unlimited.


“Pickup trucks are expected to be about 20 percent of the product range,” said Montisano. “They’ll be used for both work and recreational applications. During the week (truck owners) can use their truck for work and on the weekends they can go off-road. These tires are also very good for mining and forestry applications because they’re so robust. The original MT/R has been prevalent in those types of applications because of its heavy-duty construction. We anticipate the same will happen with the new (MT/R with Kevlar) tires.”

The remaining 40 percent, according to Montisano, will be split among other light truck and SUV on- and off-road applications.

Goodyear let us try out the new MT/R with Kevlar tires on Jeep Wrangler Rubicons in Johnson Valley, Calif., which is about an hour north of Palm Springs. Our test vehicle was equipped with size LT285/70R17 load range D rubber.

For those new to reading shorthand tire specs, LT refers to “Light Truck”, 285 is the tire’s width in millimeters (11.22 inches), 70 is the percent sidewall height relative to tire width from rim to tread (199.5 mm / 7.85 in), R identifies that it is a radial construction, 17 is the rim size in inches and load range D describes sidewall strength and the ability to manage air pressure (up to 65 psi max).

The new MT/Rs look impressive and technically sophisticated. The asymmetrical, deep tread pattern across the bottoms combined with sharply carved sidewalls appears ready to claw over or through dirt, sand, rocks and mud while standing still.


As rugged as the MT/Rs appear, they were surprisingly quiet driving to Johnson Valley on surface streets and highways while aired up to approximately 35 psi, even with the prominent wraparound side treads. They lacked much of the road noise and whine that typically accompanies mud terrain tires.

Our day-long testing exercise took us over every major off-road surface type: fine and coarse-grained sand, Moab-like granite rock faces, suitcase-sized boulder strewn dry creeks, hard-packed dry lakebeds and taffy-like mud.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicons we drove were equipped with on-the-fly locking front and rear differentials and front sway bar disconnect for maximum off-road articulation. The powerplant was a 3.8-liter V-6 engine rated at 202 horsepower and 237 pounds-feet of torque with a four-speed automatic transmission. In order to get maximum traction, we deflated the tires down to 12 psi.


It’s difficult to say exactly where the Jeep’s mechanical capabilities were significantly enhanced or superseded by the strength and gripping capabilities of the Wrangler MT/Rs. What we did notice was that in areas where constant momentum was needed to avoid getting bogged down - in deep mud and in sand dunes - the Jeeps performed amazingly well, staying true to the intended path we wanted to carve. In 4-Hi and 4-Lo, without using lockers, the tires were able to quickly clear dry and wet debris to keep chomping away for grip, so we didn’t find ourselves skidding across the desert like a hydroplaning car on a rain-soaked highway.

After driving through deep mud, we hopped out of the Jeeps to examine the tires’ self-cleaning capabilities. The deep tread was amazingly clear of mud after driving less than 100-yards on hard packed lake bed at speeds below 25 mph.

For rock crawling, we appreciated the high degree of grip the tires provided as they deformed to hug the rocks when most of the Jeep’s weight was balanced on the sidewalls. There was no slip when the Jeep was stationary and little slip as the trucks made progress over the dry stream bed boulder field; helpful for minimizing the unexpected movement of the rocks as the Jeep’s weight shifted climbing over them. They also easily withstood the jabs of the sharp edged granite though the points left noticeable marks and scratches on the Kevlar reinforced sidewalls.


Sand driving was easy, as long as forward momentum was maintained with liberal use of the accelerator through the deep, loose dunes. The sidewall treads again played a critical role helping to optimize traction.

Perhaps the best measure of how well Goodyear has done creating the new Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar was the lack of a single tire failure among the 20 Jeeps in our group through 15 miles of intense wheeling. That’s 1,200 miles ( 4 tires x 20 Jeeps x 15 miles) of off-road tire testing. In fact, the only bummer of the day was a Jeep that overheated from too much mud caking up its radiator.

The new Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar will be available in March in 30 sizes, Goodyear says, including a new 42-inch tall version aimed at the most hard core rock hounds. Goodyear leaves pricing to its retailers but marketing manager Montisano said standard-application tires are expected to cost from $170 to $380 and enthusiast application tires should run from $300 to $550 per tire.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with the new MT/R with Kevlar. Goodyear hasn’t reinvented the wheel but they definitely have advanced the off-road tire.




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Good Morning Palm Springs!

Baja Racing was in Palm Springs California today, for the Media Only Launch of the New, Goodyear Tires Wrangler MT/R (Maximum Traction/Reinforced) with DuPont Kevlar, Off-Road truck tire. We reported in the warm Southern California weather and we'll give you all the details.

The morning started here in Palm Springs warm and bright, great weather for wheeling up into the Mohave Desert wilderness of the Joshua Tree National Park. Scheduled to depart from
the undisclosed luxury desert resort at 8 AM local time. As we go through the day on the off-road drive, we reported.

Click on the Map listed above, we'll drive around twenty five jeeps, loaded with the off-road press into Berdoo Canyon, into the park, testing and demonstrating the new tire from Goodyear Tires.


""New Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar Tackles Off-Road Challenges

AKRON, Ohio, Feb. 20 -- When it comes to developing a tire that can take on tough terrain, such as exploring trails or crawling rocks, engineers at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company left no stone unturned. The new Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is the company's first off-road tire built with the rugged toughness of DuPont Kevlar(R) for enhanced sidewall puncture resistance.

The use of Kevlar, an innovative material that is, pound-for-pound, five times stronger than steel, brings superb sidewall cut- and puncture-resistance to an area of the tire that demands extra toughness when driving off-road. It also helps reinforce the sidewall for when drivers return to the pavement for the drive home.

"The new Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar updates the legendary off-road performing namesake, which has had a great reputation among serious off-roaders," said Melissa Montisano, Goodyear's general manager for light-truck tires. "This new tire will certainly get the attention of anyone who takes off-road traction seriously."

The Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls in the new tire help increase sidewall puncture resistance by 35 percent, compared to the original Wrangler MT/R, a tire well-known for its toughness.

However, sidewall toughness is not the only feature of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar. It also includes a "wraparound" tread for enhanced sidewall traction in deep mud, sand and rocks; an innovative asymmetric tread design that offers aggressive off-road traction while maintaining handling on the road; and advanced rubber silica in the tread for superb off-road and wet traction.

Further, the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar offers these features:
-- Tread Guards, to help resist cuts from stones.
-- Advanced Mud-Flow Geometry, to help provide self-cleaning and traction
in mud.
-- Traction Blocks, to help provide additional biting edges on rocks,
mud, dirt and sand.
-- A Three-Ply Sidewall, with opposing cord angles for enhanced side wall
cut- and puncture-resistance.
-- Ramped Tread Blocks, for toughness in off-road driving.
-- Staggered Sidewall Shoulder Blocks, to help provide enhanced traction
on rocks and in deep mud.
-- Durawall Rubber, a Goodyear exclusive, which offers rugged toughness
and helps resist cuts and punctures in the sidewall.
-- Rim Protector, to help protect wheels from accidental curb-like
-- Rim Lock, to help prevent wheel slip for minimal balancing throughout
the life of the tire.

Each shoulder block of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is stepped "in" and "out" to help give the tire continuous biting edges as it turns through thick mud. Its self-cleaning asymmetric tread design also adds to the performance capability in mud.

Available in March, the new tire is offered in 30 sizes, fitting vehicles such as 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton pickups, Hummer H2 and H3, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Xterra, Toyota FJ Cruiser and more. According to Goodyear research, there are more than four million drivers in the light-truck tire segment who use their vehicles primarily for off-road travel.

The addition of the Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar adds to Goodyear's strong Wrangler family of tires, which also includes the Wrangler DuraTrac and Wrangler SilentArmor.

Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. The company employs about 75,000 people and manufactures its products in more than 60 facilities in 25 countries around the world. For more information about Goodyear consumer tires, go to""

Goodyear Tires launched a new website page yesterday, devoted to the launch of the new product. Stay tuned, we'll report what we've learned about the new tire and its exciting new capabilities. Exclusively, as they happen, here on Baja Racing!

CLICK HERE FOR THE EXCLUSIVE Baja Racing Coverage of the DEALER LAUNCH of the New Goodyear Tires Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar CLICK HERE

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Husky Racers Off-Road Legends Ride Again!


Nevada's OCTANE FEST ON for June 11-14, 2009

Octane Fest 2009 promises a raucous, rip-roaring, affordable family-friendly motor sport Jamboree for all June 11-14 in Fallon, NV, with four days of live music, food, celebrities, and wall-to-wall 4x4 events, Truck and Tractor Pulls, The Hurricams Show and Shine, NHRA Drag Racing, “Nevada Racer” Short Course Truck and Motorcycle racing action and IMCA Dirt Track Racing.

Signature events include the “Octane Fest Tuff-Cup 4x4 Challenge” and the area’s first Amateur Endurocross.

“The ‘TUFF-CUP 4x4 Challenge’ is an innovative hybrid, man-made race course of rock, high speed roller style jumps and Supercross-style berms for off road trucks, buggies, motorcycle and ATV racers,” said Ty Erquiaga, Nevada Motorsport Productions/Octane Fest director. “The best way I can describe this is like old school Mickey Thompson stadium racing meets Rock Racing or Tuff-Truck Racing on steroids.”

The growing Endurocross phenomenon brings in even more excitement this year.

“The Endurocross is for the professional and amateur off-road racer who aspires to race the national series but wants to get their feet wet. There’s nothing like this in our area, and we aim to really grow this event,” Erquiaga said.

Octane Fest is a weekend of live music and horse power showcasing premiere racing venues – Fallon’s Top Gun Raceway and Rattle Snake Raceway – plus courses designed just for Octane Fest 2009 at the Churchill County Fairgrounds where the TUFF CUP, Rock Crawl, Mud Bogs, Endurocross and close to a dozen other events are set. Dubbed Festival Central, the fairgrounds will have food festivities, vendors, show and shines plus nightly live music.

“We are creating a participant-driven festival that will bring gear heads to compete in mud bogs, truck pulls, demolition derbies, rock crawls, show and shines, ATV, and motorcycle and truck racing to Fallon to race in their specific events,” Erquiaga said.

Octane Fest 2009 tickets start at $10 or less, with family and weekend package prices available for the Jamboree at the fairgrounds. Separate tickets access events at Top Gun Raceway and Rattlesnake Raceway. Octane Fest 2009 Jamboree tickets to the Fairgrounds include live music Friday and Saturday nights along with food events, truck and tractor shows and monster truck rides that will generate fun for all ages. Discount tickets officially go on sale at March 15th.

This is Octane Fest’s second year bringing top-notch signature motor sports events to northern Nevada. The Jamboree format appeals to 4x4 enthusiasts and spectators alike. Much Octane Fest 2009 is centered at Festival Central--the Churchill County Fairground – where something will be happening at all times. Lower entry fees, more local business involvement and new events should appeal to a wide demographic crowd throughout the west.

“Octane Fest 2009 is on track to be the premier motor sports event in northern Nevada,” Erquiaga said. “Fallon is the perfect venue for the event and stands to gain enormously as the event grows. I hope the citizens, racers and motor sport fans of Fallon, northern Nevada and the surrounding areas embrace Octane Fest and help it get established as the core motor sport festival in northern Nevada.”

Details, tickets, discounts and the latest news available at

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Travis Pastrana claims Baja 1000 Wreck was at 130 MPH not the 80 first claimed!

Travis Pastrana admitted on MTV he wasn't telling the whole truth when he destroyed a racing rig during his last Baja 1000, not to mention almost killed his co-dog!


CLICK HERE The Baja 1000 Travis Pastrana Wreck story. He now admits on MTV, he was doing 130 MPH. Here's the original Baja Racing story all over Pastranas "80 mph booby trap accident". So, in a race vehicle capable of 130, top end, Pastrana had it pinned at night in Baja Mexico. Welcome to the world of Baja racing! And almost paid the ultimate price. CLICK HERE

Travis Pastranas original claim: "
The car did not do a rollover but did an Endo or a front 180. The car hit the first hole around 80 MPH and the rear end kicked up and landed on the front wheels doing a nose wheelie. The rear of the car at this point was in the air and they were looking at the ground out the front windshield of the car".

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!

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The Best Of Baja Racing 2008 VIDEO Baja Racing

GOODYEAR Tires Wrangler DuraTrac improves performance

Goodyear Offers Versatile New Option for Working Trucks

AKRON, Ohio, Feb. 23 -- The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today introduced the Wrangler DuraTrac, the latest addition to the Wrangler lineup of truck tires. The DuraTrac offers innovative new features, making it ideal for work applications, from construction and farming to landscaping and mining. The new Wrangler DuraTrac also delivers the performance pickup truck owners are looking for when they are off the job, and hitting the trails for recreational activities, like camping, fishing, and hunting.

There are more than 115 million registered light trucks on the road in the United States, with many serving as multipurpose vehicles for both work and personal recreational applications. With today's challenging economic environment, American truck owners are increasingly looking for their vehicles to serve double-duty; taking them from hauling a heavy load to a construction site to heading off for a weekend of outdoor leisure and recreation.

"American truck owners are looking for more out of their pick-ups these days and expect them to perform well in both work and recreational applications," said Melissa Montisano, Goodyear general marketing manager for light-truck and SUV tires. "Thanks to its many innovative features, the new Wrangler DuraTrac delivers to truck owners exactly what they need - a hard-working, attractively priced tire that is tough enough for the off-road job site, but still offers a good ride on the road."

The new Wrangler DuraTrac is packed with innovative features to enhance both off- and on-road performance.

Goodyear's proprietary TractiveGroove Technology(TM) provides the Wrangler DuraTrac with enhanced traction in deep mud and snow while the new tire's combination of highly angled center tread blocks and zig-zag microgrooves offers enhanced lateral stability and traction in rain and snow, all while reducing road noise. In fact, Wrangler DuraTrac tires have earned the right to bear the European Commission Noise Symbol right on the sidewall, which indicates they meet stringent European standards for pass-by noise.

Self-cleaning, stepped shoulder blocks and thousands of biting edges help the new tire deliver enhanced off-road traction and handling, as well as snow traction worthy of the Rubber Manufacturers Association's Mountain Snowflake Symbol, a designation for outstanding winter traction. To provide even more performance in harsh winter driving conditions, the Wrangler DuraTrac can be equipped with metal studs. (Consult state laws regarding use.)

To enhance the toughness and longevity of the tire, the new DuraTrac features a rugged tread rubber that helps resist tread block chipping, chunking and tearing, especially during heavy loading and towing applications. Wrangler DuraTrac also features a rim lock that helps prevent wheel slip for minimal balancing throughout the life of the tire.

"Because truck owners are proud of their vehicles and want to protect their investment, the new Wrangler DuraTrac features rugged styling and offers a built-in rim protector to help protect expensive wheels from accidental curb damage," added Montisano.

Wrangler DuraTrac fits the most popular 'working trucks' on the road, offering 26 popular sizes covering 89% of this target segment. Fitments include all of the best-selling light- and full-size trucks today in 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton and one-ton applications. With its versatile mix of on- and off-road traction, the new Wrangler DuraTrac offers the perfect complement to the brand's existing lineup, including the extreme off-road traction of the Wrangler MT/R and the rugged toughness and smooth quiet ride of the Wrangler SilentArmor.

For more details about Goodyear tires, visit